Mittwoch, 28. April 2010

this is about ARSON and here is it's ANTHEM

Holy shit, what a 'kiss of a mace'!!! ARSON ANTHEM are a project (?) or a (new) band (?) from Phil Anselmo (PANTERA, DOWN, SUPERJOINT RITUAL, etc.), who's playing the guitar here, and some good and old friends of him, and they dedicated ARSON ANTHEM to the soundtrack of their youth. They established ARSON ANTHEM in the aftermath of the hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, and damn, you truly can feel the desperation and desolation every second of the with hectic pulsating life flushed songs that really call a phenomenal intense nihilistic atmosphere their own. Damn dazing, I can tuly tell ya with a 100% justification to do this. We do get total ugly and devestating and infernally brutal old school Hardcore melted together with a huge Crust Core spirit and absolutely filled with hate as fuck. Whoa, damn, what a beating!!! Phenomenal!!! It takes the diretion of the Crust Core godefathers DISCHARGE, combined with a huge old school hatecore influence like the legendary SHEER TERROR, and cultivated with loads of old school Hardcore in the tradition of NEGATIVE APPROACH, made round by some old tyme Grindcore inspirations and some annihilating Sludge Core parts. That's an inferno of one of a kind!!! Absolutely nihilism put to music, nothing less but maybe even also something more!!! Full of aggressive hate and bitter frustration!!! Served (to) us filled with a huge load of Whiskey, and maybe also some other mediaction stuff. The lyrics are not printed, but from songtitles like "YEAR OF THE FORK", "DOOMED MORALE", "BUNKER LIFE", "COPS SHOOT COKE" or "SRI LANKAN MEDIACTION" you should do get a very good impression of where the lyrical ride is taken you to. Damn good!!! The damn beautiful old school movie style black/white/grey artwork, some very fine linernotes, and the grim, rattling and incredible dirty and sheer amazing raw production sound are making this record a damn round and brilliant package that you definitely need to call your own!!! Right here, right now!!! So, damn, fuckin' get it!!! Phenomenal record!!! (10 of 10 points)


Don't ya ask me anything about the release date of this fine piece of vinyl, 'cause I don't have a single clou about it at all. But I have a clue, that MUGWART are (or were...?!?) from Virgina (if I am not that totally wrong), and that this 7" here was released by the french based label "ACRÜDE RECORDS", and that's all, haha. So, enough, now away from this 'official informations' and onward to the music. MUGWART are playing a very disturbing mixture of Hardcore, some dirty and grumpy Punkrock, dopy and obscure Stonerrock & Roll, and devastating Sludge Core, and that all liked to be played by them more the down tempo way of sound sometimes. It's all done very sinister and prostrating, damn intense music that's really impaling your brain through your ears while you take a listen to it. The very hard and crustal bass playing is beautifully present and minting, the ailing and neurotic vocals are really bringing suffering and soul to the music, the sinsiter and dopy guitar work is intense as fuck and giving the songs a perfect Groove, and the hard and mean poping drums are truly giving the songs a full and fat backbone. Just great!!! MUGWART are playing a truly very stand-alone style of music, that you really should have to hear if you are looking for some really unique and damn total intense and sinister music that's coming to you without any possibel cliche. Also and again: Just great!!! The 7" is coming to you as good old holy black vinyl, in a great artwork, with some label informations (but it's a pity that the lyrics are not printed...), as well as the songs are coming in a truly good production sound. And we do get two songs to hear, on side a "BEFORE YOU", and on side b "FALLEN", but "BEFORE YOU" is deinitely the winner, or at least would be definitely the winner if this would have been some kind of contest or challenge. Check this guys out and try to get your hands on this fine 7" piece of vinyl!!! Ah, the 7" is respecively was limited to around 500 copies, just to let you know 'bout this fact... (8 of 10 points)

Dienstag, 27. April 2010

Old School Streetpunk, roaring out of the Haunted Town!!!

A nice little, already a little bit (more or less...) older Streetpunk record, but my exprience always was that not that many folks out there have taken notice of this band and / or record, and it's also the only (?) respectively the last (?) release (at least when it comes to full length records) of this band, and so there aren't that many reasons that would speak against this review here. And you know, that even if there would be such reasons, damn, I just won't give a fuck about it. Ah, and you should also know, that you usually get this record today for a very low price, just to have told this to you. Okay, maybe these guys hadn't been something new or special at all, but they used to put out some really nice stuff, dirty rumbling, really good pogo-dance serviceable and Fist-In-The-Air-Sing-A-Long Sreetpunk the American Way, that's truly striding up and down for some good reasons, and it's making you very thirsty and is giving you some really good mood, I can tell ya all. I mean, let's get it clear, you'll get nothing new or any too challenging stuff here, I mean, these guys aren't building fusion bombs out there, but maybethis is also even not that important a all at the end of such days like today or so, and yes, it's a really nice record of good old and solid, alcohol fueled American Streetpunk that's really worth of giving it a fair try. To this we do also get a bunch of good lyrics, sometimes more to make you smile about it, sometimes more to make you think about it, and sometimes both in one (to name just for example the opener "FEMINAZI"). And we also get a very good THE BRUISERS cover, of their track "BROWN PAPER BAG". It all comes in a fuckin' great production sound, and with a fantastic artwork (the normal high "HAUNTED TOWN RECORDS" standard). You can locate them between BONECRUSHER, the MAIN STREET SAINTS, and a very, very, very little bit of MURDERER'S ROW. Okay, like I've already said, you truly should give this record a good round and a fair try, you won't make that much wrong with it if you like some hard and really dirty Streetpunk. (8 of 10 points)

In Defence Of Reality!

This CD here is currently already a little bit older, but it's still the newest (and I think also the final) SHELTER record, and so this should be no problem at all at the end of the day. SHELTER, hm, maybe you can call them justified a legendary band, and it's a really big pity that this seems to be the final last record of them, especially when you take the incredible high quality of the music. But okay, shall it be as it ever will be, but SHELTER damn know how to say goodbye to their fans. SHELTER were holding on to their values and ideals (Straight Edge, Hinduism, pacifism, veganism, spirituality, etc.) and that's just a damn good thing, not at least because of that way they kept their integrity in check, something that's not the ususal way of things these days... SHELTER were also musically delivering us just pure and solid gold. Crunchie, fast paced, very melodical, hymnal, and jazzy , as well as also really atmospheric and damn intersting, very positive Melodic Hardcore of the highest quality of this vey fine style of music, leant on gaudy hardened Melodic Punkrock, and the grapping and interesting songwriting as well as the high standard of technical skills when it comes to playing the instruments are far away from any kinds of possible doubts. This record is to be located somewhere bewteen SHELTERs "MANTRA" release and the "BEYOND PLANET EARTH" record of SHELTER. Just great!!! I love this band, this music, the strict message, and I also love this record!!! From the lyrical side of things all is also done just great, even the lyrical contents can be controversial and provoking to a lot of guys out there these days. But, hey, what's the problem with that at all, tell it to me?!? Beside that we do get a beautiful artwork (with a kitchy and dopy cover motif...), really good linernotes, and a very good, warm and transparent production sound. You need some hints to listen into?!? Okay, even the whole record is it worth to be mentioned, but try first "LOTUS-LIKE", "BUILT TO RESIST", "IN DEFENCE OF REALITY", "ETERNAL", "FIRST PRIORITY", "MEANT TO BE", and "AUTHENTICITY". So, it's just an awesome piece of Hardcore music, that I really just have to suggest to you!!! (9 of 10 points)

Montag, 26. April 2010

Sometimes the TWEEENY kills faster than the butler...

Whoo, somehow I always missed this CD, rspectively I've somehow always forgotten to write a review to this nice pretty record. The founding members of TWEEENY KILLS FASTER (a.k.a. T.K.F.) came together again in the autumn of the year of 2009, and they settled this record together. Lars xFinchx K., Lars L., and 'The Red' decided to jump on the horse again, and to ride the ride further. They took their old songs and recorded them in a new sound, everything totally acoustic, like the CD title tells us. Hm, if I remember it correctly, then this was an old idea of the guys that they now finally realized. And what shall I say, they really done it in a very good way. T.K.F. used to play very cool and damn good melodic Punkrock the 1990's way, and here you get it the acoustic way played. And yes, it's a very good thing, not at least because it sounds truly very self-contained and stand-alone, so guys, thumbs up!!! They worked the songs over, and sometimes they also changed the lyrics a little but significant bit. What shall I tell ya more, if you like acoustic guitars, very emotional and passionate vocals, strong emotions and music that really owns the ability of giving you goosepimples, then you should get in touch with the guys to get this record. It's also done pretty nice in the singer & songwriter style of musical things, so if you like that kind of music, then also check this record out, too. And, a personal thing, the songs bring back a lot of old memories to my mind from the good old days, and that in a positive way, good times that ued to be when I think about it, but the best and interesting stuff at it is to see how things, times and people have changed over all the years, and you know what: It's good to see that times are changing and that you're moving on, to develop yourself, but not loosing your focus or your precious social contacts!!! Solidarity!!! Loyalty!!! And how much times and things have changed... you get an idea of it when you listen to the changed lyrics of the ultimate T.K.F. hymne "Friday". Really great work!!! Ah, and guys, do me a favour, please get back together as soon as possible and rock the stage again, and do me a second favour, please play this acoustic songs live!!! It would be so damn great!!! And you, the readers, don't think to long about it, if you ask me, get in contact with the guys and GET THIS CD!!! The Cd- okay, the CD-R, all black in black- comes in a very good, beautifully down to earth production sound, and in a very nice designed artwork. Damn good stuff!!! (9 of 10 points)

Donnerstag, 22. April 2010

Kill Baby, Kill YOURSELF!!! The TOWERBLOCKS still rule!!!

