Mittwoch, 21. April 2010

xStraight Edge Hardcorex

Yeahr, here it is, the current record of the true and supreme reigning masters of modern metallic Straight Edge HARDCORE, and it's fucking good to see and hear that EARTH CRISIS are back on the map with a new... with this new record!!! And I tell ya all one thing, they haven't lost their focus and they also haven't lost their ability to create grapping and intense and atomizing music, all done on a very high level of skills when it comes to the songwriting as well as to the ability of using-not-abusing the instruments. Ultra-Heavy, brutal, brachial, and fucking hard the metallic New School Hardcore is milling forward with mega-fat X's on the back of the hands as well as stamped on and in the heart and soul of this music. Marauding and revolting forward marching through the cleaved landscapes of the rapidly alighten urban and industrial modernity filled with and marked by filth, dirt, violence, drugs, terror, and thrown-away-lifes, still and always against this false world and it's slave morality, stalwart the motto of the opening track of this record: "STRAIGHT EDGE - AGAINST THE CURRENT!!!" Delightful crashing and berserking Hardcore, metallic and mostly played in ponderous, everything in it's way annihilating and asphyxianting mid tempo, but always vary the pace of the songs in a clever arranged way of writing and doing songs. Grapping and stirring songwriting, put into praxis by the way of very skilled musically abilities. Great!!! And everything through and through EARTH CRISIS and in the context of metallic New School Hardcore done in a pretty old school way, but without being retro in which way ever. Again: Great!!! On top of it we do get truly great lyrics, hard and grim and realistic as fuck, covering a wide distance of several different topics (anti (drug) terror lyrics, criticism upon society and politics, Hardcore hymns, Straight Edge anthems, you see, you get a lot of interesting and good stuff to read and to listen to), a fantastic artwork, and also a fuckin' brilliant pinch bar sound. Pure gold!!! The LP (black vinyl) is strictly limited and you also get the CD version of this record for free with the LP. Thumbs up!!! Through and through: A must-have record, so damn, go and get it!!! (9 of 10 points)

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