Donnerstag, 17. November 2011

STRAY CATS - "CROSS OF LOVE" (***Video***)

Hey folks, today or tonight just a little 'Videos' post for you, for more I don't have the time and also to be honest not the right motivation as well as I'm somehow rapidly became ill and I'm just aimed at bringing my working week tomorrow to a correct end and then going into the weekend and hopefully getting well again. A lot of good and maybe also some not so good at all records are still in the waiting line to be reviewed up here, from AGNOSTIC FRONT, the DROPKICK MURPHYS, STALKER, the BROILERS, JUNGLE TIGERS, FREI.WILD, BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN, IN FLAMES, CALVIN RUSSELL, DRAGGED INTO SUNLIGHT, RISE AGAINST, STRIBORG and SCURSHAHOR, PUNISHABLE ACT, COURTSHIPS, BRIAN SETZER, EMURE, OUTLAW HEROES STANDING, THE SILVER SHINE and compilaions like the "BUMMER SUMMER" by the HARDCORE COLLECTIVE and "THE R.A.S.H. UNITED ARMY - VOLUME III" by "MUSICA DELLA CALLE", and the reviews will be coming up over the next weeks (and I think so still this very year for sure). Beside this also finally the STARS & STRIPES tribute history post will be up still this year, as well as tributes to the current and new MISTER OLYMPIA 2011, PHIL HEATH, and one of his most promising rivals over the next years, KAI GREENE, are in the work as well as there is at least I hope so still the first and I think so only interview 2011 in the work with the almighty 2 DIAS DE SANGRE coming at us and hopefully it will happen and this hopefully pretty soon. And so before this totally becomes to a 'News' respectively a 'General Informations' post to the clip that is now coming for ya: (Neo-) Rockabilly at its very best and one of my total favorite bands, the almighty STRAY CATS, and they play live in 1990 their furious firy anthem "CROSS OF LOVE" and this is just awesome stuff so check it out and fucking enjoy it!!! That's it for now, yehp, and so now finally back to my T.V. (broadcasting "TRADING PLACES", one of the damn best if not the best movie of all time ever... you see, my favorite one) and relaxing and eating medicine like other chocolates all for the higher good. Cheers!!!


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