Donnerstag, 24. November 2011


Hey folks, I think that (at least maybe) this will be the first and last and always, ah, nah, I mean the first and last and only post up here for today, a long day filled with hours of work and a first attempt to do my sports again after nearly one-and-a-half week(s) of being out of order due to the fucking illness that knocked me also down the last weekend are now behind me and what shall I say, the training was some sort of a dissapointment due to the fact that my body needs to be fully healthy again after it all but so this was just some sort of a little warm up for the workout day tomorrow which will definitely see some heavy and intense chest, shoulder and arm workout and after tomorrow will be a pretty short day at work (at least if all comes out as normal and so as planned) I'm really looking heavily forward to tomorrow, and also- yes!!!- tomorrow my moving attempt will start (and from saturday morning on it will take off totally, yeahr) and so I'm pretty happy and excited. We will see what will be done and when and how soon over the next days and weeks, but anyhow a lot of (like announced) record reviews, some specials ('Sports' and the 'American Oi! History Series') are finally in the work again, from some point on new movie reviews will also finally come up here, maybe some gig reports will be written and posted here by me (I was at a lot of cool concerts over this year but somehow didn't really felt the need to write about it, maybe this will change some day more or less soon from now on, but don't take my word on that, we will see) and definitely some fanzine reviews will up here from that on more or less soon (from the "CAMPAIGN FOR MUSICAL DESTRUCTION" to the "REALM OF SHADES" and "NO BEER UNTIL METAL" zines, etc. pp.), sooner or later some new interviews wll be up to read (maybe still this year if at least the 2 DIAS DE SANGRE interview should come to happen) and so a lot of different stuff is in the making, also maybe some sort of a 'Hardcore and Metalcore Tribute Series' (or something like this) will finally see the light of the day (but pretty sure not really before early 2012, earlier isn't really realistic anyhow). Anyway, now to this post here, a real classic: CORROSION OF CONFORMITY (C.O.C.), true legends, are now coming and this with the (should be the official clip) total larger-than-life and immortal anthem of the name of "CLEAN MY WOUNDS". (Again a masterpiece of the almighty 1990's, hell yeahr!!!) Just listen to the really everything else outshining, heavily by the awesome legendary THIN LIZZY influenced but truly and surely first and foremost totally stand-alone and/or unique and charismatic guitar work, it's brilliant!!! Also the totally hard as well as smart and absolutely charismatic and over the top lead vocals are awesome and amazing, just great and brilliant stuff. Phenomenal!!! And what the rhythm section is doing here needs no big words about it, just: Awesome!!! The songwriting is brilliant and that these guys are totally over the top skilled musicians needs no further explanation(s). This is brilliant!!! Ah, and just btw, it's also (at least if you ask me) really a damn cool video, truly cool shit and the 'camera-drive' totally rocks supreme.  I hope you enjoy it, and yes: I love it!!! Okay, that's all for now, then I wish you a good night and then that's it. Until soon!!! And now: Enjoy!!! Cheers!!!


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