Montag, 31. Januar 2011

*** SOUTHERN DISCOMFORT for the "WHITE NIGGERS" by EYE HATE GOD the founding fathers of SLUDGE CORE ***

Hey folks, last post of this month and a next one of the 'Videos' category, and also yet another one to introduce a new band to this very blog. I'm talking about no one else than the absoultely great and legendary and just immortally insane and also damn immortally awesome EYE HATE GOD, the damn most important and popular and also (if you ask me) best-known and very, very best Sludge Core (or maybe also Sludge Metal... or just Sludge...) bands ever, hm, and maybe also the founding fathers of this style. I came pretty much deep down into Doom and after this then especially Sludge music from sometime back in the later middle of the 1990's years, especially EYE HATE GOD became a sheer force to me, and I always stayed true to it and always held and hold it (and again especially EYE HATE GOD) close and dear to the heart. Over the last years I grew a little bit out of it, nah, I haven't grown out of it, no, I've just listened not that much to it over the last years. But after some years ago I listened for the first time to ARSON ANTHEM (and their Sludge influences) I really 'grew again strongly deep down into it', yehp, and over the last months it made really "Bang!" again, and this you can really experience by reading through some of the entries of the last one or two months here on this very blog. And yes, so I decided to do finally a honour and tribute post to, of and about EYE HATE GOD (it's really about time that I do this anyhow), and after pretty often the 'Videos' postings here on this very blog are also more or less tribute posts as well as introduction posts I do it now (again) this way, with a 'Videos' posting. I really loved and still love their style, perfect Sludge Core music, stuff of one of a kind, awesome (un)holy shit!!! Doom Metal, Blues, Southern Rock, some Hardcore and some Noise Rock to it, hell yeahr, that was and still is really outstanding and outshining stand-alone musick of the most brutal and most heavy as well as of the most extreme and most emotional kind (even and especially without playing it all with just looking at the pace of the songs) of music that was ever developed and played on this rotten soil. Is it "DOPESICK", like the title of one of their (and maybe their very, very best) record/-s ever says?!? Hell yeahr, it is!!! Is it extreme and sick and nothing for the weak hearted out there?!? For fucks sake, yeahr, damn it is!!! Is it really stand-alone music?!? You can bet your ass on that!!! And yes, for better or for worse, had been the members of and in the band guys that lived it all to the extreme, that always practised what they've preached?!? Damn fucking yeahr, and they still do it!!! And that's great, even it's maybe in some cases not good and more bad it's still great, no damn plastic fakeass rock musicians, just the pure real deal, just great!!! I love this music, and I can't really tell ya what especially EYE HATE GOD meant and still mean to me and I really hope desperatly that finally a new album of them will coming out some near day in the hopefully near future!!! (Announced it is already.) And now just enjoy the three videos that I've chosen for ya, a live video clip of EYE HATE GOD playing and performing "WHITE NIGGERS" live on stage in Brooklyn (I think it must have been back then in 2006 or so), the video clip of and to their incredible great anthem "SOUTHERN DISCOMFORT", and also a little video clip (even this one isn't really a 'real' video clip anyhow anyway...) of "MY NAME IS GOD (I HATE YOU)", and yes, again, now just enjoy the clips and songs and with this also this stand-alone awesome band!!! Phenomenal!!!


EYE HATE GOD - "WHITE NIGGERS" (live) (Brooklyn) (2006?!?)


Samstag, 29. Januar 2011

HOLY TERROR style metallic Hardcore from out of Los Angeles, California/U.S.A.

Hey folks, I've discovered a new band and that's just great, pure "HOLY TERROR" style, brutal metallic Hardcore in the tradition of the almighty INTEGRITY and other great acts of this kind, like for example FEAR TOMORROW. I'm currently in a hurry so I have to keep this one here ridiculously short, I know, but you get some few informations in the video (again done by me, myself and I) itself, and if you like this great style of Hardcore music then check these guys out (for example directly here with the posted video) and enjoy it!!! Hopefully I'll be able to get there debut (?) EP (on 7'' vinyl?) pretty soon (maybe even from somewhere around over here in Germoney) and then there will also come more about them. The EP was released via "GOOD LIFE RECORDS"... hm, or was it "GOOD TIMES RECORDS"... ah, anyhow, something like this, haha;-), you get the correct informations about that all at the beginning of the now following and up and coming little video clip. Okay, I think that's it for now, yehp, that's all for now, time's up and live-music is calling me to the city of Braunschweig, so yehp, check it out!!! Great stuff!!! Cheers & Oi!

In the DEVOID OF REDEMPTION all hailing THE LEGEND on a sinister and deadly GLOOMY SUNDAY here during our last days on earth...

PALLBEARER - "2010 D.E.M.O."
("D.I.Y."; MP3-Download):
Here's coming something really great and some damn intense stuff. I got aware of this band, PALLBEARER from Little Rock in Arkansas (?), U.S.A, thanks (again) to the phenomenal "AVERSIONLINE" blog and after I think it's pretty much impossible for me to (still) get this demo (I think it was released as a tape, just to tell it to ya btw, but I'm not so sure about it all) that was limited to just something around 120 copies, yehp, and so I think it should be already all sold out today, and so I just call the download my own. Anyhow... ah, but before I forget it, there shall already a full length release of PALLBEARER be announced for 2011 to be released via "SHADOW KINGDOM RECORDS", so keep your eyes open. What we get here from PALLBEARER are at all three songs that manage to come in in something about 23 minutes, and this 23 minutes give ya some of the best Doom (Metal) that could be heard for years. And yes, it's Doom (Metal), no Sludge (Core) and no Stoner (Rock), just pure and also pretty traditional Doom. You get a lot of influences of the founding fathers of BLACK SABBATH, as well as some good impressions of the american Doom legends of TROUBLE, and so you maybe have already a pretty good imagination of what's going on right here. Slow pace, great grapping songwriting, awesome intense and 'deep' atmosphere, yeahr, that's what I'm talkin' 'bout, even the pace is all the time very slow and deep-down (even not 'artificially-slow', it's all damn alive and fresh and pulsating) here gets nothing boring, really nothing, and that's just so incredible damn great, yes, that is it!!! Very, very strong stuff!!! Great drones, a not too strong distorted bass (pretty present, pretty clean), forceful pu(ni)shing drumming, great wall-of-sound guitar riffing combined with brilliant solos and sick lead work, and suffering clean vocals, that remind me pretty much of TROUBLE, that's what's making the music of PALLBEARER, and that's what's giving the music of PALLBEARER such a phenomenal intense atmosphere and hypnotic effect, and this music will really grap your mind, your heart and soul and will take you with wherever it's directed to, it's just so damn great, Doom at its best, and really awesome strong songwriting (and how to play their instruments they do know anyhow)!!! Don't know what I shall say now more, it's just an outstanding strong Doom release by a very promising band that I would love to hear asap more from. Make sure you get it!!! And the official download link, authorised by the band itself, you will find at the end of this review. That's it, someting pretty special and it's already really great, so damn fucking damn it, just give us more and that better yesterday than today, point and fact!!! Ah, btw, also a brilliant good done production sound, fascinating lyrics, hm, and about the artwork I can't really tell ya anything just that I know the great cover picture (?) that you can see above, haha;-). I want...I need... I demand more!!! Great stuff!!! Get it!!! I love it and I'm really getting again pretty deep into this wole fascinating world of Doom and Sludge. Just great!!! (9 of 10 points)
Now you get a live video of their awesome song "THE LEGEND", that you can find here on this demo by them, alongside the songs "DEVOID OF REDEMPTION" and "GLOOMY SUNDAY". The clip to "THE LEGEND" is a live video, and it's just fantastic so just damn enjoy it right now!!! Here it comes:


Donnerstag, 27. Januar 2011

'YOUNG LOVE' from Down Under... SLICK 46 live on stage!!!

