Sonntag, 18. April 2010

Sorry for the delay...

Hey guys,
I'm very SORRY that I just did not get it done to put the IRON GUTS KELLY interview on the blog online that week. SORRY, guys!!! But the last week I was pretty busy with work and also with imrpoving my skills and my shape, kickin' it to the next level, so that I just didn't find the time. Once again: SORRY!!! It will be coming the next, now coming week, I guess at the next friday or so. I'm working hard on my next examination paper, I also got my usual work to do (designing and enforcing school lessons, etc. pp.), I'm forced to waste my time in at least one damn fucked up 'bonus-obligatory' tuitional seminary, and when I find the time (be sure, I will find the time) I will work hard to keep and upgrade my level of training and working out and there's also- maybe truly most important- my nearly perfect female gem that will rightfully demanding their part of my time, so yeahr, you see, a lot of 'stuff' that I have to manage to get done in a good and smart way. But, be sure, I'll get it done!!! So the IRON GUTS KELLY interview will be online this week when time comes near the next coming weekend. Because of the above mentioned reasons and issues I don't know how much new stuff I will get online on the blog in the next, now coming week. But it will be forced forward with might that masters right very sonn again, I can promise ya!!! That's all for the moment, so bestow yourself a good start in the new week!!!
Best Greetings, your Andy!!!

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