Donnerstag, 15. April 2010


"TRUST" Fanzine Issue No. # 140
(Fee: 2,50 Euro)
Damn, I don't really know how much time did go away since I bought and read my last "TRUST" fanzine issue, hm, and I can't really tell ya why. Hm, what-so-ever, now to this issue: Cool cover motif, and the headlining special report story to the topic of Skateboarding and Punkrock respectively Hardcore (a.k.a. the "SKATESPECIAL" - the reason why I bought this issue) is really awesome and damn interesting. Thumbs up!!! And this through the roof!!! Then we do also get a bunch of mostly very good interviews with a lot of very different acts, so we get to read statements of NUNSLAUGHTER (brutal old school Death Metal, damn good and interesting interview), CORROSIVE (brilliant stuff!!!), and with RITUAL, "COBRA RECORDS", MAGRUDERGRIND (hm... okay...), LIMB WRIST, and REV. NORB. All worth one and also even more reads, so check them out!!! Beside that we do also get a load of mostly very good and grapping columns (the different contents really do cover a wide, wide distance, what's always a good thing, if you ask me), very well and funded done reviews of records, fanzines, and books (thumbs up!!!), some nice foto pages, news and gig respectively tour dates. All in all written in german and in a very good and gifted tonguing, coming in a very good black and white layout, with brilliant grey contrasts and a very high foto quality. Okay, it's sometimes a little bit too political correct and too morally informatory, too insolent and smart-aleck, if you ask me, but that's still better than the whole open up to the radical and extreme right wing bullshit. So, nothing left to say about it, just go and buy and read it. Get it!!! Good thing!!! You should get it at every railroad station kiosk, newsagent, or any big or at last bigger Hardcore and / or Punkrock mailorder. And you really should read it!!!

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