Okay, okay, one last bullet's still left to be fired up and out at ya all out there, hell yeahr, and so here it comes, aimed at ya, SLICK 46 (I've reviewed also their last great 10" release "YOUNG LOVE" up here some time ago) are now playing their great anthem "YOUNG LOVE" live on stage, and you get the live video of it (sounds 'logical', right;-)...), and it's a damn great fast Oi!/Streetpunk smasher, so check it out and enjoy it, yes, and it's also the first SLICK 46 video up here with the sweet Flea (damn, is this sexism anyhow, haha;-)...) on vocals and the bass, and then for now, again, good night, I'm damn tired (and that's the only fact why this current post here is so 'short', nothing else), more to come soon!!! Cheers & Oi!

SLICK 46 - "YOUNG LOVE" (live)

Mr Floppy is pointing it all out...

Hey folks, now you get another nice little video clip up here, also taken by one of my all time favorite TV sitcom series, "UNHAPPILY EVER AFTER", and yes, MR. FLOPPY definitely is no one else but "THE MAN", hm, or maybe "THE BUNNY", who knows, haha;-)... It's a great scene, pointing out some of the major troubles (and damn sure not only of the U.S.A., listen to it- keep in mind, the series is already something about over an decade old, so it says a lot about it- I can't stop thinking about our 'oh-so-great' german society...) of our time, harhar;-). Watch it, enjoy it!! By the way, as well as there will be coming some new "MARRIED WITH CHILDREN" posts in the future, there will also be coming some more new "UNHAPPILY EVER AFTER" posts in the future, trust me upon this;-). What's else left to say?!? I'm working pretty fucking hard and damn much and often this weeks, yehp, and as a matter of fact I really rather use to spend the rare free time I have with my Girlfriend, my sports, my family, my dog, and my friends then with 'going-virtual', yes, so I really don't find currently that much time to do so many new posts here (or other 'outside-of-this-blog' linked to music, scene, subculture, etc. things) the last days (maybe weeks), but the BEST DEFENSE posting is pretty much done (talking about the 'American Oi! History Series'), DENNIS WOLF will finally become a part of this very blog here pretty soon (talking about 'Sports', finally again), new reviews will be up next (INTEGRITY, A TRAITOR LIKE JUDAS, SOCIAL DISTORTION, BRIAN SETZER & THE BRIAN SETZER ORCHESTRA, CALVIN RUSSELL, PALLBEARER, R*U*S*T, etc.), and also more-new-review-and-other-stuff will be online to read as soon as (anyhow) possible. So for now I'll say this day pretty soon next up good bye and so to all of you good night and I'll go now to bed, and if you're still awake reading this then don't miss now MR. FLOPPY in action, and we will read us soon again here at this place, on this very blog here, and until then: Keep it going even if the going gets tough!!! Oi! Oi! Oi!


Montag, 24. Januar 2011


Hey folks, time's up for the immortally great BEST DEFENSE, one hell of a great and stand-alone old tyme American Oi! band from out of the mid to late 1980's years. I'll do a proper posting to honour them pretty soon the next days (don't think I'll have it down today or tomorrow, but the next days pretty soon) as the next part of the 'American Oi! History' Series here on this very blog, so for now just as a little introduction of and to them a video to their larger-than-life antem "ARMED WITH THE TRUTH", my personal total favorite one of them. I've done the video by myself, and yehp, you are right, if that videos is not worthy to get some Oscars or so then I don't know what else should be worth it anyhow;-). Check it, hopefully you enjoy it, and then asap more about one my all-time  favorite bands. American Oi! Reaction Rock!!! Cheers & Oi!


Sonntag, 23. Januar 2011


Next 'Videos' post, next new band up here, next 'new' music-genre, ha, the work up here is even more precise and reliable than a clock made in the Switzerland;-). I knew this band quite for a while, and... uh, just that you know it, we're talking here 'bout the band of the name of YOG... So, yehp, like I've said, I knew this band for some years now, and what shall I say, if you are at least only a little bit interested in really very damn fucking outstanding extreme music(k), that's also filled completly with emotions and a healthy dose of madness, done by musicians that can play their instruments and write grapping, interesting and damn demading songs so easily like other guys only can change their underwear from day to day, and if you're on the search or even on the hunt for some truly damn awesome and totally autonomous music(k) that showcases the mentioned trademarks, yeahr, fuck it, than check these guys out, YOG, because they are all this and even much and far more than this, and trust me, they will take you by storm like they did it with me. Damn it, I love this stuff!!! And yes, it's Grindcore, but what a statement of it it truly is!!! Grindcore, Mathcore, Chaoscore, Hardcore, Post-Core, (Free) Jazz, Fusion, Avant-Garde, Progressive, some few extreme Metal stuff, some pretty few Noise Core impressions, and what the hell else ever, all melted together in one hell of a musical statement of the highest ever only possible class, coming to you out of the Grindcore genre. Check them out!!! And here you now get a clip of them, one live clip that features two songs of them played live by them, YOG performing and playing their two phenomenal tracks "BREAKING THE SPELL" and "MERGE" melted together into one, and also all played live on stage and this also damn strong and unbelievable great. And then, yes, then support them, buy their stuff, asap, point and fact!!! Phenomenal!!!


And now you'll get also another song played and performed live by YOG, it's their incredible strong slasher "DARK BLISS", really a monster of a song. This song respectively this live video of them was taken by shot in 2008 when YOG destroyed the city of Lyon, France, firing their live set down from the stage!!! Enjoy!!!

YOG - "DARK BLISS" (live) (2008) (Lyon)

South Florida's Finest, the mighty HOWITZER on the attack!!!

