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That was the year of 2010, and here comes the Manslaughter-retrospection of it!!!

2010 - The last year; 2011 - This current year!!! Just take a little moment for a look-back on 2010...

Hey folks, okay, I hope you've all celebrated your way from 2010 into 2011 on the hard and especially smart way, and that you all reached 2011 in at least some pretty good condition, came from 2010 into 2011 all hale!!!???!!! I've done it, and so now it's time for the first posting of 2011, a new year and a new post is coming especially for ya all, like a little new year's gift, haha;-). I've announced it already (read the last 'General Informations' post), and so here it comes, a little bit of a retrospection of or on the year of 2010. So okay, I will spare me and you too much personal 'ego' stuff (I think I will spare me and you all of this...) and also I won't write (at least that many) about all the 'headshrinking stuff' like politics and economics and stuff like this (maybe I'll write nothing about it at all, time will tell), so I will concentrate it all on the musical side of things and maybe just write some stuff about some general issues and topics. So, okay, here we go, Manslaughter's retrospection of or on 2010 is aimed at ya, haha;-)...

My personal top ten of the records released in 2010!!!
(Warning: For sure, this is through and through subjective, just that you know about it.)

Now you get my personal favorite top ten of the record releases of the year of 2010. I think that I've pretty much done a review of them all already before, so I just gonna give ya some general stuff about them and spare me the writing of a brand-new record review about the following releases.

Position No. # 01: THE BROADSIDERS - "PRESSED TO KILL" ("Contra Rec."/"Longshot Music"; 10'')
I've written it in the review of this record already, and it changed nothing since then, this is my total No. # One release of 2010, the newest record of the almighty THE BROADSIDERS from Dallas, Texas/USA. Their totally stand-alone and damn unique-characteristic style of music, a sheer brilliant and phenomenal mixture out of hard hitting and anthemic American Oi! and 'playful' Southern Rock, cultivated by some soulful elements of Country, Blues and Rock & Roll is just that damn great and larger-than-life that it is really something damn fresh and pretty new like you not get it that often to listen to today, and it's also all just so damn great done, no matter if ya take the grapping songwriting (straight, but also damn suprising) or the fucking awesome abilities of THE BROADSIDERS when it comes to playing their instruements, so that there aren't any questions left. And yes, THE BROADSIDERS do really deserve the ranking at position no. # one, point and fact!!!

Position No. # 02: SICK OF IT ALL - "BASED ON A TRUE STORY" ("Century Media Records"; CD):
And here comes the record ranked at the second place by me, and it's this years release of one of the very most important bands ever and of all times for me, the immortally great SICK OF IT ALL straight out of New York City. SICK OF IT ALL are just a phenomenal band, and this is also what they had always been anyhow and anyway. Defined NYHC for a very big distance of the way of existence of it, and being something like a role-model for legions of other bands that followed them over all the decades. I love this band, and with this record of 2010 here they maybe released their very best record since their stand-alone "SCRATCH THE SURFACE" masterpiece from 1994. So, yes, there's nothing left to say more at this point, just a legendary and a stand-alone band and an awesome record that crossed the finish line of 2010 at the ranking of position no. # two, no need to discuss it anyhow.

Position No. # 03: THE CORPS - "BOTTLE OF ROCK & ROLL" ("Rebellion Records"/"Scampkid Records"; CD):
Next ones, and this year's record ranked no. # three by me is the newest one of Australia's Finest THE CORPS. I think that I don't have to write anything more about them, I mean, if ya've missed THE CORPS until now you must have been living in some hole without a view to the outside... THE CORPS have given us their newest release and with it their to this present day totally perfected style of Streetrock & Roll, all cultivated by great songwriting and an awesome performance by the musicians, damn, just great and phenomenal stuff. That must be enough, so if ya still don't own this masterpiece release, then shame on you and go and get it as soon as possible.

Position No. # 04: 45 ADAPTERS - "DON'T TRUST ANYONE WHO DOESN'T DANCE" ("Contra Records"/"Longshot Music"; 7''):
Next position do get the smart NYC Bootboys of the 45 ADAPTERS, they've released the damn best 7'' single of the year of 2010 with their second release "DON'T TRUST ANYONE WHO DOESN'T DANCE", and again that's just a fantastic release by one of the best and most unique and stand-alone Skinhead bands ever, so let us call them Skinhead Rock & Roll, even it's maybe not that much suiting them anyhow because they do really play a style of their very own. Great music and lyrics, all very smart and really, really stand-alone done, so just check them out. If ya like the TEMPLARS but think they could do it all even more smart and totally clichè free, then you will love the 45 ADAPTERS. Okay, this description 'comes off way too short' to really benefit the 45 ADAPTERS, but so you maybe get a good impression of what this great band is doing and giving you here. I love it, and I'm really looking forward to the day they finally do release their full length debut.

