Sonntag, 27. November 2011


Hey folks, it became a little bit quite up here like I've announced and for reasons I've told you already. Anyhow, the record review of the OUTLAW HEROES STANDING release got some attention, from left to right or so it seems, from comments that more or less go like give them no room up here to comments that go like how I could justify for what I like to listen to, hm, anyhow both types go in different wrong directions and so I think I will response to the mentioned comments some days ago from now on or so: To all the guys writing comments there, be sure and trust me upon it, you won't be forgotten. And maybe we could start something else and more big out of it, we will see. I have some ideas that came spontaneously to my mind and so I will think about them (if they all make sense or not, and if they could be realized in a matterful way or not) and work it all out a little bit more (at least up there in my thoughts) before I response to it. That's it for that, and now to this here: BOB SAPP!!! "THE BEAST" is back!!! Back on "MANSLAUGHTER THUG LIFE", yeahr!!! Here you get him in a weird T.V. style format series stuff, hm, and I think it's from Japan where BOB SAPP is a totally larger-than-life damn fucking legend!!! The show is at least a little bit, hm, silly, yes, let us call it ''silly'' and also let us call it ''a little bit'', but at least it showcases that BOB SAPP is able to be pretty ironically on himself and that he's not taking himself total serious all the time, as far as he got all what was taking place and that was happening there...;-) The show footage starts and ends this very clip, in between you get a incredible heavy and intense fight... okay, let us call it a ''fight'', even it's far more a absolutely one-sided beatdown affair with BOB SAPP being the glorious vitcoriuos triumphator out of it, the last man standing. And there he shows why, when and how serious you better should always take him. Enjoy it, the silly stuff as well as especially the serious shit: BOB "THE BEAST" SAPP damn fucking rules!!!

(in the "SUPAH SAPP SHOW")

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