Dienstag, 31. Juli 2012

Old School Mosha :D (Great pic!!!)

Hey folks, what's up?!? Also tonight just a new pic and another pretty nice, damn cool and really great one hailing and paying tribute to the true Old School!!! :D Enjoy it!!! More soon!!! Cheers!!!

(Unknown artist, hopefully this post is okay, if not just drop a line.)

Montag, 30. Juli 2012

Old School Moshpit

Hey folks!!! Just a damn great picture for you tonight and then that's it!!! Not much, I know, but it's a brilliant picture, totally Old School!!! And absolutely fucking MOSHPIT!!! It rules!!! That's it, more soon!!!

(PS: I dont who done it, but thanks for it and I hope it's okay that I post it up here. If not let me know about it, drop a line or so, and then - even it would be pretty sad - I will remove it via deleting this post.)

Samstag, 28. Juli 2012

WARFUCK - "THE WEAK AND THE WICKED" (Extreme modern Grindcore the D.I.Y. way from Lyon, France in 2012 as a MP3-Download + Download Link)

("D.I.Y."; MP3-Download):
Whoa, that's great. Don't ask me how I stumbled upon this band, it was just me, google and playing with words and somehow I landed on the Bandcamp site of this before this happening to me totally unknown band of the name of WARFUCK grinding from Lyon in France as a violent powerful duo, like NASUM on their "INHALE/EXHALE" masterpiece for example. And like the today already damn legendary NASUM also WARFUCK play incredible strong great modern Grindcore of the very best kind. For all what I know WARFUCK released this their very first output only as a free and official MP3-Download and this recently this very year and at the end of this review you will find the Download link via which you can get this album of grinding supremacy easily from out of the dephts of the world wide web. We get eleven songs in something around 23 minutes or so, and the songs carry song titles like "STRAIGHT TO THE AIM", "MODERN DISEASE", "BLACKOUT CONSPIRACY", "TROUBLE" and "INNOCENT" and so you maybe get already a pretty good impression of what's going on here, of what WARFUCK have going on here. WARFUCK do play us here incredible fast raging and hard and heavy blasting modern savage Grindcore madness, sharp and harsh played guitar assaults, shredding through your ears right inside your head leaving only bloody remains of it, sick and twisted vocals from hysteric screams over guttural grunts and throaty dry shouts to pig voice screams, and a fantastic assaulting and attacking diverse rhythm section, all done by two surely really truly pretty skilled musicians and delivered via grapping high energy songwriting. The raging grinding inferno is enriched with some good doses of down slowed ultra heavy ''sludgy'' parts, morbid and intense grooves and mosh parts and some very few extreme necrotic Metal impressions, and this all is making the grinding madness even far more good and exciting. And the above mentioned NASUM and especially their mentioned "INHLAE/EXHALE" album can also be your personal starting point in discovering this great Grindcore band, WARFUCK from Lyon, France. To the lyrics I can't say all too much, but what I can say is that the cover artwork is awesome and that the production sound is a pure bomb and that I desperately hope for a follow up release by this band and maybe respectively hopefully this will then come out via a proper physical album release. For now, just only go and buy and get this great album. Pure Grindcore blitzkrieg inferno massacre, great!!! (9 of 10 points)
Update: Thanks to the band commenting this post/review and some great news they told with th fact that this album will be released as a proper physical album release this very year, so watch out for it to come up and out, I will do so!!!

Montag, 23. Juli 2012

"Oi! THE PRINT" Fanzine Issue No. # 33 (''One & only austrian drinking class zine!!!'')

