Samstag, 19. November 2011

VARIOUS ARTISTS - "EXTREME AGGRESSION" (Metalcore, Deathcore, Brutal Death and Modern Metal compilation compiled by "METAL HAMMER MAGAZINE" and "IMPERICON.COM" in 2011)

("Metal Hammer Magazine"/""; CD):
Okay, okay, for a short review up and online here at work again, but this time really for the pretty much last time today. This CD here was respectively is a free garnish CD of the I think so current issue of the "METAL HAMMER MAGAZINE" and compiled and released in cooperation with "IMPERICON.COM". The CD comes in a proper jewel case with a pretty cool done artwork and packed up full with what you might could call with some justification the who's who of the today's Metalcore, Deathcore, Brutal Death and Modern Metal scenery and so everyone should now know what we get here: Brutality, aggression, heavyness, power, force and technically pretty if not very well-versed and more or less multi-layered working bands, and the bands featured on this one here are BRING ME THE HORIZON, PARKWAY DRIVE, SUICIDE SILENCE, HEAVEN SHALL BURN, AS I LAY DYING, WHITECHAPEL, ALL SHALL PERISH, CARNIFEX, ADEPT, LIKE MOTHS TO FLAMES, and CALLEJON. My personal favorites are without a doubt CALLEJON (incredible great stuff by this german or at least in german singing band with their over the top weird melodic and yet damn heavy Metalcore that will make you go windmilling intentionally), BRING ME THE HORIZON (the crew back ups and the structure really give it an anthemic Hardcore background that you can't stand, brilliant), AS I LAY DYING (masters, no need to say more), HEAVEN SHALL BURN (great band and their TIAMAT cover of "WHATEVER THAT HURTS" that they give us here is just amazing and brings on top of it a lot of good memories when I think about the originals and the times back then when it was on heavy rotation, and yes, it's phenomenally great done and even coming with fare more might and anthemic qualities than the original one), and the almighty ALL SHALL PERISH (masters, too, no need to say or write more, too). The rest is also really damn good stuff and beside the from my point of view dramatically overhyped WHITECHAPEL and CARNIFEX I can't find any real minus points or weak chapters here on this one. So, what shall I write more, you should know what you get here, ah, btw, just that you know it, this compilation would also stand its ground if you would have to spend money on it to buy and get it. Damn good stuff and good overview over the above mentioned styles and genres, and top production sound values on top of it. (8 of 10 points)

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