Hey folks, you now get (again...) a little 'Videos' category posting and this time to introduce and present the mighty HOWITZER from South Florida here on this very blog. I really like this band a lot, hard and heavy, dirty rockin' and 'partly' pretty 'hardcore-ish' American Oi! sound from out of the heat of Southern Florida. You should do everything to get your hands on (at least) their "POLICE STATE" record and also especially on their brilliant "TURNCOAT" 7'' vinyl single (if ya still have the chance to do so). I now give ya their official video clip to their great sheer force anthem "CONSPIRACY", as well as two live videos of them playing covertunes of the legendary COCK SPARRER, "SUNDAY STRIPPER" and "WHERE ARE THEY NOW" (and with both tunes they do a pretty good job for sure), and btw a great live performance also, trust me. The sound of the videos rocks also (the official one anyway, but also the two live songs come in through damn good, at least if ya ask me). Yes, and now just enjoy the clips of this great band and have some fun with it, and then try to get what you can get of this band, and that asap. Great band!!! I love this shit!!! Cheers & Oi!




And now you also get another song via another video clip of the damn mighty HOWITZER, no cover tune, but also a live tune. You now see and hear them playing and performing their neckbreaker "CAGED" live on stage, and the sound of the clip is pretty good even (or especially 'cause) it's fucking raw and dirty. Enjoy!!!


"Al, you landed on the field kiss the neighbor!" ... "Don't ya want your last minute instructions?" "Hahahahahaha...!!!"

Yeahr, folks, here we go on and on, straight ahead and forward. Now it's again time for some nice little clips showcasing some of the greatest moments of the greatest ever, no one else than AL BUNDY. This two clips or sequences are some of my total favorites, so just enjoy them (it should be all in english) and keep this great man in honor and save in your mind;-)!!! A rolemodel for all of us, haha, for sure;-)!!!



Samstag, 22. Januar 2011

"Banging around in bars with guitars, dreaming the dream of being Punk stars, singing our songs of freedom from the hearts, drop the politics: Upstart!!!"

("Rebel Records"; CD):
Uh, uh, uh, and after YOUNGBLOOD no one else than BRUTAL ATTCK are coming. Beside or better after SKREWDRIVER the at the second position standing or ranked most well-known and anyhow legendary White Power NS Rock Against Communism band of all time, ha, and here you find the review of their current release. The leftist are crying out their hearts now how this can be possible and that this can't be true because again such a review of such a recod on a blog that's run by me a guy who's standing opposed to racism and fascism and anti-Semitism, etc. pp. and pretty much I'll be labeled as a 'Nazi-Lover' or something like this anyway, haha;-), and the right faggots, ha, I can see 'em swinging their fists and running their mouths how on a fucking PC red liberal zionist leftists blog like this the new record of one of their biggest super star groups ever and maybe their most legendary and still active band is being reviewed by a 'ZOG Bot' and a 'Nigga Lova' like me, haha;-), and to both sides I'll pretty much a damn fencewalker latest now, haha;-), but you know what, damn it all and despise them all, I fucking do what I want and I have no time for any of you jackasses out there and all your pseudo-political games, so go and fuck yourselfz and then get a real life and start to live it, I give a fuck about your Masterrace bullshit, lowlife scum like you really thinks to be anyhow supreme, ha, I can't stop laughing, as well as also about your World-Wide-Class-Less-Society-Unity crap, just open your eyes because there are so many crackheads out there with that at least I really don't want to be united anyhow and I'm proud of standing unbroken opposed to them all, to scum like for example all the Islamofascists out there with whom all you oh so anti-imperialistic leftwingers are best friends because they are against the oh so evil U.S.A. and the even more evil state of Israel, fuck you all, so yeahr, that's it, no time, no place, no energy for you and the fucked up mess you call your politics and you call your 'life', so just shut up and start living in reality, point and fact!!! So, okay, enough about this at all, and if you now feel yourself being meant, fuck, then this is your 'thing' you have to deal with, and maybe there is nothing to deal with at all because it's just your fault... Okay, back to the topic, now finally really, before I spit even more of my disgust (I feel when I look at all of you idiots from the right to the left and back from the left to the right and what you've done with and to the music, the attitude, the lifestyle I fell in love with and found so much in it, so much I was seeking desperatly for now more than one-and-a-half-decade ago or so, no matter if right or left, you won't destroy or kill it anyhow, trust me) here through my computer-keyboard on this blog. A deep breath, puh, yehp, and load, lock, and fire, here we go: After some years ago BRUTAL ATTACK released their last record "THE REAL DEAL" they are today back with their newest spawn "STRAIGH EIGHTS", it's released on the german (?) NS Rock label "REBEL RECORDS", and for what I know it's currently 'just' out on CD but I'm pretty sure that sooner or later in the future also an LP version will see the light of the day, we'll just have to wait for it, but don't ask me for how long this might may be, haha;-). I first listened to BRUTAL ATTACK... uh, damn it, that's now 'centuries' ago. Don't know, some-time back at the mid of the 1990's or so I guess. A former good friend... what am I talking, my very best friend for oh so many years (don't ask me how and why we went seperate ways some years ago, I thought about it pretty often but nothing comes to my mind at all, maybe it was just the way things and time went and maybe it all had to went this way anyhow...) made me known to them, and BRUTAL ATTACK (together with SKREWDRIVER) had been one of the very, very few White Power 14/88 NS Rock bands that knew to convince and to take me by storm, and still today I use to listen (sometimes more, sometimes less) to them, and ya know what, I