Mittwoch, 8. Dezember 2010

*** A HEART OF FIRE AND STONE lying deep down in the BATTLE RUINS ***

Hey folks, here's coming a little new 'Videos' posting for ya. I just discovered this great band called BATTLE RUINS. A damn unique and fuckin' awesome sound, a stand-alone mixture out of Old School (New York) Hardcore, American Oi! Oi! Oi! music, and some Hard Rock and / or Heavy Metal notes in it. Maybe you can compare them somehow with the immortal SOULTAMER, even BATTLE RUINS do sound more the American way and do play it much more the Hardcore style of things. Hell Yeahr, and that's just great!!! Hammering and damn alive rhythm structure, hypnotic and fuckin' heavy guitar riffing, a very, very well-versed stoic battling rhythm section, awesomely strong lead vocals and pretty damn cool classical Heavy Metal back-up singing, brilliant, and really something pretty new, thumbs up!!! Need to get something of them!!! Great band, and now just enjoy the video clip respectively this damn great and interesting song!!! (Of course the video isn't a real video clip anyhow, but if ya just don't expect too many moved picture all will be fine at the end of the day.) And then, for now and for this more and more 'tired-getting' moment of his soon to-be-over-being-day, yes, I just say good night to ya (yes, so nice I can be to ya anyhow), 'cause my bed is calling me louder and louder, I can't silence it anyway, because, you know it, it's the old story, tomorrow always comes a day too soon!!! Cheers & Oi!


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