Freitag, 9. April 2010

Back on the map, back to attack!!! Thug Rock Music from N.Y.C.!!!

OXBLOOD - "THUG ROCK MUSIC" ("Clockwork Streetrecords"; 7"):
Yeahr, they are fuckin' back: OXBLOOD from N.Y.C.!!! The legend returns!!! The "SIX HARD YEARS" CD of OXBLOOD is still one of my absolute favourites, running round and round in my CD players. And at the end of 2009 they came back and putted N.Y.C. back under the boot. And not only N.Y.C.!!! They are still playing the very hard knocking, brutal and militant American Oi! Oi! music, but they developed quite a bit. The title and slogan "THUG ROCK MUSIC" fits pretty well to the music. It's Skinhead sound, Bootboy Rock, that's very unique and outstanding played, you won't find that many really fitting comparable bands to the sound and style of OXBLOOD in 2009/2010. Dirty, harsh, and devastating guitar work, crashing and brutal bass playing, thundering and thrashing drums, and angry and pissed off, harsh and brutal, very charismatic vocals (I guess it's the original singer of OXBLOOD that has also returned to fill the ranks of the band), as well as some roaring crew shouts are mixed together by these N.Y.C. Bootboy and Skinhead veterans to a well-versed and very stand-alone, high quality style of sheer atomizing brickwall Bootboy streetmusic, that will really hammer you down and out of your boots. Somewhere between the YOUTH DEFENCE LEAGUE, TOTAL ANNIHILATION, STARS & STRIPES, and some good old bonecrushing Old School Hardcore (pretty much the New York style of sound), all done very stand-alone and unique, that's maybe some kind of a good description to describe the music of OXBLOOD, because- like I've said- they moved quite a bit away from the usual style of Oi! Oi! music and "THUG ROCK MUSIC" truly is a perfect description of the music they are playing nowadays as a natural development of their own kind of style of music. Very militant and harsh, brutal and beating!!! Then we do also get very militant, gladiatorial, inconvenient, unbroken and proud lyrics (but it's a pity that they are not printed, but you get them while you listen to this 7"), spiced with some cool "A CLOCKWORK ORANGE" notes. Then we do also get a dirty and noisy production sound and a very cool tattoo style artwork, to make it a round package. The 7" comes in 'cut-in-half' red & black vinyl (looks awesome, I can tell ya), and even if I know nothing 'bout any kinds of limitations, you should really get this masterpiece fuckin' quick. It's an order!!! Outstanding 7", I really hope that there will be coming more very, very soon!!! Cheers & Oi! (10 of 10 points)
A very bitter aspect is that Kevin, the guitar player of OXBLOOD died... Rest in Peace, Kevin 'Oxblood'!!!

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