Samstag, 10. April 2010



And also this band I saw live at the "KuMo Night" in the city of Wernigerode (read the blog entry- search under gig reports- to get to know more about that concert), and also their CD I bought cheerful. And what shall I say, also this decision was a total right one. The direction is claerly and simple to call HARDCORE!!! And they are hammering out a fuckin' great mixture of more or less Old School New York Hardcore, metallic 1990's New School Hardcore and actual so called New School Old Tyme Hardcore, you can maybe locate them somewhere between 25 TA LIFE, BIOHAZARD, TERROR, and TEAMKILLER, with a huge rough and raw underground spirit, and loads and tons of dirt and grim violence in their muisc!!! Defiant and harsh guitar work, brutal and loud rumbling drums, sinister bubbling bass playing, loud crew shouts, and two fuckin' brutal yet different lead singers who are sharing the vocals, and all very down to earth grounded and with a very authentic and also very sympathic down for life attitude: Damn I love this music!!! And this band really rulez!!! Not much left to say, but just get it, if you search for some damn good Hardcore!!! The CD comes as a CD-R, totally in black, and the CD-R looks pretty cool, because it looks like a vinyl 7" single. Cool stuff!!! The lyrics are not printed, but deal with some good issues and topics like respect, pride, friendship, and big fuck offs in the one and other direction. The artwork looks pretty cool, and the bandname as well as the CD title really rule!!! Get this CD, and go and see this fine band live on stage!!! (9 of 10 points)

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