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A little fresh up for you, the readers!!!

Hey folks, I hope all is alright with you!?! I just thought that it could be a good thing to give ya all a little bunch of informations about what's currently going on connected to this blog here and the other projects that I've done respectively that I'd been working on for quite a while now and that I'm still working on. So, yes, okay, here we go:
Things became very silent and quite and 'slow-down' here on this very blog the last month. Not (!!!) when it comes to the interest of you, the readers, because that is reaching really new heights, and yes, guys, THANX A LOT to all of you out there for reading through my blog (and I hope you do enjoy it and you will enjoy it also in the future), that's just damn great. Feels more than 'just' good!!! So, hell yeahr, again: THANX A LOT!!! It really means a lot to me!!! But everything else was really damn 'busy' and 'nervous' in the last time respectively over the last month (to say it more precise). I was working like a dog, doing extra time repectively extra work (without getting any pay for it), working to get my second examination finally done, and I really invested nearly everything in it to get it all done. So, yes, it was really a damn hard time, hard and much, much work, and nothing else beside this at all. Beside all of this then also some really and truly big major troubles in my private life had happened (don't tell it to ya, sorry, but that's just of concern for me and the other ones being involved, so yes, that's it what there is to say about it here at this place), and then I suffered also through a little (or not so little at all...) but to all (until now) well-hidden injury (my right biceps was really terribly hurting for some weeks... but giving my best in ignoring it and then working and suffering through my sports working schedule brought me over it somehow... or at least I do hope so... time will tell...), yes, and so I was into a lot of fucked up things, much too many, but not into doing anything here on the blog or anything else like this. (Also I haven't got any real mentionable private life over five or six weeks in a row, and I can't tell ya how unsatisfying this was, I don't wish that this will happen to any of you out there.) Also my sports, very, very, very important to me, really came off short, due to all the above mentioned bullshit, and to me this was also a big loss and an even bigger problem.
So, yes, that's the reason why all the stuff here on the blog and other 'linked-to-music-side-projects' of me really became a 'fall-down' over this last past month. But okay, at least the really big New York Hardcore post here on this very blog was really a truly big project here on this blog and it really took a lot of time and effort to get it done (but I think the outcome is really, really strong and good), and it's really just amazing that it really gets so much views and reads by you, that's really just great!!! THANX for that, THANX!!!
But how-ever, things tend to change heavily all over the time, really heavily, and what seemed two weeks ago like a bright future that holds all in store you might ever thought of and struggled and worked hard for seems two weeks later like the usual damn battlefield and the normal rotten wasteland you have to get yourself worked and battled through, bloodied and desperate, all security and all plans you've gave everything and tried it all to work hard for to become true and reality suddenly disappeared due to some bullshit authorities' advice over you and your life and you suddenly find yourself standing again at point and hour zero in a fucked up mess some ego trippin' faggots and jackasses turned your life into in a minute. (You find yourself again at this point zero, again, just in another form and at another time, while you was thinking that all could become a little bit more easy to you and that your life may become a little bit less compilcated finally after 29 years already now.) So okay, that was the case last week on Wednesday, and I was really totally down and out and felt the need to bury myself in a six feet deep ditch and just wanted to see and hear nothing more and no one else anymore. It was a great Christmas time this year for me... But okay, it really turned out to be not that desperatly bad at all, because I'm so damn happy and proud of my family that was there for me and helped me out of this deep hole of an impressive depression I was falling into. And especially and first and foremost (!!!) I really have to say 'THANK YOU!!!' to my chica amante (I love you!!!), because she was (AND IS) so important to me and gave (AND GIVES) me such a giant support, that she really grabbed me and lifted me up again. THANK YOU!!! Just for being there and helping me out of this fucked up mess so much!!! So yes, this is turning out to be more and more a little 'Egotrippin'-Posting' here on this blog, but I just have to write it down and speak it out, and so you all know also why it all was so 'lazy' at all the last month here on this blog. Okay, but that was then, and this is now.
