Mittwoch, 28. April 2010

this is about ARSON and here is it's ANTHEM

Holy shit, what a 'kiss of a mace'!!! ARSON ANTHEM are a project (?) or a (new) band (?) from Phil Anselmo (PANTERA, DOWN, SUPERJOINT RITUAL, etc.), who's playing the guitar here, and some good and old friends of him, and they dedicated ARSON ANTHEM to the soundtrack of their youth. They established ARSON ANTHEM in the aftermath of the hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, and damn, you truly can feel the desperation and desolation every second of the with hectic pulsating life flushed songs that really call a phenomenal intense nihilistic atmosphere their own. Damn dazing, I can tuly tell ya with a 100% justification to do this. We do get total ugly and devestating and infernally brutal old school Hardcore melted together with a huge Crust Core spirit and absolutely filled with hate as fuck. Whoa, damn, what a beating!!! Phenomenal!!! It takes the diretion of the Crust Core godefathers DISCHARGE, combined with a huge old school hatecore influence like the legendary SHEER TERROR, and cultivated with loads of old school Hardcore in the tradition of NEGATIVE APPROACH, made round by some old tyme Grindcore inspirations and some annihilating Sludge Core parts. That's an inferno of one of a kind!!! Absolutely nihilism put to music, nothing less but maybe even also something more!!! Full of aggressive hate and bitter frustration!!! Served (to) us filled with a huge load of Whiskey, and maybe also some other mediaction stuff. The lyrics are not printed, but from songtitles like "YEAR OF THE FORK", "DOOMED MORALE", "BUNKER LIFE", "COPS SHOOT COKE" or "SRI LANKAN MEDIACTION" you should do get a very good impression of where the lyrical ride is taken you to. Damn good!!! The damn beautiful old school movie style black/white/grey artwork, some very fine linernotes, and the grim, rattling and incredible dirty and sheer amazing raw production sound are making this record a damn round and brilliant package that you definitely need to call your own!!! Right here, right now!!! So, damn, fuckin' get it!!! Phenomenal record!!! (10 of 10 points)

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