Position No. # 05: BRASSKNUCKLE BOYS - "SONGS ABOUT FIGHTING" ("Bandworm Records"; 12'' LP):
At position no. # five of my 2010 record ranking you do find some pretty historical stuff, because you do find the first ever official (re-) release of the very first demo recordings of the almighty BRASSKNUCKLE BOYS, one of the very best and most unique American Oi! bands of all time ever. Thanks so much to the german label of "BANDWORM RECORDS" that they've got it done and rereleased this masterpiece of Bootboy music straight out of the United States of America, maybe one of the very, very few bands that could really carry on the tradition and to keep the spirit of the larger-than-life THE ANTI-HEROS alive. I don't know, I think that pretty much all of the limited  copies of the "SONGS ABOUT FIGHTING" are sold out today, so if you don't have it by now... it's not my fault, it's not my problem, haha;-)!!!

Position No. # 06: DOS DIAS DE SANGRE & GIVE 'EM BLOOD - "SPLIT" ("Beatdown Hardwear Records"; CD):
One of the very best releases in general and Hardcore releases in particular by my favorites of DOS DIAS DE SANGRE and their austrian buddies of GIVE 'EM BLOOD. I've reviewed the record just one or two days before this very post here, (I think) it's the direct precursor post of this one here so just scroll down to find and read it. Even this one came out very late in 2010 it was and is one of the very best releases of this year, and also one of the best releases of all the last years, point and fact. DOS DIAS DE SANGRE deliver us a heavy dose of their very stand-alone and damn unique metallic Beatdown Hardcore (with heavy and strong influences of Death Metal) and GIVE 'EM BLOOD are really one of my personal most suprising discoveries of 2010, phenomenal brutal and metallic 'pumping iron' Hardcore music straight out of Austria. Just get this masterpiece and then unleash hell and give your support to two of the very best bands of today. HARDCORE!!! (PS: Ah, and do yourself the favor and not turn away by looking at the retarded cover artwork, haha;-)!!!)

Position No. # 07: YOUTHFUL OFFENDERS - "THE PAROLE TAPES" ("Dim Records"; 7''):
At position ranked no. # 07 of my personal top ten records of 2010 list you do find again some pretty historical stuff, and again it's fantastic American Oi! music, and again it's released by a german label, by "DIM RECORDS". The YOUTHFUL OFFENDERS had been an important and damn great but much too short lived American Oi! band of the golden 1990's, and it would have been really a big misfortune if this little gem would have never been released anyhow. Imagine a mixture out of THE BRUISERS and WARZONE and you do have a good impression of what the YOUTHFUL OFFENDERS are doing here (and had done anyway also back in the days). Awesome American East Coast Skinhead and Bootboy music without any compromises, you just need to own this one, point and fact!!!

Position No. # 08: HARRINGTON SAINTS - "DEAD BROKE IN THE U.S.A." ("Contra Records"/"Piratespress Records"; CD):
Yeahr, it was a pretty strong year when it comes to American Oi!, this now past year of 2010, and here you get the proof, because the next American Oi! release is coming for ya, and it's the awesomly great larger-than-life "DEAD BROKE IN THE U.S.A." longplayer of the amazing HARRINGTON SAINTS. Hard and energetic and dynamic, yet also damn anthemic and melodic and catchy American Oi! filled with fantastic Sing-A-Longs and gladiatorial and unbroken Fist-In-The-Air attitude and Working Class mentality. Also fucking great lyrics to this amazing music. Get it anyhow, and there's also an LP version floating around, for all you 'solely vinyl'-junkies out there. Great band and record, to say it short and precise!!!