always stood for it, never denied it (and why should I?!?) and I won't start with denying it now, still standing for it, even I always despised, opposed and fought (and that's meant the physical way of real man-versus-man fighting, not that AFA coward 'taking action' bullshit, and not the way of 'fighting with your words on the web' by spilling out defamation and lies) their political agenda (even BRUTAL ATTACK always used to have a lot of good lyrics, not your typical stupid WP/NS Rock bullshit all the time) and the supporters of it (beside some few guys that I really came to like very much, like my above mentioned best friend for a long, long time), yeahr, that's right, but anyhow and forget it all now, and so it was pretty clear that I would desperatly need to listen to it (after I've missed already "THE REAL DEAL" and this bullshit crap of KEN McLELLAN & ARROW CROSS and stuff like this, nah, keep this garbage in your can), and then I bought it and now I own and have it, and let me tell ya, I've been listening to it again and again, can't tell ya how often at all, and was it at first a dissapointment and I thought: "What a bunch of boring old farts rock songs...", ha, now-a-days I really have to say, it's great, maybe the best BRUTAL ATTACK record since "BATTLE ANTHEM (MORE TALES OF GLORY)", fucking damn great job Ken and his comrades (sounds damn fucking really like: "What a happy crew!", right, haha;-)...) have done here. When I get it right then most songs are done by Ken McLellan in 2007/2008, hm, but why the fuck it just comes out now?!? But okay, we will maybe never know, so anyhow... BRUTAL ATTACK are celebrating with this one their 30. birthday, or, like it's written in the booklet and on the CD, "30 Years of Rock" or "30 Years of Rock & Roll", and that description really fits 100%. Always a strong hard and heavy, dirty and aggressive rockin' and rollin' band, no typical Skinhead sound (no matter if left or right), no Oi! (especially no Oi!), no Streetpunk, no Skinhead Rock, no Skinhead Rock & Roll, just pure and through and through extreme right wing Rock (or Rock & Roll), White Pride Worldwide (racism), National Pride Worldwide (nationalism), Anti-Communism and Anti-Liberalism, Paganism to it as well, and always hailing the 'Children of the Reich' (...), that was and is the lyrical content of BRUTAL ATTACK, and straight and hard, dirty and earthy, well-grounded and brutal stomping, harsh and aggressive, but always also catchy and hymnal Rock (& Roll) was and is the music of BRUTAL ATTACK, and nothing else, hell yeahr, and nothing else we do get here, and thank the gods (the guys that seem to be out of a comic book and that shall be living somewhere up in the high if not highest north, I mean, what else did ya expect, haha;-)...) for that. The song very strong domiating guitar work, heavy riffing that's dictating the pace and the rhythm of the songs, as well as the mood and the atmosphere, awesome leads that will give you goosepimples and also outstanding damn strong solo work, great, the guitar playing is pure gold. Then we do also get a stoic and very save-in-timing, tight and fucking heavy, a beefy and bulky rhythm section, and yes, even sometimes especially the drumming could be a little bit more varying and diverse the rhythm work will hit you like a bulldozer and will hammer you deep down into the ground, it gives the music really its damn heavy punch. Then we do get this always incredible great and strong vocals, damn it, I just love this voice and style of singing, awesome shit!!! That's just great!!! And yes, especially when you're driving with your car and go just full throttle, even you're doing it the "GTA" style of doing this things, haha;-), and maybe especially when you're doing it all the "GTA" style, haha;-). Okay, some weaker songs are on board and sometimes I would wish that the songwriting would at least be a little bit more varying from time to time, but anyhow, that's all not so distorting the final outcome here at and after all. The definitive stand-alone and truly fuckin' strongest song is the very dirty and even more heavy Rock & Roll smasher "THE DEVIL LOOKED AT ME" (also damn great lyrics) that even the almighty AC/DC couldn't have done better at all (and that's a statement of one of a kind), and beside this larger-than-life anthem also and especially "HERE WE GO AGAIN" (where they steal the RAMONES' "GABBA, GABBA, HEY!" chant, haha;-), they lie, they cheat, they steal, haha;-)...), "ANALYSE THIS", "OLD No. 7 (LIQUID ROCK &ROLL)", "HEARTBEAT OF THE STREET", "UNBROKEN", and "WHEN THE HAMMER COMES DOWN" are just great hymns, but expect "HEY BROTHER" (again a song dedicated to ISD, really?!?...) also the other songs aren't bad or anything like this at all (even they are weaker than the mentioned ones, but not so much weaker at all...). The eye-catching Rock & Roll clichè artwork looks great (even it's damn colored, especially for a WP band, haha;-)...), but the production sound could really be more clear because that would benefit the outshining guitar playing even much more than this 'deep bass' production sound this album here calls its own. But okay, I guess we have to live with it;-)... Lyrically we get also much more diverse stuff than just songs and lyrics dealing with the somewhere here earlier and above mentioned issues, so that you also can discover a lot of good stuff going on at the lyrical front of this album as well. So, yes, that's all what there is to say to this record here, and hate me for it or not but if you're on the hunt for some damn strong pure Rock (& Roll) album, fuck it, despise their political agenda (or share it, damn it, there are enough Gestapo like thought scene police jackasses out there, bah, but I refuse to play their cheap and weak games anyhow), just get this record!!! Thumbs up!!! BRUTAL ATTACK, 30 years of Rock & Roll, the real deal, that's right!!! Get it!!! (9 of 10 points)
And now you get a nice little clip (done by myself, and yehp, it's again truly Oscar-nomination material, what esle, haha;-)...) of this incredible angry and heavy Rock & Roll stomper "THE DEVIL LOOKED AT ME", and also the lyrics (good stuff, damn good stuff), and so now just fucking enjoy it, and yes, spit venom right into its eyes, forever and ever!!!

