Mittwoch, 14. April 2010

Mile High City Oi!

What a killer record!!! Okay, it's already a little bit older right now, but damn, after there's still no newer material released by TOTAL ANNIHILATION it won't stop me from writing a review to this great piece of music!!! Out of the Mile High City named Denver this through and through Skinhead and Bootboy band is coming, and damn it, but they are really justify their bandname TOTAL ANNIHILATION with their music. Brutal and harsh, brachial und grim hard American Oi! of the highest quality, that's exactly what they are giving us to eat here, and damn, I can't get enough of it!!! Firm and very guitar dominated Oi!, marked very much by the very diverse, pithy and banging guitar playing, which also never misses or forgets the necessary and so damn great melodies, leads and soli. The guitar work comes together with blunt brutal and hard, vey charismatic and roaring vocals, a hard stomping bass and tight sledgehammer drumming. Just totally great!!! Very strong and very well-versed songwriting, very, very good skills and abilities in playing their instruments, good flowing and clever arranged changes in mood, rhythm and pace, and it's really heavy rockin' stuff, so that this record beside the sheer brutal power is ditto giving us a great bunch of suprising turns and exciting changes. Again: Just damn great!!! And what is even greater is the fact, that these guys really own and prove the skills to create incredible atmosphere that will give you mile high goosepimples, just listen to "THE SYSTEM" or "JUNE 6, 1944", just awesome and berath-taking!!! Very stand-alone and outshining band and music. Maybe you can locate them somewhere between the YOUTH DEFENCE LEAGUE, VANGUARD, BOOT PARTY and BATTALION 86. Yeahr, I think that's a pretty good description of the style of music TOTAL ANNIHILATION are dellivering to us. But keep always in mind that these guys are playing a very self-contained and stand-alone music, so be prepared for everything but don't think of any kind of bullshit rip off stuff!!! Then we do get fantastic lyrics, very political or at last very, very out spoken, critical when it comes to the ruling system and the more and more degenerating society we are living in, through and through Working Class and patriotic, and also through and through anti-racist and demonstrating us a strong Ant-Nazi attitude. So they cover HARDSOLE, I just say: "THE ONLY GOOD NAZI IS A DEAD NAZI!" Great!!! Beside that we do also get a bunch of really good Skinhead Pride, Bootboy Way of Life lyrics, big fuck offs to dirty and crusty Anarchist-Peace-Hippie-Punks and also very good historical lyrical contents (they praise the "D-DAY", the beginning of the liberation of europe and germany from the chains of fascism and the claws nationalsocialism), so you see, we do get a very wide spread sight of things when it comes to the lyrics, and that's also a fuckin' great thing, especially because the lyrics are through and through great stuff!!! The production sound is very, very good, as well as the artwork looks also pretty cool. So, to call this record your own is your damn duty, so just go and buy it!!! Great!!! Get it!!! Cheers & Oi! (10 of 10 points)
I'm really looking forward for new material coming from TOTAL ANNIHILATION, and I also still have a inteview in the work with the guys, so keep your eyes open and wish me the best for that interview!!!

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