Hey guys,
here you'll get now some informations to read about some new TOWERBLOCKS stuff, dealing with the suicide of the stupid and mentally degenerated and intellectual incestuous (if only intellectual...) Nazi Racist piece of subhuman lowlife scum Dieter, singer and songwriter of the belgian R.A.C./White Power faggot band KILL BABY, KILL. The TOWERBLOCKS wrote a brilliant track, no matter if you take the lyrics or the music, awesome stuff, and a big fuck off to this whole xenophobic and racist scum that's infiltrating the so called Oi! and Punk 'scene' especially here in germany that much. It's great, and yeahr, they really hit the nail on it's head with that one.
Here you can see the video of the great song "KILL BABY, KILL YOURSELF!!!", and just take some looks and listens to it, there you'll go: http://www.myspace./com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendId=36865077&blogId=532705992. I hope it works, if not go and search after it on YouTube. Great job of the TOWERBLOCKS!!! Solidarity!!!
Oh yes, and the oh so unpolitical and non p.c. faggots of the german Oi! and Punk scene are running mentally and in the well known internet forums' nearly amok, ranting 'bout the TOWERBLOCKS, oh yes, what a tragic lost it was, that this worthless piece of White Power scum choose to end his life by his own hands, high on cocaine, oh, oh, oh, by the way, that's very white, like the white trash you're sniffing up your nose, but hm, if that's really that supreme... I'm not so sure about it at all. How can you just talk 'bad' about people who died... I tell ya how you can: First of all, six billions of people on this planet are at least 5 to many, so after contraception is still 'forbidden' and defamed in most countrys and nations of this exploited shithole mankind have turned planet earth into, it's a fantastic thing that such worthless coward drug-addicted Nazi faggots choose to leave this earth and time by their own hands. Great!!! Thumbs up!!! Then, if you like second of all, let us take a look at the facts: Dieter, to call him by his name, used to beat a black african immigrant nearly to death with some of his mates, just because he was black and a disgrace in the eyes of a drug using and abusing White Supremacist like Dieter, a guy that brave that he choose to kill himself before going into prison to serve the time for his deeds. What a good man, right?!? Stupid bastard called Dieter, stupid jackasses like the scum that's mourning about shitfaced jackasses like that, without talking or thinking only one single minute about his deeds or thinking and mourning about the victim of his crime!!! Oh, but why think about the victim, I mean, come on guys, it was just a black immigrant, so why talk or evn think or mourn about him... Shut up!!! Go and die, even it's the Dieter way of suicide!!! So, as now Dieter looked his coming term of imprisonment right in the eye, he choosed to sniff some cocaine up his nose and leave this planet and life and time by his own choice. Much too good for worthless human beings of that kind, if you ask me!!! Hm, maybe Dieter would have become the greatest ass bitch in belgian prisons, and he got frightened about to get his white supreme ass cracked in bloody moieties!!! Also with that it wouldn't hit the wrong guy!!! Ah, guys, and by the way, read and listen to the lyrics, read interviews, take a good look at the concert flyers of the concerts KILL BABY, KILL had played, take some looks at the covers of their records, and then don't tell me anything about being non political or non p.c. at all if you propagate KILL BABY, KILL (by the way, I don't listen to bad and boring Heavy Metal Rock music, and I'm still asking myself why so many people are doing it that call themselve Oi! or Punk...) and the mourning and the non-critizism of Dieter and his deeds and life. It's not talking bad 'bout a good guy that's tragicly lost his life, it's talking real, the ral story behind it that happened in reality, the story about a drug addicted Nazi Racist Faggot, a worthless coward that beat a to him unknown nearly dead with some of his mates, just because their victim was black, so shut your stupid mouths and go and deliver yourself a bullet right between the eyes and benefit the whole human race, go and die, oh, also maybe like Dieter had done it like a rolemodel for you all!!! Start to use your brain and start thinking, stupid jackasses!!! Ah, and please tell me only one good reason why I should mourn about that worthless Nazi White Power Racist faggot scum, and why I should not talk real about this scumbag and his deeds?!? Shut your damn stupid mouths, you jackass pieces of shit, and then leave and go dying!!!

Mittwoch, 21. April 2010

xStraight Edge Hardcorex

Yeahr, here it is, the current record of the true and supreme reigning masters of modern metallic Straight Edge HARDCORE, and it's fucking good to see and hear that EARTH CRISIS are back on the map with a new... with this new record!!! And I tell ya all one thing, they haven't lost their focus and they also haven't lost their ability to create grapping and intense and atomizing music, all done on a very high level of skills when it comes to the songwriting as well as to the ability of using-not-abusing the instruments. Ultra-Heavy, brutal, brachial, and fucking hard the metallic New School Hardcore is milling forward with mega-fat X's on the back of the hands as well as stamped on and in the heart and soul of this music. Marauding and revolting forward marching through the cleaved landscapes of the rapidly alighten urban and industrial modernity filled with and marked by filth, dirt, violence, drugs, terror, and thrown-away-lifes, still and always against this false world and it's slave morality, stalwart the motto of the opening track of this record: "STRAIGHT EDGE - AGAINST THE CURRENT!!!" Delightful crashing and berserking Hardcore, metallic and mostly played in ponderous, everything in it's way annihilating and asphyxianting mid tempo, but always vary the pace of the songs in a clever arranged way of writing and doing songs. Grapping and stirring songwriting, put into praxis by the way of very skilled musically abilities. Great!!! And everything through and through EARTH CRISIS and in the context of metallic New School Hardcore done in a pretty old school way, but without being retro in which way ever. Again: Great!!! On top of it we do get truly great lyrics, hard and grim and realistic as fuck, covering a wide distance of several different topics (anti (drug) terror lyrics, criticism upon society and politics, Hardcore hymns, Straight Edge anthems, you see, you get a lot of interesting and good stuff to read and to listen to), a fantastic artwork, and also a fuckin' brilliant pinch bar sound. Pure gold!!! The LP (black vinyl) is strictly limited and you also get the CD version of this record for free with the LP. Thumbs up!!! Through and through: A must-have record, so damn, go and get it!!! (9 of 10 points)

Some more news-stuff that you should know!!!

Hey guys,

some short updates in cases of some news-stuff I have here for ya. So let's go through it one by one... or how-ever you might wish to call it. So here we go:
Bomml, supportet by Melanie and Hinkel, is working currently again on the next issue of the great "Oi! THE PRINT" fanzine, and yeahr, it should be some awesome stuff coming out again as the final product that we'll hold in our hands. First of all, yeahr, the PATRIOT interview (?) will be coming in that issue, and what shall I say: My absolut favorite band!!! Yeahr, damn, I'm pretty excited about it!!! Some... what am I talking respectively writing here, I mean a lot of other damn interesting stuff is also already in the making, if not finished, for example interviews with and / or articles about THE PISSTONES, ON FILE, and much, much more. You see, it should be a just through and through damn good issue again, so yeahr, Bomml, do me and us a huge, huge favour: Get it done as soon as possible!!! It's an order, haha;-). Ah, and it will be also again coming with a CD, and yeahr, on that CD you'll find- beside a lot of other bands- an new, unreleased and exclusive bonus song of the great PERKELE, so yeahr, if that's not great I don't know it anymore. Damn, I'm pretty fuckin' excited about it!!! Oi! Oi! Oi!
So what's next?!? Hm, let me think for one or two moments about it, haha;-)... Ah, yeahr, I don't know if you have noticed it, but there's a really jackass mudslinging witch-hunting farce going on in here in (not) good (maybe) old Germany. Okay, you're damn right, I need to point it out more precisely, you're totally right. I'm talking 'bout that bullshit jackass quarreling between "KNOCKOUT RECORDS" on the one side and "SUNNY BASTARDS RECORDS" on the other side of the stream of shit floating through the german Oi! / Streetpunk / Punkrock scenery because of an cover photo of an old CD release of an veteran japanese Streetpunk band named COBRA. On this cover you'll see an old and long gone, former member of COBRA, that's demonstrating the Hitler salute. An total dull crap action, no question about that at the end of the day, but that trash happened long ago and COBRA had talked it out over and over again, pointing out that it was a funny and provocating meant jackass joke and that they are in no way any kind of Nazi scum, but hey, we're in germany and here you're marked for life and beyond, so it was and still is a really big thing if you're following the discussion on- only for example- the "PLASTIC BOMB" fanzine homepage, and, of course, it's still a big, big thing if you not have something like a real life where you have to deal with certain real life issues and not totally nonrelevant crap. "KNOCK OUT RECORDS" are putting out two COBRA releases here in germany right now, I guess it's the new record of COBRA and some kind of live or best of record of them, and the trouble followed right at step. And now MOSH of "KNOCK OUT RECORDS" is starting a really ridiculous and just stupid hustle against "SUNNY BASTARDS RECORDS", because they should be the ones spreading the words about COBRA of being Nazi sympathizers or something like that. No matter what's the truth (if it's true, than it was also total crap of "SUNNY BASTARDS RECORDS", to point that out!!!), but it really doesn't matter at this point, because it's so damn dim-witted and apish of fighting out such foggy battles via the internet and throwing loads of defaming dirt on your chosen 'opponent' infront of the worldwide public, instead of speaking it out in a face to face interlocution. What a farce!!! Guys, how old are you?!? Get a life and take care of some real life issues instead of propagating such totally dull crap!!! And then talking about "the scene" and "being a scene" and blah, blah, blah... I can't hear or read such bullshit anymore, so I'm once again very happy that I said goodbye to this whole german 'scene' farce, and fuck you all!!! Ah, but that MOSH and "KNOCK OUT RECORDS" are also throwing old crap on WILLI WUCHER of PÖBEL & GESOCKS, stuff from that he has dissociated from long ago, is really nothing else than a total defamation of a real and private person with a family, it's so much low and under any kind of any somehow 'positive' level, that I really can't describe it. It makes me wanna puke out more than I could possibly eat!!! Fuck it!!! Ah, and then throwing in CONDEMNED 84 merchandise (not that interesting band for me, but, hm, I really can't hear the cheap talk here in germany 'bout this band being Nazis anymore...) and KRAWALLBRÜDER stuff (and yes, I really can't believe the incredible load of defaming lies that oh so many of the german 'scene' guys are spreading about that band... once again: GET A LIFE!!!) as 'proofs' (by the way: How ridiculous is that, I nearly can't believe it...) or bullshit like that, it all is really that incredible audacious, ridiculous and defaming that I really can't describe it. So fuck it all!!! And damn, what's up with MOSH and "KNOCK OUT RECORDS"?!? Like I said, fuck it!!! Buy the COBRA records or buy them not. Print and wear shirts with the cover of the old COBRA release that caused 'the rumours' or print and wear them not. But damn, start to live a real life and start to talk with and not about each other, and especially not via the internet!!! And, by the way, get yourself some braincells and use them to think, think, think, and then fucking think again and again and again and again!!! Ah, and get yourself a real life finally!!! Do this or go and shit out your soul somewhere in the forest, you stupid fucks!!! Defamation was and is and will always be nothing more than a giant piece of trash, propagated by some total lowlife scum!!! Fuck it all!!!