The lyrics:

The video:



Hey folks, here's coming a new video for you, of one hell of a great band, no one else than the legendary STRIFE, brilliant and forceful Straight Edge Hardcore of that special 1990's kind of style and sound, raised by EARTH CRISIS and STRIFE and much more acts like them. Great stuff!!! Had always been very, very important to me, and they are still this damn important to me, to be honest, I think today even more than back then in the old times. You now get a live video of them playing their larger-than-life Straight Edge Hardcore anthem "FORCE OF CHANGE" live in 2008 in Montreal, Canada and on vocals there is a guy named Klint, the singer of REIGN SUPREME. It's a great live performance, even the vocals not really rule supreme anyhow anyway, haha, if ya know what I want to say, haha;-). Anyhow, enjoy it, great stuff!!! HARDCORE!!! STRAIGHT EDGE!!! FIST!!!



("Strong Survive Records"; CD):
And here it is, the more or less brandnew record release of the American WP R.A.C. band of the name of YOUNGBLOOD, respectively here's the review done by me of this record. For all what I know this songs here primarly had been recorded for a split with a (I would bet also) radical if not extreme right wing band ENDLESS PRIDE (or 'ENDLESS PAIN'... who knows...), but don't ask me what ever happened so that instead of this split now this solely YOUNGBLOOD record saw the light of the day. (But I don't care about it, because so I bought it, hm, and that I would maybe haven't done with the split at all, so it'S all good and fine with me, for sure.) Okay, I've wrtitten already enough about the band YOUNGBLOOD in the review of their precursor release to this one here called "OLD SCHOOL PRIDE", so I think I can spare me more or less every word more about it. If ya now cry about how I could review records of such a band, ha, take it like it is. We don't have to discuss what a giant piece of totally mentally degenrated and intellectual incestuous bullshit this whole WP/NS 14/88 crap is and we also don't have to discuss anything else about it, but take it like it is, I review the music for the music and so it's the case also here (even I won't say yes to this bullshit weltanschauung in any way) and what you now do with it that you have to decide for yourself. Hm, maybe it's comparable to CONFLICT or CRASS, what means that you have to decide what 'to do with them' also for yourself. (Oh, oh, oh, to mention CRASS and CONFLICT in a review of a record of a band like YOUNGBLOOD and this also in a way of a comparison, uh, I think I'm not making any friends with this in some certain parts of "the scene" or better "the scenes", haha;-)...!!!) So, okay, ah, two things left: 1.) This record is more political than "OLD SCHOOL PRIDE", at least a little bit anyhow, but the lyrics are pretty good stuff and also not too outspoken at all. (If ya wouldn't know about the background of YOUNGBLOOD you wouldn't notice a WP 14 connection, so calm down all you PC nerds, no really 'evil' stuff here and now, haha;-)...) 2.) Like "OLD SCHOOL PRIDE" I also decided to buy this one here, hm, but I think with my few bucks our proud aryans won't be able to start the White Revolution and lift 'our' Master Race on any throne of evolution or something like this. I think you got what I wanted to say, right?!? And that should be enough, yeahr, and so now onwards to this record and its review. Here we go: Released by the end of 2010 (at least over here in Germany it was at this time out) on a to me pretty unknown record label, "STRONG SURVIVE RECORDS" (...), this CD gives us five brandnew songs and three older songs, two from their "OLD SCHOOL PRIDE" smasher ("HOOLIGAN" and "WHERE MY HEART BELONGS") and also "TATTOOS AND STORIES", and all older traks are rerecorded and redone alternative versions of the well-known songs that hold really some fine suprises in store, like Country guitars, etc. pp., yeahr, so that it is all  in all really a good package. The record starts off with the title track "PATRIOTIC FORCE", and that's a hell of a fast and hard forceful and raging forward storming slasher!!! Fast paced guitar riffing, bulky and beefy pounding drumming and harsh bass playing, all crowned by the rough and tough vocals, and cultivated by some damn good and cool arranged changes in the architecture of the song (rhythm, pace, mood) and by some fucking great Keyboard sound sequences/leads that are spirited by some few Black Metal influences (ice cold and sinister melody, like you know it from at least the good Black Metal bands past and present out there), and that are really giving this song his stand-alone character. Really outstanding stuff!!! Btw the most hatefilled track on this one here, and a damn great kick off of this record, for sure!!! Next ones is the heavy stomper "LIKE AN EAGLE". Thundering drumming, a heavy crunchy bass (that also kicks the song off solo), pretty melodic vocals, a great refrain/chorus, damn marking guitar riffing that will spear through your ears into your head and brain and won't leave this place after made it a home, great guitar leads and an just awesome solo part, mercyless forward into war stomping rhythm (also with some clever done, short and quick and well-folating varities of it), and sheer force, a true anthem that you need to have and the lyrics are really great!!! After this "ANOTHER REVOLUTION" is breaking through the silence. Again, damn melodic vocals, and this song is probably a turn in the road of this (only much too short) record. After the angry slasher "PATRIOTIC FORCE" with a strong Skinhead R.A.C. battle song flair and spirit to it, the next one "LIKE AN EAGLE" with his already pretty clear change of this just pure Skinhead battle sound then finally "ANOTHER REVOLUTION" is 'nothing' 'else' but pure and dirty street-raised and Working Class bred Rock & Roll music, just listen to this pure and hard rockin' guitar riffing, the incredible tight and fat and forceful rhythm work, damn it, the whole rhythm section is snorting and puffing forward like a herd of angry and mad buffaloes, everything in their way milling over and flatting down, and the through and through anthemic and melodic vocals really give this statement of a song its crown, and the 'flute' (?) solo is really something totally suprising to this song, I bet that you wouldn't expected something like this coming for ya. Absolutely great, a larger-than-life anthem, and also pretty strong and good lyrics. "LIKE AN EAGLE" and "ANOTHER REVOLUTION" are really my total favorites (musically and lyrically) here on this one, stand-alone shit!!! Just pure platinum!!! The next one is "WHAT I'VE GOT", a 'proud-of-my-heritage-and-proud-of-who-I-am' hymn against the mainstream culture and society and with some 'words' about all the illegal aliens (...) that shall be out there... Anyway, at least in some points they aren't that much wrong at the end of the day, just take a walk through a large city near you with some open eyes, but okay, getting aware of it is one thing, what you realize as your consequences out of it is another thing. Btw, I think that's their most outspoken song on this one here, there you get it all at best, all what YOUNGBLOOD is really about (and what they've never hided anyway)... But okay, anyhow, "WHAT I'VE GOT" again is a pure and through and through raging and forceful Rock & Roll song, let us call it Streetrock & Roll or again Working Class Rock & Roll, it doesn't matter. Listen to the 'no-prisoners-taking' rhythm and the bulldozer stomping pace of the song, the guitar riffing is again just a saw that's making it's way through your head to leave its mark on you. Again also great diverse and varying powerful as well as damn melodic and catchy vocals, and some nice modifications of the vocas give this song also a pretty nice ('Southern') Metal spirt to it. Check it out!!! Next one is the last one of the new songs, called "CHEERS TO YOU". This song is coming with a strong Southern Rock influence as well as strong Hard Rock and Rock & Roll influences again, too, and if ya like 'newer' Confederacy R.A.C. bands like DEFINITE HATE and 13 KNOTS (yes, I know about them and I also know them, crucify me, haha;-)...) you will love this one, because YOUNGBLOOD are giving us a perfect demonstration of how this style should be played exclusively after all. A guitar lead somewhere between Country and Southern Rock, pounding drums, roasting guitar work, and a bass work that's really casting concrete, all made round by hard yet melodic vocals, great refrain parts, cool nice quick and floating changes of the rhythm and the pace, yeahr, again, that's just an awesome great track!!! After this one the three already mentioned older songs of them are coming, all played in acousic alternative versions (with cool and great worked out Country notes in it, and also some few 'mariner-music' impressions), and I love especially the new version of "TATTOOES AND STORIES", but also the new versions of "HOOLIGAN" and espcially "WHERE MY HEART BELONGS" (I love this track, musically and lyrically) are just great stuff, damn it, awesome!!! One of the very, very best R.A.C. records (even it's WP R.A.C.) to come out for and/or since years, trust me!!! Even R.A.C. isn't really suiting the music of YOUNGBLOOD since "OLD SCHOOL PRIDE" anymore, (radical or extreme) right wing Working Class Rock & Roll is a far better way to describe them today to the interested listener. Lyriclly they deal with views on the situation of their country and its society, sing about a patriotic uprise for the benefit of the nation, about being Working Class and proud of it, about their heritage and their mates, and about all that what really matters in the end when all the 'political statues' fall and the altars of all this political and ideological 'messiahs' burn at day zero, and all done not so 'evil' ;-) at all and also all done really fucking good. Thumbs up!!! The production sound is really good, earthy and dirty but also pretty clean and clear so that you get all what they are doing here, and the artwork looks just awesome, great work!!! That these guys damn know how to play their instruments and how to write songs should be clear after all!!! This here is the complete package, and if I could decide for you then damn buy this one here. Awesome!!! Cheers & Oi! (10 of 10 points)
Again, I'm sorry guys, but somehow I just can't find their MySpace site anymore on the web, or had it been deleted/removed...?!?
Now you get some clips to the songs of the "PATRIOTIC FORCE" record, it will be the videos to all the regular new tracks of this great piece of right wing music (of the radical/extreme kind) so that you can listen to every single track (maybe I find some videos to the bonus tracks as well on the web, we will see) and after listening to this songs you better make sure to order and buy this masterpiece, damn it, and here we go:






Donnerstag, 20. Januar 2011

*** "United we stand, divided we fall: Gotta, gotta, gotta, go!!!" ***

Hey folks, it's damn busy the last days, but anyhow, here' coming some new food for ya all. This time it will be about AGNOSTIC FRONT, one of my all time favorite bands and also one of the most important bands ever for me, even it's just a little 'Videos' posting here and now. I'll now give ya the official video clip of one of their biggest hits ever and probably their biggest hits of the 1990's, "GOTTA GO", and that song really defines what the term anthem should really mean. I love this band, and also I damn love this song. And that this song is taken from their awesome (more or less 'comeback') record "SOMETHING'S GOTTA GIVE" (released in 1998 via "EPITAPH RECORDS"... and I can't believe that this is already over an decade ago from now, damn it, where's all the time gone...), and this song still stands its ground and shines out all it's possible rivals. Btw, also a damn cool and pretty funny video, I just say: "For those about to pose, we salute you!!!", haha;-), so just enjoy it, the song as well as the video. And now here it comes...


