Mittwoch, 14. April 2010

Streetpunk 'The Hammers' way...

Nice stuff, for what I know it's the debut release of this band from New York. By looking at the cover and the title you can see that these guys are fans of Westham United, "THE HAMMERS". Why not?!? The guys are playing a pretty fast and melodic, hymnal Sing-A-Long American Streetpunk, and what shall I say, I mean, they know what they are doing and that what they are doing really serves and pleases some parts of my gusto. Nice fast pace and very inviting to start a little (or bigger) pogo dance, while you are roaring your throat dry and thirsty, and your clenched fists really going strongly up to the roof. And yeahr, believe me, by listening to this record you're getting really fuckin' thirsty, no Straight Edge record at all, haha;-)!!! A nice record, and with "KIDNEY AFTER MIDNIGHT" they are paying their very own tribute to JUDAS PRIEST and their rock & roll evergreen "LIVING AFTER MIDNIGHT", with some changed and modified lyrics and very punky played. Ah yeahr, and I think that the guys of BULLDOZER are in one way or another New Wave Of British Heavy Metal fans, so the beginning of "YOU'RE A FAG" is a nice and sweet little cit of the IRON MAIDEN classic "RUN TO THE HILLS". But be sure, that's definitely not making it a Heavy Metal record, haha;-)!!! It's nothing too special and listened to it on the long run BULLDOZER could have really worked more heavy pressure and more changes into their songs, but it's still a solid and good record, that's worth the time of one and more listening rounds. So if you like some pretty new good American Streetpunk stuff, then truly check these guys here out. We do also get a bunch of cool lyrics, from serious topics to panties sniffer guys and Anti-Emo stuff, and the production sound really serves the needs of this dry rocking Streetpunk songs, as well as the artwork really looks good. Nice stuff, give it a try!!! (8 of 10 points)

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