Sonntag, 5. Dezember 2010


Here's the first (?) proper (more or less) full length release of this Hardcore band from Germany. Hailing out from the city of Berlin. So, yes, we're dealing here with an ambassador of the Berlin Hardcore scene and genre. This record was released back in the days of 2008 via (the for what I know today defunct) "WARCITY RECORDS" label (also from Berlin) and up to this current day here and now already a new record was released by them (via "SPOOK RCORDS"), but this one I will review later on this very blog here. I saw them live some weeks ago in Goslar, sharing the stage with DOS DIAS DE SANGRE, THE PLATOON, and BUTCHER, and what shall I say, they pretty much impressed and convinced me and so I decided to go and buy a record of them. I just wanted to buy that one here because it was the cheaper one (when it comes to the prices) and I usually have to try to keep my bucks together these days, you know what I mean, but 'Thanx!' to their guitar player, who made me some good prices for buying both records, I decided to get their two releases. And you know what, that was the right decision because after they took me by storm with their stage performance and their live played music this one here was and somehow still is some kind of a dissapointment to me. It's not a really through and through bad record, don't understand it wrong, but it's miles away from their live playing and also from their second release, also looking from the style a little bit different then what they are doing today (to judge by having seen them live and by knowing their latest release). Okay, with their "FULL COURT PRESS" here we get basically your stereotypical Beatdown Hardcore music like you can listen to it on nearly every corner of the regional Hardcore scenes of every bigger and smaller city, nothing suprising, nothing really grapping anyhow, you know how the story goes by pressing play and listening to the very first song of this record here. The typical pace of the songs is the down beat (or beat down;-)...) pace, sometimes they loosen it all up with some up tempo parts. The guitars making a lot of pressure and creating a lot of force, the rhythm section is working very tight and very well-versed, the crew shouts are loud and fat, and the lead vocals are bitterly pissed off and damn aggressive. Yes, so all what you expect from your ordinary Beatdown Hardcore band. That's not bad (like I've said, don't understand it wrong), but it's all so damn boring and listened to more than over a thousand times, and it's all done very solid and nice, but all done also in the 'listened to it more than over a thousand times'-way so that it makes me more yawning than it's making me mosh. Classical case of a midfield release, and they can do so much better (like they display with their second release, and also like they showcased live on stage). When it comes to the lyrics, hm, it's a lot of pseudo-tough 'Tough Guy' stuff that's pretty often truly free of too much intellectual things at all... You should know by now what I want to say with this words... The artwork looks pretty good (also nice band logo) and the production sound is truly of a pretty good quality. So, okay, if you're searching for just another dose of brutal Beatdown Hardcore then get it or at least check it, if not, hm, can't tell ya what you should do, just not expecting too much... Like I've said, a midfield release, nothing less, point and fact. (6 of 10 points)
Now you should get (if it's all working out like it should) a video clip of REBORN TO CONQUER and their song "DIRTY SANCHEZ", and that song you can find here on the reviewed "FULL COURT PRESS" titled record, check it out to know more about it at all!!!


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