Freitag, 16. April 2010

News from the Front...

Hey guys,
here we do have some more news and (more or less) brandnew informations for you, so here we go:
The first new stuff is something very tragic and woeful, PETE STEELE, singer and mastermind of TYPE 0 NEGATIVE and CARNIVORE died at the cause of a coronary. He died this past wednesday, and this time it seems to be the cold hard truth, not like some years before as PETE STEELE spread the news about his death by himself as a morbid joke. It's damn tragic, especially with the CARNIVORE record "RETALLIATION" and the TYPE 0 NEGATIVE record "BLOODY KISSES" the musician PETE STEELE has had a big, big influence on me and my musical and menal socialization. Damn, so many great and important musicians and humans died over the last years... and with PETE STEELE one more joined their ranks. Rest in Peace, PETE STEELE!!!
The next new stuff I have for you is more from the sunny side of things, it's about my good buddies and the great Hardcore band DOS DIAS DE SANGRE. The are going into the studio the next time very soon to record new songs for an upcoming split CD. Damn, I'm really fuckin' excited 'bout that record. Even if I still don't know who their tag team, ah, their split partner will be (they just say nothing about that kind of things, fuck it, haha;-)...), but I hope it will be coming out this year as soon as somehow possible. Should be a great record!!! Check DOS DIAS DE SANGRE out, and trust me, they are that damn good that they will blow your mind, so look and listen here: !!! Best Greetings to the guys!!! I wish you all the best for the recording sessions, and keep me informed and in check. Ah, and damn, move your asses up on stage again, I damn have to see you live again!!! Cheers!!!
Then there's also a very good and informative article about NATIONAL SOCIALIST HARDCORE (a.k.a. NSHC) online to read. It's done by the guys who are doing the so called OIRE SZENE blog... yeahr, there ae so many things that these guys are propagating and proclaiming, all the hustle based on ridiculous stupid proofs, but it's the old story of the blind chicken that sometimes finds a corn, because with that article they really hit the nail on it's head. You should really read it, and better now than later or even never. It's a little bit pity that it's only written and to read in german, but for all of you who are able o speak german: Read it!!! Now!!! Here's the link: I really hope that the link is working, if not check the next link and search a little bit on the OIRE SZENE blog: If the links should somewhen later not be working anymore, then contact me if you are still interested, I've downloaded the article, so that I can and would send it to you, spreading the word. KEEP HARDCORE NAZI-FREE!!! KICK THAT SUBHUMAN SCUMBAGS OUT OF THE SCENE!!! NOW!!!

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