Dienstag, 20. April 2010

Life is PAIN... and you know what: PAIN is only temporary, but GLORY lasts forever... so we're still here!!!

And here we do have the next sampler waiting for it's review. Of course, also this sampler is already 'a little bit older' right now, but, ha, you should know it, that won't stop me from writing this review. It's again a label sampler, brought on the market by "GANGSTYLE RECORDS" respectively "GSR", what was always a good label with good bands on it, if you ask me. We do get a lot of diverse Hardcore music here, from melodic and Punk fueled Old School Hardcore to Tough Guy Metalcore you'll find here a lot of different Hardcore genres compiled together. And you know what, that's all damn good and fine with me. Okay, with some stuff you can hunt me until the dawning of the youngest day, but there's also a huge, huge load of truly very good and even better stuff on this CD comp waiting to be seeked and found by you. For example are the awesome KNUCKLEDUST on this sampler, hammering every resistance down into the ground with their harsh and brutal, fast and very, very well-versed high adrenaline Hardcore, or the godfathers of desperate and bitter, yet aggressive and powerful old school Hatecore (long before this label became occupied by the Nazi lowlife scum) you should all know, the great and legendary SHEER TERROR. Beside this two breath-taking bands there are also a lot more other bands and songs that are just waiting to be discovered by you. I will name you my favorites, so here we go: BLACK FRIDAY 29, APOCALYPSE NOW, 37 STABWOUNDZ, CHEAP THRILLS, BETTER OFF, IRONBOUND AGE, and the outshining STRENGTH APPROACH. You should already had noticed, that there's surely a wide distance of diverse Hardcore on it, and if you ask me then that's a damn good thing!!! The terrible stuff on this comp, nah, forget about it, just press skip and go ahead in the songlist, don't worry about it too much. The production sound is through and through good, diverse, but good, and the artwork looks truly pretty good. Ah, and you'll also should get this sampler for a very low fee, so damn, check it out!!! (8 of 10 points)

Montag, 19. April 2010


This Sampler is a 'little bit older' already, but you know what, I really don't give a damn about it. So just shut the fuck up and start reading, haha;-)!!! This Sampler is totally jammed, and it's delivering a huge load of Beatdown Hardcore and Tough Guy Hardcore to us. The Sampler is coming to you as a release of the german independent label "WARCITY RECORDS". The fee of this CD is now-a-days pretty low, so I got it for at least 3,00 Euro or so, and that's really like 'nothing', if you ask me. What you here get is through and through brutal and punishing, harsh and devastating Sledgehammer Hardcore, all in all mostly done very skilled and very well-versed, and all in all to be located in the middle of the trias of Beatdown, Mosh, and Tough Guy Hardcore. We get a lot of truly great bands to listen to, I'll just name you my personal faves, so here we go: DOS DIAS DE SANGRE, SCREAMIN' SILENCE, LAST TO REMAIN, BLOOD BY DAYZ, WHATEVER IT TAKES, CIRCLE OF DEATH, GUNNED DOWN, LIFE AS WAR, REBORN TO CONQUER, BROTHERS IN CRIME and also DEATHLIKE EXISTENCE. All really damn good bands, that also make you easily forget about the crap on this CD like for example the terrible PARTY WITH BITCHES... damn, is this some musical garbage I can tell ya!!! But okay, I don't have to like and to listen to everything, at least I guess so, that at the end of the day it's all good and fine with me, haha;-). The production sound is diverse, but all the time really good or even better, so thumbs up!!! The lyrics aren't printed, but most of them seem to be truly some good stuff, for what I understand. The artwork looks pretty good, and is designed with passion, so also for this thumbs up!!! Nice Sampler, that you really should give a fair try, if you like the above mentioned Hardcore dictions. Check it out!!! (8 of 10 points)

Sonntag, 18. April 2010

Breeding H8 once again...

Here's the current HATEBREED record. It took a while until they caught me with their music back in the days. I guess it was pretty much with the "THE RISE OF BRUTALITY" record that they took and blew me stunningly away, since I've known the band since their "SATISFACTION IS THE DEATH OF DESIRE" debut (?) release. Also the "SUPREMACY" record had known to convince me through and through. Uhm, but that garbage cover version full length record that came out between the "SUPREMACY" record and the current "HATEBREED" album,uh, it was a big bunch of totally terrible crap. But KINGDOM OF SORROW, the side project of HATEBREEDs singer JAMEY JASTA, also took me by storm, whoa, still a fuckin' brillant relase. (And I'm looking forward to the next one!!!) So I was a little bit excited and nervous with that record here, but I still bought it cheerful. And shall I tell ya one thing, it was not a failure and it was not a dissapointment. The only weak point is that HATEBREED start more and more to loop themselves. Okay, it's all done damn, damn good and they pretty much created or modificated heavily a style that you might can call 'a style of their own' that's also working out very, very well and breeding maybe some hate but first and foremost a big success, so they are doing at the end of the day really a lot of things totally damn right, but you have to admit that they could bring some more new suprises into their music and style. Would be fine, at least if you ask me. But okay, however, who am I to tell them what to do, haha. And who knows, maybe HATEBREED will be some day at the same level with bands like MOTÖRHEAD, and then even I would never ask for suprising innovations again as long as the quality standard is kept that damn fucking high, haha. HATEBREED are giving us here a heavy and massive monster of up to date and very 'style of their own' metallic Hardcore to eat, that will demolish your whole fuckin' face. (You know the movie cit?!?: "Do you broke his nose?" "No, I broke his whole fuckin' face!"... Now you know it!!! And now you know what I mean!!!) Changing the pace and the mood of the songs very clever, arranging the songs damn forceful, playing and writing the songs on a really high level, blending SICK OF IT ALL with SLAYER and EARTH CRISIS, cultivating it with MACHINE HEAD and AGNOSTIC FRONT, melting it together with STRIFE and ALL OUT WAR, and doing it all in their very own way of making and dellivering us their music. But damn, I really do think that I don't have to describe the music of HATEBREED to anyone of you out there, right!?! Or where the hell did you spend your life the last decade, fucking with the apes in some damn lost jungle?!? I think you know what I mean. Oh, but you can also become aware of some KINGDOM OF SORROW and even CROWBAR impressions, that you should not miss, here on this record. Hymns and mega massive steamroller songs and ultra aggressive and brutal and fast hate-crushers are clever and smart alternately hitting you while you listen to this record. My personal favorites are first and fremost the larger than life "IN ASHES THEY SALL REAP", the incredible intense "NO HALOS FOR THE HEARTLESS", and the detonating musical wrath shell "HANDS OF A DYING MAN". The record comes with very powerful and positive lyrics that (comined with the music) will really give you the strength to work through the darkest night you might stuck in, and also in a hard and diaphanous production sound, and the artwork just lokks incredible great!!! Uh, I think that's all for now what I have to tell you about this record. I think as a real HATEBREED fan you already own this record, if not I guess you're not that much into HATEBREED at all, but maybe you should do yourself the favour of giving this record a fair try anyway... Could be worth the time, if you ask me!!! There's also a limited version existing, coming in a big, big package, but don't ask me anything about it, I just own the normal CD version. Good job, that HATEBREED have done here, and maybe we'll get to hear some suprising new stuff on the one day coming next record. Time will tell...!!! But for now, yeahr, I'm fuckin' fine with it, so check it out!!! (8 of 10 points)

Sorry for the delay...

