Freitag, 31. Dezember 2010


("Beatdown Hardwear Rec."; CD):
Here it is, and damn it, but from September 2009 on I was waiting for it. Back then at the Altstadtfest in Goslar Jan of DOS DIAS DE SANGRE told me that they would be planning to do a split record as their next release. So okay, like every good boy does fine all good things do take some time, and here the announced split record finally is. And it turned out to be a monster of a record, one of the very best releases of 2010, for sure, point and fact. DOS DIAS DE SANGRE are kicking it all off, giving us at all six songs (including one Intro track and one Skit track). And what shall I say, again they've developed quite a huge 'bit', made a giant step forward. On the one side they've really grew more and more in the Death Metal direction of things, especially modern Florida Death Metal like newer MORBID ANGEL and modern grinding Death Metal like DYING FETUS seem to became major influences, just listen to the guitar work respectively the guitar riffing as well as the bonesmashing and also often blast speed drumming. What is especially great is how they work it all together, the songwriting is damn great and fucking amazingly grapping, and how they settle it all together, even dazing discordance parts and furious raging and storming Up Tempo and Blast Speed parts is really just and only one thing: Awesomly stand-alone!!! So, while they became more (Death) Metal on the one side, on the other side they became simultaneously even more Hardcore (especially the NYHC as well as also NJHC way of sound and style) than before, carrying on the torch that once was set ablaze by FURY OF FIVE, 25 TA LIFE, MERAUDER, MADBALL, and AGNOSTIC FRONT, and if ya're also into SHATTERED REALM, TOETAG, xTYRANTx (without the Straight Edge attitude), SWORN ENEMY, and UNIT 731, then you will find in DOS DIAS DE SANGRE also something very fresh and special that you will truly love. And a song, a pure through and through Hardcore anthem like "GOOD FRIENDS, GOOD TIMES" they've never written before, it's a song in the tradition of (for example) BACKFIRE!'s "STILL DEDICATED" and "WHAT HOLDS US TOGETHER", musically and lyrically. Great, I just hope that they will work more in this direction. Yes, so, DOS DIAS DE SANGRE done an incredible great job here with their songs, awesome songwriting and these guys know fucking outstanding good to play their instruments. Their songs "FRONTIERS", "ON THE WINGS OF HERSEY", "SOLID DEPRESSION", and "GOOD FRIENS, GOOD TIMES" are some of the best Hardcore (somewhere between NYHC, Beatdown HC and Metalcore) I've ever listened to especially in this current year of 2010. Fantastic!!! Guys, I hope you will get a new full length record settled together pretty soon. What is also just brilliant about DOS DIAS DE SANGRE is the fact that they do have a very own identity already, especially the rhythm work, the arrangements and the guitar sound (and the way the guitar is played) a very unique and a style of them own, if ya got what I wanted to say with this words. Outstanding!!! Point and fact!!! DOS DIAS DE SANGRE do get 10 out of 10 points, and it's also their very best work to this very day. Then are coming the to me before totally unknown GIVE 'EM BLOOD from Austria. Angelo of DOS DIAS DE SANGRE said to me before this split here came out by the end of November that they've chosen some great split record tag team partners, not that ordinary and usually-boring stuff we get to hear at any place and any time this days. And yes, he was right!!! GIVE 'EM BLOOD do give us also six songs (including one intro), and they're really some great and outstanding stuff. It's hard to describe what they are doing here. It's a mixture out of Beatdown Hardcore, metallic Hardcore and some Metal the modern way that they do deliver us here. And what now may sound not that unique to you is in reality exactly that unique like I've announced it before. Combine Beatdown Hardcore like UNIT 731 with metallic Hardcore like ALL OUT WAR and this all you do then melt together with some modern (American) Metal like LAMB OF GOD, then you finally do cultivate it all with some Tough Guy Mosh Hardcore like TOETAG, hell yeahr, and then you do have a pretty good first description of what GIVE 'EM BLOOD are doing here. All done very stand-alone and damn it, they know how to write interesting and grapping songs and how to play their instruments damn fuckig outstanding good. You really need to check them out and get known to them, because they have really a damn big load of more than 'just' grapping and interesting modern Hardcore music for you settled together, so damn it, check GIVE 'EM BLOOD out as soon as you can. My personal favorite one of them is their incredible brilliant hymn "COLD STEEL", especially when I'm pumping iron in the gym, hm, but this won't make you wonder anyhow anyway as soon as you know the lyrics, trust me. GIVE 'EM BLOOD do get also 10 out of 10 points here, and damn it, they honestly earn every single one of them. (Like also DOS DIAS DE SANGRE, by the way.) Both bands do give us also a big bunch of great lyrics that do cover a pretty wide distance of interesting topics, so check them out. The production sound of the songs of both bands is through and through just fucking great stuff, hm, and the artwork as a whole package is also really good, even the cover artwork looks like it was drawn by some retarded fuck out there, haha;-). All in all this one here is one of the best records of 2010, point and fact, and you should really get it as soon as possible, point and fact. Stand-alone Hardcore!!! Get it!!! (10 of 10 points)
Last or final post of the year of 2010!!!

Donnerstag, 30. Dezember 2010

'The Art Of Killing Poetry' by the german legends of SODOM

("SPV GmbH" / "Steamhammer" / "Metal Hammer Magazine"; CD):
Next blog posting, next record review, next Thrash Metal assault, next dose of Thrash Metal from Germany, and the next legendary band that I now know for about twenty years or something like this, and yes, I am talking about the legendary SODOM from Gelsenkirchen, Germany and also (like KREATOR) here they are back with a free garnish, but not of the "ROCK HARD MAGAZINE" but of the german edition of the "METAL HAMMER MAGAZINE", and again I decided to leave the complete package where it was and just grabbed the CD and left the supermarket, yeahr, you know, fighting the rules of capitalism wherever you can fight them, haha;-). (It's always good and nice if ya can hide nothing but simply 'criminal activities' behind some 'high moral aspirations', or isn't it?!? Just ask our political leaders!!!) So, okay, SODOM had released at the end of 2010 their newest record (and I will soon risk one or two ears) titled in "WAR & PIECES", and here we do get three new tracks of SODOM, as well as (pretty much) all of their so called 'German Classics' and also some live recorded songs at the giant german Metal Open Air settled in Wacken. Metal became more and more pretty unimportant to me over the last one or one-and-a-half decade, and especially SODOM had been a band that I lost totally out of my focus. They had not only been one of the harder Metal bands that I came to knew first, but they had also been one of the first Metal bands ever I used to listen to. But beside their three classicks "TAPPING THE VEIN", "BETTER OFF DEAD" and "AGENT ORANGE" and their very good late 1990's record "CODE RED" and maybe their pretty cool and very much Punk and Hardcore inspired record "GET WHAT YOU DESERVE" (with the great "SILENT IS CONSENT") and also maybe (very maybe) their very old one "PERSECUTION MANIA" (with th legendary "BOMBENHGEL") they have released so many other stuff more that, from my point of view, really nobody ever needed anyhow. And so, yes, that's why I totally lost them out of my view and focus back in 1999 or 2000 or something like this. But okay, after this one was for free, harhar;-), I thought that it would maybe be time again to give them another try. And what shall I say, damn what a suprise!!! SODOM moved pretty much far away from their more or less very 'punky' through and through Old School (German) Thrash Metal sound and style and do now-a-days sound pretty much 'New School'. It seemed like they've developed quite an impressive 'bit' to a more and more New School sound and style of Thrash Metal like it was born and bred over there in the States by bands like MACHINE HEAD and the PISSING RAZORS, just to name this two bands. (Still combined with some or even a lot of Old School Thrash Metal, trust me.) Very grapping and impressive songwriting, strong varying rhythm work and structures, cool changes of pace and exciting modifications of the mood of the songs, and a very harsh and brutal guitar playing that's really giving the songs its crown. Okay, I'm still not the biggest fan of Tom Angelripper's style of singing and of 'speaking out english', but okay, that's not doing hurt to final result here that much at all. The three new songs "IN WAR AND PIECES", "THE ART OF KILLING POETRY", and "FEIGNED DEATH THROES" are really amazing stuff that you really need to check out, even Die-Hard SODOM and Die-Hard Old School Thrash Metal maniacs will maybe somehow a little bit be dissapointed. The three songs are really awesome stuff, and of the rest of the songs you do really need (still today) "STALINORGEL", "WACHTTURM", and "BOMBENHAGEL". "DIE STUMME URSEL", "VERRECKE", and "MANTELMANN", okay, we do forget about this ones very quick, and the german version of "AUSGEBOMBT" is not half as good as the english original one. But okay, you should grab one of this CD's anyhow, and maybe make sure that you try out their current 2010 full length release titled "IN WAR AND PIECES". The production sound is very good, and the artwork looks just awesome. Also the lyrics are some good stuff. Good stuff after all that's really promising a lot when it comes to their new record and so I think I'm gonna give it a fair try pretty soon from now on. Check it out!!! (8 of 10 points)

Thrash Metal Moshpit over Gelsenkirchen, Germany in 2010

("Rockpalast Mobile"/"Rock Hard Magazine"/"E.M.P. Merchandising"; CD):
Okay folks, time for a new record review up here and it's also time for some Metal music again on this very blog here. Now you get the review of the newest and current live record of the german Thrash Metal legend of the name of KREATOR. They used to play this year live on stage at the "ROCK HARD FESTIVAL" in Gelsenkirchen, Germany. There they've recorded this live recording of their comcert and this one you now get for free as a free garnish of the "ROCK HARD MAGAZINE" as a little 'Thank you!' to the fans by the band itself, hm, and I don't know if there will ever be a 'commercial version' of this record here, but I think currently not and if it will ever come, hm, maybe time will tell it to us some far away day. So okay, anyhow, I decided to not go and get the whole package of the magazine and this CD and pay the full price, nah, I decided to just get the CD and instead of paying the full price so I payed nothing for it, yes, I fight the rules of capitalism wherever I can fight them, haha;-). Even Metal in general lost a lot and also the most part of its importance it once had to me, okay, it's a thing of the personal taste in music and how it changes over time, but to some stuff, records, and bands I still use to listen to with pleasure and joy. And KREATOR had been right from the start a pretty imprortant band to me, even this whole German Thrash Metal thing wasn't ever really my first choice, but anyhow, KREATOR used to rule always. But over the last years (okay, okay, over the last decade) I really lost them totally out of sight. The last record I was really into of them was the one with "PHOBIA" (still an awesome great track) on it, hm, I think it was (and is) still titled "OUTCAST". After this KREATOR somehow used to disappear for me and out of my view. I remeber that a friend of mine once gave me their "ENEMY OF GOD" (or something like this titled) record some years ago, hm, but I can't tell ya what's my opinion to it, what my opinion was or is, but anyway and anyhow... So yes, now KREATOR are suddenly back in the field of my view, and I can tell ya, how they are back!!! Great!!! Unlike the most guys I know I normally think that live records are always a nice thing if you are a fan of the band(s). (Okay, unless the live records aren't such bullshit like the "LIVE U.S.A." records of METALLICA, okay, okay, you're right.) On this live record we do get nine tracks (don't know if this is respectively was the full set-list of their concert) at all, and I just knew four ("PHOBIA", "ENDLESS PAIN", "TERRIBLE CERTAINTY", and "PLEASURE TO KILL") and 'a half' ("ENEMY OF GOD") songs before. After an intro the Thrash Metal inferno unleashed by KREATOR breaks loose and hell's coming with it. It's really impressive how much they've developed over the time of their existence, just listen to the great guitar work of songs like "THE PESTILENCE" and "HORDES OF CHAOS" (the very best one here on this record, just awesome shit), and also to the incredible well-versed rhythm section and its very rich on variantions being work and structure, and KREATOR always also knew how to write grapping songs and fantastic chorus lines, and this all you do find here brought up to nearly perfection. Some parts also seem like very stand-alone arranged Beatdown parts melted into the very own style of KREATOR's Tharsh Metal, and not to forget that in some moments KREATOR today uses to sound like an even better and more original version of SLAYER than SLAYER itself. I just miss "WHEN THE SUN BURNS RED" (best song KREATOR have ever written, point and fact), "LOVE US OR HATE US" (great larger-than-life band anthem), "RENEWAL" and at least some of the great stuff they've done on their brilliant "CAUSE FOR CONFLICT" record back then. If that wouldn't be the case, then maybe... And the only things that are really annoying me are this stupid and silly "Rock Hard, Moshpit!" chants and screams by Mille to 'fire the crowd up', that really sucks and is damn much annoying, at least to me. Didn't know how obsessed Mille of KREATOR is with this whole Moshpit stuff... So, okay, if you like some good Thrash Metal then go and try everything to get this great live recorded piece of it by one of the very best bands ever to come out of this genre, and definitely the best one of it to come from Germany. The recording sound is brilliant, and the artwork is also a nice one. Damn it, very good stuff that you really should call your own if you're into some hard Metal stuff, so try everything to still get it anyway from somewhere, point and fact. (9 of 10 points)

Mittwoch, 29. Dezember 2010

A little fresh up for you, the readers!!!