Fanzine Issue No. # 33
(''One and only austrian drinking class zine!!!'')
Price: 2,50 Euro
(+ a great free compilation CD)
Okay, this is not the latest and so also not the still newest and current issue of this mighty fanzine from Austria run by Bomml. I've already reviewed the newest current issue of this zine last month and after this issue was also already released last summer I already then made clear that I desperately hope that Bomml will start working at a new "Oi! THE PRINT" zine issue finally again and you should also know by now that this very issue of the zine here is also quite a bit old already, spring 2011 or something like this it was published. But anyhow, after I just bought it this year in May (you know, fucked up 2011, if you now ask why) I will review it anyway and I also think that there should still be some copies of it floating around waiting to be finally sold one day laying in the stocks of some mailorder services, so you see, despite the pretty old age of this zine there are still enough reasons to review it up here anyway. On the cover there are MAJOR ACCIDENT live on stage to see and so you will find them also featured with a long and detailed interview on the pages of this issue and it's a great and brilliant interview that Bomml had done with this british Oi!/Streetpunk legends and more than worth the time to read through it all. Brilliant!!! Then also a double interview with Geralf of GLEICHLAUFSCHWANKUNG and "SAALE POWER RECORDS" as well as MI SAN DAO from China kicks off this whole issue, especially - beside the mentioned MI SAN DAO - about Oi! and Skinheads and Punks and Punkrock and Streetpunk in China and Asia,and it's very interesting and a grapping read. After this follows a phenomenal good done article special about Skinheads in Brazil in general and in Sao Paulo in particular, and that's really a fucking outshining good, interesting and incredible grapping read, thanks for this little big gem in here. Then a little retrospetion combined with a "What's currently now going on with the guys?" article about WARFARE respectively WARFARE 223 is featured, and that's very cool. This band was one of the best Skinhead and Oi! and later Oi!-ish melodic Hardcore bands from Germany of the last decade but so also maybe of all time of this styles of music and subculture done here in Germany as well, lyrically as well as musically and I also done a review of their final "FIERCE INTENTIONS" album released under the banner of WARFARE quite some time ago up here on this very blog, and it's really sad that this band because of pretty logical and justified reasons (especially what they say about the common total bullshit stupid Skinhead and Oi! scenery over here in Germany I can underline for more than 150%) went seperate ways back then, and I will make sure to check out the follow up bands of this band pretty soon in one way or another. Then a nice tour diary of VOLXSTURM comes, a nice and funny read for sure. Nothing special or so, but at least something funny, that's it. Then the next highlight comes off strong and big and pretty fascinating: Doug Dagger of THE GENERATORS and Kevin Cole of the TURBO A.C.'S, two ''Ex-Skinheads'' tell us about their short cropped days of youth in the early time and first golden era in American Oi! respectively U.S. Oi! and that's for sure just again a damn fucking bloody phenomenal read, like two grapping biographical road movies through the Skinhead days of the two sympathic guys, and it's bloody pure fucking damn platinum, thumbs up and cheers for it. Next ones are a pretty cool interview with the also pretty cool german Punkrockers in SUPERNICHTS and also JENNY WOO and her husband introduce us to their vinyl corner in the next part of the record collectors special series of "Oi! THE RINT FANZINE". Good stuff, both. Ater this we find the also above mentioned great MAJOR ACCIDENT with their also