Freitag, 16. April 2010

Oi! THE PRINT ... the next anniversary, and it's the 30th, there you'll go...

"Oi! THE PRINT" Issue No. # 30
(plus CD)
(Fee: 2,50 Euro)
Yeahr, I'm firing out of every cannon, haha;-), and so here you get the review of the current issue of the great "Oi! THE PRINT" fanzine, coming out of Vienna in Austria, the country of the guys that are wearing cultivated moustaches, hehe;-). Great issue, I can tell ya already at this starting point. But Bomml, what the hell is with the PATRIOT article that was everywhere announced?!? But okay, that's the only dissapointment when it comes to this issue here. We do get that much content on our eyes, so that I will just name you my absolutely favourites. So, here we go: The article about IRON CROSS is a brilliant piece (and damn, it's so fuckin' pity that the interview that I wanted to do with them never came to happen...), the interview with STOMPER 98 is really damn good and interesting (and it should wreck down a lot of the cheap talk that goes on about this band and their memebers... but nah, I could bet that a lot of the 'critics' of the band are just too dumb and too arrogant to see and accept the truth about this band and the bandmembers, but you know what, fuck that scum!!!), the Australia special (featuring a little review in history, and introductions of MOUTHGUARD, SLICK 46, and T.H.U.G.) really rocks, as well as the article about "LONGSHOT MUSIC", then the interview with the boozers of RED ALERT is a must read, and also the interviews with the GUV'NORS, the CLICHÈS, UNANTASTBAR, and THE VALKYRIANS are very, very good done stuff!!! So check them out!!! Beside that we get much, much more, more interviews respectively band introductions, travel-experience-bulletins, stories about murder / rapist scum (why the hell ever... what's so fascinating about that genetic garbage...), nice Skingirl pin up pictures, loads of very good reviews of records and fanzines, pages filled with informations to the bands on the CD compilation, introduction words, and many stuff more. It's really again a great fanzine, that you should really call your own!!! It's coming with a free CD, mostly truly full of great music and bands, and with coloured front- and backcover, the pages deigned in a very characteristic and fuckin' good black and white layout with fine grey contrasts and brilliant foto quality, all written in german and in very grapping tonguing, and that kind of praise applies also for Bommls sidekicks Melanie and Hinkel. It had become trendy in some parts of the german Oi! and Skinhead scene to ran your mouth 'bout the "Oi! THE PRINT", just because you won't find any radical right wing scum in this fanzines, and because of that it would be too p.c. and too mainstream-adapted, but shall I tell you one thing: Don't give a damn about that bullshit talking done by empty heads with too big mouths, rather just buy that fanzine and also that issue here. Great job!!!
To the CD- I've forgotten that informations this afternoon- let me tell you some facts: The CD- no CD-R, a real CD- comes in a fat full colour printed paper jacket, presenting us a really cool looking old school Oi! Skinhead Power artwork, and it is a really great sampler that's really that much better than a lot of the sampler garbage countless labels wants you to buy these days. All songs come in a diverse, but always good production sound, and the skid of music reaches from Oi! and Streetpunk to Skinhead Rock & Roll, Punkrock, German Rock, SKA, and acoustic and somehow singer songwriter stuff. All songs are at least good, but there's a bbig, big unch of great and amazing music. You really should listen to the outshining 45 ADAPTERS, to the breath-taking JENNY WOO, the awesome PISSTONES (damn, is this some fantastic music, compared with brilliant lyrics, I really need to listen to more of them), listen to the great young brickwall Oi! band SKINFULL, to the fantastic American Streetrock band BLOOD STAINED BRINDLE (also damn great lyrics), to the party tunes of ARTHUR & THE SPOONERS, the australian Oi! warhorses PLAN OF ATTACK, the very good english Oi! band GIMPFIST, to the fantastic Hooligan Rock act CONTROL, to the legendary STOMPER 98, to the 'young' german Oi! Punk band LOST BOYZ ARMY (the new band of Zoni, former singer and founding member of the former german Oi! Punk but now Emo / Indie Pop band VERLORENE JUNGS), the German Rock bouncers UNANTASTBAR, and to the clinking LOUSY from the german city called Chemnitz. So, what shall I say more, just get the awesome zine and the great bonus CD, and spend some good times with both of them. Get it!!!

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