Mittwoch, 28. April 2010


Don't ya ask me anything about the release date of this fine piece of vinyl, 'cause I don't have a single clou about it at all. But I have a clue, that MUGWART are (or were...?!?) from Virgina (if I am not that totally wrong), and that this 7" here was released by the french based label "ACRÜDE RECORDS", and that's all, haha. So, enough, now away from this 'official informations' and onward to the music. MUGWART are playing a very disturbing mixture of Hardcore, some dirty and grumpy Punkrock, dopy and obscure Stonerrock & Roll, and devastating Sludge Core, and that all liked to be played by them more the down tempo way of sound sometimes. It's all done very sinister and prostrating, damn intense music that's really impaling your brain through your ears while you take a listen to it. The very hard and crustal bass playing is beautifully present and minting, the ailing and neurotic vocals are really bringing suffering and soul to the music, the sinsiter and dopy guitar work is intense as fuck and giving the songs a perfect Groove, and the hard and mean poping drums are truly giving the songs a full and fat backbone. Just great!!! MUGWART are playing a truly very stand-alone style of music, that you really should have to hear if you are looking for some really unique and damn total intense and sinister music that's coming to you without any possibel cliche. Also and again: Just great!!! The 7" is coming to you as good old holy black vinyl, in a great artwork, with some label informations (but it's a pity that the lyrics are not printed...), as well as the songs are coming in a truly good production sound. And we do get two songs to hear, on side a "BEFORE YOU", and on side b "FALLEN", but "BEFORE YOU" is deinitely the winner, or at least would be definitely the winner if this would have been some kind of contest or challenge. Check this guys out and try to get your hands on this fine 7" piece of vinyl!!! Ah, the 7" is respecively was limited to around 500 copies, just to let you know 'bout this fact... (8 of 10 points)

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