truly great interview. Nothing left to say about it, beside again thumbs up. Great!!! After this again the next little highlight is crashing right in, a special article about WOLFGANG AMADEUS MOZART and his decadent life he used to live. Great!!! Haha, this guy was pretty much through and through 100% Underground Rock & Roll Rebellion in its earliest form, haha;-)!!! Once again: Great!!! Then the as usual very good article about the very strong compilation CD and the bands featured on it comes next. Good stuff and a nice service for us the readers. Then a strong and interesting interview with AGENT BULLDOG from Sverige follows, but it's sad that they don't really say anything about them playing with fucked up WP/NS bands back then, simply not really answering to the questions dealing with this topic... But anyhow a great band and a damn good interview as well and truly for sure. Then the next outshining highlight comes with a long article about the fabtastic dog race of the almighty AMERICAN STAFFORD TERRIERS - AMSTAFFS - and the "PERKELE KENNEL" run by the "NO BOLLOX JUST Oi!" fanzine masterminds and this is a very good and strong affair, thanks for this one. More than great!!! THEN PERKELE are coming, and again this once great band is making themselves to a more and more ridiculous farce affair by their own hands respectively words. After they refused to call their music Oi! anymore and rearranging their Skinhead background today they even declare that ULTIMA THULE would have always been a through and through WP/NS band and had never been an influence for PERKELE and that they would have never been at concerts of this band. But I can remember very good older interviews with them in other zines where they displayed this all through and with their very own words very different... but the ''new breed'' will buy it them off anyhow... even they still make strong music this band becomes even more to nothing but a ridiculous farce, period. Bullshit talking nutjobs from Sweden, that's all. Can't believe what "COWARDS" this band used to turn into, it's really "SAD TO SEE" and where the hell is their "HEART FULL OF PRIDE" and if they still wave "THE YELLOW AND THE BLUE" after they stopped playing "WORKING CLASS REBEL ROCK & ROLL" and forgot btheir "STORIES FROM THE PAST" while the "VOICE OF ANGER" made silent... to say it with the words of some of their very own songs. But I guess so they sell pretty much better than even before and that matters most these days... Forget about it, forget about them, next up is another big highlight, a "DE GUADE OIDE ZEIT" titled special report about early Punk, New Wave and other Underground Music in the early 1980's in Austria in general and in Vienna in particular, and this article is really a great done work again, thumbs way up high for it, point and fact. Then a nice band introduction of SMART ATTITUDE follows as well as the tattoo special gets continued and this time with Ricky from VOGELFREI. Nice stuff, both. Beside this all we get nice introduction words, truckloads of reviews of albums and zines, nice Skingirl and Skinhead pictures by BRITTA OELSCHLÄGER (or something like this), and some promotion sides, and finished is a brilliant packed up full with truckloads of highlights issue of the very best zine hopefully still around these days. All is written in German and in great tonguing and also Bomml's sidekicks, Hinkel from VOLXSTURM and Melanie, done as usual damn good jobs. All coming wrapped in colored pages and beside this coming in professional yet very passionated black and white layouted pages, and on top of it also with a great free compilation CD. What shall I write here and now more, just try everything to still get this issue whileyou maybe still can and enjoy the ride, a great reading journey, period. I desperately hope finally for a new one to finally come out hopefully some soon day!!! Cheers & Oi! Oi! Oi!

