Sonntag, 11. April 2010

Musick that will beat the shit out of you, you, you, and also you, too!!!

Yeahr, here we do get the newest Demo CD from this fine band from the german city of Wernigerode. I saw them live at the "KuMo Night" last month in Wernigerode and missed them- damn!!!- at their gig with FOREVER IT SHALL BE, etc. in Goslar also last month, but there I bought these CD, their- at least I think so- second Demo. We get three songs on this CD respectively CD-R, and each track will make your face break when the music will hit you. MEINE STUNDE NULL are blasting out a demolishing mixture of brutal Metalcore, harsh Death Metal, modern Grindcore and angry up to date Death Core, spiced with some very pissed off metallic Hardcore ingredients and some truly suprising stuff that you'll have never anticipated, I bet. It's a very self-contained style that these young guys play, not really comparable to other bands. Atomizing and devastating guitar riffing, drumming like 'fire and forget' rockets, angry and dirty roaring bass work, and goddamn extreme and simply aggressive and brutal grunt & growl & scream vokillz, sometimes with some very atmospheric clean vocals added to the musical inferno, and made round by some totally suprising stuff, like for example some cool Techno beats. The songwriting is very interesting and challenging, they are creating very often a strong atmosphere, but it could sometimes be just more flowing and tight, but to solve this intricacies will be just a matter of time, 'cause MEINE STUNDE NULL are still a very young and already a truly damn good band with already a strong own identity in style and music, very well versed and gifted when it comes to making music, and goddamn fuck it, but this young guys know how to fuckin' play their instruments and how to tear down every damn bloody stage they move up on, I can tell ya!!! If you need some other band names to use them as corner pillars for your orientation, then imagine a very stand-alone and unique mixture out of ARKANGEL, ALL SHALL PERISH and NASUM, and you get some good cornerstones to start your serendipity of MEINE STUNDE NULL. Damn good stuff, for sure!!! I really hope, that there will be coming (much, much) more of them (very, very) soon, and I also need to see them live on stage as soon as possible again. Ah, the CD-R comes in a dust wrapper made out of plastic, just with a frontcover printed on a paper sheet. No problem with that, everything is getting more and more expensive these days, and the cover motive is truly a beauty, but it really sucks that there are no informations printed, neither to the songs, not to the record, nor to the band, so we do also get even not the titles of the songs. Guys, why?!? It's really pity, especially because MEINE STUNDE NULL seem to have a very interesting concept or (basic) approach when it comes to the lyrics and the content-relation. But okay, that's just some little stuff, annoying, but not that problematic or even bad at all. So forget about it!!! The production sound of this Demo CD-R is totally more than okay, so I really think that there's nothing left to say more to it at that stand of play. You should get this nice little record, and damn, make sure that you'll see them live on stage very soon. Really damn good stuff, and this guys are just starting and getting fired up, so keep one or two eyes and ears open and focussed on them, and get this Demo, it will just cost you 3,00 Euro. Damn good stuff!!! Get it!!! (8 of 10 points)

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