Mittwoch, 16. November 2011


("Reaper Records"; CD):
Here we have another and I think still pretty new and also already damn mighty band from the NY playing some really kicking and punshing NYHC that will make you start to windmill through your one man circle pit in your living room infront of your stereo (and I would bet also exactly this they make you do in a pit while they are playing and going rampage live on stage). BACKTRACK are from Rhode Island and made out of "REAPER RECORDS" their home (good move) and here's their "DARKER HALF" titled savage beast of an album. Hard and really heavy, incredible harsh NYHC filled with loads of forceful forward pushing guitar riffs, very cool guitar solo work, good doses of nice guitar leads, crushing heavy bass playing and militaristic exact forward stomping drumming, angry and mean and nice throaty pretty charismatic lead vocals, as well as powerful stop and go parts, mighty grooves and mosh parts, full crew back up chants, clever arrangements and changes of the pace, yeahr, damn good songwriting and well-versed musicians here at work, thumbs up. You like MADBALL and FURIOUS STYLES?!? Yehp, don't think twice but just go and get the "DARKER HALF". And if BACKTRACK manage to create over the distance of a full length album at least a little bit more tension with creating and developing a more present own identity and own note than they will get a even (far) more better rating the next time they come around. But don't make no mistakes, this here you need to check out promptly, damn good stuff!!! Good lyrics, great artwork and a bulldozer production sound we get on top of it all. The complete package so I guess. Thumbs up!!! HARDCORE!!! FIST!!! (8 of 10 points)

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