Hey guys,
I'm very SORRY that I just did not get it done to put the IRON GUTS KELLY interview on the blog online that week. SORRY, guys!!! But the last week I was pretty busy with work and also with imrpoving my skills and my shape, kickin' it to the next level, so that I just didn't find the time. Once again: SORRY!!! It will be coming the next, now coming week, I guess at the next friday or so. I'm working hard on my next examination paper, I also got my usual work to do (designing and enforcing school lessons, etc. pp.), I'm forced to waste my time in at least one damn fucked up 'bonus-obligatory' tuitional seminary, and when I find the time (be sure, I will find the time) I will work hard to keep and upgrade my level of training and working out and there's also- maybe truly most important- my nearly perfect female gem that will rightfully demanding their part of my time, so yeahr, you see, a lot of 'stuff' that I have to manage to get done in a good and smart way. But, be sure, I'll get it done!!! So the IRON GUTS KELLY interview will be online this week when time comes near the next coming weekend. Because of the above mentioned reasons and issues I don't know how much new stuff I will get online on the blog in the next, now coming week. But it will be forced forward with might that masters right very sonn again, I can promise ya!!! That's all for the moment, so bestow yourself a good start in the new week!!!
Best Greetings, your Andy!!!

Freitag, 16. April 2010


Yeahr, calm down, I know that this CD is fuckin' old right now, five years or so, ha, and I call this fine piece of music also since this long my own. But that shall not balk me in my plan to present it to you by writing a review about it. Because it seems to me that not that many guys have hd taken notice from this record. (Shame on you!) And I also think, that there is still no newer record around of this band, or, to say it in a different and maybe more precise way, I do think that this was and is the final last record of this band. Damn! (If I am wrong, please, let me know about it!!!) So, now let's go to this record: Former WARFARE 223 were here at work. After releasing the phenomenal "FRONTLINE EASTSIDE" (a great record of angry and harsh, yet melodic and emotional german Oi! Oi! Bootboy music, cultivated with a strong touch of hard hitting old school Hardcore) a lot changed, so that "FIERCE INTENTIONS" was and is a through and through Hardcore record. All the Oi! ascendancies were only very rudimentary existing at this record, and of course, they moved away for some miles from the Skinhead side of things. Here rulez harsh, yet fuckin' brilliant melodic, snappy Hardcore, and that all so damn unique and stand-alone played, that there are still today no really fitting band comparisons coming to my mind. But that didn't and still don't matter anyhow, 'cause this beautifully energetic, very dynamic, and also very variable Hardcore record ist just pure and solid gold (if not platinum) and also in a damn good way totally free of every current trends in the world of Hardcore music, no fuckin' Metal, no Emo, no Screamo, no trendy wanker bullshit, and that's also making this record so damn much, much better than it already is (and always was). Great!!! Also the very critical and thematically multiplex lyrics are just first and supreme class. Okay, the german chauvinism and pathological and generalizing anti-Americanism are really totally sucking bullshit, but okay, 'preaching' that ridiculous and unreflected, generalizing bullshit but wearing shirts of "EVERLAST U.S.A." and AGNOSTIC FRONT... yeahr, we all know about the story... But okay, that don't minimizes at all the quality of this record and the all in all damn great lyrics. Ah, by the way, you'll also find cover versions on this record, one of the legendary MOTÖRHEAD classic "1916" and of the BEACH BOY classic "SURFIN' USA", and they turned it into "SCREWIN' U.S.A."... what-so-ever... The music is strongly marked by the very diverse and well-well-versed guitar work, by the power as well as the incredible large melodies and leads that the guitars are hammering out, and the very charismatic and acute vocals, but not to forget the with power pumping bass and the tight and fast drumming. Great stuff!!! Then we do also get a very good artwork, as well as an also very good, clean and strong production sound. Damn great Hardcore record!!! Then there is also a six track bonus CD, and on that CD you'll find six songs in the style of the debut, hard hitting and pissed off, very well versed german Oi! influenced by a strong Hardcore spirit. So, if you still don't call this record your own, then damn, try everything to get your hands on it!!! And it's really a damn huge pity that this band seems to be defunct for quite a while now... I also did not find a somehow current active link to the band, so you'll just find an old info about the band from the time when they had released their debut record on "D.S.S. Records", but that's maybe better than nothing. Ah, and to point it out for the last time: Get it!!! (10 of 10 points)

Oi! THE PRINT ... the next anniversary, and it's the 30th, there you'll go...

"Oi! THE PRINT" Issue No. # 30
(plus CD)
(Fee: 2,50 Euro)
Yeahr, I'm firing out of every cannon, haha;-), and so here you get the review of the current issue of the great "Oi! THE PRINT" fanzine, coming out of Vienna in Austria, the country of the guys that are wearing cultivated moustaches, hehe;-). Great issue, I can tell ya already at this starting point. But Bomml, what the hell is with the PATRIOT article that was everywhere announced?!? But okay, that's the only dissapointment when it comes to this issue here. We do get that much content on our eyes, so that I will just name you my absolutely favourites. So, here we go: The article about IRON CROSS is a brilliant piece (and damn, it's so fuckin' pity that the interview that I wanted to do with them never came to happen...), the interview with STOMPER 98 is really damn good and interesting (and it should wreck down a lot of the cheap talk that goes on about this band and their memebers... but nah, I could bet that a lot of the 'critics' of the band are just too dumb and too arrogant to see and accept the truth about this band and the bandmembers, but you know what, fuck that scum!!!), the Australia special (featuring a little review in history, and introductions of MOUTHGUARD, SLICK 46, and T.H.U.G.) really rocks, as well as the article about "LONGSHOT MUSIC", then the interview with the boozers of RED ALERT is a must read, and also the interviews with the GUV'NORS, the CLICHÈS, UNANTASTBAR, and THE VALKYRIANS are very, very good done stuff!!! So check them out!!! Beside that we get much, much more, more interviews respectively band introductions, travel-experience-bulletins, stories about murder / rapist scum (why the hell ever... what's so fascinating about that genetic garbage...), nice Skingirl pin up pictures, loads of very good reviews of records and fanzines, pages filled with informations to the bands on the CD compilation, introduction words, and many stuff more. It's really again a great fanzine, that you should really call your own!!! It's coming with a free CD, mostly truly full of great music and bands, and with coloured front- and backcover, the pages deigned in a very characteristic and fuckin' good black and white layout with fine grey contrasts and brilliant foto quality, all written in german and in very grapping tonguing, and that kind of praise applies also for Bommls sidekicks Melanie and Hinkel. It had become trendy in some parts of the german Oi! and Skinhead scene to ran your mouth 'bout the "Oi! THE PRINT", just because you won't find any radical right wing scum in this fanzines, and because of that it would be too p.c. and too mainstream-adapted, but shall I tell you one thing: Don't give a damn about that bullshit talking done by empty heads with too big mouths, rather just buy that fanzine and also that issue here. Great job!!!
To the CD- I've forgotten that informations this afternoon- let me tell you some facts: The CD- no CD-R, a real CD- comes in a fat full colour printed paper jacket, presenting us a really cool looking old school Oi! Skinhead Power artwork, and it is a really great sampler that's really that much better than a lot of the sampler garbage countless labels wants you to buy these days. All songs come in a diverse, but always good production sound, and the skid of music reaches from Oi! and Streetpunk to Skinhead Rock & Roll, Punkrock, German Rock, SKA, and acoustic and somehow singer songwriter stuff. All songs are at least good, but there's a bbig, big unch of great and amazing music. You really should listen to the outshining 45 ADAPTERS, to the breath-taking JENNY WOO, the awesome PISSTONES (damn, is this some fantastic music, compared with brilliant lyrics, I really need to listen to more of them), listen to the great young brickwall Oi! band SKINFULL, to the fantastic American Streetrock band BLOOD STAINED BRINDLE (also damn great lyrics), to the party tunes of ARTHUR & THE SPOONERS, the australian Oi! warhorses PLAN OF ATTACK, the very good english Oi! band GIMPFIST, to the fantastic Hooligan Rock act CONTROL, to the legendary STOMPER 98, to the 'young' german Oi! Punk band LOST BOYZ ARMY (the new band of Zoni, former singer and founding member of the former german Oi! Punk but now Emo / Indie Pop band VERLORENE JUNGS), the German Rock bouncers UNANTASTBAR, and to the clinking LOUSY from the german city called Chemnitz. So, what shall I say more, just get the awesome zine and the great bonus CD, and spend some good times with both of them. Get it!!!

Punkrock! goes H.1.N.1.

