Sonntag, 13. November 2011

AGNOSTIC FRONT - "PEACE" (***Video***)

AGNOSTIC FRONT, one of my alltime favorite personal bands ever, will be up next with a short little 'Videos' posting coming here and now for ya with the video clip to/of their total anthem "PEACE", the song is featured on their great "ANOTHER VOICE" full length released back then in 2004 by the german label "NUCLEAR BLAST RECORDS" (damn it, 2004, already seven damn fucking years ago, this can't be true), a album you need to call your own anyhow and make also sure to check out their current album "MY LIFE, MY WAY" released this very year and finally the next weeks (and still this year) I will have the review of this great pure platinum album up and ready online to read up here. Until then, enjoy this song and clip, not at least because this is the very first 'Videos' posting up here since some months ago. HARDCORE! FIST!


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