Like you all my already anticipate, my private life overcame all the problems and it all turned out stronger than before by now. Also my sports I can do now with all the heart and passion, the soul and effort I use to do it always, and this is also doing me pretty well. It really benefits me and my 'mental health'!!! When it comes to work, yes, I do own my examination with a great result and note and this nobody will ever take away from me, and all the rest still sucks heavily (and I'm not talking 'bout the good way of sucking) but anyhow, things go on, and from now on I am working on my future, to get it finally all done (again), in several other directions and interesting things can happen and do take already place, yes, and so it all will go on and this will become nothing else but my time, point and fact, and there're still some kicks with my boots to be delivered some day by me to some worthless egotrippin' bullshit authorities pieces of shit in one way or another. In Germany we do say that we all do see us twice in a lifetime, and that's the way the story will go also in this case, trust me, and again, point and fact.
So, okay, back to the blog, you can prepare yozrself for a strong comeback from January on. I have still a lot of movies ("THE RISE OF THE FOOTSOLDIER", "MY NAME IS BRUCE", etc. pp.), some records (DOS DIAS DE SANGRE & GIVE 'EM BLOOD, KREATOR, SODOM, etc. pp.) , and also finally some books (NORMAN PODHORETZ, ANDRE GLUCKSMANN, etc. pp.) to be reviewed here by me for you, a lot of 'Sports' postings are finally in the work (DENNIS WOLF, ROLF EVERS, JAY CUTLER, and especially also ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER), the 'American Oi! History Series' will also finally be continued again (with the YOUTH DEFENSE LEAGUE and STARS & STRIPES being the next ones to be featured, and then maybe going finally on straight into the golden years of American Oi! in the 1990's), and also some other new categories (beside the book reviews) will finally see the light of the day by the birth of the next year, be prepared for some new exciting stuff to come for ya all, and sooner or later also some new fanzine reviews and also again some new 'Videos' postings will be coming for sure. If you're asking yourself why the fuck for something like eight months no new gig report was up here to read then let me give you the simple answer to this question: I wasn't at that many concerts over this time, point and fact!!! I just didn't have the time for it, because everything else really was somehow more important to me and I also really don't felt the need to go and watch the same bands all and all over again that anyone could have seen over all the last years on any stage over here in Germany. Anyhow, but I was at four concerts during October and November, by the way all three here in Goslar Rock City. Two concerts had been taking place at the same day (the 9. of October of 2010), one was the concert of DIARY ABOUT MY NIGHTMARES (Death Metal) and HEADSHOT (Thrash Metal) in Goslar in the "B6" and the other one was the concert of ESCALATION (Thrash Metal) and CRIPPER (Thrash Metal) in Goslar in the "Tor III", then I was one or two weeks later again in the "Tor III" in Goslar Rock City to go and watch and listen to THE METEORS (Psychobilly), and then in November I was to be seen again in the "Tor III" in Goslar City to watch and listen to BUTCHER, REBORN TO CONQUER, DOS DIAS DE SANGRE and PLATOON and this one was really a phenomenal great concert evening, and yes, Hardcore still lives, Hardcore still rules!!!! I think I'm gonna give you some 'flashback-impressions' of this four concerts in one 'Gig Report' (?) post for all of ya in the next days. Time will tell. And next interviews will hopefully with THE CORPS (Streetrock & Roll from Down Under) and DOS DIAS DE SANGRE (German Beatdown Hardcore champs), and I also want to do another one with my personal favorites THE BROADSIDERS (American Oi! at its supreme best), and maybe still one with FOLSOM (Sin City Hardcore roughnecks), time will tell. What will maybe come afte this four interviews I can't tell ya by now, but some good and interesting I'm gonna come up with anyhow, you know me, so trust me. Also I'm gonna work hard to dig out some new 'News' material stuff for you, so that you will be more or less regulary be updated by reading this blog here. Next up will be some sort of "Review of 2010" or "Best of 2010" post (not a look-back at the- first- year on or of or with this blog, because this will come in February when this first year is over) here on this very blog, and then we will se what will be coming up next.
Okay, so I think that should be enough for this 'General Informations' post here for now, you now know about all the stuff that was going on while things slowed down here and what will be going on in the future of this blog here, so be prepared. Ah, by the way, a big 'THANX!' goes out to the guys (or the crew) that are (/that is) running the great "OICORE CREW" - blog for adding my blog to their blog list, THANX A LOT guys!!! I really do appreciate your support!!! THANX!!! And here's the link to their blog coming for you (if you don't find their blog on the right of your screen in the list of blogs you should check out): and now just stay tuned for the stuff that will be coming up in the near future of the "MANSLAUGHTER THUG LIFE" blog you're reading here!!!
Cheers & Oi! and all the best greetings to you my readers,
your dear Manslaughter-Andy!!!

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