Mittwoch, 14. April 2010

Skullsmashing, bonecracking metallic Beatdown Hardcore from Pennsylvania

Really great record and musick, that these band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is blowing out, firing out of any cannon!!! Extremly brutal and nihilistic, metallic Beatdown Hardcore- no (!!!) Metalcore-, that's truly taking absolutely no prisoners!!! Brachial wide screen guitar riffing, a very heavy and punishing rhythmsection and damn brutal and harsh vokillz- the singer is really puking his soul out of his body- marking the music, and the music is just great, no matter if you take the high skilled musicians or the phenomenal intense songwriting. Just great music!!! And if you know the label you should also know, that it really represents a high quality in a normal case scenario. Then we do also get very, very good lyrics, a just brilliant artwork, and a damn powerful production sound that's really pushing the songs to their limits. Get this record, and I still don't know know of any newer release of this fantastic band. Great and nihilistic Hardcore!!! What is a really pity is that the interview I've used to do with UNIT 731 didn't come to happen... but okay, you can't have anything in life, or at least I guess so. By the way, the bandname comes from a japanese special forces unit of the World War II, if I'm not totally going wrong. Ah, and to point that fact out: Get this record if you like the described music and if you like acts like ALL OUT WAR, SWORN ENEMY, ARKANGEL, SLAYER, and modern Death Metal respectively Death Core, 'cause it's totally worth every dime you may have to pay for it!!! Yeahr, and I truly hope that there will be coming finally a new reord very soon!!! (9 of 10 points)

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