Mittwoch, 19. Januar 2011


("Rebel Records"; CD):
Here's the new one one of one of the maybe most long running radical if not extreme right wing Skinhead bands coming from the United States of America. And yes, I know, I know, I know, a lot of guys will now maybe (again) run mentally (and virtiual) complete amok because I do (again) a review of a record of such a band... Damn it, I'm evil so fuck you, haha;-)!!! No, I got this record (I think it's from 2009 or so) after a friend send me some "YouTube" links of videos of songs of that record, hm, and then I thought: "Andy, you need to call this one your own!!!" But even this album is basically really and truly complete free of any mentally degenerated and intellectual incestuous extreme right wing politicial bullshit, yehp, I really had a hard time of thinking back and forth about the decisison if I should get it or not, about the decision who I should support with giving them my money. How-ever... Okay, they don't sing about their lowlife weltanschauung and musically I was pretty convinced by them, but they are still a damn WP band anyhow and the WP/NS bullshit record label I also don't felt the need to give my hard earned money anyway. But okay, how-ever, sometimes you have to do things you maybe don't want to do respectively things that you normally would not do, but okay, I mean that's life and with that few bucks of me they won't start their White Revolution tomorrow or so, haha;-), and so I bought this CD anyway asap some time back (no, I don't have this CD since a too long time period or so), yehp, and here it is. (Okay, to be honest it's also already a little bit longer here, but like I've said not for too long, haha;-)...) So, btw, I know that YOUNGBLOOD do already have a new record out called "PATRIOTIC FORCE" (...) or something like this... YOUNGBLOOD had been formed in 1989 out of the ashes of the great old patriotic American Oi! band THE BOOTBOYS (and you should really at least know about their larger-than-life anthem "AMERICAN HERITAGE") and they waved the flags of racism and fascism, of White Power and the 14 Words pretty soon right from the start as YOUNGBLOOD. What a bunch of subhuman lowlife scumbag bullshit!!! Just that you know about it, and now decide for yourself if you want to read on and further or not... Like I've already said, this one here is (at least basically) free of any political weltanschauungsstuff, they rather sing about the Old School, about Skinhead and the Way of Life, about Hooligans and brawling all over the place, about being Working Class and proud of it, about their American Working Class Heritage, about violence, gang violence and bloody fights, friendship and loyalty and comradeship, about Unity, about drunken violence and "Boots & Aggro!!!" again, etc. pp., and they also do a pretty cool BLITZ cover of "NEW AGE", and they do really pay tribute and give honor to this great and immortal anthem. So, that should be enough about the issues they deal with in their lyrics, at least here on this one!!! Musically this YOUNGBLOOD record is just a nearly phenomenal great affair. It's no Oi! music (but that shouldn't make you wonder about it only for a second, because after all YOUNGBLOOD isn't an Oi! band anyhow anyway, and they never had been one, just to point that out), but it's also no R.A.C. what they do play here. It's dirty and mostly in elated mid pace played, dustdry and bonecracking American Working Class Rock & Roll (or maybe RAC'n'Roll...) with a huge Skinhead background to it, and all is also really and truly very, very dirty and it's totally stripped down to the core played, just phenomenal stuff!!! All marked strongly by the very harsh and dry and dirty hammering guitar work, and especially the rhythm and riff structure really knocks hard, pounding rhythms and stomping grooves, and also the leads (that will rush your brain and won't leave you again) and the solos (cool stuff, and totally no exorbitant and so no annoying bullshit) are really great stuff. The rhythm section is thundering and jangling as fuck and is really a mighty forward into war pushing force, and then there are also the lead vocals, very hard and dirty creaking stuff. And yes, they know how to play their instruments, as well as they know how to write songs. (Keep in mind, as YOUNGBLOOD they've started back in 1989, and also before that they already used to play and make music, so they are already around for quite a while and should know how to do their things, even this one is or was or still is only their third record at all, for what I know.) Damn fucking good job, no doubt about it, but they would also be far better if they would vary the drumming quite a bit, and also the lead vocals (even it's cool stuff) could from time to time be a little bit loosen up by some variations of the lead singing voice or better the style of the lead singing. Okay, but it's also all not so dramatically at all, but anyhow, because if they would have done also this even better then they would get also an even better rating here and now by me. The production sound is really good, dirty and earthy, fits perfect, and the artwork looks just great (especially the cover artwork rulez and rockz). So, okay, you now know all about it, decide for yourself what you now do with all this informations that I have given to ya here via this record review of this album. Best songs are "OLD SCHOOL PRIDE", "FAN THE FLAMES", "HOOLIGAN", "WHERE MY HEART BELONGS", and "BLOOD DEEP". Check at least this anthems out, really great, great stuff and also all the other tracks are really damn fucking good stuff, even the whole rest about YOUNGBLOOD we don't need to discuss here anyhow. Decide for yourself, but if I could decide, hm, then I would at least make sure that I know this record, yehp, so check it at least out, do yorself this little favour. Cheers & Oi! (9 of 10 points)
(Sorry folks, but I somehow just couldn't find a MySpace site of them, so yo have to stay with the review of this record and with the now coming video of YOUNGBLOOD, that must be enough for now, sorry.)
And now you get a video clip of YOUNGBLOOD, and if I'm now not totally wrong then it should be the video clip of their fantastic "OLD SCHOOL PRIDE" anthem of YOUNGBLOOD. Enjoy it!!!


*** "VIOLENCE!!! VIOLENCE!!! VIOLENCE!!! Someone's got their head kicked in!!! VIOLENCE!!!" ***

Hey folks, now I'm presenting a great and truly legendary band from Southern California to you, because it's time for the YOUTH BRIGADE to become a part of this blog for the first time, and it's more than possible that there will be coming more of, about and to them someday in the future, time or someone or something else will know and tell us when its time is up. So, yes, I've picked the anthem "VIOLENCE" of the YOUTH BRIGADE, just becaue, hm, yes, it's one of my favorite tracks by them, and btw it's also a damn great video!!! So, yes, that's it for now and this post what there is to tell at this place and at this time from me about the YOUTH BRIGADE, ah, but okay, one more last thing is there still left to say: Make yourself well-known with this fantastic band!!! That's all!!! Old School California Hardcore Punk at its best!!! Great!!! Cheers & Oi!