Hey folks, I hope all is alright with you!?! I just thought that it could be a good thing to give ya all a little bunch of informations about what's currently going on connected to this blog here and the other projects that I've done respectively that I'd been working on for quite a while now and that I'm still working on. So, yes, okay, here we go:
Things became very silent and quite and 'slow-down' here on this very blog the last month. Not (!!!) when it comes to the interest of you, the readers, because that is reaching really new heights, and yes, guys, THANX A LOT to all of you out there for reading through my blog (and I hope you do enjoy it and you will enjoy it also in the future), that's just damn great. Feels more than 'just' good!!! So, hell yeahr, again: THANX A LOT!!! It really means a lot to me!!! But everything else was really damn 'busy' and 'nervous' in the last time respectively over the last month (to say it more precise). I was working like a dog, doing extra time repectively extra work (without getting any pay for it), working to get my second examination finally done, and I really invested nearly everything in it to get it all done. So, yes, it was really a damn hard time, hard and much, much work, and nothing else beside this at all. Beside all of this then also some really and truly big major troubles in my private life had happened (don't tell it to ya, sorry, but that's just of concern for me and the other ones being involved, so yes, that's it what there is to say about it here at this place), and then I suffered also through a little (or not so little at all...) but to all (until now) well-hidden injury (my right biceps was really terribly hurting for some weeks... but giving my best in ignoring it and then working and suffering through my sports working schedule brought me over it somehow... or at least I do hope so... time will tell...), yes, and so I was into a lot of fucked up things, much too many, but not into doing anything here on the blog or anything else like this. (Also I haven't got any real mentionable private life over five or six weeks in a row, and I can't tell ya how unsatisfying this was, I don't wish that this will happen to any of you out there.) Also my sports, very, very, very important to me, really came off short, due to all the above mentioned bullshit, and to me this was also a big loss and an even bigger problem.
So, yes, that's the reason why all the stuff here on the blog and other 'linked-to-music-side-projects' of me really became a 'fall-down' over this last past month. But okay, at least the really big New York Hardcore post here on this very blog was really a truly big project here on this blog and it really took a lot of time and effort to get it done (but I think the outcome is really, really strong and good), and it's really just amazing that it really gets so much views and reads by you, that's really just great!!! THANX for that, THANX!!!
But how-ever, things tend to change heavily all over the time, really heavily, and what seemed two weeks ago like a bright future that holds all in store you might ever thought of and struggled and worked hard for seems two weeks later like the usual damn battlefield and the normal rotten wasteland you have to get yourself worked and battled through, bloodied and desperate, all security and all plans you've gave everything and tried it all to work hard for to become true and reality suddenly disappeared due to some bullshit authorities' advice over you and your life and you suddenly find yourself standing again at point and hour zero in a fucked up mess some ego trippin' faggots and jackasses turned your life into in a minute. (You find yourself again at this point zero, again, just in another form and at another time, while you was thinking that all could become a little bit more easy to you and that your life may become a little bit less compilcated finally after 29 years already now.) So okay, that was the case last week on Wednesday, and I was really totally down and out and felt the need to bury myself in a six feet deep ditch and just wanted to see and hear nothing more and no one else anymore. It was a great Christmas time this year for me... But okay, it really turned out to be not that desperatly bad at all, because I'm so damn happy and proud of my family that was there for me and helped me out of this deep hole of an impressive depression I was falling into. And especially and first and foremost (!!!) I really have to say 'THANK YOU!!!' to my chica amante (I love you!!!), because she was (AND IS) so important to me and gave (AND GIVES) me such a giant support, that she really grabbed me and lifted me up again. THANK YOU!!! Just for being there and helping me out of this fucked up mess so much!!! So yes, this is turning out to be more and more a little 'Egotrippin'-Posting' here on this blog, but I just have to write it down and speak it out, and so you all know also why it all was so 'lazy' at all the last month here on this blog. Okay, but that was then, and this is now.
Like you all my already anticipate, my private life overcame all the problems and it all turned out stronger than before by now. Also my sports I can do now with all the heart and passion, the soul and effort I use to do it always, and this is also doing me pretty well. It really benefits me and my 'mental health'!!! When it comes to work, yes, I do own my examination with a great result and note and this nobody will ever take away from me, and all the rest still sucks heavily (and I'm not talking 'bout the good way of sucking) but anyhow, things go on, and from now on I am working on my future, to get it finally all done (again), in several other directions and interesting things can happen and do take already place, yes, and so it all will go on and this will become nothing else but my time, point and fact, and there're still some kicks with my boots to be delivered some day by me to some worthless egotrippin' bullshit authorities pieces of shit in one way or another. In Germany we do say that we all do see us twice in a lifetime, and that's the way the story will go also in this case, trust me, and again, point and fact.
So, okay, back to the blog, you can prepare yozrself for a strong comeback from January on. I have still a lot of movies ("THE RISE OF THE FOOTSOLDIER", "MY NAME IS BRUCE", etc. pp.), some records (DOS DIAS DE SANGRE & GIVE 'EM BLOOD, KREATOR, SODOM, etc. pp.) , and also finally some books (NORMAN PODHORETZ, ANDRE GLUCKSMANN, etc. pp.) to be reviewed here by me for you, a lot of 'Sports' postings are finally in the work (DENNIS WOLF, ROLF EVERS, JAY CUTLER, and especially also ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER), the 'American Oi! History Series' will also finally be continued again (with the YOUTH DEFENSE LEAGUE and STARS & STRIPES being the next ones to be featured, and then maybe going finally on straight into the golden years of American Oi! in the 1990's), and also some other new categories (beside the book reviews) will finally see the light of the day by the birth of the next year, be prepared for some new exciting stuff to come for ya all, and sooner or later also some new fanzine reviews and also again some new 'Videos' postings will be coming for sure. If you're asking yourself why the fuck for something like eight months no new gig report was up here to read then let me give you the simple answer to this question: I wasn't at that many concerts over this time, point and fact!!! I just didn't have the time for it, because everything else really was somehow more important to me and I also really don't felt the need to go and watch the same bands all and all over again that anyone could have seen over all the last years on any stage over here in Germany. Anyhow, but I was at four concerts during October and November, by the way all three here in Goslar Rock City. Two concerts had been taking place at the same day (the 9. of October of 2010), one was the concert of DIARY ABOUT MY NIGHTMARES (Death Metal) and HEADSHOT (Thrash Metal) in Goslar in the "B6" and the other one was the concert of ESCALATION (Thrash Metal) and CRIPPER (Thrash Metal) in Goslar in the "Tor III", then I was one or two weeks later again in the "Tor III" in Goslar Rock City to go and watch and listen to THE METEORS (Psychobilly), and then in November I was to be seen again in the "Tor III" in Goslar City to watch and listen to BUTCHER, REBORN TO CONQUER, DOS DIAS DE SANGRE and PLATOON and this one was really a phenomenal great concert evening, and yes, Hardcore still lives, Hardcore still rules!!!! I think I'm gonna give you some 'flashback-impressions' of this four concerts in one 'Gig Report' (?) post for all of ya in the next days. Time will tell. And next interviews will hopefully with THE CORPS (Streetrock & Roll from Down Under) and DOS DIAS DE SANGRE (German Beatdown Hardcore champs), and I also want to do another one with my personal favorites THE BROADSIDERS (American Oi! at its supreme best), and maybe still one with FOLSOM (Sin City Hardcore roughnecks), time will tell. What will maybe come afte this four interviews I can't tell ya by now, but some good and interesting I'm gonna come up with anyhow, you know me, so trust me. Also I'm gonna work hard to dig out some new 'News' material stuff for you, so that you will be more or less regulary be updated by reading this blog here. Next up will be some sort of "Review of 2010" or "Best of 2010" post (not a look-back at the- first- year on or of or with this blog, because this will come in February when this first year is over) here on this very blog, and then we will se what will be coming up next.
Okay, so I think that should be enough for this 'General Informations' post here for now, you now know about all the stuff that was going on while things slowed down here and what will be going on in the future of this blog here, so be prepared. Ah, by the way, a big 'THANX!' goes out to the guys (or the crew) that are (/that is) running the great "OICORE CREW" - blog for adding my blog to their blog list, THANX A LOT guys!!! I really do appreciate your support!!! THANX!!! And here's the link to their blog coming for you (if you don't find their blog on the right of your screen in the list of blogs you should check out): and now just stay tuned for the stuff that will be coming up in the near future of the "MANSLAUGHTER THUG LIFE" blog you're reading here!!!
Cheers & Oi! and all the best greetings to you my readers,
your dear Manslaughter-Andy!!!

Freitag, 24. Dezember 2010

Oi! Oi! Oi! - it's Christmas Time again!!!

I wish all the readers of this blog a merry Christmas (and maybe a happy Hanuka;-)...), spend some great holiday time, and still Oi! Oi! Oi! to the world:-)!!!

More to come on this blog pretty soon!!!

And now, as a little Christmas gift for ya, enjoy this classical Christmas song by the great and not-forgotten THE RAMONES!!!


Donnerstag, 9. Dezember 2010


Hey folks, tonight's coming a 'little' and also a 'nice' piece of a 'Videos' posting for ya!!! After I'm lacking currently the time to get the things on it's way that I want to send on their ways (like the interviews with THE CORPS and DOS DIAS DE SANGRE) I decided to loosen it all up a little bit with this "New York Hardore - You have to know this!!!" post of the 'Videos' category. Maybe still this year of 2010, but maybe just in 2011 the next year I'll do more in this direction, so beside the 'American Oi! History Series' (will be continued as soon as possible, trust me, just wait- still just wait- a little bit) some sort of 'Hardcore History Series' and a general 'Tribute" category will follow up here on this blog. But for now, enjoy the following clips!!! With BIOHAZARD, SICK OF IT ALL, AGNOSTIC FRONT, MADBALL, PRO-PAIN, WARZONE, etc. there aren't just only necessary, legendary, and great (New York) Hardcore acts featured but also some of the most important bands ever to me (like the already mentioned, for example), so enjoy it (it don't have to be my alltime favorite songs  by this bands, even in some cases that's exactly the case, for example when it comes to MADBALL here), here it now comes, and more soon!!! Ah, by the way, I'm a kid of the 1990's (and hell sure I'm not a kid anymore) so don't wonder why all the immortal legendary awesome great acts of that era are on top of my list, and also New York Hardcore is something like my all time favorite all star Hardcore genre (and also beside Hardcore that's always my favorite choice... Always!!!) and is more or less solely to blame why I once fell in love (and still are in love) with Oi! music, so much respect and thanx to this genre and bands!!! STAND UP, NEW YORK HARDCORE!!! THE REAL DEAL!!! Hopeully this post will show ya the wide diversity of the genre ad scene called New York Hardcore, 'cause it hd, still have and will also in the future have much to offer for ya all out there. And yes, I really hope you'll enjoy my choice(s) and this post!!! Cheers & Oi! - And by the way, if I've forgotten something very important, etc. pp., then just leave a comment or two, thanx a lot!!!
(By the way, that this is not a complete list- maybe this wouldn't be possible anyhow- should be clear, and also that it's a very subjectie choice and perspective, because it's mine. Just to point it out.)
(I just do hope that all the videos will work like they should, let us wish the best for it!!!)
(Comments to and thoughts about the bands, songs, and videos will come later, when all is completly uploaded and ready to listen to and to be wtached up here, be sure about it, it won't stay just a list of video clips or something like this, trust me, you should know about it by reading this very blog here.)
Here we go (more or less in alphabetical order):

25 TA LIFE - "FIGHT DIRTY" (live)

Rick ta Life (25 TA LIFE)
 Yeahr, here we go, and to kick it all off with the mighty 25 TA LIFE is always a good move, for sure, and yes, trust me!!! It's a cool live performance by them, shooted back in (I think) 2005 in Paris, France. (Okay, okay, I know it, maybe the sound quality could be a little bit better after all.) You can easily hear what a huge influence they have had on the direction that New York Hardcore took from the middle to late of the 1990's on, yes, and you can also easily get aware of the big, big, big impact 25 TA LIFE definitely have had on what we call today usually Beatdown Hardcore and/or (Tough Guy) Mosh Core, but they always used to keep some good old Positive Hardcore attitude and that's even better. Damn good band and a damn good song, and more than 'just' a good starting point. I really like this band very, very much, so make sure that you check 'em out if ya like what ya hear and don't know them. Positive Hardcore, go!!! (Even 25 TA LIFE are often called a Hate Core or Hatecore band anyhow;-)...)


I don't think that I have to introduce this living and still awesomly fucking strong going legends to anyone, right?!? AGNOSTIC FRONT are maybe THE band of them all when it comes to New York Hardcore. I mean, if you are hearing about New York Hardcore I would bet that in nine of then cases nearly anyone of you is thinking of AGNOSTIC FRONT first. Right?!? And you know what, you do this for some more than 'only' good and justified reasons. Yes, so I won't say that much about them more here at this point. I've decided to choose one of their newest anthems, and yes, one of my favorite bands of all time, I love this band, the music, the lyrics, the message, just brilliant and awesome stuff. Great!!!


