Samstag, 10. April 2010

'Anchors Aweigh'... and that for some good reasons, I can tell ya!!!

ALIVE AT LAST - "ANCHORS AWEIGH" ("D.I.Y." / "Pretty Pink Records"):
Yeahr, after I've seen this fine band live I went to their merchandise stall and bought their debut record. (Just read the gig report of the "KuMo Night" in the city of Wernigerode on this blog.) And yes, it was a totally right decision!!! The are playing a damn good sort of music, that you might name Emo/Screamo!!! Stop!!! I can hear what some of you are thinking: "Emo or Screamo... brr!!!" But don't think that way to strong, because you might miss a lot of truly good or even great music, and ALIVE AT LAST are definitely one of the great bands you would miss!!! And you better believe me!!! (As well as you should always better believe me, to point that fact out!!!) But, of course, just to name it Emo/Screamo is not enough, here in the case of ALIVE AT LAST. They are mixing some modern Emo and Screamo with contemporaneous Metalcore parts, spicing it with ingredients of the modern or so called Nu Rock genre, melting it together with some modern Metal parts, and cultivating it with a huge, huge stand-alone impact in songwriting and damn high quality of the music and damn great abilities when it comes to playing their instruments, ah, and they are also a just awesome and breathetaking live act. The fantastic and brilliant guitar work is marking the songs very, very strongly, no matter if you take the leads, melodies and harmonies, or the rhythmstructure and the tempo architecture, it's just breathetaking and amazing what the guitar players are putting out. But the rhythmsection truly don't misses a hit, they are laying down the concrete basement from which the music develops, the songs grow on and on. And the singer really hits the nail on the head, fantastic charismatic vocals, outstanding stuff, no matter if you take the extreme screams or the clean and melodic voice, just pure solid gold. And some cool crew shouts we do also get on top, and not to forget the damn good catchy refrains. Just great, maybe a little bit comparable with ALEXIS ON FIRE, but ALIVE AT LAST truly are already playing their very own kind of style, what is a damn good thing!!! And yes, they're doing at also damn good, what makes it a evn better thing!!! Then we do also get a bunch of very good, mostly personal kept lyrics, a very good and organic production sound that really benefits the dynamic and energetic music, as well as beautiful artwork. Check this great and also very sympathic band out, as well as on and with their CD here, but also live on stage, 'cause they will rock your socks off!!! Get it!!! I'm really looking forward to hear more music being put out by this awesome five piece!!! (9 of 10 points)

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