Freitag, 20. Juli 2012

"PUNKROCK! FANZINE" Issue No. 15 - Summer 2012, Price: 4,-- Euro

Fanzine, Issue No. # 15
(Price: 4,00 Euro)
Okay, already quite a while ago since I've read ''my'' last issue of the "PUNKROCK!" fanzine and quite a lot used to change since then, and so today it's sold at the commercial magazine selling stores at stations and where ever else. They really did it and made this step. Okay, beside this and the fact that now with this today the zine comes completly colored they pretty much stayed true to what they used to do before. A mix out of music, subcultural scene lifestyle and leftwinged strongly PC and AFA politics and that typical "We are the good, we are in the right and if you're not on our side you're a fucking fascist right wing bastard and btw it's us and solely us who know about truth and good and if you are not with us you are against us!!!" attitude, offered with a lot of reviews on albums, fanzines, books, concerts, etc. pp. as a cultivation of it all. This mentioned attitude and this bullshit PC and AFA approach is ticking me also today pretty much off, but anyhow, still better than the counterparted side and the rest of the content of the zine is pretty strong and interesting, and that's what matters most in the end. The zine starts with some introducing editorial words and some good vayring columns, offers all in all more or less good to vey good interviews with acts like EMPOWERMENT (good antisocial Hardcore from Germany), SLIME (why... who needs this still today... and why are they featured in nearly every zine these days... again, who needs this... WTF is going on?!?), TOXOPLASMA (yeahr, great, okay, maybe not that good like the interview in the current "PLASTIC BOMB FANZINE" issue but still really good stuff and for sure a damn great and also legendary band), the drastically and in every way and sense overrated ANTI-FLAG (bah...), the PESTPOCKEN (bullshit band, this interview proofs this also pretty much... but maybe also just not my cup of tea... who knows... I mean...), the "HARDCORE HELP FOUNDATION" (amazing and just great), BENT CROSS (good dirty noisy rocking Punk and a great interview), the legendary communist Hardcore-Punks of MAN LIFTING BANNER (great interview), the boring THE DETECTORS (pfff...), the COBRA SKULLS (bullshit band, bullshit attitude, bullshit mentality, bullshit interview/introduction, bullshit leftwing fascism, period), BLANK WHEN ZERO (interesting stuff, band as well as the interview), ARTFICIAL EYES (crappy AFA Skinhead band from Germany, expressing opinions that had also twenty to thrity years ago been overaged and get cheered up highly for this... what a stupid dumb bullshit band, forget about them, point and fact), the "WAS BIN ICH?" (/"WHAT AM I") special interview, and also an interview with the PC Hardcore Punks of INFILTRATION (all in all a pretty sympathic and interesting band and interview, and cool that local D.I.Y. bands are featured here in this very zine). So you see, that's already a lot stuff to read through. Then the mentioned reviews make it all even more round, and a lot of columns and political as well as historical and other kind of articles close this issue and make it to a truly and really very well done affair that I can only highly recommend to you in every way here and now. Hopefully the financial risk that the "PUNKROCK!" guys are taking here pays off in the end because they've done their homeworks and settled a from start to finish really good and interesting issue together and so it's all more than ''just'' justified. Well done guys, very well done, thumbs up!!! Buy it, support them!!!

Mittwoch, 18. Juli 2012

"OX FANZINE" Issue No. # 102

"OX FANZINE" - Issue No. # 102
(Price: 4,90)
(Plus a free promtion compilation album on CD.)
Damn it, nearly twelve issues passed me by, two years, I also think pretty much exactly up to this day two years that passed me by without reading a new issue of the "OX FANZINE", even I always pretty much liked this very zine. Okay, don't how this happened but anyhow, finally a new issue came across my way. Two covers to this issue, one displaying SLIME and the other one JOEY RAMONE. Clear, that I choosed the one with the almighty JOEY RAMONE, not with the today drastically overhyped SLIME, obviously, clear. As usual the zine is packed up completly full. Beside all in all more or less strong and good done columns (this time dealing mostly with the tattoo topic) we get great vegetarian and vegan recipes, a special report about Sport and Punkrock, the usual "PETER PANK & HARDCORE" story, truckloads of great reviews on recors, zines, comics, movies, books, concerts and stuff like this, a truly well-done special report about Punkrock respectively subcultural music in general and Tattoos, the so called diary of a winner, some thoughts on politics and scene affairs, tons of news, a free promo comp CD and a giant dose of interviews, far too many to name them all, so just some of my personal favorites to name here are the interview with MICKEY LEIGH about his brother JOEY RAMONE, HOT WATER MUSIC, OFF!, SAINT VITUS, DONOTS, KREATOR, BLOOD TSUNAMI, PENNYWISE, BONE IDLES, TROY MOWAT (the drummer of the mighty 7 SECONDS), BLOOD COMMAND, MONTREAL, GOTTKAISER, and beside this you find also far more, all worth a read through for sure. The political stand point is an open minded leftwing one, still pretty PC and also pretty AFA, but who cares, it's all not annoying anyhow and still far better and far more intelligent than the ideological counterpart. All done in a very professionl black/white as well as partly colored lay out, written in german and in great tonguing. What shall I say more, I only can recommend this to you, point and fact. Good stuff!!! Btw, it's ridiculous that the "OX FANZINE" gets offended by dumb nutjobs like "OiRE SZENE" and other dickheads of the political correct AFA for reviewing a book about DEATH IN JUNE and so promoting fascism, nah, this shows how dumb this crappys are, good that the "OX FANZINE" just gives a damn about it. Get this issue!!!