How could I just miss out this band here?!? ALL OUT WAR, one hell of a band, really stand-alone stuff. Maybe the american ARKANGEL or so. They are one of the bands that used to be a role model for all the 'new age' metallic Hardcore bands and Metalcore bands out there, from SWORN ENEMY to HATEBREED and ending with BORN FROM PAIN. Angry and heavy guitar riffing, somewhere between classical NYHC like CRO-MAGS, diabolic Thrash Metal like SLAYER and bulldozer Death Metal like BOLT THROWER, an damn aggressive and evil lead 'singing' voice between shouting and screams and grunts, a brutal and just devastating rhythm section, great grapping song architectonic and rhythm structures, suprising changes of rhythm and pace, yeahr, ALL OUT WAR do really give ya anything you need and want to be happy and musically satisfied. Great band, released (for what I know) five full length records to this point and day, and make sure that you call (only) at least (!!!) their "TRUTH IN THE AGE OF LIES" and "ASSASSINS IN THE HOUSE OF GOD" masterpieces your own, and also lyrically a damn strong band that you need to know anyhow, and trust me, to know them is to love them, phenomenal band!!! I listen to them since the mid of the 1990's or so, and they still kept all their reputation and importance they used to have back then even today. And it's even became more over all the years. Awesome shit!!!


Next ones are AWKWARD THOUGHT. Maybe not the first of the leger Hardcre bands from the NY that may come to your mind when you think about NYHC music but they really need to be liste here anyhow, if ya know what I mean. A lot of a Hardcore Punkrock vibe to it, and also the most european sounding band here. Sounding not that much like the 'original' NYHC bands, sounding more like what all the so called Euro Core bands from the mid 1990's on made out of the NYHC torch, bands like BACKFIRE!, RIGHT DIRECTION, HARD RESISTANCE, RYKER'S, BRIGHTSIDE, etc. pp., and I always used to love and still love this bands, yeahr, so that says a lot about what I thnk about AWKWARD THOUGHT. Check 'em out, point and fact!!!


Yeahr, here they are, the almighty BIOHAZARD, so yes, time's up for Brooklyn, NYC, giving us it's finest. It must have been some-time around 1994 when I first listened to them and they took me by storm right from the first note on. If I should name ya my favorite track then it probably would be "TALES FROM THE HARD SIDE" (that's also the first song of them I've ever listened to) and if ya want ta know about my favorite record of them it would probably be "STATE OF THE WORLD ADDRESS" (also my first record of them), but anyhow, I've chosen their cooperation work with the Hardcore Rap/Hip Hop band ONYX titled "JUDGEMENT NIGHT" because it's one of my all-time-ever very favorite songs by them and it's just an awesome great piece of music that you really have to know. Also with this song, the title track of the movie of the same name that received some huge fame back in the days and still holds this glory today, they took NYHC to new heights and levels, influencing hundreds and thousands of hundreds and thousands of different bands them following bands, but without being ever be reached by only one single one of them. Being an ongoing giant inspiration for all Hardcore-Metal-Rock-Rap/Hip Hop-Crossover bands out there. They had been playing a huge part when it comes to giving an impressive answer to the question what NYHC is and could be right on from the early 1990's all over the years of their existence, and also live they had always been an unbeatable force, hm, and for what I know they are pretty much back after taking some break and time-out as a band and that they are back is just more then great. By the way, they are one of my all-time top five favorite bands, so ya maybe get a pretty good impression of what BIOHAZARD always meant, stil mean and will always mean to me, point and fact!!! So check the "JUDGEMENT NIGHT" out and you'll know what I mean and why I love this band so much for now much more than over an decade!!!

CARNIVORE - "RACE WAR" (live) (back in 1990)

(R.I.P. Pete Steele)

Yeahr, one hell of a great band!!! You maybe think that CARNIVORE shouldn't be named here, ha, but you also think I would care about it all?!? Really?!? Oh come on, you should know it better!!! By reading this very blog here you should know me better!!! Coming from Brooklyn NYC they had been one of th very most controversial bands of the late 1980's and early 1990's, being defamed as being fascists, racists, sexists, and a lot of 'evils' more, because writing and playing songs like "RACE WAR", "JESUS HITLER", "ANGRY NEUROTIC CATHOLICS", "U.S.A. FOR U.S.A.", "S.M.D.", and "SEX AND VIOLENCE", just to name a few (of their immortal hits). Politically incorrect as fuck, and that in the good and truly non P.C. way of things, and outspoken as hell, patriotic and pissed off and aggressive and über-heavy, hell yeahr, I love CARNIVORE, point and fact. They used to create and play one hell of a unique style of damn hard and ultra-brutal Crossover music style somewhere between Hardore and Thrash Metal with some Doom and Sludge influences and also some Punk notes in it and all cultivated with some strong, unique and very creative melody lines, even today just fuckin' awesome. They had been a huge influence for a lot of bands that followed them up over the years. And it's funny, because for what I know especially over here in Germany they influenced a lot of also pretty great bands, just to name the legendary WARPATH (you really need to know them) and also great acts like TOTENMOND and DRECKSAU (just to name this three bands). They've created a very unique style of Hardcore music and coming from NYC they created their very own style of NYHC music, and that's why they are mentioned here (with a heavy dose huge, huge justification) and that's also why you really should check them out, point and fact!!! Their self-titled first record included hits like "WORLD WAR THREE & FOUR" and was a pretty nice record, still more on the Metal side of things, but with their second and final record "RETALIATION" they defined and created what should become known as their very own style of music still to this present day, it's an decade-record, if ya know what I want to say with that. Awesome shit!!! So enjoy this classical live performance of them (also pretty good sound, nice shot) and yes: Rest in peace Mister Pete Steele, the good always go way to soon!!!


One of the very early pioneers of the classical NYHC sound and style, the back in 1982 in NYC founded CAUSE FOR ALARM had always been a pretty impressive and really damn good band, always being more on the Punk side of the NYHC sound and style. You should especially take care about checking out there split record release with WARZONE released back in 1995 on "VICTORY RECORDS" (beside the most of their other stuff, haha;-), for sure, and ya should by now know that you can trust me blindly), 'cause it's a great piece of New York Hardcore music. Always a fucking damn good band, but they had always been somehow a little bit under my radar, even I can't tell ya why, if ya understand what I mean with this words. But anyhow, like I've already said, a really damn good band, so just check them out and yeahr, enjoy this little video of them (it's also a very good one, if ya ask me). CAUSE FOR ALARM (still) fucking rule!!!


Do I need to say anything?!? I mean, a post about New York Hardcore without the mighty and legendary CRO-MAGS, do ya wanna be kidding me?!? They've written history, music history, Hardcore history, NYHC history, and nothing else, point and fact. Being one of the bands with the biggest influence on oh so many uncountable other bands out there, then and now, from Hardcore (and not only the NYHC way of sound and style) and Oi! to Punk and Metal. You may have expected that I would choose another song and video of them, something like "HARD TIMES"/"SIGN OF THE TIMES" or so, and yeahr, maybe you're in the right, but okay, I've chosen this one here because it's a damn strong song by them and also the video clip is pretty cool and it's very cool showcasing and displaying how less important a what-so-ever certain style of clothing had been back in the days in contrast to today's world and music and scene. I don't have to tell ya anything more, you just have ta give ya respect and dedication and 'honoration' (hm, is this word really existing anyhow?!?, haha;-)...) to the mighty CRO-MAGS, a damn important and 'special' and gifted band. Hell yeahr, truly great ones!!! NYHC wouldn't be the same without them, as well as Hardcore in general wouldn't be the same without them. You need to know 'em. Point and fact. CRO-MAGS!!! HARDCORE!!! FIST!!!


Here they are, the damn mighty CRUMBSUCKERS from NYC, the precursor band of one of my personal favorites ever, of PRO-PAIN. The CRUMBSUCKERS had been pretty influential and they've used to play some strong and angry and pissed off early Metallic Hardcore mixture straight out of NYC. If you like Old School Thrash Core bands like D.R.I. and CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER as well as early Metalcore bands like the WRECKING CREW and S.O.D., and also as well as some great Old School Thrash Metal like the early SLAYER then you will love the CRUMBSUCKERS. I love them!!! A great video I have here for ya. It's of their great hymn "TRAPPED", and it's a pretty cool and very nice video. Skinheads, Hardcore Hooligans, Punx and Metalheads caught in a mosh, in one hell of a mosh pit. Good friendly violent fun, no fights or any bullshit like this that can be recognized much too often at shows around these days. Also aside of/from this, the CRUMBSUCKERS had been and still are a brilliant and very important band that you need to know, great Hardore from New York City!!! Timeless stuff!!!


Firts: Here you get DARKSIDE N.Y.C. playing two of their songs for ya, the scond one is their incredible great anthem "BEARING THE BRUNT", but the first one I didn't knew before and I don't really understand the title, it's something with ' on my...', but I have no clue, but anyhow, I just wanted that you know about it at least a bit, haha;-). I don't know that much about DARKSIDE N.Y.C. (and I'm too lazy to go and ask Google about them that precisely...), and I also just call their damn great "AMBITIONS MAKE WAY FOR DREAD" record my own (because it's impossible to get anything else of them over here anyhow...), and that's really a stand-alone record that you desperately need to call your own. One of the most brutal and punishig NYHC bands ever, somewhere between SHEER TERROR, CRO-MAGS, ALL OUT WAR, CELTIC FROST, HELLHAMMER (or WARHAMMER) and some Old School Thrash Metal (from SLAYER to KREATOR) and also some few Black Metal elements in it. One of the most evil and most bitter and also most angry bands ever, no matter from where you may seek for some rivals of them. They've arosen out of the ashes of SHEER TERROR and earned some huge (and justified) reputation in the Underground Hardcore scene for being one hell of a stand-alone Hardcore band from NYC. And that should be reason enough for ya to make them known to ya. And damn it, try at least everything you can do to get their above mentioned record, and fuck it, now just enjoy their great live performance. Great stuff!!! I love this pure frustration and sheer brutality set to music, awesome shit!!!


Next ones, the legends from Syracuse, New York (okay, okay, maybe not that much the city known as NY at all, I know, I know... or maybe I do think so;-)...), no one else then EARTH CRISIS, militant Straight Edge Hardore of the best of pretty much all kinds of this music. I listen to them since the mid of the 1990's, and what shall I say, with their music, lyrics and messages they had always been fucking important for/to me. Great combination of brutal devastating Hardcore music and some (sometimes also more) Metal elements to it, especially on their later releases. Okay, you just have to know that I love this band and that they are damn important to me, right from my start with them, and I think that's maybe enough, because anything else, hm, I mean, I could bet that maybe nearly everyone of you out there is knowing all what is important about them, no matter if you like them or not, and that says enough about the importance and reputation of them. Here you get the official clip to one of their newest songs that is to be listened to on their current record, and it's one great song and truly an anthem, and so now just enjoy it. Great militant and critical Straight Edge Hardcore, one of the very best out there, and a role model for generations of young bands of that style, point and fact!!!


One of the more or less new bands to represent New York City in the world of Hardcore music, hm, and probably one of the hardest and most brutal bands ever to represent NYHC. This song is taken from their last and still current record "HEAVY LIES THE CROWN", and like this whole record this song is a damn awesome monster of hard'n'heavy music. Okay, a lot of Metal in it... really a lot of much, much Metal, the Death Metal and brutal Thrash Metal style of Metal music... and you might can say that they play today more or less Hardcore Metal or Metalcore but at the end of the day it really don't matter how you may like to call it, 'cause it's just an awesome band playing some damn great music. Maybe something like the (more or less) new breed of NYHC, if ya like to call them this way. This is one of my favorite songs of FULL BLOWN CHAOS, a fucking great band, so just enjoy it, and also the sound quality of this live recording is pretty good after all. NYHC in da house, baby... Ah, okay, let us forget about this last sentence, haha;-).


(live) (1991) (Germany)

And here they are, GO!, the band that Mike Bullshit formed after he'd left SFA due to difference when it comes to music and message (of SFA). GO! are damn good known as one of the maybe most positive bands in the history of NYHC ever, they've done it all in a pretty positive way of seeing and doing things and getting their stuff done. They also had been an overly correct band, some would say politically correct, singing especially about rights for and acceptance of gays and lesbians in society in general as well as in the Hardcore scene (not only the one of NYC) 'in special' (is that really that important anyhow, at least still today and I mean especially- still- today, I mean, hm, even it's provocative, but damn it, how many more 'equal rights' "they" should still get and earn anyway?!?), singing against sexism, fascism, racism, capitalism, and dealing with a lot of other different issues like this. Some dudes will now start to rant their mouth because GO! being nothing but a stupid fucking weakhearted PC band and something like this, nah, but you know what: It was damn necessary that a band dealt with such topics (respectively that bands dealt with such topics) back then, and in some cases of this topics it's even maybe still pretty necessary, even I think that there are and had always been and will always be other even more important topics that bands should (also) deal with. How-ever, GO! had always been a pretty cool band (even they had never been a that much important band for me anyhow, and I always choosed and would always again choose SFA first and second before I would choose GO! anyway, but that's a question of personal taste when i comes to music), being active for the first time just from 1989 to 1991 or so, but decided to reunite some years ago from now. GO! used to play a very Punk influenced style of NYHC (or something like this), damn fast and full throttle forward going without any kinds of maybe possibly working breaks on board. GO! are also known as a Queer Core band, if not the inventors of this Hardcore subgenre, hm, but don't ask me if anyone involved in the band is queer or gay anyhow, or if it's just because of the topics they do deal with in their lyrics, but I don't care about it anyway becuse I just not even a give one single dime to know about the sexual preferences of any of you out there, it's just something without any importance at all to me and my life, and if you now do have a problem with GO! just because they are known as Queer Core then you should maybe make yourself some serious thoughts about yourself, if you now know what I mean and want to say with this. Here you get an old live clip of them, playing over here in Germany back then in 1991, and it's a pretty cool live performance and clip, even the sound quality could be really much, much better (I know, I know...), they are playing 'here for us' their three songs "KING OF NOTHING", "VICTIM OF CIVILIZATION", and "THE WORLD", and now just enjoy this pretty cool and also pretty important NYHC band with a pretty 'special' character and identity. Solid, good stuff, so just make sure that you check GO! out anyhow.


