Sonntag, 18. April 2010

Breeding H8 once again...

Here's the current HATEBREED record. It took a while until they caught me with their music back in the days. I guess it was pretty much with the "THE RISE OF BRUTALITY" record that they took and blew me stunningly away, since I've known the band since their "SATISFACTION IS THE DEATH OF DESIRE" debut (?) release. Also the "SUPREMACY" record had known to convince me through and through. Uhm, but that garbage cover version full length record that came out between the "SUPREMACY" record and the current "HATEBREED" album,uh, it was a big bunch of totally terrible crap. But KINGDOM OF SORROW, the side project of HATEBREEDs singer JAMEY JASTA, also took me by storm, whoa, still a fuckin' brillant relase. (And I'm looking forward to the next one!!!) So I was a little bit excited and nervous with that record here, but I still bought it cheerful. And shall I tell ya one thing, it was not a failure and it was not a dissapointment. The only weak point is that HATEBREED start more and more to loop themselves. Okay, it's all done damn, damn good and they pretty much created or modificated heavily a style that you might can call 'a style of their own' that's also working out very, very well and breeding maybe some hate but first and foremost a big success, so they are doing at the end of the day really a lot of things totally damn right, but you have to admit that they could bring some more new suprises into their music and style. Would be fine, at least if you ask me. But okay, however, who am I to tell them what to do, haha. And who knows, maybe HATEBREED will be some day at the same level with bands like MOTÖRHEAD, and then even I would never ask for suprising innovations again as long as the quality standard is kept that damn fucking high, haha. HATEBREED are giving us here a heavy and massive monster of up to date and very 'style of their own' metallic Hardcore to eat, that will demolish your whole fuckin' face. (You know the movie cit?!?: "Do you broke his nose?" "No, I broke his whole fuckin' face!"... Now you know it!!! And now you know what I mean!!!) Changing the pace and the mood of the songs very clever, arranging the songs damn forceful, playing and writing the songs on a really high level, blending SICK OF IT ALL with SLAYER and EARTH CRISIS, cultivating it with MACHINE HEAD and AGNOSTIC FRONT, melting it together with STRIFE and ALL OUT WAR, and doing it all in their very own way of making and dellivering us their music. But damn, I really do think that I don't have to describe the music of HATEBREED to anyone of you out there, right!?! Or where the hell did you spend your life the last decade, fucking with the apes in some damn lost jungle?!? I think you know what I mean. Oh, but you can also become aware of some KINGDOM OF SORROW and even CROWBAR impressions, that you should not miss, here on this record. Hymns and mega massive steamroller songs and ultra aggressive and brutal and fast hate-crushers are clever and smart alternately hitting you while you listen to this record. My personal favorites are first and fremost the larger than life "IN ASHES THEY SALL REAP", the incredible intense "NO HALOS FOR THE HEARTLESS", and the detonating musical wrath shell "HANDS OF A DYING MAN". The record comes with very powerful and positive lyrics that (comined with the music) will really give you the strength to work through the darkest night you might stuck in, and also in a hard and diaphanous production sound, and the artwork just lokks incredible great!!! Uh, I think that's all for now what I have to tell you about this record. I think as a real HATEBREED fan you already own this record, if not I guess you're not that much into HATEBREED at all, but maybe you should do yourself the favour of giving this record a fair try anyway... Could be worth the time, if you ask me!!! There's also a limited version existing, coming in a big, big package, but don't ask me anything about it, I just own the normal CD version. Good job, that HATEBREED have done here, and maybe we'll get to hear some suprising new stuff on the one day coming next record. Time will tell...!!! But for now, yeahr, I'm fuckin' fine with it, so check it out!!! (8 of 10 points)

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