Dienstag, 20. April 2010

Life is PAIN... and you know what: PAIN is only temporary, but GLORY lasts forever... so we're still here!!!

And here we do have the next sampler waiting for it's review. Of course, also this sampler is already 'a little bit older' right now, but, ha, you should know it, that won't stop me from writing this review. It's again a label sampler, brought on the market by "GANGSTYLE RECORDS" respectively "GSR", what was always a good label with good bands on it, if you ask me. We do get a lot of diverse Hardcore music here, from melodic and Punk fueled Old School Hardcore to Tough Guy Metalcore you'll find here a lot of different Hardcore genres compiled together. And you know what, that's all damn good and fine with me. Okay, with some stuff you can hunt me until the dawning of the youngest day, but there's also a huge, huge load of truly very good and even better stuff on this CD comp waiting to be seeked and found by you. For example are the awesome KNUCKLEDUST on this sampler, hammering every resistance down into the ground with their harsh and brutal, fast and very, very well-versed high adrenaline Hardcore, or the godfathers of desperate and bitter, yet aggressive and powerful old school Hatecore (long before this label became occupied by the Nazi lowlife scum) you should all know, the great and legendary SHEER TERROR. Beside this two breath-taking bands there are also a lot more other bands and songs that are just waiting to be discovered by you. I will name you my favorites, so here we go: BLACK FRIDAY 29, APOCALYPSE NOW, 37 STABWOUNDZ, CHEAP THRILLS, BETTER OFF, IRONBOUND AGE, and the outshining STRENGTH APPROACH. You should already had noticed, that there's surely a wide distance of diverse Hardcore on it, and if you ask me then that's a damn good thing!!! The terrible stuff on this comp, nah, forget about it, just press skip and go ahead in the songlist, don't worry about it too much. The production sound is through and through good, diverse, but good, and the artwork looks truly pretty good. Ah, and you'll also should get this sampler for a very low fee, so damn, check it out!!! (8 of 10 points)

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