Dienstag, 27. April 2010

Old School Streetpunk, roaring out of the Haunted Town!!!

A nice little, already a little bit (more or less...) older Streetpunk record, but my exprience always was that not that many folks out there have taken notice of this band and / or record, and it's also the only (?) respectively the last (?) release (at least when it comes to full length records) of this band, and so there aren't that many reasons that would speak against this review here. And you know, that even if there would be such reasons, damn, I just won't give a fuck about it. Ah, and you should also know, that you usually get this record today for a very low price, just to have told this to you. Okay, maybe these guys hadn't been something new or special at all, but they used to put out some really nice stuff, dirty rumbling, really good pogo-dance serviceable and Fist-In-The-Air-Sing-A-Long Sreetpunk the American Way, that's truly striding up and down for some good reasons, and it's making you very thirsty and is giving you some really good mood, I can tell ya all. I mean, let's get it clear, you'll get nothing new or any too challenging stuff here, I mean, these guys aren't building fusion bombs out there, but maybethis is also even not that important a all at the end of such days like today or so, and yes, it's a really nice record of good old and solid, alcohol fueled American Streetpunk that's really worth of giving it a fair try. To this we do also get a bunch of good lyrics, sometimes more to make you smile about it, sometimes more to make you think about it, and sometimes both in one (to name just for example the opener "FEMINAZI"). And we also get a very good THE BRUISERS cover, of their track "BROWN PAPER BAG". It all comes in a fuckin' great production sound, and with a fantastic artwork (the normal high "HAUNTED TOWN RECORDS" standard). You can locate them between BONECRUSHER, the MAIN STREET SAINTS, and a very, very, very little bit of MURDERER'S ROW. Okay, like I've already said, you truly should give this record a good round and a fair try, you won't make that much wrong with it if you like some hard and really dirty Streetpunk. (8 of 10 points)

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