A legendary and damn important band, that's a fact, even if they are in general more linked to and with the Straight Edge Hardcore scene and not so much with the New York Hardcore scene and music. Founded at the end of the 1980's in New York City they became one of the most important and influential bands in Hardcore ever, and especially but not only when it comes to Straight Edge Hardcore. One of the most important and best-known bands in Hardcore from New York City, yes, and so they really need to be featured here as a part of this 'Videos' tribute posting to the world of NYHC. They released just one proper record, titled "START TODAY", and you should desperatly call this one your own if you're seriously into Hardcore music. Great band!!! They more or less pretty soon decided to call it a day back then, but after 15 years they reunited anyhow and played some good big shows, also a whole european tour back then in 2007 (16 years after their split up). They released two records, the "GORILLA BISCUITS" 7'' in 1988 on "REVELATION RECORDS" and the already mentioned "START TODAY" full length in 1989 also on "REVELATION RECORDS", and damn it, the GORILLA BISCUITS had been one of the bands why "REVELATION RECORDS" got this legendary reputation. Check them out, you have to love them, can't handle it anyway different, if you're into Hardcore music, and nothing less. By the way, founded exactly in 1987 and separated back then exactly in 1991, so just that you also know about this key facts. By the way, also a cool live clip, and yes, it's one of my absolutely favorite GORILLA BISCUITS songs, yes, it is. Thumbs up!!! Great!!!

H2O - "WHAT HAPPENED?" (feat. Lou Koller, SICK OF IT ALL)

Hell Yahr, here's another pretty cool and really damn good and necessary NYHC band coming for ya, the already larger than life H2O. More on the melodic side of the whole NHC things, and maybe it's especially this what's making them so damn unique and important!?! Hm, don't know what I want to say with this words, so don't keep ya eyes on them too intensely focussed, because maybe H2O are just so unique, important and fucking damn good because they are this, a fucking damn good great band playing one of the best NYHC ever!?! Hm, i guess i's a mixture out of both mentioned reasons. Ha, a clever guy I am, right, haha;-)!?! Anyhow and anyway, you need to know them, and yes, you will love them!!! Very nice intro spoken words and then a great dynamic and energetic as well as awesome anthemic song kicks off, also coming with just great lyrics, and yes, even it's fucking sad, but they do definitely speak the truth with this song and its words. Also great guest performance of the mighty Lou Koller of the legendary SICK OF IT ALL. Hm, if I'm not going into the totally wrong direction right now, then it's a song of their newest record and it's one of my favorite songs ever of H2O. Ah, also a "Drug Free!!!" band, like you should know. So yeahr, just get it!!! Great stuff!!!


Next ones are the almighty JUDGE, also one of the leading and most important forces in Straight Edge Hardcore ever, and also coming from NYC, yeah, so that's making them also to an NYHC band anyway and they are so damn great and important that you find them here for some more than 'just' good and 'only' justified reasons. Arisen from out of the ashes of the YOUTH OF TODAY (okay, okay, maybe a little bit too much pathos in it, but please let me say it this way, because it just sounds great, haha;-)...) JUDGE really haven taken Straight Edge Hardcore and uplifted it on a new level when it comes to heavyness and attitude and songwriting and just sheer pure power and force. By the way, they also did a great cover of the legendary U.K. Oi! band BLITZ, just that you know about it. Along with some other members of now-a-days legendary Straight Edge Hardcore bands from NYC members of JUDGE were also involved in the legendary band-side-project PROJECT X that released with their "STRAIGHT EDGE REVENGE" 7'' one of the very, very best (not only Straight Edge) Hardcore records ever. Okay, back to JUDGE.  Formed in 1987 they've created one of the most brutal Straight Edge Hardcore to be ever listened to back in the days, heavy NYHC influences of AGNOSTIC FRONT and CRO-MAGS, as well as some inspirations of early Thrash Core like for example D.R.I., and also they had been one of the most provocative and militant Straight Edge Hardcore bands of all time, so yes, you can say that they had have a major impact on (from 1987 on) future developments of Straight Edge Hardcore expressed in, by and through bands like EARTH CRISIS and so on. So you see, a necessary and important and (first and foremost) great band that you really have to know, point and fact!!! This is their total hymn and one of their earliest songs ever recorded, "NEW YORK CREW", that you get here in a cool live version, so just enjoy it, great stuff!!! Thumbs up!!!


Another legend from NYC, also very good known for their Oi!/Streetpunk favor. Some KILL YOUR IDOLS guys also play today in SKINHEADS STILL SCARE PEOPLE (aka S.S.S.P.), one of the best Oi! influenced New York Hardcore bands of today (and it really sucks that I didn't manage to get a video clip of them from somewhere for this very post here, I'm very sorry about it). KILL YOUR IDOLS are now-a-days a departed or defunct band, so this is also a farewell tribute to them. Fast and Sing-A-Long friendly NYHC with some good and pretty clear Punk and especially Oi! and Streetpunk influences in it, yeahr, and also pretty Old School, no Metal or what-so-ever in it, also very true to the cause. Fast, aggressive, and catchy and hymnal as fuck, and you really get it here with their great hymn "FALLING" (and also a little bonus), and yes, should be also something for ya if ya're into CAUSE FOR ALARM and damn good stuff like this. Just enjoy it, KILL YOUR IDOLS had been a great band and you can see and hear it here in an very impressive way. It's a great live video, enjoy it!!! Cheers & Oi!


Okay, talking about legends from NYC when it omes to Hardcore music you just can't go on without this band here, LIFE OF AGONY. Okay, okay, they've turned into some more and more Alternative/Independent Rock band over the years, but also when this happened they still owned some huge, huge potential that they've shown us with songs like "WEEDS", but okay, back to the topic, the NYHC band LIFE OF AGONY. With their debut full length release "RIVER RUNS RED" they released an groundbreaking record back in the golden 1990's and I really have to say that if you've missed LIFE OF AGONY and especially "RIVER RUNS RED" you must have been fucking with the apes in the jungle over the 1990's, you stupid fuck. A very difficult to describe style, a very, very special and unique sound, you have to listen to it, then you should be able to understand what I want to say with it, if you don't know them already anyhow. Won't say much more now, just listen to them here, giving us a cool live shot of their mastertrack "RIVER RUNS RED", great, great stuff!!! I still love this record, hm, and I think this won't change anymore anyway anyhow!!!


Here are the next Hardcore legends from New York coming, the well-known LIFETIME. Okay, maybe they should be listed under the label of New Jersey Hardcore, hm, but don't let us be that 'immortally wise' at this point here;-). For a Hardcore band out of NYC (and especially from New Jersey, and also from the whole East Coast) they do sound very untypical, because they used to sound much, much, much more like a Melodic (if not Pop) Punk/Core band from the sunny West Coast, very, very melodic and 'happy' respectively positive. A very important band in the1990's, hm, but to be honest to you they had never been one of my personal faves because it's just not that much my style of Hardcore music, because just too 'poppy' and too catchy. Let me say it this way, there are many, many good reasons why the Pop Punk band NEW FOUD GLORY did covers of LIFETIME and I am not, never was and never will be a NEW FOUND GLORY fan anyhow. But okay, LIFETIME did at least some songs that also convinced me back in the days and still stand their ground today, and they had also been a little bit of a special band and also a very important NYHC band of the 1990's and so it's more than only justified that they are represented here even they aren't my personal favorite band anyhow. But anyway, check them out and "CUT THE TENSION" is (not only their maybe best-known but also) my personal favorite one of them. By the way, also a band for fans of acts like THE LOVED ONES and a lot of the whole 1990's "FAT WRECK" bands. So if that's your favorite style of music then don't think twice and check them out, even it's not exactly my cup of tea.


And I would bet that many of you had been waiting for this one here, the mighty MADBALL, one of the very best and also very best-known NYHC bands of all time and ever. I thnk with them it's pretty much the same case as with AGNOSTIC FRONT, their 'older brothers', haha;-): I really do think that I just don't have to say that much more about them here at this point, because pretty much all of you and maybe everyone interested in New York Hardcore as well as the most of you interested in Hardcore in general know them already anyhow, and they are also probably one of the biggest Hardcore bands of today, and if you ask me, that's more than justified. From their groundbreaking "SET IT OFF" masterpiece over the (if ya ask me even a little bit better and stronger) next one "DEMONSTRATING MY STYLE" over all their this two great releases following records until this very present day one supreme Hardcore (respectively New York Hardcore) monster followed another one, so yeahr, much respect for the mighty MADBALL. Also a very important band for me, like also AGNOSTIC FRONT, even if they don't close up to BIOHAZARD and SICK OF IT ALL, but hey, that's very difficult after all and for all out there, so not a failure of them anyhow, haha;-). I've chosen my personal über-hit and all time fave of them, "PRIDE (TIMES ARE CHANGING)", because it's just definitely my favorite one of them, and it's also on my favorite record of them, the already mentioned "DEMONSTRATING MY STYLE" masterpiece. It's the official video clip to this song that you get here, it's a pretty cool clip with some cool Gangsta attitude, haha;-). Enjoy it!!! HARDCORE STILL LIVES!!!


Oh yeahr, here they finally are, the pioneers of brutal and hymnal and mostly mid paced Metalcore, the incredible great and important MERAUDER. With their debut "MASTER KILLER" they really released one immortal heavyweight champion back then in the 1990's. Here you get the official video clip of the title track of that record of the same name. Hm, what shall I say more, I mean, listen to the song and you will get aware of all the stuff legions of the metallic Hardcore and Metalcore bands of today trying to sell ya as something totally new and a creation of their very own... no further comment about this bullshit, haha;-). Great music, great lyrics, and more important than 'only' very when it comes to the history of Hardcore music in general and NYHC as the 'special case'. No need to say more at this point, a groundbreaking band that made someting pretty new back then and they are still going strong today, so much respect and honour for and to them. Stand-alone band!!! And damn i, now just enjoy the video and this great song!!!

M.O.D. - "WIGGA"

