Donnerstag, 22. April 2010

Kill Baby, Kill YOURSELF!!! The TOWERBLOCKS still rule!!!

Hey guys,
here you'll get now some informations to read about some new TOWERBLOCKS stuff, dealing with the suicide of the stupid and mentally degenerated and intellectual incestuous (if only intellectual...) Nazi Racist piece of subhuman lowlife scum Dieter, singer and songwriter of the belgian R.A.C./White Power faggot band KILL BABY, KILL. The TOWERBLOCKS wrote a brilliant track, no matter if you take the lyrics or the music, awesome stuff, and a big fuck off to this whole xenophobic and racist scum that's infiltrating the so called Oi! and Punk 'scene' especially here in germany that much. It's great, and yeahr, they really hit the nail on it's head with that one.
Here you can see the video of the great song "KILL BABY, KILL YOURSELF!!!", and just take some looks and listens to it, there you'll go: http://www.myspace./com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendId=36865077&blogId=532705992. I hope it works, if not go and search after it on YouTube. Great job of the TOWERBLOCKS!!! Solidarity!!!
Oh yes, and the oh so unpolitical and non p.c. faggots of the german Oi! and Punk scene are running mentally and in the well known internet forums' nearly amok, ranting 'bout the TOWERBLOCKS, oh yes, what a tragic lost it was, that this worthless piece of White Power scum choose to end his life by his own hands, high on cocaine, oh, oh, oh, by the way, that's very white, like the white trash you're sniffing up your nose, but hm, if that's really that supreme... I'm not so sure about it at all. How can you just talk 'bad' about people who died... I tell ya how you can: First of all, six billions of people on this planet are at least 5 to many, so after contraception is still 'forbidden' and defamed in most countrys and nations of this exploited shithole mankind have turned planet earth into, it's a fantastic thing that such worthless coward drug-addicted Nazi faggots choose to leave this earth and time by their own hands. Great!!! Thumbs up!!! Then, if you like second of all, let us take a look at the facts: Dieter, to call him by his name, used to beat a black african immigrant nearly to death with some of his mates, just because he was black and a disgrace in the eyes of a drug using and abusing White Supremacist like Dieter, a guy that brave that he choose to kill himself before going into prison to serve the time for his deeds. What a good man, right?!? Stupid bastard called Dieter, stupid jackasses like the scum that's mourning about shitfaced jackasses like that, without talking or thinking only one single minute about his deeds or thinking and mourning about the victim of his crime!!! Oh, but why think about the victim, I mean, come on guys, it was just a black immigrant, so why talk or evn think or mourn about him... Shut up!!! Go and die, even it's the Dieter way of suicide!!! So, as now Dieter looked his coming term of imprisonment right in the eye, he choosed to sniff some cocaine up his nose and leave this planet and life and time by his own choice. Much too good for worthless human beings of that kind, if you ask me!!! Hm, maybe Dieter would have become the greatest ass bitch in belgian prisons, and he got frightened about to get his white supreme ass cracked in bloody moieties!!! Also with that it wouldn't hit the wrong guy!!! Ah, guys, and by the way, read and listen to the lyrics, read interviews, take a good look at the concert flyers of the concerts KILL BABY, KILL had played, take some looks at the covers of their records, and then don't tell me anything about being non political or non p.c. at all if you propagate KILL BABY, KILL (by the way, I don't listen to bad and boring Heavy Metal Rock music, and I'm still asking myself why so many people are doing it that call themselve Oi! or Punk...) and the mourning and the non-critizism of Dieter and his deeds and life. It's not talking bad 'bout a good guy that's tragicly lost his life, it's talking real, the ral story behind it that happened in reality, the story about a drug addicted Nazi Racist Faggot, a worthless coward that beat a to him unknown nearly dead with some of his mates, just because their victim was black, so shut your stupid mouths and go and deliver yourself a bullet right between the eyes and benefit the whole human race, go and die, oh, also maybe like Dieter had done it like a rolemodel for you all!!! Start to use your brain and start thinking, stupid jackasses!!! Ah, and please tell me only one good reason why I should mourn about that worthless Nazi White Power Racist faggot scum, and why I should not talk real about this scumbag and his deeds?!? Shut your damn stupid mouths, you jackass pieces of shit, and then leave and go dying!!!

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