News from L.A.'s finest FIGHTING 84!!!

The great FIGHTING 84 seem to be firing all engines up. (And that's damn good, if ya ask me.) I think for all what I know they are still announced to take part on a new upcoming Oi! compilation (but don't ask me anything more about it at this very moment), and also they organized themselves some help by the hands of Ryan of CRUCIAL CHANGE and the "THE SPIRIT OF YESTERDAY" blog. Sounds all damn great, if ya ask me, and I'm very excited about how it all will go on for and with them!!! Great band, I hope it will soon be coming some more stuff from them, ha, and damn it, I'm still waiting for their mysterious SKREWDRIVER cover tune, haha;-). All hail to Brandon and FIGHTING 84 (and also, of course, to Ryan, too), keep the spirit alive, the fight goes on!!! Ah, and btw, I also hope as well that CRUCIAL CHANGE will finally release their new album pretty soon (don't know how far the working process is, just that it was primarly planned to be released by the end of 2010 or so) this already still pretty young new year, and damn it, hopefully also Ryan will finally find the time again to do some work on his great blog in the near future. Cheers & Oi!

Dienstag, 18. Januar 2011

Some informations about new album releases and other stuff is now coming in for you!!!

Okay folks, today just a little 'News' posting for ya, some informations about new records and some other stuff so that you're all well informed and then that's it pretty much for today. Okay, here we go:

AGNOSTIC FRONT - The godfathers of NYHC are currently finishing the working process on their follow up full length release to their last one "WARRIORS". The producers are Erik Rutan (HATE ETERNAL, MORBID ANGEL) and Freddy Circien (MADBALL) and the record will again be released via the german (Metal) label "NUCLEAR BLAST RECORDS". They started recording and producing at the 09. of November of 2010. Shall be damn great!!!

CONVERGE - The 'Avantgarde Hardcore' legends are working on their follow up album of their last one, "AXE TO FALL", and Kurt 'CONVERGE' Ballou is (again) the producer behind or of it all.

EARTH CRISIS - If all works like it's planned then the masters of Straight Edge Hardcore will start this month with working on recording the "TO THE DEATH" successor. I'm damn excited about it!!!

ENSIGN - The New Jersey Hardcore legends are back on track, at least they are after 14 years again back live on stage and for all what I know more or less with all (?) the original founding members. Maybe some day even some new studio recordings will be done and out by them.

(THE) HAUNTED - The scandinavian (or am I wrong?) Neo Thrash Metal roughnecks shall be about to release their new album in the spring of this very year we are now living in, so keep your eyes open.

NEUROSIS - The ultimate force in Ambient Metal or Post Metal is currently in a juristic battle with and against their former label, "ALTERNATIVE TENTACLES", and their owner and former lead singer of the DEAD KENNEDYS, JELLO BIAFRA. Seems like JELLO BIAFRA used to cheat NEUROSIS for some thousand bucks that they still should own from their 1993 (!) release "ENEMY OF THE SUN". Hm, seems like the oh so left and anti-capitalist good old boy JELLO isn't a guy who practises what he preaches and when it comes to the label it seems like it's all not so 'alternative' at all but at least that with the 'tentacles' seems to be right and correct...

NOBODY'S HERO - A new band of former members of the SKA-Punk band AGAINST ALL AUTHORITY, and also some guys of IGNITE and the VANDALS shall be on board, and they are about to release their new and first ever album pretty soon this year.

OI POLLOI - The (if you ask me) über-politically correct Anarcho Punk veterans (but they still use to be a pretty good band anyhow) are currently recording their new album that shall be out some day in 2011 from now on, we will see.

PROPAGANDHI - The great Punkrock band PROPAGANDHI released by the end of the last year a new split 7'' with the Thrashers from Canada of the name of SACRIFICE, released via "WAR ON MUSIC", and both bands do pretty suprising covers, PROPAGANDHI one of CORROSION OF CONFORMITY, and SACRIFICE one of RUSH (!). And, btw, PROPAGANDHI are also searching currently for a new label that does all the stuff for them over here in good old Europe.

SOCIAL DISTORTION - Their new album is finally out, "HARD TIMES AND NURSEY RHYMES", so make sure that you check it out asap. And a review of it will be up to ead on this blog in the near future.

That's it for now, more on this very blog will be coming some time the next days or so. Cheers & Oi!


Yeahr folks, pretty soon next up will be some 'bigger projects' coming for ya, some new 'Sports' and 'American Oi! History Series' postings for example, as well as I will also start finally working on some new interviews again, and beside this some new reviews will be coming for ya, from Oi! and Hardcore to Blues and Rockabilly-meets-Swing-and-Soul music, and not to forget some new reviews of movies and also some music DVD's, and also for the fans of the reviews of the old school printed stuff will finally be something new coming again. For now, yehp, yehp, yehp, you'll just get a new little 'Videos' post coming in for ya. One hell of a legendary and damn important band to me I will now present here for the first time (there will be coming more about them some day, for sure) and it's no one else than the great SUICIDAL TENDENCIES, a true (and still active and strong going) legend, Skate Hardcore of the damn fucking awesome very best. You get now the official video clip (pretty cool stuff) of their awesome anthem "YOU CAN'T BRING ME DOWN". So, yeahr, that's it, hopefully you'll enjoy it and for now and this current day I'm out of this whole virtual 'reality' world, it was a long (but great) day and tomorrow work is calling again and I've got to do my sports schedule, so you see, I need some sleep to fresh up my energy reservoirs again for tomorrow and also the next days of this week. So, yes, that's it for today, we'll read us soon again in the next time here on this very blog.


Montag, 17. Januar 2011


Hey folks, last post for today and I'm currently working and 'flashbacking' through a lot of my beloved Hardcore stuff and even a lot of jackasses will now cry their weak hearts out, but here I now give ya a nice little video clip of the NO INNOCENT VICTIM masterpiece of an Hardcore anthem song of the title "FLESH & BLOOD" (okay, you see the cover picture of the record on which the song is to be found and that's the 'video' anyhow, but damn it, it's still an awesome great song) and then also one of their violent slasher "NEVER FACE DEFEAT" played live in 2002 at the so called "FURNACE FEST" (never heard of it before, so don't ask me any questions abot it) and it's a damn clip, fantastic song, awesome live performance, enthusiastic crowd, damn good sound, yeahr, so just enjoy it. NO INNOCENT VICTIM are (or were...) a Christian Hardcore band and that's for some scene police faggots at least here in Germany already enough to defame them as not being Hardcore and bullshit like this. Idiots!!! Time will tell, maybe I will do a bigger post about NO INNOCENT VICTIM some day in the future here on this blog, and I'm thinking also about some kind of a special about anyhow 'religious' Hardcore (and Punk) bands, records, labels, and genres, we will see, I'm currently not so sure how I will do it but time will tell. (But get it straight, I'm not a Christian and with 'traditional' religion in general I share usual no common ground at all, especially not with the monotheistic religions as well as also especially not with this whole paganism religion stuff, and just that ya know it, as a Buddhist I have my very own kind of belief, but anyhow I think religious Hardcore and also Punkrock is a very interesting and at least here in Germany a far too much defamed musical and lyrical genre and so I feel somehow the need to give it all some room up here, from Krishna Hardcore to Christian Noise, just accept it.) So for now just you enjoy the two clips and then for all my readers out there I wish ya all a good night for today because I'm damn tired and tomorrow always comes a day too soon, you know about it also as well.