Yeahr, one of the biggest and also most controversial legends in Hardcore history in general, and specifical in New York Hardcore history, the legendary METHOD OF DESTRUCTION aka M.O.D., the heavy guitar riffing and bonebreaking rhythm machine monster formed by and around the mastermind Billy Milano straight out of the city that never sleeps. (Later on Billy Milano announced that from now on M.O.D. would stand for MILANO'S ON DRUGS", haha;-)...) Formed back then as some sort of a side project, but it turned out to be petty fuckin' succesful and so- thank the almighty Buddha or whom else ever for that- M.O.D. remained and Milano and M.O.D. are still going strong today. They've released their debut record  ("DICTATED AGGRESSION") back then in 1984 via "ROADRUNNER RECORDS", and then with "U.S.A. FOR M.O.D." (1987), "GROSS MISCONDUCT" (1989), and "RHYTHM OF FEAR" (1992) they used to release their maybe three most prominent and succesful records ever, all on "MEGAFORCE RECORDS". All great records, and it are pretty much this three masterpieces that are so damn much linked  to the name and band of M.O.D. that if you hear this bandname it will be probably this three record (or at least one or two of them) that usually will come to your mind first. In 1994 then followed one monster of a record, their "DEVOLUTION" masterpiece (via "MUSIC FOR NATION", but some also talk about an obscure label like "ENERGY RECORDS"... but my version was released via "MUSIC FOR NATIONS" anyhow... how-ever...), and also Tom Klimchuck of PRO-PAIN was back then a member of M.O.D., and "DEVOLUTION" also was (their most political record and also) the first record of M.O.D. that I got back then in the days of 1994 and it's (maybe also a little bit because of that) still my most favorite one of them. Then in 1995 via "MEGAFORCE RECORDS" the M.O.D. best of compilation of the name of "LOVED BY THOUSANDS... HATED BY MILLIONS" came out, and let me say it this way, even normally you need not one single best of record M.O.D. is one of the very few bands where you really need to have this one, point and fact. Then in 1996 "MEGAFORCE RECORDS" rereleased the "ROADRUNNER RECORDS" release and M.O.D. debut record "DICTATED AGGRESSION". (There're some rumors going round that "DICATED AGGRESSION" wasn't ever releaed by "ROADRUNNER RECORDS" back then and that it first came out in 1996 on "MEGAFORCE RECORDS", but what ever.) Some years went by (due to a big S.O.D. reunion of a more or less too short time in which Billy Milano was heavily involved) and it wasn't before 2003 that M.O.D. returned with the phenomenal "THE REBEL YOU LOVE TO HATE" record that was released via the german label "NUCLEAR BLAST RECORDS", and then in (I guess) 2007 M.O.D. fired the next round with their record "RED, WHITE AND SCREWED", also a great one. In 2008 Billy Milano announced that M.O.D. will take a break of a not precise to be announced time period. Hopefully they will come back again!!! In 2009 M.O.D. played their for now last or final show in Austin, Texas, because Billy Milano settled over to Austin from New York. Billy Milano used to be an ANTHRAX Roadie once and was also involved in the STORMTROOPERS OF DEATH aka S.O.D., but about them you will get some stuff later on to read, trust me about that. M.O.D. used to play a brilliant mixture out of New York Hardcore (AGNOSTIC FRONT, CRO-MAGS, etc. pp.) and American East Coast Thrash Metal (like ANTHRAX, OVERKILL, etc. pp.), and also they used to do some great musical (and lyrical) parodies, great. Lyrically they had always been damn good and pretty controversial, bitter humour and sarcasm in songs about A.I.D.S. and people that are 'earning' their money by 'doing nothing' from the state. Also harsh lyrical contents on war and the islam, and more stuff like this. Patriotic, conservative, hm, maybe, sarcastic and not for the weak hearted, damn sure, and always great stuff, definitely, and damn not politically correct. Also their records to differ pretty much, sometimes more political and serious, sometimes more sarcastic and funny. I've chosen the video to the opening track of their 2003 release "THE REBEL YOU LOVE TO HATE" of the name "WIGGA", and it's a great (damn sarcastic) track. Great lyrics and brilliant music, all that I love at this band you will do find in this song. And it's also a great video, and not only because Fred LIMP BIZKIT Durst is acting the part in it, haha;-). Check it out and then go and get their stuff and give them your support, and don't ya ever believe the bullshit cheap talk about Billy Milano and M.O.D. as being racists, fascists, and stuff like this, because it's nothing else then a big, big bunch of bullshit. A great band, never believe or even trust all the hustle, point and fact!!!


Yeahr, with MURPHY'S LAW here now do come another New York Hardcore legend. One of the earliest started and pretty much still active bands of the NYHC genre, started back then in 1982 in NYC by the singer Jimmy Gestapo that's still today a part of MURPHY'S LAW and today pretty much the only founding member of the band. They've released since 1982 over all the years uncountable singles, split releases and had been part of countless compilation records. But in total they just released five proper full length records since back then in 1982. In 1986 their self-titled debut release saw the light of the day. Followed up by "BACK WITH A BONG" (haha, what a great title, damn it, great, haha) in 1989, and "THE BEST OF TIMES" (defining SKACore long before it became an own genre or even a short-lived trend) and "DEDICATED" over the 1990's. And in 2001 the (for what I know) still current release came out, titled "THE PARTY'S OVER". In 2010 they announced to write down a new record, so let us wait and see what will be the outcome. MURPHY'S LAW had always been some little curiosity in NYHC, focussing pretty much completly on issues of party hard, drink harder, smoke pot and have fun, an when they use to handle things all a little bit more serious (even that's not sooo often the case) they normally use to sing about unity and friendship, and focussing on this issues and not only a very little bit on political and especially sociopolitical issues was and is a rarity in New York Hardcore. Also musically they always used to sound a bit different, even especially on their self-titled debut record they worked here and there with some heavy Thrash Metal influences they continued with working more and more with heavy Punkrock and also some Oi! and Streetpunk influences (also some Skinhead background had always been a part of MURPHY'S LAW), and later on dealing strongly with SKA, Reggae, Funk, and Soul, also playing it all more happy and sunny-funny, also with some West Coast Punkrock notes to it. Nice stuff, even if ya (like I do it, too) usually like more the harder side of things when it comes to New York Hardcore and also to Hardcore in general, so make sure you get known to them, damn good stuff. You get the damn great video clip to their pretty cool party anthem "WHAT WILL THE NEIGHBORS THINK?" classic, and the clip is something like the underground version of the  BEASTY BOYS classic "FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHT (TO PARTY)!", haha;-). Hm, maybe you can say that MURPHY'S LAW are somehow the GANG GREEN of NYC, if you know what I want to say!?! Check it out and enjoy it, damn good stuff!!! Happy Party Hardcore from NYC, go!!!


This is one of my all time favorite Straight Ede Hardcore bands (and also when it comes to Hardcore in general), songs and records ever. PROJECT X had been a short-lived project of members of now-a-days legendary NYHC Straight Edge bands like JUDGE and GORILLA BISCUITS, and they've played a very old school style of Straight Edge Hardcore, like the legendary MINOR THREAT bred it for the first time. But they play it harder, faster, louder, and much, much more pissed off, angry as fuck, agressive, and gladiatorial as well as unbroken and unbeaten. Great lyrics, just to say this also, to point it also out. They just released (for what I know) their "STRAIGHT EDGE REVENGE" 7'' record release, and that's the only pity about PROJECT X, because I would have loved if they would have released more of this great stuff. I love JUDGE, I love the GORILLA BISCUITS, as well as I also love the YOUTH OF TODAY and also MINOR THREAT, damn it, and PROJECT X are also a musical love affair to me, so just shut up and go nuts to this immortal anthem!!! Great, great, great stuff!!! New York Straight Edge Hardcore at its damn fucking very, very, very best!!! Ah, by the way, it's funny that directly after the beer drinking and pot smoking Party Harcore legends of MURPHY'S LAW the militant Straight Edge Hardcore legends of PROJECT X do follow, haha;-).


Next band, and also again some pretty strong change and diversity in and of the Hardcore and also Metal and then especially Crossover scene of New York. The band I'm now presenting to ya is no band else then the (back then) pretty well-known and damn good PRONG out of New York City. PRONG had been formed back then in 1986, but then using the bandname R-RUIN, and they had always been more and more a Metal band from NYC mixing their style and sound pretty much with some NYC Hardcore and Modern Rock stuff to it. Okay, okay, they- I mean PRONG... okay, what respectively who else?!?- had never been that much of a Hardcore band at all, NYHC or what-Core-else-ever, but being from New York having some undeniable Hardcore- to name it out: NYHC- roots they also really need to be a part of this very posting here, or at least that's how I felt- and how I still feel- about it anyhow. And yes, once a really great and very special and/or gifted band and this song was and still is one hell of an anthem, great track, so check it out!!! They had always owned quite some importance to me. Started as an more or less heavy Hardcore band that cultivated their music with a huge load of Thrash Metal and Industrial and also with some few Punk and Noise Rock influences, they had been one of the very first Crossover bands, with an undeniable (New York) Hardcore background to it, having earned themselves also some good reputation in the world of "CBGB'S & OMFUG". Over the years they moved more and more into the Crossover direction and they have had a pretty damn big impact on the definition what should become over the 1990's known as Crossover music (and that was quite a bit different then what was known as Crossover music over the 1980's, like you all should know, and also on the definition of Crossover in the 1980's PRONG used to have a huge impact, for sure). And with all that said I think that it won't make you wonder about the fact that PRONG also have had a giant impact on what should become known as Nu Metal and also on 1990's Industrial Rock, so that bands like the great KORN and even the almighty NINE INCH NAILS use to name them as one of their biggest influences. Musically they used to be always quite ahead of their time, and they are still more or less pretty active today, and that's also a statement. PRONG also participated in the legendary "PEEL SESSIONS" and already in their first year of existence they played shows with legendary and great bands like the CRO-MAGS (you find them also as a part of this very post here, 'look' above) and the german Thrash Metal legends of DESTRUCTION, and they've used to do such a good job that "EPIC RECORDS" signed them up and they released their second record "FORCE FED" in 1988, after PRONG released their debut "PRIMITIVE ORIGINS" in 1987. Then with the following records PRONG really earned their reputation, because they used to write some sort of music history the brilliant way with their larger than life records "BEG TO DIFFER" (1990) (also it was this record with that I became known to PRONG back in the days), "PROVE YOU WRONG" (1991) and "CLEANSIGN" (1994). The very classic track of them that you get here as a video clip, "SNAP YOUR FINGERS, SNAP YOUR NECKS" you can also find on "CLEANSIGN". In 1996 PRONG released "RUDE AWAKENING", again on "EPIC RECORDS". Also a damn good record, again, but due to a lack of support by the label the commercial breakthrough didn't happen anyhow. After this the deal was broken up by the label and PRONG were defunct for quite a while as an active band. In 2002 or so Tommy Victor, the mastermind behind and of PRONG, decided to give it another try and after a comeback tour PRONG released the live album "100% LIVE", and in 2003 a new studio record release came out called "SCORPIO RISING", but, to be honest, it was some kind of dissapointment, but anyhow, good that PRONG had been finally coming back. Until 2006 Tommy Victor was more active with other bands and pojects, for example he used to play guitar in and for MINISTRY, ROB ZOMBIE, MARILYN MANSON, and also DANZIG, so that it took some time before in 2007 PRONG released their still newest proper full length record, the very much (New York) Hardcore inspired "POWER OF THE DAMAGER", and this fine piece of music also was 're-released' as an Remix Album of the title "POWER OF THE DAMN MIXXXER" in 2009 (but I've never heard one single remixed version track of this one). Beside these named proper full length records PRONG also released a big bunch of singles and EP's, and also they had been a part of many compilation records. PRONG came from the NYHC scenery and had a huge impact on the Crossover music of the 1980's as well as of the 1990's and can be introduced as the inventers of what's known as Groove Metal, so they marched forward from New York Hardcore to Groove Metal, to say it this way. Back to this posted video clip, I love this track, and also PRONG had always been a very good and also pretty important band to me, so check them out. By the way, hell yeahr, and: "SNAPP YOUR FINGERS, SNAP YOUR NECKS!!!"

PRO-PAIN - "SHINE" (live)

Here are the next ones, one of the most important bands from NYC to me, one of the most important bands ever. For sure, the break between PRONG and PRO-PAIN here is somehow maybe a pretty big one, haha;-), but that's not that anyhow anyway important point here. I've discovered them (maybe a little bit late, I know, shame on me) back then in 1996 when their fantastic record "CONTENTS UNDER PRESSURE" used to come out, and with this masterpiece they took me by storm. Very groovy and heavy, harsh and brutal stomping New York Hardcore the NYC Pitbull style of typical PRO-PAIN Hardcore. Heavy and stoic guitar riffing, brutal yet very smart and especially charismatic vocals, a bulldozer-like rhythm section and brutal stomping songs from mid tempo monsters to up pace style beasts, and all with some unforgiven hard and heavy and very groovy rhythm structures. After this record, the alredy mentioned "CONTENTS UNDER PRESSURE", I pretty soon bought myself their first two records "FOUL TASTE OF FREEDOM" and "THE TRUTH HURTS", and also all the after "CONTENTS UNDER PRESSURE" over the last nearly one-and-a-half decade released records I bought damn soon after they had been released, except their 2010 record but this one I will also get the next time. Even over the last years they smetimes turned out to be a little bit too much Metal from time to time they still stand their ground strong today, and with their "CONTENTS UNDER PRESSURE" following up records "PRO-PAIN" (1998), "ACT OF GOD" (1999), "ROUND SIX" (2000), "FISTFUL OF HATE" (2004), "PROPHETS OF DOOM" (2004/2005) and "AGE OF TYRANNY - THE TENTH CRUSADE" (2007) they've also released great and stand-alone records, always cultivating their style more and more, even "FOUL TASTE OF FREEDOM", "THE TRUTH HURTS", and especially and first and foremost "CONTENTS UNDER PRESSURE" will always remain the unbroken and unbeatable strongest records of them to/for me. They've always mixed up New York Hardcore with (American East Coast) Thrash Metal, sometimes the Metal part had been stronger but they always remained true to their NYHC roots. Also lyrically very critical and political, very good and interesting stuff, so check it out. After SICK OF IT ALL and BIOHAZARD and with WARZONE, MADBALL, and AGNOSTIC FRONT one of the most important bands ever for/to me from NYC. Here you get a cool live version clip of their incrdible great anthem "SHINE" (to be find on the "CONTENTS UNDER PRESSURE" groundbreaking masterpiece), and maybe also with some little bonus stuff, who knows... I only say "MAKE WAR NOT LOVE", and maybe ya know what's aimed at ya and coming for ya... PRO-PAIN use to be the follow up band of the CRUMBSUCKERS, and if ya like what several different acts from MERAUDER to BIOHAZARD used to play and do then you should also love them, if ya still don't know them anyhow. Short and precise: Fantastic band, check them out!!!


