Dienstag, 27. April 2010

In Defence Of Reality!

This CD here is currently already a little bit older, but it's still the newest (and I think also the final) SHELTER record, and so this should be no problem at all at the end of the day. SHELTER, hm, maybe you can call them justified a legendary band, and it's a really big pity that this seems to be the final last record of them, especially when you take the incredible high quality of the music. But okay, shall it be as it ever will be, but SHELTER damn know how to say goodbye to their fans. SHELTER were holding on to their values and ideals (Straight Edge, Hinduism, pacifism, veganism, spirituality, etc.) and that's just a damn good thing, not at least because of that way they kept their integrity in check, something that's not the ususal way of things these days... SHELTER were also musically delivering us just pure and solid gold. Crunchie, fast paced, very melodical, hymnal, and jazzy , as well as also really atmospheric and damn intersting, very positive Melodic Hardcore of the highest quality of this vey fine style of music, leant on gaudy hardened Melodic Punkrock, and the grapping and interesting songwriting as well as the high standard of technical skills when it comes to playing the instruments are far away from any kinds of possible doubts. This record is to be located somewhere bewteen SHELTERs "MANTRA" release and the "BEYOND PLANET EARTH" record of SHELTER. Just great!!! I love this band, this music, the strict message, and I also love this record!!! From the lyrical side of things all is also done just great, even the lyrical contents can be controversial and provoking to a lot of guys out there these days. But, hey, what's the problem with that at all, tell it to me?!? Beside that we do get a beautiful artwork (with a kitchy and dopy cover motif...), really good linernotes, and a very good, warm and transparent production sound. You need some hints to listen into?!? Okay, even the whole record is it worth to be mentioned, but try first "LOTUS-LIKE", "BUILT TO RESIST", "IN DEFENCE OF REALITY", "ETERNAL", "FIRST PRIORITY", "MEANT TO BE", and "AUTHENTICITY". So, it's just an awesome piece of Hardcore music, that I really just have to suggest to you!!! (9 of 10 points)

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