Samstag, 19. November 2011

EMMURE - "SPEAKER OF THE DEAD" (Modern Metal with a Metalcore edge to it on "VICTORY RECORDS" in 2011)

("Victory Records"; CD):
A good friend of mine finally pointed me straight and direct into the direction of EMMURE some few months, one or two or so ago, with playing some songs of them to me and what I listened to knew to please my gusto and so I decided to grab their newest release some soon day and this was the here reviewed "SPEAKER OF THE DEAD" album of them released by the very well-established long-running "VICTORY RECORDS" label this very year and I grabbed it relatively promptly after making this decision to go and grab it and since then I've listened quite a lot to it. If you ask me I would call the music that EMMURE create Modern Metal with a clear and sharp Metalcore edge to it, nothing for oh so elite old school Metalheads or whom or what the fuck else ever who wants ''his'' scene being kept ''clean'', no matter if this scene now is Metal or something Core related to. Combine New School Metal pioneers of SEPULTURA (to their "CHAOS A.D." phase and also their "ROOTS" period) as well as SOULFLY and also KILLINGCULTURE, the LOST SOULS and MACHINE HEAD (to their second album), too, combine it with up-to-date today's stuff like EKTOMORF as well as AS I LAY DYING and UNEARTH (but EMMURE really lack the melody-focussing of AS I LAY DYING and UNEARTH), mix it all through with silverbacked roughnecked tough and metallic Beatdown Hardcore and Metalcore like SWORN ENEMY and maybe CATARACT, then give some 1990's heavy Crossover music background to it, cultivate it all with a lot of electronical and 'samplered' and also scatching suprises and twists and turns, focus(s) strong especially and first and foremost on ultra-heavy, über-hard and highly destructive and devastating Grooves and Beatdown Parts in mid pace and also in down paced style with damn good and highly varying lead vocals (from Death Metal like grunts to some sort of nearly rapped spoken words passages), and then you know what EMMURE are about. The atmosphere is pretty sinister and dark and also damn intense, yet nicely free of any clichès that you might anticipate when you think about Metal music with such trademarks as the above mentioned ones. The foundament truly is the really über-heavy/über-hard guitar work as well as the above mentioned suprises and the outstanding lead-vocal work, the incredible weighty an harsh working rhythm section is giving it all the necessary beefy and bulky backbone and is placing and pointing every pound and every beat and every down (you know, betadowns...) exactly and perfectly in time and place. It's all done damn well-versed and if EMMURE would just work (sometimes far) more variations in it all (maybe especially when it's about the structure work and the rhythm architecture as well as the pace of their songs, because so at some moments you catch yourself thinking that it's all good and fine but despise the sheer heavyness and harshness and the tight atmosphere it gets from time to time pretty boring) the rating would be even a bit if not far better. Anyhow, if you can imagine out of the above mentioned influences a creation that pleases your gusto if you're searching damn hard and ultra heavy music to headbang as well as windmill to you should go and buy this album anyhow damn soon if you still don't have it, and anyhow you can easily and calmly risk an ear or two on it. Good and somehow nicely varying lyrics, a cool artwork and a fat, broad and heavy production sound on top of it all. Next time more over the top songs like "A VOICE FROM BELOW", "CHILDREN OF THE CYBERTRON", "DRUG DEALERS FRIEND", "MY NAME IS THANOS" and "CRIES OF CREDO", and stay away from utter garbage like "LIGHTS BRING SALVATION" and I will be pleasent even more. Good stuff for sure anhyow already, point and fact. (7 of 10 points)

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  1. Slave to The Game will be the name of their upcoming record. I hope they'll do better. Speaker of the Dead was much like a chewing gum: Intense, good taste in the beginning, stale mass in the end.