Donnerstag, 2. Dezember 2010

*** fear my thoughts *** fear my thoughts *** fear my thoughts ***

Hey folks, it's about time for the first post of this month, and here it comes, a little 'Videos' posting again. okay, okay, not so creative or weighty or what-so-ever at all, hm, but maybe you'll enjoy it anyhow. It's a little video of the german Metalcore (later only Metal) band FEAR MY THOUGHTS and it's a video clip to their fantastic selftitled "For those who choose to pose!" anthem "FEAR MY THOUGHTS". This is a pretty old song of the band, before they turned totally Metal... even this song is through and through nothing else but Metal, ha, and you know what, it's also what you can maybe call True Metal or pretty much traditional Heavy Metal or something like this, ha, but you know what, damn it, I don't care about it and it's just nothing but a great hymn, so check it out!!! "LISTEN TO THE NUMBER OF THE BEAST!!!" Hell Yeahr!!!


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