"PUNKROCK!" Issue No. # 11 (spring 2010, including a free CD)
(Fee: 3,00 Euro)
Here it comes, the review of the current issue of the "PUNKROCK!" print fanzine. It's coming with a great cover artwork, all in all a little bit under the influence of the H.1.N.1. pig influenza, you know, one of the hottest topics of the second half of the last past year. Ah, and we do also get a free CD sampler, it's the current "CONCRETE JUNGLE records" label sampler, but, hm, okay, it's free and so, but it's absolutely not my barrel of whiskey or however you like to call it, but however, I guess so I have the next birthday present for a buddy of mine already in store, haha;-). So, now, what do we get to read here: A lot of interesting stuff, that I can tell ya. We do get really that much content, so that I will just name you my favorites: The tour diary of the Australia tour of the SPERMBIRDS is just great, the interviews with CHUCK RAGAN, EISENPIMMEL, HELLRATZ, NIGHT FEVER, NEIN NEIN NEIN, and the KAPUT KRAUTS are really damn great, and the interview with FRANK ZANDER is truly just brilliant. Beside that we do get much more, like very good reviews of records, books and fanzines, and also a big bunch of well done columns and a good final part of the "SKINHEAD - SPIRIT OF '69" history-story. All good and fine, but I'm really fed up with that whole with us or against us attitude bullshit, the ridiculous and defaming witch-hunt on all and everyone who's not sharing the views of the guys of the "PUNKROCK!" zine, no matter if it are bands, private persons or fanzines, everyone who's not totally on the same page with the "PUNKROCK!" zine writers finds himself to be defamed as a Nazi friend, etc. pp., and that really sucks!!! I can't tell ya how much it is annoying me!!! Guys, get a real life and stop to think you own the stone of wisdom!!! Even you are not that totally wrong with a lot of your criticism, but you are also not that right, so stop that bullshit, 'cause it damn sucks!!! Beside that: Surely still a fuckin' good zine, all witten in german and in good tonguing, coming with a coloured cover and with a black / white layout when it comes to the content of the zine, all done very good and very professional. If you like Punkrock, Hardcore, Streetpunk, etc., then give it a try.

News from the Front...

Hey guys,
here we do have some more news and (more or less) brandnew informations for you, so here we go:
The first new stuff is something very tragic and woeful, PETE STEELE, singer and mastermind of TYPE 0 NEGATIVE and CARNIVORE died at the cause of a coronary. He died this past wednesday, and this time it seems to be the cold hard truth, not like some years before as PETE STEELE spread the news about his death by himself as a morbid joke. It's damn tragic, especially with the CARNIVORE record "RETALLIATION" and the TYPE 0 NEGATIVE record "BLOODY KISSES" the musician PETE STEELE has had a big, big influence on me and my musical and menal socialization. Damn, so many great and important musicians and humans died over the last years... and with PETE STEELE one more joined their ranks. Rest in Peace, PETE STEELE!!!
The next new stuff I have for you is more from the sunny side of things, it's about my good buddies and the great Hardcore band DOS DIAS DE SANGRE. The are going into the studio the next time very soon to record new songs for an upcoming split CD. Damn, I'm really fuckin' excited 'bout that record. Even if I still don't know who their tag team, ah, their split partner will be (they just say nothing about that kind of things, fuck it, haha;-)...), but I hope it will be coming out this year as soon as somehow possible. Should be a great record!!! Check DOS DIAS DE SANGRE out, and trust me, they are that damn good that they will blow your mind, so look and listen here: !!! Best Greetings to the guys!!! I wish you all the best for the recording sessions, and keep me informed and in check. Ah, and damn, move your asses up on stage again, I damn have to see you live again!!! Cheers!!!
Then there's also a very good and informative article about NATIONAL SOCIALIST HARDCORE (a.k.a. NSHC) online to read. It's done by the guys who are doing the so called OIRE SZENE blog... yeahr, there ae so many things that these guys are propagating and proclaiming, all the hustle based on ridiculous stupid proofs, but it's the old story of the blind chicken that sometimes finds a corn, because with that article they really hit the nail on it's head. You should really read it, and better now than later or even never. It's a little bit pity that it's only written and to read in german, but for all of you who are able o speak german: Read it!!! Now!!! Here's the link: I really hope that the link is working, if not check the next link and search a little bit on the OIRE SZENE blog: If the links should somewhen later not be working anymore, then contact me if you are still interested, I've downloaded the article, so that I can and would send it to you, spreading the word. KEEP HARDCORE NAZI-FREE!!! KICK THAT SUBHUMAN SCUMBAGS OUT OF THE SCENE!!! NOW!!!

Donnerstag, 15. April 2010


"TRUST" Fanzine Issue No. # 140
(Fee: 2,50 Euro)
Damn, I don't really know how much time did go away since I bought and read my last "TRUST" fanzine issue, hm, and I can't really tell ya why. Hm, what-so-ever, now to this issue: Cool cover motif, and the headlining special report story to the topic of Skateboarding and Punkrock respectively Hardcore (a.k.a. the "SKATESPECIAL" - the reason why I bought this issue) is really awesome and damn interesting. Thumbs up!!! And this through the roof!!! Then we do also get a bunch of mostly very good interviews with a lot of very different acts, so we get to read statements of NUNSLAUGHTER (brutal old school Death Metal, damn good and interesting interview), CORROSIVE (brilliant stuff!!!), and with RITUAL, "COBRA RECORDS", MAGRUDERGRIND (hm... okay...), LIMB WRIST, and REV. NORB. All worth one and also even more reads, so check them out!!! Beside that we do also get a load of mostly very good and grapping columns (the different contents really do cover a wide, wide distance, what's always a good thing, if you ask me), very well and funded done reviews of records, fanzines, and books (thumbs up!!!), some nice foto pages, news and gig respectively tour dates. All in all written in german and in a very good and gifted tonguing, coming in a very good black and white layout, with brilliant grey contrasts and a very high foto quality. Okay, it's sometimes a little bit too political correct and too morally informatory, too insolent and smart-aleck, if you ask me, but that's still better than the whole open up to the radical and extreme right wing bullshit. So, nothing left to say about it, just go and buy and read it. Get it!!! Good thing!!! You should get it at every railroad station kiosk, newsagent, or any big or at last bigger Hardcore and / or Punkrock mailorder. And you really should read it!!!

Never Fucking Sorry... yeahr, maybe, but definitely always and forever F.T.W.

(Fee: about 3,00 Euro)
Here it is, the newest and current issue of the german "WORKING CLASS SKINS" print fanzine. The issue before was some kind of a dissapointment to me. Why? Just read the review, search in the older etries on this blog and you will get to know more. So here it is, the 10th anniversary issue, and it- the zine- comes with a nice CD respectively CD-R sampler, with some very good stuff on it. So, but what has this issue to offer when it comes to reading the zine?!? Let us see!!! First of all the quality of the much more precise interviews is finally back on a high and higher level, so thumbs up, that this ill fortune of the last issue did not happened this time again. Good thing!!! So what do we get here to read? This: A big bunch of interviews with THE MOVING SOUNDS (some Mod style music band from Sweden, absolutly not my type of music, but an interesting interview, and that's what matters most, not the diverse kinds of personal musical taste), with the great REVILERS from Boston (damn great American Oi! Sreetcore music, hard kickin', dirty rockin' stuff that you really should know), a bandhistory of and interview with the young Oi! Punk band ORANGE BLOOD (some kiddies looking like Mom and Dad bought their Doc. Martens and and their Button Down shirts playing Oi! Punk music... okay, why not, haha;-), but it's not my bottle of beer, if you know what I mean... but at least it's a good done interview, even the hustle against the so called political left is really laughable beyond belief, maybe think ones or twice before propagating some unreflected bullshit... could be a good idea, don't ya think that, too?!?), also an interview with the french band KID CHAOS (nice stuff and a good interview, nice to read, but the informations about the french scene could be at least a little bit more in-depth, but that's not some kind of failure or stuff like that done by the WORKING CLASS SKINS chief), then the "WORKING CLASS SKINS" chief gets interviewed and introduced to the readers by the "STAHLWERK" fanzine crew (very good!!!), then their comes an interview with the canadian Skinhead Rock band BOOTPRINT (actually a damn good band when it comes to the music and also some lyrics, but after their very, very strong patriotic standpoint in the lyrics I was really interested in what they might have to say... don't get me wrong, I am NO patriot, but I have with a patriotic standpoint also NO problem, but after reading in other interviews that BOOTPRINT proclaim themselves as a nationalistic band things started to get shady in one way or another, and after reading here that they are proud of being white and you might can call them at least some kind of a White Pride band and that they seem to play concerts in Canada with radical and extreme right wing acts like the german Neo-Nazi scumbags like OIDOXIE, I just have to say: Fuck it!!! First of all: Why the hell should you be proud of something that accidentally like the colour of your skin, and how can you be proud of that, damn, it's so unbelievable absurd and so ridiculous stupid that I really don't find fitting words to describe it correctly!!! Second of all: I really can't believe that the WORKING CLASS SKINS zine is leaving that bullshit without any kind of comment... if you proclaim to be not left but also not right, just pure Skinhead, through and through Working Class, blah, blah, blah, then why the hell you don't feel the need to say something to that White Pride subhuman scumbag crap... start to use your head for more than just shaving it clean... ah, and don't talk anything about being non p.c., because spending room to White Pride and / or even White Power scum is anything but not non p.c.... again, start to use your head for more than just cutting your hair off!!! Third and last of all: It's a great pity because of the awesome music, but at this point I'm out of it and new BOOTPRINT releases won't find their way on my record player again, because it's not just but much, much more than just music to me!!! Hm, it's a little bit of some foul aftertaste comparing to the last issue and the BRASSIC interview... it's maybe something like the more the things change, the more they stay the same...), after that we do also get interviews with the german MUMMY'S DARLINGS (traditional Oi! from Bavaria in Germany, nice stuff, the music of as well as the interview with the band), and the issue is closed up by interviews with the german Skinhead Rock band RAMPAGE (nice interview, but damn, oh, they are so through and through non p.c. that things start to hurt...) and with the guys that are doing the "UNITED SKINS" internet portal (that seems to be defunct these days...), so you see, a big bunch of also really long interviews, all are for some reasons good to read, so that with the interviews the nail gets hit more or less precise in one way or the other. Then we do also get a load of gig reports, but, nah, believe me, you don't need one single report of them, and also we do get a big bunch of record and fanzine reviews, but it's a pity, they are all very cursorily and 'statement-and-information-empty', don't know why, but if you don't already have the records it's really hard to get an imagination of what kind of music you'll get to hear, because, only for example, Oi! is not equal Oi!, I hope you know what I mean. Beside that all we also get some introduction words, a short retrospect of the year of 2009, a report of the "Do's!" and the "Do not's!" of Skingirls, a big promotion article to benefit the clothing company of "WARRIOR CLOTHING" (hm, who the hell needs that... but okay, at least it's done pretty good...), and I think that this is pretty much all, but okay, it's really much stuff to read and work through. It's all in all still a good fanzine, even this whole non p.c. bullshit, unreflected and ill-considered like not much else, is really a ridiculous jackass farce!!! Ah, their's also a live foto shot of EVIL CONDUCT (or am I totally wrong?!?), hm, and some pages are left white and empty... why ever... Okay, the good sides and the jackass stuff that's really far away from being non political and non p.c. you should know now, so decide for yourself what you are gonna do, but one last word to it: It is still a really good print fanzine, that still could truly be worth a read, so maybe you give it a try. It's all done in very clean computer / windows word layout (too clean and too sterilely, without charm or a really unique own identity, what's a pity, if you ask me), all written in german and in a good tonguing (but on a at least a little bit more correct orthography, etc. pp. should really be worked hard, because, damn, it's your 'own' language man, so that there aren't that many excuses left, and sometimes it's really, really terrible to read), coming all with good grey contrasts, in a nice black and white layout, and with pretty good photos. Like I've said, we do also get a nice CD-R sampler on top of it, with some great (THE REVILERS, SKINFULL), some pretty good (RIEN NE VAS PLUS, KID CHAOS, SICK OF SOCIETY) and some terrible (I DON'T LIKE YOU, SPY KIDS) bands, and BOOTPRINT are also on the CD-R compilation, but my current standpoint to this canadia band you should know now after reading that review of this issue of that zine here. The CD-R you'll find in the middle of the zine, as well as the really good cover and backcover motifs, to cut them out and make out of this simple zine sampler a proper release in your CD shelf. Okay, that's all now, so give it a try, if you might gotten interested in this fanzine now. Even if you might still not anticipate too much, at least when it comes to some cleaned up political issues and standpoints... I really wonder again and again why it's so hard to some people now-a-days to be outspoken against racism and fascism, seems to be a really big problem... Fuck it!!!