And now it will get very old and again very different, maybe even more diverse than before here on this post. It's up to the REAGAN YOUTH, one of the very early Punk or Hardcore Punk bands from NYC that's always named as on of the forefathers of the New York Hardcore genre and so that's also the reason why you can find them featured here as a part of this post. They were founded back then during the (early) 1980's by some youth time friends, David Rubenstein and Paul Bakija, during their High School days, and their teacher in 'natural sciences' was that heavily taken by storm by the band's attitude, style, music, and message that he truly became a roadie for them. Ha, and if that's not cool I don't know what's anyhow cool, haha;-)!!! They have always been a very political and also critical-on-society band, against radical right wing politics. So the bandname is (or was) a combination of the Hitler Youth and Ronald Reagan. They used to compare Ronald Reagan and it's politics and also the religious fanatic right with radical and extreme right wing movements and even fascism, racism, anti-Semitism, and Nazism respectively Nationalsocialism. MAybe a little bit pithy, but okay. And they were very shocking back then, playing gigs in KKK dresses and SS uniforms, just for example. They used to play a (back then) heavy and aggressive as well as provocative Punkrock with some (very) early Hardcore touch to it, even the average Hardcore kid of today might wouldn't find anything about them he or she would be going nuts on, haha;-). The band's broken up with the end of Ronald Reagan's government time. They played, like already mentioned, a back then pretty hard and aggressive and Hardcore-ish version of Punkrock from straight outta NYC, but turned more and more to some strange and terrible Acid Rock stuff in their late phase of their existence as a band. And this 'acid' also shows ya the direction of the band at another stage, because heavy drug addiction really benefitted the defunction of the band. Especially David Rubenstein was heavily addicted to heroin, and was dealing with drugs by himself to get some money to finance his own addiction, as well as his girlfriend Tiffany Bresciani, they came together in 1993, and Tiffany was working as a whore (or prostitute) to get some cash to finance her and Rubinsteins addiction. His mother died in 1993 in a tragic car crash. Tiffany suddenly disappeared back then in 1993, she was last seen when she entered the truck of her regular punter. Some days later the truck was found and also Tiffany was found dead and murdered, and her regular punter turned out to be the serial killer Joel Rifkin. Hard and bitter story, if ya ask me!!! Some days later Rubinstein ended his life by his own hands, due to the loss of his mother and his girlfriend (and maybe also due the shithole he used to call his life back then). In 2006 the REAGAN YOUTH got together again, logically with a new singer (Pat McGowen, whom usually uses to sing in the band DISTRACTION), for playing live gigs and they've also announced a new record coming some day dealing with the life of Rubinstein. So, yes, a historical and also historically pretty important band, so maybe you find something new for ya, even it's in truth something very old anyhow and anyway. Good band, and also pretty important and also with a very bitter band-history, interesting stuff that's also necessary to be featured here as a part of this NYHC tribute post, even it's definitely not my favorite choice of music anyhow. Especially not when it comes to music from the NYC, haha;-).


Out of New York (with some New Jersey roots) do come the next ones here, and they are no one else's like RHYTHM TRIP, one of the hardest rockin' and most Hardcore influentially acts of the american 1990's Crossover scene and music, more Hardcore like many so called and self proclaimed Hardcore acts back then and especially of today. Founded by Tim of M.O.D. who created "RHYTHM OF FEAR" with Billy Milano and it became- due to his guitar work- a milestone. After this masterpiece record the two went seperate ways, and Tim founded RHYTHM TRIP. Hard and damn heavy, very brutal guitar riffing, a songwriting that really defined the word and meaning of the word Groove totally new, a damn precise and well-timned rhythm section, and amazing Hardcore Rap/Hip Hop vocals, and with their fantastic "BRING DA RUCKUS" full length debut record they really wrote some part of Hardcore and especially Crossover music history of the 1990's. And yes, you really need to have it as a part of your good sorted record collection, point and fact. I've chosen the fantastic "WHO HOLDS DA CROWN?" song of them, the leading single force of their already mentioned "BRING DA RUCKUS" masterpiece back in the days, it's a phenomenal song (and it's also just truly and really great when you're pumping iron in the gym), and here you get the official clip to this one, so just enjoy it!!! Ah, by the way, a new record of them is announcd to be released next year or so, so just keep your eyes wide open for it. New York City Rapcore at its damn very fucking best!!!

SFA - "JUST ANTHER WORD" (live) (1988)

(Original Hate Core!!!)

Next ones are the legendary and back in 1984 formed SFA (aka STAND FOR ANYTHING or something like this...), the inventors of the genre known as Hatecore, as a very special sort of New York Hardcore. They were formed in 1984 by the NYC fanziner Mike Bullshit, starting really up in 1985 playing gigs and stuff like this. In 1988 they've released their debut 7'' called "NEW YORK". After this the founder Mike Bullshit left for a while the band because he wanted to tramp through the States. (Strange ideas some people do have, what about working for your living?!?) But earlier in 1988 SFA also were joined by their second singer Brendan Rafferty, who also sang on the already mentioned "NEW YORK" debut 7'' together with Mike Bullshit. As Mike Bullshit re-joined SFA he 'suddenly' realized that SFA had taken a direction of development with that he wasn't lucky or with that he couldn't identify anymore and so he left the band and started 'his own' band GO! (they will also be featured as a part of this post here the next days, just have to find a good clip of them, and GO! are often to be known as a forefather band of stuff like Queercore... - I still didn't find a clip of them, and after I own nothing of them on CD and I still can't make MP3's out of vinyl or tape releases, so yeahr, when I get a clip of them anyhow then also GO! will be featured here as a pert of this post, but don't ask me when this will be anyhow, I think you have to wait quite a bit for it, at least this feeling is haunting me...) to express his own ideas of Hardcore music from NYC better. But for SFA to loose Mike Bullshit was nothing but a let-down anyhow, because they really started up after this whole scenery. They were playing headliner shows in "CBGB'S & OMFUG" and also giving the support act for AGNOSTIC FRONT, BAD BRAINS and many other Hardcore bands and now-a-days Hardcore legends. They had always been a pretty much left wing band politically, so that you see that this whole occupation of the term Hatecore by the radical and extreme right wing scene is just nothing else than another display of how stupid this fascist and racist lowlife subhuman scum really is. And SFA also have always been a very angry band, and so that's how it came to this whole Hatecore story. By the way, Hatecore was also a way for them to express their disgust of this whole Posi-Core stuff of the back then reigning Straight Edge Hardcore version. In 1991 they've finally released their debut full length record "THE NEW MORALITY" via "DeMILO RECORDS", after they've started working on it back in 1989 but due to some problems of the record label it took so damn long, and that's also the reason why in 1991 they've also finished the work on their second record "SO WHAT?" that was then also released in 1991 and it was released on "WRECK-AGE RECORDS". In 1991 they also released a live 7'' EP, and then in 1995 their third reord "SOLACE" on "WE BITE! RECORDS". And they also used to tour Europe for several times, and they are also still pretty activ (at least when it comes to playing live gigs, especially over their in the States). They have had very aggressive, militant and hatefilled lyrics, in strict contrast to the Posi-Core of the Youth Crew movement of the Straight Edge Hardcore genre, and their lyrics are also a very strong contrast to what GO! should be doing, and SFA also played a very hard and aggressive style of Hardcore or better: NYHC. But they also had been very disgusted by the whole split that started in the 1980's of the NYHC scene and always used to hold on to some sort of uncompromisingly 'Unity!' thought of Hardcore and Punk, thinking it as one: Hardcore/Punk!!! After SFA Hatecore was used as a term to describe also other bands, at first more or less comparable bands like SHEER TERROR (you'll find them later- I think next- as a part of this post), but later on Hatecore was more and more chosen freely to describe more and more different bands, like for example the whole New Jersey Hardcore bands of the 1990's (just to name the awesome FURY OF FIVE as one example here) and later on also Straight Edge bands and even Hardline (Straight Edge) Hardcore bands, and from some point on then the radical and extreme right also used to use the Hatecore term, so fuck this whole r-evolution of idiots using this once very pure term. But how-ever, that's another story... Okay, enough said to and about SFA and Hatecore, great band, so check this nice little video clip out and have fun! (Even if the sound quality could be a little bit better, I know, so spare me your crying.) Cheers & Oi!


Next ones are the mighty and legendary SHEER TERROR, formed around and by Paul Bearer. Hm, maybe I'll get it done to keep this words about and to them somehow short, I'll do my best, haha;-). They were founded in the 1980's and had been active for quite a while, they've also played a so called homecoming show this year some weeks ago or so from now (for what I know), but their last record came out in 1995 and it was the great "LOVESONGS FOR THE UNLOVED" released via "BLACKOUT! RECORDS". SHEER TERROR are and/or had always been a great and also very unique band (and pretty important to me) and the term Hatecore was used to describe them for some good reasons, no matter if musically or lyrically. But hate should be also added by bitter feelings in general, music by underdogs for underdogs singing songs about the school of hard knocks and living your life by going, working, struggling and fighting through it. Nothing for Hippies or Yuppies that use to call themselves Hardcore!!! Fuck this scumbags!!! They had been (and still are) pretty good well-known in the world of Hardcore and maybe still today one of their biggest hits is there immortal anthem "JUST CAN'T HATE ENOUGH". They've released quite many records, so that I'll spare me the down-writing of a list of them, but make sure that you call at least "JUST CAN'T HATE ENOUGH" (1990, "BLACKOUT! RECORDS"), "UGLY AND PROUD" (1991, "MAZE AMERICA RECORDS") and the already mentioned "LOVESONGS FOR THE UNLOVED" (1995, "BLACKOUT! RECORDS") your own!!! Bands like JOE COFFEE and also (for what I know) DARKSIDE N.Y.C. are follow-up bands of SHEER TERROR. Great and very important band, so make sure you know about them more than this little posting here, and enjoy the great song and video clip that I've chosen for ya to present you SHEER TERROR here. Cheers & Oi!


Damn it, but I really have to try to keep this and the next following comments to the posted bands, songs and videos shorter (at least a little bit) than the last ones, haha;-). So, yes, I'm next gonna try it with this one. Hm, and maybe it's also in some ways simple, because I've already posted a bigger posting about SHELTER some time back on this very blog, a post that featured a lot of other videos and also official video clips of this Hardcore legend coming primarly from the NYC and what this band always meant to me, so that I hopefully can keep this one here at least a little bit shorter because you can everything else try to read there. We will se, haha;-). SHELTER used to rise out of the ashes of the legendary YOUTH OF TODAY (they will later also be a part of this post, calm down, I didn't forget them), the Posi-Core and Youth Crew Straight Edge Hardcore legends from out of the big apple. They used to go through a lot of different musical changes or better developments and r-evolutions during their existence as an active band, and I love all phases of them but especially their 'Powerpop-Hardcore' days of the "MANTRA" (especially of this time) and also the "BEYOND PLANET EARTH" era. How-ever, with SHELTER you can't possibly do anything wrong after all, so that must be enough for now. I love this band, the inventores of Krishna Core, and they are really so damn fucking important for/to me, so please just enjoy this great clip and song and band and then go and check out this Hardcore champs of the name of SHELTER even more intense!!!!


Next ones coming up are the almighty and immortal SICK OF IT ALL, the ultimate force in NYC, point and fact!!! I discovered them back in 1994 when their groundbreaking masterpiece of the title of "SCRATCH THE SURFACE" was given to the Hardcore crowd, and also in 1994 I discovered BIOHAZARD, and both bands are still today more than 'only' or 'just' important to me, lost nothing of their importance or reputation and both bands are bands of my all time top five bands ever, so now you may get a good impression of what SICK OF IT ALL do really mean to me. Havin' been one hell of an important band, no matter if musically or lyrically. By the way, also having always had and still have some damn good and authentic Oi!, Streetpunk and Skinhead/Bootboy background, so they've done quite a few number of good old Oi! covers, and they had been one of the bands that are guilty why I fell in love with Oi! music anyhow. They've defined more and more their very own style of NYHC music from day one on, and if you want a good overview when it comes to their early years then go and get their great "LIVE IN A WORLD FULL OF HATE" live record. And with the "SCRATCH THE SURFACE" masterpiece back then they integrated more metallic elements into their music and reached the highest levels of the quality of their music in this direction. In an interview back then I've read that they've said that if they would have went on in this direction then they would have become one of this boring Death Metal bands if they would have worked more into this direction. Hm, how-ever, but I know that they've really created a larger than life record back then with their "SCRATCH THE SURFACE" masterpiece record, lifting NYHC in general to new heights. Then they've changed quite a bit the direction of their music, going away from the more and hard metallic side and stomping straight through to the more and heavily Oi! and/or Streetpunk influenced side of things with their following records "BUILT TO LAST" and "CALL TO ARMS", both also great records even back then I've got my serious problems with the "BUILT TO LAST" record but today (and now already for a lot of years) I can't really tell ya why anyhow anyway right now anymore. Both are also damn great records that you need to have anyhow. Then with their following records "YOURS TRULY", "LIFE ON THE ROPES", and "DEATH TO TYRANTS" they combined both sides of their character to one unique and larger-than-life mixture, that reached its newest heights with their current release "BASED ON A TRUE STORY". So, damn it, I could say so much more about them and about how important they always had been right from the start, how important they are today and probably will ever be to me, but this would totally 'over-fill' this posting all here, so I hope you've got it by now anyway. I've chosen their Sing-A-Long Fist-in-the-Air Hardcore anthem "STEP DOWN" from their already mentioned "SCRATCH THE SURFACE" groundbreaker for this very posting here. It's still one of my all time favorite songs ever, and also the lyrics are just brilliant and very important, maybe today even more than back then in 1994. And yes, the video clip is also just awesome. Showing some good old Hardcore Pit moves and displaying that Emo jackasses aren't an oh so new problem anyhow, haha;-). Very cool is also the face-slap of the Hardcore scene of California, funny thing, haha;-). So yeahr, now just fucking enjoy this legends from NYC, SICK OF IT ALL, the Greatest ever, point and fact!!! FOREVER UNDERGROUND!!! FOREVER REAL!!! Cheers & Oi!