"PLASTIC BOMB" Fanzine Issue No. # 79 - Summer 2012; 3,50 Euro

Fanzine Issue No. # 79
(Summer 2012)
(Price: 3,50 Euro)
Yesterday announced, and already today here it comes, the review of the current issue of the long running german Punk Fanzine "PLASTIC BOMB". After the direct precursor issue totally convinced me (read the review of it, posted yesterday) I decided also to go and buy this issue, and with choosing the great German Punk legends of TOXOPLASMA for the slot of the title story and then delivering also a that damn great interview with them like the one featured here is just pure gold to start with right from the beginning. Great, and thumbs up!!! Btw, the cover motive of this issue is nothing else then the primarly planned cover for the new TOXOPLASMA album, just that you know it. Beside this in general the detailed and passionated long interviews really totally rule and are one sort of a characteristic pretty unique trademark of the "PLASTIC BOMB FANZINE", and that's always a great thing. So my next highlight is the shining interview with the mighty AMEBIX and also the one with legendary and just great 7 SECONDS. Beside this also all the other interviews really rock and rule and are a huge pleasure to read through completly, and it doesn't matter if they are done with the today massively overhyped SLIME, a crap band like ALARMSTUFE GERD, or with the great gutter Punks of PESTFEST, or if it is the ''Mafia-themed'' interview with TALCO, or one with the punkrocking hipsters in THE BRIEFS, the football/soccer Punks of EMSCHERKURVE 77, with BABYLOVE AND THE VAN DANGOS, they all are great stuff, beside this all we get also a brilliant pro contra debate on German Punk (great!!!), a big load of varying and diverse done reviews on records, fanzines, books, concerts, vacation travels, soccer matches, and such stuff, good and interesting articles on politics, scene stuff and on a lot of AFA activities, a cool THE ITALIAN STALLION photography special, the totally ruling tales from the crypt (lol), cool columns, the as usual interesting and pretty great "GLOBAL PUNK" and "STANLEY HEAD'S SKA ECKE" specials get continued, humoristic thoughts an daily happenings, and then also big doses of news and concert dates and tour routes as well as some "PLATIC BOMB LABEL & MAILORDER" promotion. It's all done - again - really great, seems like the "PLASTIC BOMB" and I come together again, haha;-), all coming in a very cool chaotic Punk lay out, in great tongued german writing, and also coming again with a free promotion compilation CD (but as uual you can take this comp and put it direct in the chum bucket) and also this time this annoying AFA PC bullshit just comes in good consumable portions without blowing anything off, and that's also good to great. And yes, at the end of the day I really and truly ''somehow'' still prefer this bullshit AFA nutjobs before this mentally and intellectual and morally dead stupid WP/NS assholes. What shall I say more, a great read, again highly recommended by me to you.