Sonntag, 16. Januar 2011


Hey folks, I've done a little workover of the blog, which means that I decided to give ya beside the different sorts of post(ing) categories (like it was before this workover here) also a list of all the bands, the movies, the fanzines, the personalities, etc. pp. this blog is featuring, so that all of you know now much more precise what is all up here to read, listen to, watch, and hopefully enjoy. The aim is that I think (or at least hope) that reading through and searching on this blog is now much more easier for you and that it all works out much faster than before. Yehp, that's it what ya now should got to know from me about the modification of this very blog here. And that's it for this current 'General Informations' post. Cheers & Oi!

Headlines: Hardcore and Rock & Roll Superbrawl live in Goslar City at the beginning of February 2011

Live Gig Concert Announcement, yehp, that's what's now coming for you with this little post here. At the 4. of February of 2011 will be playing the Hardcore Punk band CRUSHING CASPARS from Rostock, Germany in Goslar Rock City, live on the stage of the youth center "B6" and they will share the stage with the german Hardcore warhorses of ISOLATED and the local heros, the undisputed champs of Spitrock, STALKER from Goslar itself that will finally be back again and hopefully they will be back with a bang, and starting time of this event will be 8.00 pm, and if ya have anyhow the chance to come to Goslar to check this three damn fucking good bands out, party hard and dance harder, then damn do it and come to Goslar, yehp, and we will also be good and friendly hosts, trust me upon that;-). Now coes the official flyer, and then, hell yeahr, we'll see us in the pit!!! HARDCORE!!! FIST!!!

Newstime: A new HARDCORE label is about to break through, launched by the guys in MOST PRECIOUS BLOOD!!!

Okay, I've stumbled across this information at this current moment by checking some of my favorite blogs out there and on the brilliant "STUCK IN THE PAST" (or "xSTUCK IN THE PASTx") blog that you will find as a part of the list of my favorite blogs that I reommend you to check out desperately (look at the right of this blog) I just read that some guys of MOST PRECIOUS BLOOD (damn good Hardcore band, try them if ya like modern Hardcore music) are starting their own new label and that will carry the name of "MORSECODE RECORDINGS", based in NJ, USA. I think that's a damn good move and decision by them and I'm looking forward to see the first (pretty promising) releases see the light of the day. For now I will give ya the words of MOST PRECIOUS BLOOD and "MORSECODE RECORDINGS" themselves (taken from above already mentioned blog) so that you will know more about it all, and then I think that was now all of me when it comes to this topic here and now. I just wish the guys all the best for their work and that things will take some good turns, and to all of you out there: Damn, if ya like what ya read support them all along the way!!! So, and now do comes the official statemnt of the protagonists, so you should be well prepared after reading this blog for all that will be coming in the future.

Most Precious Blood - On Their Own Terms
"MorseCode Recordings is a new record label based out of central NJ owned by Derek A Morse & Rachel Rosen from Most Precious Blood / Indecision / the Wage of Sin. Rachel and I started the label to give back to a music scene that saved the both of our lives. We also produce and release movies and as well as production for music videos for various bands done under We have several releases coming out in the next couple of months. Most Precious Blood – Do Not Resuscitate limited colored Vinyl will be out at the end of January. The May 4th Massacre - All Guilty debut full length is coming out in February. Demos from the band can be heard here: The May 4th Massacre. Members of May4th Massacre include the sons of Josh and Nate of Boy Sets Fire and are based out of Delaware. The long awaited Indecision Documentary DVD will be out in April. In the meantime, teasers for the documentary are posted on youtube.
We are also opening a recording studio with Chris Ross (Torchbearer / Nora) & Chris Pierce - (Doc Hopper / Deadguy) who has manned the controls for such projects as The Ergs!, East West Blast Test, Isuki and Gridlink on Hydrahead records, the remastering of the Rorschach albums, and various other project over the last 14 years of Pierce's recording career. The studio will be located in Rahway, NJ and open in the next two months. We also have CD/DVD duplication capabilities that can handle any size run.
Derek commented “ owning a studio has been a dream of mine since I was young and held my first record.” Rachel also owns Caninus Collars ( in association with Caninus, the pitbull fronted grindcore band and side project of Most Precious Blood.
It's time that people who have been playing in bands in the HC scene for a long time to take control back of things here in NJ."

A Lifestyle called STRAIGHT EDGE, a lifestyle called HARDCORE, to "BURN IT CLEAN" and keep it real, carry the BURDEN to remain true and die-had in the end!!!

A new day (more or less by looking at the date of the last post...) and a new post, and you get one of the sort of the 'Videos' category, and you now get a video of the Straight Edge Hardcore band BURDEN. I don't know that many of or about them anyhow anyway, to be honest, I just lost them out of my eyes asap as I got aware of them. (Don't ask me why, 'cause I have not a single clou...) I first listened to them, and it was also this song you now get a little nice video clip to, when I bought back in the days an issue of the "SLAM MAGAZINE" and got a free sampler CD of the name "FREEWARE VOLUME THREE" by the "SLAM MAGAZINE" and "DEAD SERIOUS RECORDINGS", and on this sampler compilation CD (just a promotion affair) there appeared also BURDEN with their song "BURN IT CLEAN". Maybe I'm wrong, but after I discovered this sampler again in my CD collection BURDEN took me once again by storm so that I wantd to post something to them up here and searched a little bit in the web to find somnething about or to them, and when I searched the web after this whole stuff here I've read that it would be from 2001... damn fuck it, I am truly getting slowly (really slowly?!?) older and older, I mean, 10 years, I can't believe that this my 'first date' with them took place 10 years back in time. Fuck, I mean, where did all this years went?!? But okay, anyhow, now back to the topic: BURDEN, a great band (for what I know and if ya ask me, if not more than this), and "BURN IT CLEAN", a brilliant track (no doubt about it). Hard pushing, angry and heavy, brutal stomping Straight Edge Hardcore in the tradition of bands like STRIFE and EARTH CRISIS, and I just hope that you will fucking enjoy this great band and track. What's sad about it is that it seems that BURDEN aren't active anmore... Okay, now you get da clip. HARDCORE!!! STRAIGHT EDGE!!! FIST!!!