Next ones up here straight outta NYC, and this ones here are the pretty much politically incorrect SKARHEAD around the mighty Lord Ezec, haha;-). Drugs, money, doing crimes, being a Gangsta, gangbanging bitches, violence, beating the shit out of everyone you may meet on your way to your next Hardcore show or Rap/Hip Hop jam, hm, and basically that's it anyway, haha;-). Like it or not, but right from the start when I listened for the first time to their "KINGS AT CRIME" record they got me caught without letting me leave them again, if ya know what I want to say with this. Maybe not the smartest band around in NYC, SKARHEAD that used to arise out of the ashes of CROWN OF THORNZ, but definitely one of the toughest and meanest bands out there. And that says a lot, haha;-). I've chosen my favorite one of them from their already mentioned "KINGS AT CRIME" record in a pretty cool live version, so I hope you just enjoy it, and ,maybe don't ya take it all oh so serious, it's just a little note for ya;-). Ah, they've also released a new full length record, hm, and I think it was some time of this year, just that you know it. And yes, guys, never forget: "IT'S ALL ABOUT THE DRUGS, THE MONEY! DRUGS, MONEY AND SEX!"


And here are they now, the almighty STORMTROOPERS OF DEATH, aka S.O.D., the Moshpit champs from the city that never sleeps. I could write miles for miles about them and what they mean to me, but I'm gonna try to keep it at least a little bit shorter this time around. And I think that's probably some-what like okay and simple, because everyone out there should know them anyhow. And yes, if ya are a little bit smarter and still truly don't know them (but how can this be anyhow smart of you at all anyhow anyway?!?) you can get a pretty good connection between them, S.O.D., and the already above introduced M.O.D. just by reading the pretty similar 'short-names' of the both bands. Billy Milano was (/is) also the singer of S.O.D., and the band was formed by Billy Milano, Danny Lilker of the Thrash Metal heroes of NUCLEAR ASSAULT and the Grindcore legends of BRUTAL TRUTH, and Scott Ian and Charlie Benante of ANTHRAX, one of the greatest Metal bands out there ever. S.O.D. had been one of the very first (and still to date very, very, very best) bands that combined unbroken NYHC with rigid American East Coast Thrash Metal and defined what was meant to become known as Crossover (in the 1980's) or (early) Metalcore today, becoming somekind of a role-model for generations of other bands that followed them up. Great band, brilliant music and fantastic mean and angry and sarcastic lyrics that spitted out hate against god and the world and everyone and anything else. Great!!! You know get a damn great live clip of them playing their greatest hit "SPEAK ENGLISH OR DIE" (really a larger-than-life anthem) and especially the introduction words by Billy Milano are also just awesome (even some of my 'german brothers' may dislike them, haha;-)...), Fantastic band, point and fact, to keep it short and simple this time!!! Ah, and by the way, just that you don't forget about it: "SPEAK ENGLISH OR DIE!!!"


Yeahr, here they do come, the roughnecks of SON OF SKAM. A project (don't know how to call it anyway else... maybe a band?!?) of several different NYHC warhorses. You really do have to like also at least some kinds of hard and brutal Rap/Hip Hop music, at least a little bit, if that's not the case then the music of SON OF SKAM is probably nothing that pleases your gusto anyhow. And when it comes to the lyrics, hm, let me say it this way, if ya think that SKARHEAD should be just the beginning then you will find your promised land with SON OF SKAM. Nothing for the overly politically correct guys out there, and also and especially nothing for the weakhearted of you out there. Hm, but damn it, you're reading a blog that's called "MANSLAUGHTER THUG LIFE", so fuck it all up, you can't be a weakhearted when you're reading a blog of that name, haha;-). I really like this band very much and I've chosen my personal favorite of them for this post here, and by the way it should be also maybe their best-known song anyway, and it's coming to you in a very cool live concert clip version. Get yourself a can of brew, turn up the volume of the speakers of your computer, and then unleash hell. Great band, great music, great lyrics, great stuff, and so I guess I'm not one of the weakhearted, right, haha;-)!?!


With the just incredible great SUBZERO the next precious piece of finest NYHC is coming for your enjoyment and information. I first listened to them back then in 1997, that was the time when their stand-alone "HAPPINESS WITHOUT PEACE" masterpiece saw the light of the day. (And for what I knew respectively always thought this was also their- full length- debut record release, but after they are around since 1989 it could damn good be possible that I was thinking wrong anyhow all the time I thought this, just that you know it, and yes, I'm too lazy to google after the real story behind it right now, just that you also know about this.) Since then they had been around until this very present day, for what I know, and they used to release also some other records since then. All are strong and very strong records, no doubt about it, but their "HAPPINESS WITHOUT PEACE" masterpiece remained to be still my very favorite record release of them and it's also one of my all time favorite NYHC releases. Incredible strong and heavy, without being any kind of Metal or Metalcore stuff at all, NYHC at its very best. Full of power and energy, attitude and force. Heavy guitar riffing, damn charismatic and very harsh cantillated vocals, and a forceful and brutal rhythm section, clever arranged songs that cover a pretty wide distance from Old School Crowbar songs to Groove NY Core monsters to very melodic and anthemic Sing-A-Long masterpieces you will find it all, and they also always knew and still know how to play their instruments damn fucking strong, and on top of it we do also get great lyrics that also cover a pretty wide distance when it comes to the topics and issues they use to deal with. Short and precise: Awesome and great stuff!!! Point and fact!!! Get all what you can get of SUBZERO, but especially get their groundbreaking "HAPPINESS WITHOUT PEACE" masterpiece anyway and anyhow possible, and that's your damn duty, trust me about it!!! As a video clip of them you get here SUBZERO playing live their larger-than-life Stay-true-to-the-cause New York Hardcore anthem "FUCK M.T.V. ... I WANT MY N.Y.H.C.!", and that song was, is and will always be a statement of one of a kind. I love this shit, great!!! Cheers & Oi!


And the next ones are the metallic NYHC monsters of SWORN ENEMY. I've posted some words about them and also a video of them not so long ago, so I'm gonna keep this one here pretty short, as you can read more about them with reading the older post about them (and you find it also in the category of the 'Videos' sort). As you all may know SWORN ENEMY are a favorite of me when it comes to the new or newer breed of (New York) Hardcore bands, and for this post here I've chosen a song of them that's already a little  bit older right now, it's from their "AS REAL AS IT GETS" record, a really great record. Since then and especially after their masterpiece and über-record "THE BEGINNING OF THE END" they turned more and more Metal respectively Metalcore, but they still remained and still are a damn strong and just great band, without any doubt about it. But if I have the free choice to decide I always prefer their more Hardcore sounding stuff, especially their "THE BEGINNING OF THE END" masterpiece and their great "AS REAL AS IT GETS" record. Phenomenal stuff, point and fact!!! I hope you enjoy the clip and the great song, and then make sure that you get the records (or at least some of them) of this phenomenal band. And that's an order, so shut up and just do it, 'cause it's your damn fucking duty!!!

VIETNOM - "THE PIT" (live)

VIETNOM ar the next ones featured here, brutal NYHC the DMS way of style and sound. Still a pretty young or younger band, for what I know, at least compared to the old and older warhorses of NYHC. Damn brutal and heavy, aggressive and metallic style of NewYork Hardcore, and also a pretty unique and stand-alone style of it. Taking what AGNOSTIC FRONT had once started, what 25 TA LIFE started to develop, what MERAUDER somehow took to next level, and what SWORN ENEMY do pretty much best today, somewhere between these four big ones of NYHC you can locate VIETNOM, but playing it in their own way of style and sound, and it's pretty cool that they still stick to their DMS crew roots. Very gladiatorial and onward raging music, and so are also their lyrics. If I remember some of their bulletins via MySpace correct, then they aren't the biggest Obama fans and they still hold dear and true to the heart the ideas of Reagan, hm, think about it what you ever want, agree to it or not, but they don't take any prisoners and they don't make any kinds of compromises, musically as well as lyrically, in the tradition of the 'Stand for what you are!' idea, and that's always an outstanding thing, point and fact!!! Check this fucking damn good band out, and enjoy them paying their bonebreaking song "THE PIT" live in Toronto some-time around 2006 or so, and yes, so now damn enjoy it, great stuff!!!


(R.I.P. Raybeez)

Here they are, one band that you just can't miss when it's about New York Hardcore and also a band that many of you should have already waited for, and I'm speaking (or writing...) about the almighty and legendary and immortal WARZONE straight from the Lower East Side of New York City. You get a lot of/about them to read in the older post of the category of the 'Videos' sort that I've used to post some months ago, so I'm gonna take this chance to keep this one here also a little bit shorter, due to the facts that you can- first- read anything else about them what you maybe could read now here already there (the older post, you do remember...) and that- second- this posting here is already pretty long and a real monster of a post, so I'm gonna try to keep it short this time. WARZONE are just a fantastic band that was and still is so goddamn fucking important to me. I've get known to them after I aready knew SICK OF IT ALL and BIOHAZARD and together with PRO-PAIN, and with PRO-PAIN they are also one of my top ten bands of all time ever. Old School NYHC, heavily influenced by Oi! music and Skinhead ideals, and also a lot of Punkrock you can find in it, and how was an old shout of Raybeez going: "Anyone who wants to get some Metal can get the fuck out!" Hell yeahr, and that says a lot, and a lot of great and true things. For sure, haha;-)!!! I love this band and they won't ever be forgotten, R.I.P. Raybeez!!! Check them out, and here you have the possibility to get known to them better by watching this great live video of their anthem "IN THE MIRROR", and it's really phenomenal stuff, for sure!!! NYHC at its best, point and fact!!! Cheers & Oi!


Oh, the closing moment of this very post is coming near, and suddenly the writings to the posted bands and songs and clips are getting shorter (or at least there's the possibility that they could gt shorter...), and NOT (!!!) because the bands would be not important, oh no, but because I've already written and posted something of and about a lot of the final bands here before, and so it's also the case with the next ones here, the almighty YOUTH DEFENSE LEAGUE from Brooklyn, New York. There had been already a very long post to and about them here on this blog done by me, also a 'Videos' post, so that I can maybe keep this one here again a little bit shorter (or at least something like this...). I think I've already written enough about the bullshit hustle against the YOUTH DEFENSE LEAGUE by the 'political left', as well as about the stupidity of the WP/NS 14/88 faggots of the 'political right' to make the YOUTH DEFENSE LEAGUE to one of their bands, it's all nothing but a farce and a giant piece of shit and pure stupidity rought to life, so I will spare me every word more about it. So okay, the YOUTH DEFENSE LEAGUE, more and best-known as one of the biggest and/or best American Oi! bands of all time, right from the start up to the very present days we use to live in. But, yes, the YOUTH DEFENSE LEAGUE had been, especially in the beginning (just listen to their stand-alone "SKINS FOR SKINS" demo), also a very strong by Hardcore (the New York style) influenced band, so that ya may can call them with some 'good' justification an (Old School) Oi! Core band (from NYC) and so they are in the right place featured here. (Also they were featured on the old, old 'NEW YORK HARDCORE' sampler.) Later they went even more in the Oi! direction and worked with some few Hardrock and (Heavy) Metal influences in their music, but they always kept some sort of an old school Hardcore or better Oi! Core spirit to it, as well as they always stayed true to their gladiatorial attitude and unbroken fighting spirit. I really love this band so damn fucking much, yeahr, so damn much that I just can't tell it to ya in the right words. Phenomenal band!!! If you ask what release of them you should be seeking after/for, then let me say that all what you can get from the YOUTH DEFENSE LEAGUE you should get but especially the larger-than-life YOUTH DEFENSE LEAGUE compilation "THE VOICE OF BROOKLYN" needs to be a part of really and truly EVERY (!!!) good sorted record collection. Fantastic band, point and fact!!! Here you ge the video clip to their battle anthem "THE BOYS", a song with that great Hardcore vibe to it, so check them out, Skinhead and Bootboy and Hooligan music between (American) Oi! and (NYC) Hardcore at its very, very best!!! Never surrender!!! Cheers & Oi!


