Mittwoch, 16. November 2011


Okay folks, this will now be- at least I think currently so this way- really the last or final post of this day, and it will again be a little 'Videos' post for ya, some Psychobilly will be cuming right here and right now for ya, played by the GUANA BATZ- a today pretty legendary band in this genre I think and would say so- and they do a nice cover of the BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN classic "I'M ON FIRE" that I posted a hour or so ago played live by "THE BOSS" himself. Okay, to be honest, the cover version of the GUANA BATZ can't beat the original one and it comes not even a little bit close up to it, nah, not only a very little single bit (but who would blame them for that, I mean, it's "THE BOSS" doing the original and that fuckin' tells th whole story and how it goes), but it still is a nice shot anyhow. It's played live on stage, hm, some time in the 1980's I think for a T.V. show in Italy or so. Okay, Psychobilly is not, never was and will never become my favorite genre of music anyhow, to say it that way somehow a little bit nice;-), but I like the GUANA BATZ anyhow anyway. So, okay, that's it for now, and now check this clip and song out and enjoy it, nice and cool stuff, and then I would say that I now wish ya a good night for today/tonight because I'll be off for now but if you like to we will read us pretty soon or so again. Cheers!!!


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