Position No. # 09: RAZORBLADE - "DIE JUNGS"/"HART WIE STAHL" ("Bandworm Records"; 7''):
At position no. # nine I've placed the great RAZORBLADE, one of my current favorite bands out there, and with this 7'' that used to come out by the early beginning of 2010 they've done it for the first time in german (now there's also already a second 7'' out at which RAZORBLADE shall use to sing in german again). The german language suited the brutal stomping sound of RAZORBLADE more than 'only' well, and that there's nothing to discuss about the music of RAZORBLADE should be pretty clear to everyone out there. Really a great release by this totally stand-alone band out there. The chaining link between SHEER TERROR and CONDEMNED 84, and so damn great and charismatic-unique, an outstanding band, point and fact, and for what I know a new full length record of them will be released in 2011, so keep your eyes (and ears) wide open for it.

Position No. # 10: OFFENSIVE WEAPON - "OFFENSIVE WEAPON" ("Pure Impact Records"/"Crowbar Records; CD):
Okay, okay, okay, this now may a little bit 'shady', I mean the decision to take this release and put it up on and into this ranking list here, because it was 'hybrid'-release between late end of 2009 and early beginning of 2010, but I decided to handle it as a (very early) 2010 release anyway, haha, and I don't want to hear any dilly-dally about it, so just shut up, haha;-). One of the very best young American Oi! bands from NYC of today, hard, brutal, militant, and battle-scarred, politically incorrect and patriotic as fuck, 100% Rock against Terrorism, and an outstanding and just great band that hopefully will give us very soon finally more noise for the boys (and girls, for sure, too). It's really a pity that the interview with them never came to happen...

Beside this ten over the top recordings there had also been a lot of other releases that are more than worth to go and get them came out this year of 2010, just to name the debut of FIGHTING 84 and the new ones of INTEGRITY, PERKELE, MADBALL, KREATOR, THE LOOSE SKREWS, MARCHING ORDERS, BIERPATRIOTEN, GLORY BOYS, and TERROR, just to name this few as only a few examples to proof this thesis. Also some other releases that seem to me very promising came out, like the new SODOM full length release, and I'm gonna give them pretty soon a fair try, at least if I get the chance to do it somehow somewhere. So I think that all in all musically 2010 was a good if not very good year (even their had also been the usually flood of records to forget about very soon), so let us see (and hear and listen to) if 2011 will be able to keep up with it. I'm pretty excited about it anyway. Especially I'm looking forward to the new stuff that THROAT-CUT (finally with a new, a second guitar player) and also BLACKLIST LTD. (finally with a new singer) are about to come up with maybe this spring of 2011, and hopefully DOS DIAS DE SANGRE will coming back pretty soon with a new proper full length release. Ah, and I could talk or write so on for miles and miles...

What is a pity is the fact that a lot of intersting and promising records just didn't made it out, even they had been announced for 2010. The debut single of SUCKERED IN, and the new records of IRON GUTS KELLY, CRUCIAL CHANGE and MURDERER'S ROW are the four I'm worried most about. So, okay, again, let us see what 2011 holds in store for us... I hope that at least this records will be coming out pretty soon!!! (Or was it just me that missed the mentioned stuff anyhow?!?)

My personal blog-interna hit- and misslist of 2010
(Warning: Again, it's just my very own subjective view.)

Okay, I won't write down how totally over the top this very blog of mine here uses to be, that arogant also I am not, haha;-). But I'm about to name ya some few of my favorites of 2010 of all the blog entries of this year. So okay, here we go.
About the interviews I just have to say that I'm happy about and proud of every single one that I've done here on this blog. I just interviewed bands that are something like 'in particular important' to me, and I've described the reasons for this 'in particular importance' in the introduction words of every single interview. But now some general words about the interviews: With interviewing THE BROADSIDERS I've made a wish of mine came true, because they are my totally favorite band of today and also especially because I think that the interview is a great one!!! THANX guys!!! To help out the great guys of FIGHTING 84 in presenting them to you the readers and giving them room to promote their debut split record (I hope that this helped them somehow out) is something what I'm still pretty excited about. All hail Brandon and FIGHTING 84!!! The interviews with the 45 ADAPTERS and MOUTHGUARD are some of the best interviews I've done until this very day, point and fact, and to present the phenomenal great IRON GUTS KELLY to you is still something that I'm so damn proud of!!! What a fucking awesome great band!!! To do the interview with Kurt of THE BARONS was really a pleasure, great band, great job with the interview and a great guy, Kurt, and working with him was just great. (Even he supports Kaiserslautern, haha;-).) THANX a lot man!!! To get in contact with Ryan (great guy) and to do an interview with him, a 'blogging mate of mine';-), was (and is) a pleasure to me, and to support and promote his great blog "THE SPIRIT OF YESTERDAY" really was an honour for me. The interview with the SORE LOSERS took some time, but was worth every second of waiting for it, because Mike and the boys done truly a really good job, so THANX for the outcome of the interview guys!!! Really happy and proud I'm also of the interview with the great guys in THROAT-CUT, a damn good band and a damn good interview, and hopefully the interview will give them some more proper support, and THANKS especially to Marcus for doing such a great job and making the interview to such an interesting and very informing affair!!! Hm, and honestly, when it comes to the interviews with CRUCIAL CHANGE and SUCKERED IN, hm, then I have honetsly to admit (even it may sound totally arrogant) that these two ones are the very, very best of all the interviews I now have done in my life and that they are also two of the very, very best interviews that I've ever read anywhere, so really "THANKS!!!" to Tyler of CRUCIAL CAHNGE and Chowder of SUCKERED IN. So, yes, I think looking at the interviews and judging by them the year 2010 was a very good one for the "MANSLAUGHTER THUG LIFE" blog, the one you are reading here. (I guess you know about that already, haha;-)...)