Dienstag, 17. Juli 2012

"PLASTIC BOMB" Fanzine Issue No. # 78

"PLASTIC BOMB" Fanzine Issue Number # 78
(Price: 3,50 Euro):
This is not the newest and so as well not the current issue of the "PLASTIC BOMB FANZINE", instead of this it is the direct precursor issue release of the current one, I know it, but after I will also do a review of the current one in the near and I think that of this very issue here there should be still some copies floating around somewhere and this was after some if not many years the first issue of the "PLASTIC BOMB" that I bought and read I will do a review of it anyhow here and now for you. I haven't read this very zine before this one issue here for a long, long while simply because I was fed up with their "We know the truth and own the only key to wisdom and we know how history goes and what is good for you all out there, so with us or against us!!!" AFA PC attitude and I also found less and less for me interesting content in the zine as well. So, okay, but then I discovered this very issue here and beside the brilliant and just great cover artwork of this issue I discovered interesting bands and so my attention was caught and so without a second thought I said fuck off or something like this to my "Should I buy or should I go?" thoughts and bought it. Back home it took me by storm. Okay, the above described attitude is still pretty annoying but not as much as back then, but maybe it's just me getting old, I'm not sure but anyhbow, that's also not so important after all. And anyhow, who cares, I mean, come on, seriously... ;-) We get a big bunch of all in all more or less pretty good columns, a nice pro and contra debate on band reunions, tales from the crypt, more or less well done politically charged AFA lifestyle and open political articles on social topics and government issues, a big bunh of records, zines, concerts and stuff like this, truckloads of scene news (with stupid RANCID bashing because their support of the armed forces - must be great to live in a simple cliché world of black and white, good and evil, right and wrong, but it must suck that then life and reality turn out to be something total different... but that's thankfully not my problem...), a introduction of an east-european vegan leftwinged AFA hostel via an interview, and then we get loads of detailed and interesting, very good done interviews. Even some bands totally aren't my bottle of beer I've read 'em all with much fun and interest, and that says a lot, because honestly you simply can't ask for more from an interview. We get an amazing NAPALM DEATH interview, a damn good WOLF x DOWN interview, the great CITIZENS PATROL answered good questions in a proper way, with the legendary "old" MOLOTOW SODA and the great "young" ABFUKK old and new damn good German Punk (yes, that's a true rarity, especially in days like ours) is featured in here, the semi-legendary but really good SCREAM delivered a good and pretty nice interview as well, the Old School Hardcore Punk hopefulls HYSTERESE know to convince with a strong interview, then also good to better interviews and introductions with respectively about NONSTOP STEREO and also the two necomer bands LIBERTY MADNESS and DIVINE SPARK come around the corner as well. All good to great done shit, thumbs up way high for this.  I think I should have missed out on nothing, so that's pretty much it, and all comes in a very nice cool and chaogtic lay out, all written in german and more or less in entertaining and grapping ood tonguing. What shall I say more, I highly recommend this issue of the "PLASTIC BOMB" to you, read it, enjoy it!!! The review of the current issue will follow soon, at least I do guess currently so. Cheers!!! (http://www.plastic-bomb.de/)

SABATON - "METALUS HAMERUS REX" ("Nuclear Blast Records" + "Metal Hammer Magazine")

("Nuclear Blast Records" + "Metal Hammer Magazine"; CD):
This CD came as a free garnish with one of the very last issues of the german edition of the "METAL HAMMER MAGAZINE", sponsored by "NUCLEAR BLAST RECORDS" to promote the new 2012 album of the swedish Heavy/Power Metal band SABATON entitled "CAROLUS REX" that should be released recently and that is announced to be the final album of SABATON. SABATON, a band that was totally unknown to me before this very CD here and so a band that I discovered pretty late, so it seems at least to be right now. But also a band, that's celebratd heavily in the today's world of Heavy/Power Metal. And you know what? Judging by this CD it's truly justified. Don't ask me about the royalistic/monarchistic/aristorcratic concept or idea spiced with a militaristic attitude behind this band with all their song titles, a lot of the lyrics and the above mentioned album title of this kind, I don't know about the deal behind it, sorry. SABATON play nothing anyhow new, instead of it they play a very traditional and also teutonic style of classic Heavy/Power Metal, enriching it with a lot of monumental symphonic choral and orchestral bombast parts and nice hard stomping militaristic rhythms and march convoys like heavy pace of the songs, and they do it very fresh and without ripping anyone or anything off and also without becoming some boring Retro Metal crap band, keeping it fresh, grapping and authentic and with this all also pretty sympathic and really, really good, and also the clear 1980's reminisceneces come off strong. Playing it for fans of RUNNING WILD as well as GAMMA RAY and STRATOVARIUS, keeping it all also refreshing with sometimes even QUEEN like symphonic orchestral and choral bombast parts,nicely theatrical,  all cultivated with a somehow pretty proggy edge to it and a very own and fresh identity. Clever songwriting, strong musicians, great diverse guitar parts, glarying great lead vocals, incredible impressive symphonic choral orchestra parts, a brilliant rhythm section, shining melody lines, good arrangements, so you see, if you are only somehow into Heavy/Power Metal give SABATON a fair try and a good round, you won't regret it anyway anyhow. Nice artwork, very good production sound, cool lyrics, thumbs up. For all what I see are all songs already released before, aside "HARLEY FROM HELL", a awesome heavy stomping and even harder rockin' Heavy Metal anthem with a clear 1970's Rock edge and a cool Biker theme to it (Hammond organs rule okay) and an irresistible drive and organic groove. I need more SABATON in my record collection, period. (9 of 10 points)