And here they are, the final ones of this New York Hardcore tribute posting, and we're closing it with the Straight Edge Hardcore legend from New York City of the name YOUTH OF TODAY. The inventors or pioneers of Posi Core and/or Youth Crew Hardcore, and also they stood for Vegan Straight Edge Hardcoe in the more or less pretty early days of this subgenre. They gave also birth to a lot of other now-a-days also legendary bands, like for example SHELTER and JUDGE (read above), and also YOUTH OF TODAY somehow had been the 'incubator' for SFA (read also above), so you see, maybe a love or hate band, but also anyhow and anyway a damn important band. It's pretty late now already and I'm damn tired and the last days had been very, very hard for me and I'm still trying to get over it all, so I'm very sorry if this writing about such an important and necessary band like the YOUTH OF TODAY may seem to ya a little bit 'sloppy' and uninspired, but that should not give ya a wrong impression of this damn great band with a very special attitude and an groundbreaking style of Hardcore music, and I'm also trying to put that much effort in it like I usually do it anyhow anyway. Like you may have already understand, I decided to love this love/hate band from NYC, and that quite a while ago. It's also very interesting how important more or less all the Straight Edge bands I know are for me (and had always been for me), musically and lyrically, even I was never Straight Edge anyhow, but with their message they really got me and they had also been (I know this today) one of the reasons why today I normally pretty much don't drink alcohol anymore (smoking or doing other drugs had never been something for me, so in this way or case I was always straight to the edge, haha;-)...), and that may give ya a good impression what the music I love in general means to me. The YOUTH OF TODAY really took what MINOR THREAT kicked off and took it to the next level back then and they had been an giant influence for legions of other bands following them in their footsteps, they've developed Straight Edge Hardcore damn much, musically and lyrically, and so they are one of the key bands in this genre to understand what Straight Edge and Straight Edge Hardore is today (with all the good and the bad sides, because like with all things in life there are always two sides of every story), so you really need to know them (and more than just by this little, but, by the way, damn great live video of them). One damn important band for Straight Ede Hardcore and also Hardcore in general, and also for me, myself and I, and you really need to know them, too, great, great band, point and fact!!! And again, a groundbreaking and standards-setting (Straight Edge) Hardcore band from NYC somehow linked to the NYHC scene, and so you should get again a good impression of how important this city and its Hardcore scene had always been for the Hardcore scene, genre and movement in general, and so a very good closing time band for this very post here, so just enjoy them playing their great anthem "BREAK DOWN THE WALLS" live 'especially' for you.

So folks, I know, it seemed to ya that this would be it all for now and this post, but after there's already a band featured that's maybe more to be counted to the New Jersey Hardcore scene, see LIFETIME above (and not to forget about RHYTHM TRIP), and New Jersey isn't that far away from New York (for what I do know;-)...) I decided to give ya a litte bit of an excursion when it comes to New Jersey Hardcore. Okay, New Jersey Hardcore is such a big thing and topic that it's worth a post of or for its own. (And maybe this post will be coming one day, too.) But, anyhow, now you get thre bands featured with two video clips that shall give ya some good impressions of what New Jersey Hardcore always had to offer for ya. I've chosen three bands (out) of the so called third wave of New Jersey Hardcore (with that it's usually meant the time period from ca. 1990 to ca. 1998) and it was maybe the strongest going phase of NJHC, with many bands out of different regions outta New Jersey, and with different styles and sounds to their music, sound, style, and influences. I've chosen two Hardcore bands, one of the Northern NJHC scene that became known as the highly controversial TEARS OF FRUSTRATION, and one of the Central NJHC scene that are known as the almighty and incredible strong FURY OF FIVE, and then I've also chosen one band that started as a NJHC band of the so called second wave (from ca. 1985 to ca. 1990) and became really big as one of the truly and really leading and most influential and also most important forces in 1990's Crossover (Hardcore-Rap/Hip Hop-Crossover) music, growing big from the early 1990's to the late mid years of the 1990's and that many of you should know as DOG EAT DOG. (Iand yes, DOG EAT DOG should especially became to a role model for legions of german Crossover acts of the 1990's, like SUCH A SURGE, BLACKEYED BLONDE, HEADCRASH, and H-BLOCKX, yes, and damn it, I used to grow up to and with all and a lot more of them, and you know what, it was a great thing and time after all, haha;-)...) (And yes, 1990's Crossover music would also be a nice topic to do a post like this one here to, about and for, and maybe it will also come one day, too.) So, yeahr, okay, now to the clips and the bands, and I hope you will enjoy them as much as all the legendary NYHC bands that I've chosen to present to you. Here we go again!!! (And again more or less in alphabetical order.)



DOG EAT DOG had been a band that was born out of the so called second wave of New Jersey Hardcore music (ca. 1985 to ca. 1990) time when the sound and style of NJHC in general developed pretty much, getting it's influences especially from other american national Hardcore and Punk scenes. Three directions or directions of influences had been especially very important. The first was the at the american West Coast born and bred Skate Core of the ones like SUICIDAL TENDENCIES, while another and the second the melodic and early Emo Core sounding sound and style had been like it was developed and invented especially in Washington D.C. at this time, an the last and final and third one had been the Straight Edge Youth Crew Hardcore like it was arisen in NYC at this time. When it comes to DOG EAT DOG the first two mentioned influences and inspirations had especially been very important (hm, I think they had never been Straight Edge anyhow), because to Skate music (the Hardcore and Punk side of it) and Skateboarding they had always been connected and linked to, and also they used to become also more and more melodic (but not Emo, for what I would say and for what I do know) over all the years. They've started as a pretty Hardcore sounding band (or as a Hardcore band, to say it precise), and they had been formed in 1990 (as one of the last bands of the second wave of NJHC, or maybe some would say as already one of first bands of the third wave of NJHC) in Bergen County, New Jersey with some roots in the band of MUCKY PUP and had always been pretty good linked also to the New York Hardcore scene. DOG EAT DOG had been one of the very first bands to combine heavily Hardcore and Rap/Hip Hop music with each other, using also a saxophone that gave them a very unique style and own character, and earned some good reputation and got big commercial succees in the 1990's especially with their second and thrid full length records before Crossover was getting smaller again and left pretty much the major stage for Nu Metal and Nu Rock. Especially after their first full length they've created and developed their very own style of Crossover music, and they also worked with some few Funk elements in their music. Even today they are more or less still pretty active, but if ya ask me it's pretty much nothing else but a shame that the drummer of DOG EAT DOG uses to play drums today to todays dance charts music crap in province discos like our local/regional province disco the "Nachtschicht" in the city of Goslar. But okay, how-ever, I know that everyone's got bills to pay, so I guess at the end of the day it's all good and fine anyway anyhow. And if it is that what makes them sleep at night... The debut record of DOG EAT DOG, the "WARRANT" EP was released via "ROADRUNNER RECORDS" in 1993 (and the title was a 'making-a-joke' thing out of the band WARRANT that uses to name their then current release "DOG EAT DOG") and was maybe the most Hardcore sounding record of them and they've started to tour the States and Europe with the legendary BAD BRAINS back then and some-thing like a band-friendship was the outcome of this time of touring around together. Around 1994 the second release and the first full length record of DOG EAT DOG was released (again via "ROADRUNNER RECORDS") and this record, "ALL BORO KINGS", became the biggest success for and of DOG EAT DOG and it's still standing strong today, giving us some of their biggest hits like "NO FRONTS" (and you also find the video of it posted here, because you just can't go on without it) and "WHO'S THE KING?", and they archieved big success with it, playing shows together with BIOHAZARD and headlining (more or less;-)...) the then very big "DYNAMO OPEN AIR", and especially in Europe they always had have a huge fan base, and also MTV (fuck it!!!) really gave them a lot of credit and even awards back then. Then their third record came out, titled "PLAY GAMES". Not as good and necessary as the "ALL BORO KINGS" groundbreaker, but still a damn strong record and here you get the video of the maybe biggest hit of this one: "ROCKY". The album displayed a pretty strong evolution of the band, working together with RONNIE JAMES DIO (R.I.P.) while playing it in general more the Meldoic Core way at the same time. Also very cool artwork to this one. If you ask me, especially the "ALL BORO KINGS", but also the "PLAY GAMES" and if you still can get it also the "WARRANT" release of DOG EAT DOG you need to call your own. After "PLAY GAMES" (I mean after ca. the time when it was released) I was more or less loosing my inerest in 1990's Crossover music (because it became more and more just a joke and party thing and nothing-more than a mainstream music industry farce without any importance more to me, and maybe I was just getting to old for the very most bands of this genre, I mean, 1990's Crossover was pretty much a 'thing' of a special time with a special crowd and a special feeling to it and while time went on the crowd changed and the feeling was lost over the years and so this certain style of music also was lost back then and it will maybe not coming back ever again, it's pretty much the same as it is with bands like THE OFFSPRING and all the Melodic Core and Pop Punk bands of the 1990's and early 2000's) and soon in general the party and feel good and energetic and also rebellious 1990's Crossover music wasn't en vogue anymore and it was replaced by its psychotic and the 'self-aggressive' offsprings like Nu Metal and Nu Rock. But anyhow, DOG EAT DOG used to release two more full length records, "AMPED" (some time around 1998 or so it was released) and "WALK WITH ME" (released back then in 2006), by the way, I've never listened to one of this two records anyhow, and also a side-project of the name of ALL BORO KINGS was formed. Okay, I think this should be enough about them. Growing up in the 1990's being already addicted to Hardcore music DOG EAT DOG had been a band that you just couldn't miss anyhow, so I hope you will enjoy the songs and the clips and maybe this two great pieces of Hardcore-Crossover music do bring some good memories to your mind, hell yeahr, like they've done it with or to me this time. Yes, so damn fucking just enjoy it!!! Cheers!!!

FURY OF FIVE - "COME AND GET IT" (live) (2010)


Now really a damn huge and all-time-ever favorite band of me is now coming, the sheer almighty and simply immortal FURY OF FIVE!!! (Formed in 1994 in Asbury Park, New Jersey.) I love this band, you won't get it better than this roughnecks here!!! One of the most aggressive and militant Hardcore bands to ever be born to this rotten world we're forced to live our lifes in. They really build up their music on the fundament laid down by AGNOSTIC FRONT, BIOHAZARD, 25 TA LIFE and the likes of it, and they really took it to some new heights and levels, doing their very own thing, and they are definitely at least one of my top ten bands ever, if not also one of my top five bands, and yes, Hardcore was, is, and will always be that important to me, point and fact!!! I will do a solely history tribute to them some time at the beginning of the next years, so I won't say that much more about them right now, because you will get it all and even more in the soon future of this blog, so just only wait a little bit for it. A stand-alone, outshining and just great and awesome-amazing band, I love them!!! Here you now get two great songs of them, their infernal anthem "DO OR DIE" (it's the official clip to it), as well as their bonecrusher hymn "COME AND GET IT", played live in 2010 at an East Coast Hardcore show, and it's a great live performance of them, so just check it out and enjoy it!!! Ah, and by the way, this band was so damn authentic that they really defined what (metallic) Tough Guy Hardcore really was, really is, and always really will be, what it should be, and not this gaily faggot crap that's floating around these days played by some stupid jackass small town rich kids that want to act hard!!! This here, FURY OF FIVE, this is the real deal!!! Point and fact!!!




And here's the last one of the three announced New Jersey Hardcore (aka NJHC) bands, the (for all what I know) highly controversial TEARS OF FRUSTRATION. A pretty rough and tough, old school-ish and also somehow Oi! influenced Hardcore band with some nice Skinhead roots to it. Highly controversial because of their pretty strong patriotic attitude and their very critical view on society and politics and the conservative and anti-communist stance on life, so that they really became a boogeyman for a lot of guys out there. Out of the TEARS OF FRUSTRATION camp also came the almighty ACROSS THE HUDSON, one of the best (and way too short lived) right wing American Oi! bands ever, only leaving their mark around the year of 2000 or so. Now-a-days also the band and/or project of the name of JOE FRUSTRATION also is a 'sidekick' or an 'offspring' of TEARS OF FRUSTRATIN, but of JOE FRUSTRATION, hm, no, I really know nothing of or anything more about them so that I can't tell ya anything. When it comes to TEARS OF FRUSTRATION then I just have to say that (if you ask me) this whole hustle against and defamation of them is nothing but bullshit. A very great and truly no prisoners taking Hardcore band that you really have to know, point and fact, a band that's totally making no compromises t all, great!!! And also damn good lyrics, message and attitude, and also pretty authentic and that's what making them also so sympathic (at least to me;-)...). You get two songs of them, their anthem "STAND UP" played live in 2008 and their fucking awesome cover version of the CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL classic"FORTUNATE SON" (it was also covered by the DROPKICK MURPHYS and so many other bands out there), and they turned this song really into a brutal Hardcore whiplash. Hell yeahr!!! So just check this band out and try to get everything of them you just can get. It's an order!!!! Cheers & Oi!

So yes guys, that's it for now, that are all the video clips that I got for ya, I hope you'll enjoy them and that you notice how much different but through and through great Hardcore the city that never sleeps used to have and still do have to offer. Ah, and yes, I know it, it's not complete, like I've already mentioned it before, but I've really tried to cover as much 'distance' like I've only somehow could, just that you know about that. And damn it, now watch it all (again), listen to it all (again), and enjoy it all (again), New York fuckin' Hardcore, the real fuckin' deal!!! And now it's closing time, working for several weeks now already on this blog, from tomorrow on (or so) something totally fresh and new will follow here. Cheers & Oi!