Fucked up was and is that some (at least to me) very promising interviews never came to happen this year, and I'm talking about the interviews with TOTAL ANNIHILATION, OFFENSIVE WEAPON, and RAZORWIRE, not to mention IRON CROSS, FEAR CITY, and UNIT 731. That's always 'unlucky', when doing interviews just didn't work out, and hopefully that won't repeat that often... Even I can't think about what should be so terrible for the bands to say at least "Sorry, we won't do the interview, because of..." at the end of the day, but okay, anyhow...

Beside this my totally favorites had been especially the postings of the 'American Oi! History Series' (especially the ones about U.S. CHAOS, THE EFFIGIES, IRON CROSS & IMMORAL DISCIPLINE, THE ANTI-HEROS, MOONSTOMP & THE KICKER BOYS, and the ARRESTING OFFICERS & NEW GLORY), and also the 'Sports' postings to honour JEROME LE BANNER and BRANCH WARREN are really some favorites of mine. Also the 'Record Reviews' are stuff I put a lot of work and effort in. Just to make sure you know about this, haha;-). My totally personal favorite one is a very late one, and it's the enormous New York Hardcore 'Videos' post, 'cause it's really something like my 'little baby', haha;-).

A little bit it sucks that I just didn't got the time to move so much ahead with and on this very blog here like I've planned it anyhow, because especially some categories like the already mentioned 'American Oi! History Series' and 'Sports' should have been continued much, much more, but okay, what shall I say, time is a precious manor... and anyhow, I still don't 'live' in this 'virtual world and reality' and I also don't plan to change this anyhow (when it comes to 'living virtual'). But a lot of other things are in the making and about to happen more or less pretty soon here on this very blog, but I won't talk about it that much right now currently, just be prepared for it anyhow in the more or less soon or near future here on this blog.

Some other stuff to be mentioned here and now...
(Warning: Pretty subjective, again.)

Some thoughts and words to and about some general things: Hm, about politics in general and politics and the so called 'scene' (or 'scenes') in particular, about PC and anti-PC, about 'shopping-mania' in subcultures, about how stupid all you 'keep-your/my-scene-clean' jackasses are, about how much more stupid this whole 'trendsurfers' always had been and still are and always will be, about what a big bunch of crap this whole Psychobilly-Scene is and how incredible ridiculious and stupid all this 'trendsurfing' Psychobilly shitheads are, about Nazis invading a subculture near you, about 'Communists' spreading their propaganda also in your scene, about... and about how stupid and ridiculous fucked up this all is and also all of you from the right to the left and the other way round are, about... Ah, nah, fuck it, I won't spoil me this night!!!

What's left to say about 2010? Hm, maybe just that the world of show and entertainment as well as the world of music again saw some damn bitter losses, just to name the great Leslie Nielson ("THE NAKED GUN", etc. pp.), Pete Steele (a.k.a. Lord Petrus Steele) (CARNIVORE, TYPE 0 NEGATIVE, FALLOUT) and Ronnie James Dio (DIO, BLACK SABBATH, HEAVEN & HELL, RAINBOW) as three examples. R.I.P.!!!

First post of the year of 2011!!! - Hell yeahr!!!

So, okay, that's it, now I wish you a damn good 2011 and we will read us soon again!!! Cheers & Oi!

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