Mittwoch, 14. April 2010

Skullsmashing, bonecracking metallic Beatdown Hardcore from Pennsylvania

Really great record and musick, that these band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is blowing out, firing out of any cannon!!! Extremly brutal and nihilistic, metallic Beatdown Hardcore- no (!!!) Metalcore-, that's truly taking absolutely no prisoners!!! Brachial wide screen guitar riffing, a very heavy and punishing rhythmsection and damn brutal and harsh vokillz- the singer is really puking his soul out of his body- marking the music, and the music is just great, no matter if you take the high skilled musicians or the phenomenal intense songwriting. Just great music!!! And if you know the label you should also know, that it really represents a high quality in a normal case scenario. Then we do also get very, very good lyrics, a just brilliant artwork, and a damn powerful production sound that's really pushing the songs to their limits. Get this record, and I still don't know know of any newer release of this fantastic band. Great and nihilistic Hardcore!!! What is a really pity is that the interview I've used to do with UNIT 731 didn't come to happen... but okay, you can't have anything in life, or at least I guess so. By the way, the bandname comes from a japanese special forces unit of the World War II, if I'm not totally going wrong. Ah, and to point that fact out: Get this record if you like the described music and if you like acts like ALL OUT WAR, SWORN ENEMY, ARKANGEL, SLAYER, and modern Death Metal respectively Death Core, 'cause it's totally worth every dime you may have to pay for it!!! Yeahr, and I truly hope that there will be coming finally a new reord very soon!!! (9 of 10 points)

Mile High City Oi!

What a killer record!!! Okay, it's already a little bit older right now, but damn, after there's still no newer material released by TOTAL ANNIHILATION it won't stop me from writing a review to this great piece of music!!! Out of the Mile High City named Denver this through and through Skinhead and Bootboy band is coming, and damn it, but they are really justify their bandname TOTAL ANNIHILATION with their music. Brutal and harsh, brachial und grim hard American Oi! of the highest quality, that's exactly what they are giving us to eat here, and damn, I can't get enough of it!!! Firm and very guitar dominated Oi!, marked very much by the very diverse, pithy and banging guitar playing, which also never misses or forgets the necessary and so damn great melodies, leads and soli. The guitar work comes together with blunt brutal and hard, vey charismatic and roaring vocals, a hard stomping bass and tight sledgehammer drumming. Just totally great!!! Very strong and very well-versed songwriting, very, very good skills and abilities in playing their instruments, good flowing and clever arranged changes in mood, rhythm and pace, and it's really heavy rockin' stuff, so that this record beside the sheer brutal power is ditto giving us a great bunch of suprising turns and exciting changes. Again: Just damn great!!! And what is even greater is the fact, that these guys really own and prove the skills to create incredible atmosphere that will give you mile high goosepimples, just listen to "THE SYSTEM" or "JUNE 6, 1944", just awesome and berath-taking!!! Very stand-alone and outshining band and music. Maybe you can locate them somewhere between the YOUTH DEFENCE LEAGUE, VANGUARD, BOOT PARTY and BATTALION 86. Yeahr, I think that's a pretty good description of the style of music TOTAL ANNIHILATION are dellivering to us. But keep always in mind that these guys are playing a very self-contained and stand-alone music, so be prepared for everything but don't think of any kind of bullshit rip off stuff!!! Then we do get fantastic lyrics, very political or at last very, very out spoken, critical when it comes to the ruling system and the more and more degenerating society we are living in, through and through Working Class and patriotic, and also through and through anti-racist and demonstrating us a strong Ant-Nazi attitude. So they cover HARDSOLE, I just say: "THE ONLY GOOD NAZI IS A DEAD NAZI!" Great!!! Beside that we do also get a bunch of really good Skinhead Pride, Bootboy Way of Life lyrics, big fuck offs to dirty and crusty Anarchist-Peace-Hippie-Punks and also very good historical lyrical contents (they praise the "D-DAY", the beginning of the liberation of europe and germany from the chains of fascism and the claws nationalsocialism), so you see, we do get a very wide spread sight of things when it comes to the lyrics, and that's also a fuckin' great thing, especially because the lyrics are through and through great stuff!!! The production sound is very, very good, as well as the artwork looks also pretty cool. So, to call this record your own is your damn duty, so just go and buy it!!! Great!!! Get it!!! Cheers & Oi! (10 of 10 points)
I'm really looking forward for new material coming from TOTAL ANNIHILATION, and I also still have a inteview in the work with the guys, so keep your eyes open and wish me the best for that interview!!!

Streetpunk 'The Hammers' way...

Nice stuff, for what I know it's the debut release of this band from New York. By looking at the cover and the title you can see that these guys are fans of Westham United, "THE HAMMERS". Why not?!? The guys are playing a pretty fast and melodic, hymnal Sing-A-Long American Streetpunk, and what shall I say, I mean, they know what they are doing and that what they are doing really serves and pleases some parts of my gusto. Nice fast pace and very inviting to start a little (or bigger) pogo dance, while you are roaring your throat dry and thirsty, and your clenched fists really going strongly up to the roof. And yeahr, believe me, by listening to this record you're getting really fuckin' thirsty, no Straight Edge record at all, haha;-)!!! A nice record, and with "KIDNEY AFTER MIDNIGHT" they are paying their very own tribute to JUDAS PRIEST and their rock & roll evergreen "LIVING AFTER MIDNIGHT", with some changed and modified lyrics and very punky played. Ah yeahr, and I think that the guys of BULLDOZER are in one way or another New Wave Of British Heavy Metal fans, so the beginning of "YOU'RE A FAG" is a nice and sweet little cit of the IRON MAIDEN classic "RUN TO THE HILLS". But be sure, that's definitely not making it a Heavy Metal record, haha;-)!!! It's nothing too special and listened to it on the long run BULLDOZER could have really worked more heavy pressure and more changes into their songs, but it's still a solid and good record, that's worth the time of one and more listening rounds. So if you like some pretty new good American Streetpunk stuff, then truly check these guys here out. We do also get a bunch of cool lyrics, from serious topics to panties sniffer guys and Anti-Emo stuff, and the production sound really serves the needs of this dry rocking Streetpunk songs, as well as the artwork really looks good. Nice stuff, give it a try!!! (8 of 10 points)

Dienstag, 13. April 2010

Metallic Beatdown Hardcore from the United States of America... Only the strong survive when it's every man for himself!!!

