Montag, 12. April 2010

Some brand new informations for you...

Hey guys,
good news, currently I got the interview with the outstanding IRON GUTS KELLY back, and yeahr, it's a fuckin' interesting thing to read, giving a lot of informations. THANX a lot to SHAWN of IRON GUTS KELLY, who done the interview!!! You'll get the interview to read the next days this week here on this blog (latest at the weekend), I promise you!!!
And yeahr, do yourself a damn huge favour and check this great and awesome band out, fantastic and very stand-alone and high-quality Hardcore, that you really should listen to!!! Give your support to this damn sympathic and fuckin' brilliant band!!! The review of their "AXE TO GRIND" you can also find on this blog, just go to the blog entries of february and read it, and then get the CD!!!
There's also still a interview with the damn great American Oi! band TOTAL ANNIHILATION from Denver, Colorado in the making. I'll keep you informed how the things will turn out. I'm hoping the best!!!
I'm planning more interviews in the (near) future, but I won't tell ya anything about that plans, because they are only in the beginning of their making, so time will tell us what will come. But one thing is for sure, and that is, that there will be coming much more on this blog, be sure!!!
Then there will also come a new gig report the next days. At the past saturday I was spending the evening in Goslar Rock City at a Rockabilly concert, the HOT WHEELS and the ROCKABILLY MAFIA had been playing, and all over all it was a funny thing. Ah, and I bought the fantastic "LET'S GO FASTER" record of the legendary and just great THE STRAY CATS on LP, nice black vinyl, and great music. It- the concert- was a nice and funny thing, you'll get to read more about it in the next days.
Then there will be also coming a huge load of new reviews of records (for example THE HARRINGTON SAINTS, SLICK 46, WISDOM IN CHAINS, HATEBREED, THE INCITED, TWEENY KILLS FASTER, BOOTPRINT, JOB FOR A COWBOY, POUR HATRED, THIS ENDING, CLIENT, CHAOSWAVE, COSMIC JOY, etc.) and fanzines ("Oi! THE PRINT", "WORKING CLASS SKINS", "PUNKROCK!", "PSYCHOMANIA", "OX", "TRUST", etc.), and some time in the next weeks you'll also find the first reviews of books and movies here on this blog, or at least I think so. You see, it's all growing constantly. For sure it depends on the time I can offer to run this blog beside mi chica mucha bonita, my family, my crew, my dog, my sport, hobbies, work, etc., but you'll see, it's working out good right to this day, not at least because writing the stuff here on this blog is some kind of very important stuff to me. It makes a lot of fun to me, and it creates some relaxing space in my head that's usually roamed by millions of nervous thoughts, and also in my very active and sometimes very challenging and demanding life, so it will go on, and there are several things in the making when it comes to this blog. You'll see it the next days and weeks!!!
Some more news reached me from some fine printed german fanzines. It's a damn good thing that the contact to JAN of the great "MAGDEBURG PUNX" Fanzine did not ended during my 'lost-in-work' time of life at the beginning of this year, thanx a lot for not being pissed off at all because of the huge delay!!! He started to go study (all the best for you, Jan!!!) and so the next issue of his zine will take some time until it will come out to see the light of the day, but he has some really hot topics and certain issues in the making, so we can truly be excited!!! And also CARSTN, the Cpt. of the truly mighty "ZWERGPIRAT" Fanzine crew told me that things are going fuckin' well with the next issue of his zine, the issue lucky no. # 13. As usual there is a giant load of really interesting stuff in the making and if I understood Carsten right, then the issue no. # 13 will be coming in the late spring respectively the early summer of this year, and I can tell ya, I'm freakin' excited about it, and you should this be too.
At the 24th of April this year there will be an interesting and good concert in the little german town of Hessen, somewhere near the also not that big at all german town of Osterwieck, and there will be the damn good MEINE STUNDE NULL playing, beside some other bands, so make sure that you'll be there if you can find the time and you're not living to far away from this little eastern german towns.
So, that's all for the moment, more will be coming the next days, so keep your eyes open and keep this blog checked by you!!!
All the best Greetings,

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