Sonntag, 20. November 2011


("Crazy Love Records"; CD):
Okay, and still another new post is coming, don't ask why and just accept it;-). THE SILVER SHINE are a band from Hungary that play some very firy mixture out of Punk, Psychobilly, Neo-Rockabilly and just plain and simple Rock & Roll, always full throttle and with a lot of energy and power always going straight ahead. Even this is normally not really that much my favorite kind of music, which means just Psychobilly, I am really happy about the fact that my good friend Ossi pointed me in the direction of THE SILVER SHINE and I can remember our heavy drinking session we had when drank us through loads of Whiskey when I first listened to this band and album. Really good stuff, dominated by the very well-versed an really rich on variations guitar work that showcases also some huge doses of Hardrock and Heavy Metal marks (just listen for example to the larger than life anthemic lead riff of the anthem "DREAMS" and you will know what I mean) as well as some cool Country impressions, pretty exciting stuff that really grabs you by the balls. Then there's a 'savagely' wild raging stand up bass forceful and energic slapped, tight and heavy pounding drums, charismatic hymnal lead vocals and cool snotty additional female lead vocal lines, and they really know how to write hymnal as well as forceful refrain/chorus parts, thumbs up also for that. It's nothing overly new or what so ever, but it's really damn good stuff filled with truly good songwriting and played by skilled musicians. Nice lyrics and a pretty arty and nicely cool artwork as well, and a full production sound. I think for fans of acts like MAD SIN, SHARK SOUP and such stuff THE SILVER SHINE will be a wet dream came true, even they thankfully have a very own identity anyhow. M personal favorite is without a doubt the outstanding "DREAMS". Check them out, damn good stuff. (8 of 10 points)

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