Freitag, 16. April 2010


Yeahr, calm down, I know that this CD is fuckin' old right now, five years or so, ha, and I call this fine piece of music also since this long my own. But that shall not balk me in my plan to present it to you by writing a review about it. Because it seems to me that not that many guys have hd taken notice from this record. (Shame on you!) And I also think, that there is still no newer record around of this band, or, to say it in a different and maybe more precise way, I do think that this was and is the final last record of this band. Damn! (If I am wrong, please, let me know about it!!!) So, now let's go to this record: Former WARFARE 223 were here at work. After releasing the phenomenal "FRONTLINE EASTSIDE" (a great record of angry and harsh, yet melodic and emotional german Oi! Oi! Bootboy music, cultivated with a strong touch of hard hitting old school Hardcore) a lot changed, so that "FIERCE INTENTIONS" was and is a through and through Hardcore record. All the Oi! ascendancies were only very rudimentary existing at this record, and of course, they moved away for some miles from the Skinhead side of things. Here rulez harsh, yet fuckin' brilliant melodic, snappy Hardcore, and that all so damn unique and stand-alone played, that there are still today no really fitting band comparisons coming to my mind. But that didn't and still don't matter anyhow, 'cause this beautifully energetic, very dynamic, and also very variable Hardcore record ist just pure and solid gold (if not platinum) and also in a damn good way totally free of every current trends in the world of Hardcore music, no fuckin' Metal, no Emo, no Screamo, no trendy wanker bullshit, and that's also making this record so damn much, much better than it already is (and always was). Great!!! Also the very critical and thematically multiplex lyrics are just first and supreme class. Okay, the german chauvinism and pathological and generalizing anti-Americanism are really totally sucking bullshit, but okay, 'preaching' that ridiculous and unreflected, generalizing bullshit but wearing shirts of "EVERLAST U.S.A." and AGNOSTIC FRONT... yeahr, we all know about the story... But okay, that don't minimizes at all the quality of this record and the all in all damn great lyrics. Ah, by the way, you'll also find cover versions on this record, one of the legendary MOTÖRHEAD classic "1916" and of the BEACH BOY classic "SURFIN' USA", and they turned it into "SCREWIN' U.S.A."... what-so-ever... The music is strongly marked by the very diverse and well-well-versed guitar work, by the power as well as the incredible large melodies and leads that the guitars are hammering out, and the very charismatic and acute vocals, but not to forget the with power pumping bass and the tight and fast drumming. Great stuff!!! Then we do also get a very good artwork, as well as an also very good, clean and strong production sound. Damn great Hardcore record!!! Then there is also a six track bonus CD, and on that CD you'll find six songs in the style of the debut, hard hitting and pissed off, very well versed german Oi! influenced by a strong Hardcore spirit. So, if you still don't call this record your own, then damn, try everything to get your hands on it!!! And it's really a damn huge pity that this band seems to be defunct for quite a while now... I also did not find a somehow current active link to the band, so you'll just find an old info about the band from the time when they had released their debut record on "D.S.S. Records", but that's maybe better than nothing. Ah, and to point it out for the last time: Get it!!! (10 of 10 points)

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