First of all let me say one... nah, let me say two things: First, yeahr, I fuckin' know it, that this record is 'a little bit older' already, but damn it, that shall not matter here at this point, not at least because I don't know of any newer record of both bands up to this day; Second, I still do believe that Split records should be released on vinyl, but that also shall not matter here at this point of things. So, now to the record. I first heard of this record through my regular lecture of the amazing "AVERSIONLINE" blog (, and I was right from the start fired up. I'm a huge fan of SHATTERED REALM, and TOETAG caught me right from the start when I first listened to a song of them. So I ordered this split record as fast as possible, and what shall I say, it was everything but a dissapointment. Two great bands, that perfectly fit together, together on one beautiful designed CD, sounds like a fuckin' great deal, and that's what it was and still is. TOETAG are starting this CD up with their three songs "ONLY YOURSELF TO BLAME", "KILL OR BE KILLED" and "THE BOTTLE". Hard hitting, furious and gladiatorial, brutal and harsh metallic Betadown Hardcore with a unbroken and proud attitude, served to us on a very high level of quality when it comes to the grapping songwriting as well as to the very high and good abilities of playing their instruments. Bonecrushing guitar work goes hand in hand with a totally rampage going rhythmsection, strong and proud crew shouts, and with fuckin' brilliant brutal, hard and smart, charismatic vocals, and that mixture combined with that damn grapping and through and through good flowing songwriting really makes a damn hymn out of each fucking single track. Just pure solid gold!!! On top we do get truly good lyrics delivered from TOETAG, and especially "KILL OR BE KILLED" really speaks out of my heart and out of the deepest parts of my soul. Brilliant!!! Then SHATTERED REALM are coming, with their three songs "HATE FOR THE WORLD", "FIGHT TO WIN" and "BRING THE VIOLENCE BACK/EVERY MAN FOR HIMSELF". Like you all should know, some members of SHATTERED REALM were before part of the legendary and awesome FURY OF FIVE, and "BRING THE VIOLENCE BACK/EVERY MAN FOR HIMSELF" is a- brilliant- coverversion of an (now-a-days very) old FURY OF FIVE classic. They give us three huge dosages of their very stand-alone and unique New Jersey style metallic Tough Guy Hardcore, full of an 100% authentic unfractured, rigid, defiant, and militant attitude. Atomizing guitar playing gets combined with a harsh and sheer brutal bass playing and an absolutely demolishing drumming, melted together by infernal crew shouts, and cultivated with 100% charismatic and terror spreading brutal lead vocals, and the outcome of this combination, together melting and cultivating is simply a brilliant piece of modern Hardcore music that knows not one single fuckin' compromise, and if you ask me, that's the way Hardcore was and still is damn meant to be!!! Also SHATTERED REALM delivering us very good, no prisoners taking, very proud and unbroken lyrics, also just pure and solid gold, if not platinum!!! The CD comes in general in a hard and dry, really good production sound, and also in a very cool and colourful tattoo style artwork that I really like a lot. That record here is a totally brilliant package that you really need to call your own, so damn, just fucking get it!!! And that's a goddamn order!!! Get it!!! (10 of 10 points)

Montag, 12. April 2010

Some brand new informations for you...

Hey guys,
good news, currently I got the interview with the outstanding IRON GUTS KELLY back, and yeahr, it's a fuckin' interesting thing to read, giving a lot of informations. THANX a lot to SHAWN of IRON GUTS KELLY, who done the interview!!! You'll get the interview to read the next days this week here on this blog (latest at the weekend), I promise you!!!
And yeahr, do yourself a damn huge favour and check this great and awesome band out, fantastic and very stand-alone and high-quality Hardcore, that you really should listen to!!! Give your support to this damn sympathic and fuckin' brilliant band!!! The review of their "AXE TO GRIND" you can also find on this blog, just go to the blog entries of february and read it, and then get the CD!!!
There's also still a interview with the damn great American Oi! band TOTAL ANNIHILATION from Denver, Colorado in the making. I'll keep you informed how the things will turn out. I'm hoping the best!!!
I'm planning more interviews in the (near) future, but I won't tell ya anything about that plans, because they are only in the beginning of their making, so time will tell us what will come. But one thing is for sure, and that is, that there will be coming much more on this blog, be sure!!!
Then there will also come a new gig report the next days. At the past saturday I was spending the evening in Goslar Rock City at a Rockabilly concert, the HOT WHEELS and the ROCKABILLY MAFIA had been playing, and all over all it was a funny thing. Ah, and I bought the fantastic "LET'S GO FASTER" record of the legendary and just great THE STRAY CATS on LP, nice black vinyl, and great music. It- the concert- was a nice and funny thing, you'll get to read more about it in the next days.
Then there will be also coming a huge load of new reviews of records (for example THE HARRINGTON SAINTS, SLICK 46, WISDOM IN CHAINS, HATEBREED, THE INCITED, TWEENY KILLS FASTER, BOOTPRINT, JOB FOR A COWBOY, POUR HATRED, THIS ENDING, CLIENT, CHAOSWAVE, COSMIC JOY, etc.) and fanzines ("Oi! THE PRINT", "WORKING CLASS SKINS", "PUNKROCK!", "PSYCHOMANIA", "OX", "TRUST", etc.), and some time in the next weeks you'll also find the first reviews of books and movies here on this blog, or at least I think so. You see, it's all growing constantly. For sure it depends on the time I can offer to run this blog beside mi chica mucha bonita, my family, my crew, my dog, my sport, hobbies, work, etc., but you'll see, it's working out good right to this day, not at least because writing the stuff here on this blog is some kind of very important stuff to me. It makes a lot of fun to me, and it creates some relaxing space in my head that's usually roamed by millions of nervous thoughts, and also in my very active and sometimes very challenging and demanding life, so it will go on, and there are several things in the making when it comes to this blog. You'll see it the next days and weeks!!!
Some more news reached me from some fine printed german fanzines. It's a damn good thing that the contact to JAN of the great "MAGDEBURG PUNX" Fanzine did not ended during my 'lost-in-work' time of life at the beginning of this year, thanx a lot for not being pissed off at all because of the huge delay!!! He started to go study (all the best for you, Jan!!!) and so the next issue of his zine will take some time until it will come out to see the light of the day, but he has some really hot topics and certain issues in the making, so we can truly be excited!!! And also CARSTN, the Cpt. of the truly mighty "ZWERGPIRAT" Fanzine crew told me that things are going fuckin' well with the next issue of his zine, the issue lucky no. # 13. As usual there is a giant load of really interesting stuff in the making and if I understood Carsten right, then the issue no. # 13 will be coming in the late spring respectively the early summer of this year, and I can tell ya, I'm freakin' excited about it, and you should this be too.
At the 24th of April this year there will be an interesting and good concert in the little german town of Hessen, somewhere near the also not that big at all german town of Osterwieck, and there will be the damn good MEINE STUNDE NULL playing, beside some other bands, so make sure that you'll be there if you can find the time and you're not living to far away from this little eastern german towns.
So, that's all for the moment, more will be coming the next days, so keep your eyes open and keep this blog checked by you!!!
All the best Greetings,

Sonntag, 11. April 2010

Musick that will beat the shit out of you, you, you, and also you, too!!!

Yeahr, here we do get the newest Demo CD from this fine band from the german city of Wernigerode. I saw them live at the "KuMo Night" last month in Wernigerode and missed them- damn!!!- at their gig with FOREVER IT SHALL BE, etc. in Goslar also last month, but there I bought these CD, their- at least I think so- second Demo. We get three songs on this CD respectively CD-R, and each track will make your face break when the music will hit you. MEINE STUNDE NULL are blasting out a demolishing mixture of brutal Metalcore, harsh Death Metal, modern Grindcore and angry up to date Death Core, spiced with some very pissed off metallic Hardcore ingredients and some truly suprising stuff that you'll have never anticipated, I bet. It's a very self-contained style that these young guys play, not really comparable to other bands. Atomizing and devastating guitar riffing, drumming like 'fire and forget' rockets, angry and dirty roaring bass work, and goddamn extreme and simply aggressive and brutal grunt & growl & scream vokillz, sometimes with some very atmospheric clean vocals added to the musical inferno, and made round by some totally suprising stuff, like for example some cool Techno beats. The songwriting is very interesting and challenging, they are creating very often a strong atmosphere, but it could sometimes be just more flowing and tight, but to solve this intricacies will be just a matter of time, 'cause MEINE STUNDE NULL are still a very young and already a truly damn good band with already a strong own identity in style and music, very well versed and gifted when it comes to making music, and goddamn fuck it, but this young guys know how to fuckin' play their instruments and how to tear down every damn bloody stage they move up on, I can tell ya!!! If you need some other band names to use them as corner pillars for your orientation, then imagine a very stand-alone and unique mixture out of ARKANGEL, ALL SHALL PERISH and NASUM, and you get some good cornerstones to start your serendipity of MEINE STUNDE NULL. Damn good stuff, for sure!!! I really hope, that there will be coming (much, much) more of them (very, very) soon, and I also need to see them live on stage as soon as possible again. Ah, the CD-R comes in a dust wrapper made out of plastic, just with a frontcover printed on a paper sheet. No problem with that, everything is getting more and more expensive these days, and the cover motive is truly a beauty, but it really sucks that there are no informations printed, neither to the songs, not to the record, nor to the band, so we do also get even not the titles of the songs. Guys, why?!? It's really pity, especially because MEINE STUNDE NULL seem to have a very interesting concept or (basic) approach when it comes to the lyrics and the content-relation. But okay, that's just some little stuff, annoying, but not that problematic or even bad at all. So forget about it!!! The production sound of this Demo CD-R is totally more than okay, so I really think that there's nothing left to say more to it at that stand of play. You should get this nice little record, and damn, make sure that you'll see them live on stage very soon. Really damn good stuff, and this guys are just starting and getting fired up, so keep one or two eyes and ears open and focussed on them, and get this Demo, it will just cost you 3,00 Euro. Damn good stuff!!! Get it!!! (8 of 10 points)