Sonntag, 15. Juli 2012


("Indie Recordings"; CD):
This is probably one of the biggest hype bands in the last years of today's Metal and Hard Rock music scenery, KVELERTAK from Norway. Over the last two years or so and especially in 2011 it was nearly impossible to get by without getting in contact with this band that should, so goes the legend, hold some HAGGIS guys in their ranks, don't know if that's true or not, but anyhow, with HAGGIS this band has nothing in common anyway. So, okay, I refused to join the hype and so I just bought it recently this year some months ago and also for only 2,50 Euro. Even I think anyone interested in it already knows this band but I want to say my stuff about it anyhow as well, but I'll keep it short. In short: Good stuff, for sure, but don't ask me why everyone is making such noise because of and around this band: They blend basically Stoner Rock, Hard Rock, 1970's Prog Heavy Rock and some Blues with brutal yet quite melodic Death/Black Metal and surely they remind me somehow quite a bit at ENTOMBED and what they started in the 1990's and should become known as Death'n'Roll, even KVELERTAK are for sure in no way a ripp off and developing the Death'n'Roll stuff also quite a big bit forward and make out of it their pretty own thing. All marked by heavy and massive, strong grooving guitars, stunning rhythm work and brutal angry vocals. Good stuff for sure, even in my book nothing too special anyhow, so you see, as usual, don't believe the hype. But if you like a good dose of hard music that's heavy rockin' and groovy rollin' then check them out anyway if you should still don't know them by now. The artwork and the production sound are brilliant, but after they sing in their own language - remember Norway - I have not a single clou of what they are singing about. Let us see what more will come by them in the future. (8 of 10 points)

CLINGING TO THE TREES OF A FOREST FIRE - "SONGS OF ILL HOPE AND DESPERATION" (The extreme of the extreme on "PROSTHETIC RECORDS", already released back in 2010)

