Donnerstag, 30. Dezember 2010

Thrash Metal Moshpit over Gelsenkirchen, Germany in 2010

("Rockpalast Mobile"/"Rock Hard Magazine"/"E.M.P. Merchandising"; CD):
Okay folks, time for a new record review up here and it's also time for some Metal music again on this very blog here. Now you get the review of the newest and current live record of the german Thrash Metal legend of the name of KREATOR. They used to play this year live on stage at the "ROCK HARD FESTIVAL" in Gelsenkirchen, Germany. There they've recorded this live recording of their comcert and this one you now get for free as a free garnish of the "ROCK HARD MAGAZINE" as a little 'Thank you!' to the fans by the band itself, hm, and I don't know if there will ever be a 'commercial version' of this record here, but I think currently not and if it will ever come, hm, maybe time will tell it to us some far away day. So okay, anyhow, I decided to not go and get the whole package of the magazine and this CD and pay the full price, nah, I decided to just get the CD and instead of paying the full price so I payed nothing for it, yes, I fight the rules of capitalism wherever I can fight them, haha;-). Even Metal in general lost a lot and also the most part of its importance it once had to me, okay, it's a thing of the personal taste in music and how it changes over time, but to some stuff, records, and bands I still use to listen to with pleasure and joy. And KREATOR had been right from the start a pretty imprortant band to me, even this whole German Thrash Metal thing wasn't ever really my first choice, but anyhow, KREATOR used to rule always. But over the last years (okay, okay, over the last decade) I really lost them totally out of sight. The last record I was really into of them was the one with "PHOBIA" (still an awesome great track) on it, hm, I think it was (and is) still titled "OUTCAST". After this KREATOR somehow used to disappear for me and out of my view. I remeber that a friend of mine once gave me their "ENEMY OF GOD" (or something like this titled) record some years ago, hm, but I can't tell ya what's my opinion to it, what my opinion was or is, but anyway and anyhow... So yes, now KREATOR are suddenly back in the field of my view, and I can tell ya, how they are back!!! Great!!! Unlike the most guys I know I normally think that live records are always a nice thing if you are a fan of the band(s). (Okay, unless the live records aren't such bullshit like the "LIVE U.S.A." records of METALLICA, okay, okay, you're right.) On this live record we do get nine tracks (don't know if this is respectively was the full set-list of their concert) at all, and I just knew four ("PHOBIA", "ENDLESS PAIN", "TERRIBLE CERTAINTY", and "PLEASURE TO KILL") and 'a half' ("ENEMY OF GOD") songs before. After an intro the Thrash Metal inferno unleashed by KREATOR breaks loose and hell's coming with it. It's really impressive how much they've developed over the time of their existence, just listen to the great guitar work of songs like "THE PESTILENCE" and "HORDES OF CHAOS" (the very best one here on this record, just awesome shit), and also to the incredible well-versed rhythm section and its very rich on variantions being work and structure, and KREATOR always also knew how to write grapping songs and fantastic chorus lines, and this all you do find here brought up to nearly perfection. Some parts also seem like very stand-alone arranged Beatdown parts melted into the very own style of KREATOR's Tharsh Metal, and not to forget that in some moments KREATOR today uses to sound like an even better and more original version of SLAYER than SLAYER itself. I just miss "WHEN THE SUN BURNS RED" (best song KREATOR have ever written, point and fact), "LOVE US OR HATE US" (great larger-than-life band anthem), "RENEWAL" and at least some of the great stuff they've done on their brilliant "CAUSE FOR CONFLICT" record back then. If that wouldn't be the case, then maybe... And the only things that are really annoying me are this stupid and silly "Rock Hard, Moshpit!" chants and screams by Mille to 'fire the crowd up', that really sucks and is damn much annoying, at least to me. Didn't know how obsessed Mille of KREATOR is with this whole Moshpit stuff... So, okay, if you like some good Thrash Metal then go and try everything to get this great live recorded piece of it by one of the very best bands ever to come out of this genre, and definitely the best one of it to come from Germany. The recording sound is brilliant, and the artwork is also a nice one. Damn it, very good stuff that you really should call your own if you're into some hard Metal stuff, so try everything to still get it anyway from somewhere, point and fact. (9 of 10 points)

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