Freitag, 31. Dezember 2010


("Beatdown Hardwear Rec."; CD):
Here it is, and damn it, but from September 2009 on I was waiting for it. Back then at the Altstadtfest in Goslar Jan of DOS DIAS DE SANGRE told me that they would be planning to do a split record as their next release. So okay, like every good boy does fine all good things do take some time, and here the announced split record finally is. And it turned out to be a monster of a record, one of the very best releases of 2010, for sure, point and fact. DOS DIAS DE SANGRE are kicking it all off, giving us at all six songs (including one Intro track and one Skit track). And what shall I say, again they've developed quite a huge 'bit', made a giant step forward. On the one side they've really grew more and more in the Death Metal direction of things, especially modern Florida Death Metal like newer MORBID ANGEL and modern grinding Death Metal like DYING FETUS seem to became major influences, just listen to the guitar work respectively the guitar riffing as well as the bonesmashing and also often blast speed drumming. What is especially great is how they work it all together, the songwriting is damn great and fucking amazingly grapping, and how they settle it all together, even dazing discordance parts and furious raging and storming Up Tempo and Blast Speed parts is really just and only one thing: Awesomly stand-alone!!! So, while they became more (Death) Metal on the one side, on the other side they became simultaneously even more Hardcore (especially the NYHC as well as also NJHC way of sound and style) than before, carrying on the torch that once was set ablaze by FURY OF FIVE, 25 TA LIFE, MERAUDER, MADBALL, and AGNOSTIC FRONT, and if ya're also into SHATTERED REALM, TOETAG, xTYRANTx (without the Straight Edge attitude), SWORN ENEMY, and UNIT 731, then you will find in DOS DIAS DE SANGRE also something very fresh and special that you will truly love. And a song, a pure through and through Hardcore anthem like "GOOD FRIENDS, GOOD TIMES" they've never written before, it's a song in the tradition of (for example) BACKFIRE!'s "STILL DEDICATED" and "WHAT HOLDS US TOGETHER", musically and lyrically. Great, I just hope that they will work more in this direction. Yes, so, DOS DIAS DE SANGRE done an incredible great job here with their songs, awesome songwriting and these guys know fucking outstanding good to play their instruments. Their songs "FRONTIERS", "ON THE WINGS OF HERSEY", "SOLID DEPRESSION", and "GOOD FRIENS, GOOD TIMES" are some of the best Hardcore (somewhere between NYHC, Beatdown HC and Metalcore) I've ever listened to especially in this current year of 2010. Fantastic!!! Guys, I hope you will get a new full length record settled together pretty soon. What is also just brilliant about DOS DIAS DE SANGRE is the fact that they do have a very own identity already, especially the rhythm work, the arrangements and the guitar sound (and the way the guitar is played) a very unique and a style of them own, if ya got what I wanted to say with this words. Outstanding!!! Point and fact!!! DOS DIAS DE SANGRE do get 10 out of 10 points, and it's also their very best work to this very day. Then are coming the to me before totally unknown GIVE 'EM BLOOD from Austria. Angelo of DOS DIAS DE SANGRE said to me before this split here came out by the end of November that they've chosen some great split record tag team partners, not that ordinary and usually-boring stuff we get to hear at any place and any time this days. And yes, he was right!!! GIVE 'EM BLOOD do give us also six songs (including one intro), and they're really some great and outstanding stuff. It's hard to describe what they are doing here. It's a mixture out of Beatdown Hardcore, metallic Hardcore and some Metal the modern way that they do deliver us here. And what now may sound not that unique to you is in reality exactly that unique like I've announced it before. Combine Beatdown Hardcore like UNIT 731 with metallic Hardcore like ALL OUT WAR and this all you do then melt together with some modern (American) Metal like LAMB OF GOD, then you finally do cultivate it all with some Tough Guy Mosh Hardcore like TOETAG, hell yeahr, and then you do have a pretty good first description of what GIVE 'EM BLOOD are doing here. All done very stand-alone and damn it, they know how to write interesting and grapping songs and how to play their instruments damn fuckig outstanding good. You really need to check them out and get known to them, because they have really a damn big load of more than 'just' grapping and interesting modern Hardcore music for you settled together, so damn it, check GIVE 'EM BLOOD out as soon as you can. My personal favorite one of them is their incredible brilliant hymn "COLD STEEL", especially when I'm pumping iron in the gym, hm, but this won't make you wonder anyhow anyway as soon as you know the lyrics, trust me. GIVE 'EM BLOOD do get also 10 out of 10 points here, and damn it, they honestly earn every single one of them. (Like also DOS DIAS DE SANGRE, by the way.) Both bands do give us also a big bunch of great lyrics that do cover a pretty wide distance of interesting topics, so check them out. The production sound of the songs of both bands is through and through just fucking great stuff, hm, and the artwork as a whole package is also really good, even the cover artwork looks like it was drawn by some retarded fuck out there, haha;-). All in all this one here is one of the best records of 2010, point and fact, and you should really get it as soon as possible, point and fact. Stand-alone Hardcore!!! Get it!!! (10 of 10 points)
Last or final post of the year of 2010!!!

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