Samstag, 10. April 2010



And also this band I saw live at the "KuMo Night" in the city of Wernigerode (read the blog entry- search under gig reports- to get to know more about that concert), and also their CD I bought cheerful. And what shall I say, also this decision was a total right one. The direction is claerly and simple to call HARDCORE!!! And they are hammering out a fuckin' great mixture of more or less Old School New York Hardcore, metallic 1990's New School Hardcore and actual so called New School Old Tyme Hardcore, you can maybe locate them somewhere between 25 TA LIFE, BIOHAZARD, TERROR, and TEAMKILLER, with a huge rough and raw underground spirit, and loads and tons of dirt and grim violence in their muisc!!! Defiant and harsh guitar work, brutal and loud rumbling drums, sinister bubbling bass playing, loud crew shouts, and two fuckin' brutal yet different lead singers who are sharing the vocals, and all very down to earth grounded and with a very authentic and also very sympathic down for life attitude: Damn I love this music!!! And this band really rulez!!! Not much left to say, but just get it, if you search for some damn good Hardcore!!! The CD comes as a CD-R, totally in black, and the CD-R looks pretty cool, because it looks like a vinyl 7" single. Cool stuff!!! The lyrics are not printed, but deal with some good issues and topics like respect, pride, friendship, and big fuck offs in the one and other direction. The artwork looks pretty cool, and the bandname as well as the CD title really rule!!! Get this CD, and go and see this fine band live on stage!!! (9 of 10 points)

'Anchors Aweigh'... and that for some good reasons, I can tell ya!!!

ALIVE AT LAST - "ANCHORS AWEIGH" ("D.I.Y." / "Pretty Pink Records"):
Yeahr, after I've seen this fine band live I went to their merchandise stall and bought their debut record. (Just read the gig report of the "KuMo Night" in the city of Wernigerode on this blog.) And yes, it was a totally right decision!!! The are playing a damn good sort of music, that you might name Emo/Screamo!!! Stop!!! I can hear what some of you are thinking: "Emo or Screamo... brr!!!" But don't think that way to strong, because you might miss a lot of truly good or even great music, and ALIVE AT LAST are definitely one of the great bands you would miss!!! And you better believe me!!! (As well as you should always better believe me, to point that fact out!!!) But, of course, just to name it Emo/Screamo is not enough, here in the case of ALIVE AT LAST. They are mixing some modern Emo and Screamo with contemporaneous Metalcore parts, spicing it with ingredients of the modern or so called Nu Rock genre, melting it together with some modern Metal parts, and cultivating it with a huge, huge stand-alone impact in songwriting and damn high quality of the music and damn great abilities when it comes to playing their instruments, ah, and they are also a just awesome and breathetaking live act. The fantastic and brilliant guitar work is marking the songs very, very strongly, no matter if you take the leads, melodies and harmonies, or the rhythmstructure and the tempo architecture, it's just breathetaking and amazing what the guitar players are putting out. But the rhythmsection truly don't misses a hit, they are laying down the concrete basement from which the music develops, the songs grow on and on. And the singer really hits the nail on the head, fantastic charismatic vocals, outstanding stuff, no matter if you take the extreme screams or the clean and melodic voice, just pure solid gold. And some cool crew shouts we do also get on top, and not to forget the damn good catchy refrains. Just great, maybe a little bit comparable with ALEXIS ON FIRE, but ALIVE AT LAST truly are already playing their very own kind of style, what is a damn good thing!!! And yes, they're doing at also damn good, what makes it a evn better thing!!! Then we do also get a bunch of very good, mostly personal kept lyrics, a very good and organic production sound that really benefits the dynamic and energetic music, as well as beautiful artwork. Check this great and also very sympathic band out, as well as on and with their CD here, but also live on stage, 'cause they will rock your socks off!!! Get it!!! I'm really looking forward to hear more music being put out by this awesome five piece!!! (9 of 10 points)

Freitag, 9. April 2010

Back on the map, back to attack!!! Thug Rock Music from N.Y.C.!!!

OXBLOOD - "THUG ROCK MUSIC" ("Clockwork Streetrecords"; 7"):
Yeahr, they are fuckin' back: OXBLOOD from N.Y.C.!!! The legend returns!!! The "SIX HARD YEARS" CD of OXBLOOD is still one of my absolute favourites, running round and round in my CD players. And at the end of 2009 they came back and putted N.Y.C. back under the boot. And not only N.Y.C.!!! They are still playing the very hard knocking, brutal and militant American Oi! Oi! music, but they developed quite a bit. The title and slogan "THUG ROCK MUSIC" fits pretty well to the music. It's Skinhead sound, Bootboy Rock, that's very unique and outstanding played, you won't find that many really fitting comparable bands to the sound and style of OXBLOOD in 2009/2010. Dirty, harsh, and devastating guitar work, crashing and brutal bass playing, thundering and thrashing drums, and angry and pissed off, harsh and brutal, very charismatic vocals (I guess it's the original singer of OXBLOOD that has also returned to fill the ranks of the band), as well as some roaring crew shouts are mixed together by these N.Y.C. Bootboy and Skinhead veterans to a well-versed and very stand-alone, high quality style of sheer atomizing brickwall Bootboy streetmusic, that will really hammer you down and out of your boots. Somewhere between the YOUTH DEFENCE LEAGUE, TOTAL ANNIHILATION, STARS & STRIPES, and some good old bonecrushing Old School Hardcore (pretty much the New York style of sound), all done very stand-alone and unique, that's maybe some kind of a good description to describe the music of OXBLOOD, because- like I've said- they moved quite a bit away from the usual style of Oi! Oi! music and "THUG ROCK MUSIC" truly is a perfect description of the music they are playing nowadays as a natural development of their own kind of style of music. Very militant and harsh, brutal and beating!!! Then we do also get very militant, gladiatorial, inconvenient, unbroken and proud lyrics (but it's a pity that they are not printed, but you get them while you listen to this 7"), spiced with some cool "A CLOCKWORK ORANGE" notes. Then we do also get a dirty and noisy production sound and a very cool tattoo style artwork, to make it a round package. The 7" comes in 'cut-in-half' red & black vinyl (looks awesome, I can tell ya), and even if I know nothing 'bout any kinds of limitations, you should really get this masterpiece fuckin' quick. It's an order!!! Outstanding 7", I really hope that there will be coming more very, very soon!!! Cheers & Oi! (10 of 10 points)
A very bitter aspect is that Kevin, the guitar player of OXBLOOD died... Rest in Peace, Kevin 'Oxblood'!!!

'Vitriol' & '23' - FEAR MY THOUGHTS, 2001 - 2002

FEAR MY THOUGHTS - "SMELL SWEET SMELL (2001 - 2002)" ("Let It Burn Records"; CD):
Hm, did I see this band live on stage once back in the days?!? Damn, I don't know it... Today FEAR MY THOUGHTS are pretty much something like your ordinary (modern Thrash / Death) Metal band, okay, maybe not that ordinary at all, I don't know, but however, on this CD we do get there records from 2001 to 2002 on one CD, the records called "VITRIOL" (the winner record on this CD) and "23". A very challenging, complex, and elaborate mixture of (metallic New School) Hardcore and (more and more) not really that traditional extreme Metal. I can tell ya, it's some kind of chaotic stuff when you first listen to it (I've done it in the now finally past winter, some morning at 6 a.m. in my car while I was driving to work, and damn, I was going nuts, I tell ya...), but you'll get it more and more every time you listen to this CD. Very complicated guitar work, extreme multi-layered songwriting, and damn demanding changes in tempo and rhythm, topped by psychotic and extremely emotional vocals, and some really overtaking harmonies, melodies, and changes in mood and style of the songs and the- very experimental- music. If you are searching for some crazy and outstanding, very, very complex- and truly- extreme music that you won't find at every corner of any shelf of your local record dealer, then you should risk an ear, even if you surely can't listen to this record every time a day. But one thing is for sure, check this record out (if you don't own the original CD releases, because then I don't think that the purchase of this CD is that paying for you at all), it's very interesting and challenging, but- to be honest- at the end of the day- or at least at the end of some days- the songs could flow a bit more. Beside the songs we do get linernotes, the lyrics (really some interesting and good stuff), a brilliant production sound, and a damn fine and beautiful, cliche-free artwork. If you ask me, give it a try!!! But damn, did I see this band live or not... (8 of 10 points)