Mittwoch, 21. April 2010

Some more news-stuff that you should know!!!

Hey guys,

some short updates in cases of some news-stuff I have here for ya. So let's go through it one by one... or how-ever you might wish to call it. So here we go:
Bomml, supportet by Melanie and Hinkel, is working currently again on the next issue of the great "Oi! THE PRINT" fanzine, and yeahr, it should be some awesome stuff coming out again as the final product that we'll hold in our hands. First of all, yeahr, the PATRIOT interview (?) will be coming in that issue, and what shall I say: My absolut favorite band!!! Yeahr, damn, I'm pretty excited about it!!! Some... what am I talking respectively writing here, I mean a lot of other damn interesting stuff is also already in the making, if not finished, for example interviews with and / or articles about THE PISSTONES, ON FILE, and much, much more. You see, it should be a just through and through damn good issue again, so yeahr, Bomml, do me and us a huge, huge favour: Get it done as soon as possible!!! It's an order, haha;-). Ah, and it will be also again coming with a CD, and yeahr, on that CD you'll find- beside a lot of other bands- an new, unreleased and exclusive bonus song of the great PERKELE, so yeahr, if that's not great I don't know it anymore. Damn, I'm pretty fuckin' excited about it!!! Oi! Oi! Oi!
So what's next?!? Hm, let me think for one or two moments about it, haha;-)... Ah, yeahr, I don't know if you have noticed it, but there's a really jackass mudslinging witch-hunting farce going on in here in (not) good (maybe) old Germany. Okay, you're damn right, I need to point it out more precisely, you're totally right. I'm talking 'bout that bullshit jackass quarreling between "KNOCKOUT RECORDS" on the one side and "SUNNY BASTARDS RECORDS" on the other side of the stream of shit floating through the german Oi! / Streetpunk / Punkrock scenery because of an cover photo of an old CD release of an veteran japanese Streetpunk band named COBRA. On this cover you'll see an old and long gone, former member of COBRA, that's demonstrating the Hitler salute. An total dull crap action, no question about that at the end of the day, but that trash happened long ago and COBRA had talked it out over and over again, pointing out that it was a funny and provocating meant jackass joke and that they are in no way any kind of Nazi scum, but hey, we're in germany and here you're marked for life and beyond, so it was and still is a really big thing if you're following the discussion on- only for example- the "PLASTIC BOMB" fanzine homepage, and, of course, it's still a big, big thing if you not have something like a real life where you have to deal with certain real life issues and not totally nonrelevant crap. "KNOCK OUT RECORDS" are putting out two COBRA releases here in germany right now, I guess it's the new record of COBRA and some kind of live or best of record of them, and the trouble followed right at step. And now MOSH of "KNOCK OUT RECORDS" is starting a really ridiculous and just stupid hustle against "SUNNY BASTARDS RECORDS", because they should be the ones spreading the words about COBRA of being Nazi sympathizers or something like that. No matter what's the truth (if it's true, than it was also total crap of "SUNNY BASTARDS RECORDS", to point that out!!!), but it really doesn't matter at this point, because it's so damn dim-witted and apish of fighting out such foggy battles via the internet and throwing loads of defaming dirt on your chosen 'opponent' infront of the worldwide public, instead of speaking it out in a face to face interlocution. What a farce!!! Guys, how old are you?!? Get a life and take care of some real life issues instead of propagating such totally dull crap!!! And then talking about "the scene" and "being a scene" and blah, blah, blah... I can't hear or read such bullshit anymore, so I'm once again very happy that I said goodbye to this whole german 'scene' farce, and fuck you all!!! Ah, but that MOSH and "KNOCK OUT RECORDS" are also throwing old crap on WILLI WUCHER of PÖBEL & GESOCKS, stuff from that he has dissociated from long ago, is really nothing else than a total defamation of a real and private person with a family, it's so much low and under any kind of any somehow 'positive' level, that I really can't describe it. It makes me wanna puke out more than I could possibly eat!!! Fuck it!!! Ah, and then throwing in CONDEMNED 84 merchandise (not that interesting band for me, but, hm, I really can't hear the cheap talk here in germany 'bout this band being Nazis anymore...) and KRAWALLBRÜDER stuff (and yes, I really can't believe the incredible load of defaming lies that oh so many of the german 'scene' guys are spreading about that band... once again: GET A LIFE!!!) as 'proofs' (by the way: How ridiculous is that, I nearly can't believe it...) or bullshit like that, it all is really that incredible audacious, ridiculous and defaming that I really can't describe it. So fuck it all!!! And damn, what's up with MOSH and "KNOCK OUT RECORDS"?!? Like I said, fuck it!!! Buy the COBRA records or buy them not. Print and wear shirts with the cover of the old COBRA release that caused 'the rumours' or print and wear them not. But damn, start to live a real life and start to talk with and not about each other, and especially not via the internet!!! And, by the way, get yourself some braincells and use them to think, think, think, and then fucking think again and again and again and again!!! Ah, and get yourself a real life finally!!! Do this or go and shit out your soul somewhere in the forest, you stupid fucks!!! Defamation was and is and will always be nothing more than a giant piece of trash, propagated by some total lowlife scum!!! Fuck it all!!!

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