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'Vitriol' & '23' - FEAR MY THOUGHTS, 2001 - 2002

FEAR MY THOUGHTS - "SMELL SWEET SMELL (2001 - 2002)" ("Let It Burn Records"; CD):
Hm, did I see this band live on stage once back in the days?!? Damn, I don't know it... Today FEAR MY THOUGHTS are pretty much something like your ordinary (modern Thrash / Death) Metal band, okay, maybe not that ordinary at all, I don't know, but however, on this CD we do get there records from 2001 to 2002 on one CD, the records called "VITRIOL" (the winner record on this CD) and "23". A very challenging, complex, and elaborate mixture of (metallic New School) Hardcore and (more and more) not really that traditional extreme Metal. I can tell ya, it's some kind of chaotic stuff when you first listen to it (I've done it in the now finally past winter, some morning at 6 a.m. in my car while I was driving to work, and damn, I was going nuts, I tell ya...), but you'll get it more and more every time you listen to this CD. Very complicated guitar work, extreme multi-layered songwriting, and damn demanding changes in tempo and rhythm, topped by psychotic and extremely emotional vocals, and some really overtaking harmonies, melodies, and changes in mood and style of the songs and the- very experimental- music. If you are searching for some crazy and outstanding, very, very complex- and truly- extreme music that you won't find at every corner of any shelf of your local record dealer, then you should risk an ear, even if you surely can't listen to this record every time a day. But one thing is for sure, check this record out (if you don't own the original CD releases, because then I don't think that the purchase of this CD is that paying for you at all), it's very interesting and challenging, but- to be honest- at the end of the day- or at least at the end of some days- the songs could flow a bit more. Beside the songs we do get linernotes, the lyrics (really some interesting and good stuff), a brilliant production sound, and a damn fine and beautiful, cliche-free artwork. If you ask me, give it a try!!! But damn, did I see this band live or not... (8 of 10 points)

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