Montag, 6. Dezember 2010


And here it is, the second and still newest release from the Berlin Hardcore machine of the name of REBORN TO CONQUER. Like I've already written before in the review of their debut full length and the direct precursor release of this one here they've changed really a lot, growing from your ordinary stereotypical Beatdown Hardcore band to a sheer monster of an pretty unique metallic Hardcore band with from now on already a very strong own identity. A lot of more different influences are to be noticed, as well as a huge development when it comes to the songwriting, that's damn diverse and truly really very, very well-versed. They really turned into guys that damn fucking know how to write awesomly grapping songs, that know how to create an intense atmosphere and to give every and each single song its very, very own character and identity. And, by the way, this guys also really fucking know how to play their instruments in a more than 'only' very good way, great, great job!!! Sticking still in some ways true to their Beatdown Hardcore roots, but the Beatdown aspects are only very rudimentary present today. Influences of INTEGRITY and ARKANGEL as well as ALL OUT WAR are very present, but without that REBORN TO CONQUER are copying anything or anyone, and also very, very fresh and active and alive, no damn fucking boring retro crap's to be recognized here, so one more time and again thumbs up, fucking great!!! All very diverse and varying, and that's really grapping you and not letting you loose again. Trust me!!! Also the lyrics are far away from this whole 'Tough Guy' stuff that's oh so typical for the majority of the Hardcore bands of today with a Beatdown background. Very good stuff, excellent job, very sinister and pretty often with a philosophical and also religious (?) (maybe more belive than religion, but that I really don't know anyhow) background, and if ya ask me then there's also some political stuff pretty good worked into it all, and also the lyrics are really demanding stuff that you also have to work yourself into, no matter if you may agree on all the stuff they deal with or not, but damn, it's an awesome job tht they've done also on th lyrical front!!! The production sound is also a true bomb, as well as the very sinister artwork is truly a pure beauty, point and fact!!! If this record (respectively the running time of it) would be at least a little bit longer than just something around 19 minutes, and if they could let loose their too stereotypical Beatdown Hardcore past even a little bit more, then they will pretty sure get the top note here given by me to them he next time, but also so it's a more than 'just' a great release fuck it, that's a fist class release, nothing else and especially nothing less, point and fact!!! Get this record as soon as you can, and check them also out on the live front, 'cause trust me, they will comvince you also live on stage. Awesome stuff!!! Ah, and if I understood it right then they re also already orking on new material, and yeahr, I'm already damn excited about it. Ha, and this band is a first class premum example for why bands that develop are anything but bad, get used to it, all you 'nostalgic nerds' out there, haha;-)!!! Great, great band!!! (9 of 10 points)
Now you get a live video of them playing and performing their anthem "NEW SALEM" (that you can find on this record here called "HOMICIDE", check it out!!! Ah, it was taken at their gig over here in Goslar last month where I saw them also live, and that's pretty cool, haha;-). (But I'm sorry to say this, but you cn't see me on the video... sad but true, so get used to it, haha;-)...) Great band!!!


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