("Prosthetic Records"; CD):
Here we have something damn extreme, the "SONGS OF ILL HOPE AND DESPERATION" full length album by the grinding madmen in CLINGING TO THE TREES OF A FOREST FIRE from Denver, Colorado/U.S.A. released already back then in 2010 via the well-known and highly reputated extreme music label of the name of "PROSTHETIC RECORDS". I discovered this album some months ago this very year in the stocks of the local record store for a very low and cheap price of just 2,50 Euro and remembered reading some interesting and promising reviews back then in the days concerning this very album here and so I refused to think twice and instead of doing so I just bought it recently. This band is pretty much one of the very most extreme bands I've listened to for a long, long while now. Brutal, heavy, hard? Of course. Fast? Oh yes, and this most of the time like a formula one racing car. But most of the time and first and foremost incredible extreme, point and fact. From the speed over the heavyness to the brutality over the rhythm work and the song architecture to the whole and over all approach of the songwriting as a whole and ending with the damn high skills of the involved musicians, period. They label themselves as Grindcore and this is something I can totally agree on even they do it all by far more diverse and really damn rich on variations. Taking what you might can call modern Grindcore like for example YOG and maybe very few NASUM as the foundament and enriching it all heavily with sick Sludge Core remniscences, sinister Crustcore and D-Beat influences, some few Doom Metal and Stoner Rock impressions, a sick and twisted ''jazzy'' but not ''mathy'' over all approach of the whole song material, melted together with psychotic Black Metal influences and distorted Death Metal marks, and cultivated by very few hysteric Hardcore notes, all done very organic with a lot of heart and soul and not like soulless ''in the studio lab'' constructed up to date ''Tech Death'' affair. The songs hit you down to the ground like a rusty spear in your head, spiking and infectiong your brain with a paranoid and schizophrenic sick psychotic virus taking all hope from you and leaving you broken and mindsick down on the ground but wanting to look and get up finally again somehow. You see, no music for the sunny days and happy moments in life, but stressful and demanding, challenging music for the moments when life hits you with a old dirty rusty sledgehammer hard and heavy down to the ground and you need to get up on your feet somehow again soon before the next hit hits you finally again. The lyrics are also a very psychotic and sick and twisted affair and exactly what you now may alreday expect to get from songs and lyrics with titles like for example and just to name some "I WALKED AWAY FROM THE HUMAN RACE", "THEY SMEARED SHIT ON THEIR SKIN SO THEY COULD BLEND IN AT NIGHT", "REMOVE THE LIGHT", "SHAT OUT MY BONES", "RECESSION", "PISS", or "BOUQUET OF SELF PITY", and it's really a fucking damn strong lyrical work, really apocalyptic stuff. And this brings us to the artwork of this album, apocalyptic and sick and sinister art - and I really mean art - that really caught my attention right from the very start. And the production sound is just a great dirty yet heavy affair. This is a truly and really damn good and surely interesting and fucking grapping as well as damn demanding album that you should have to know about if you are into really extreme music that gives a shit about stereotypical music clichés and such common values like hope and empathy, warmness and humaneness. Check it out, should be worth every second of doing so, trust me upon this. I hope for more to come!!! (9 of 10 points)

VARIOUS ARTISTS - "HITS OF THE '50s" (Old School Rock & Roll and Rockabilly on "DEMON MUSIC" in 2012)

V.A. - "HITS OF THE '50s"
("Demon Music Group Limited"; CD):
I think you all know such compilation albums packed up full with what who ever compiling this albums thinks are the greatest hits of one certain decade, sometimes coming as big CD box sets, sometimes just as an solely CD album, and back in the days of for example the golden 1990's especially sold via promotion broadcasts on the TV, often at least at first sight for more or less good fair prices. This is a compilation CD pretty much of this kind that I discovered one or two maybe even already three months ago in the stocks of a local discounter for the very low price of only 1,99 Euro and after she saw that I was like "Yeahr, cool shit!!!" my girlfriend made it to a funny happy gift for me and since then this is one of the CD's that's very often the soundtrack to our roadtrips and other stuffs, because this is just a truly great compilation CD album. Like the title goes and tells the story this CD is packed up full with hits of the music of the glorious 1950's and that's - exactly - old school old tyme Rock & Roll and Rockabilly (or how you may like to name it) back out of the days when this kind of music was fresh and rebellious and authentic and just born, to say it that way, and just great, and it's totally filled with hits of this style and time that are all in all nicely compiled together. So we get for example THE CHAMPS with "TEQUILA", BILL HALEY & THE COMETS with "(WE'RE GONNA) ROCK AROUND THE CLOCK", the almighty EDDIE COCHRAN with his immortal anthem "SUMMERTIME BLUES", the legendary LITTLE RICHARD with his larger than life hymn "TUTTI FRUTTI", "DO YOU WANT TO DANCE?" by BOBBY FREEMAN, "AT THE HOP" by DANNY AND THE JUNIORS, the mighty CHUCK BERRY with "SCHOOL DAYS", the beautiful "BLUEBERRY HILL" by the unforgotten FATS DOMINO, RITCHIE VALENS with his incredible great hit "LA BAMBA" and many more. Fourteen songs in all, from energetic rocking tracks to emotional ballads we get it all and everything in between, the complete package. The lyrics are great stuff, all in all hot music for times with cool drinks and even far hotter chicas. The production or recording sound is great, overworked but not made to some steril clean up to date mainstream crap, and the artwork is pretty cool even you should not expect anything too complete if you get what I want to say with this words. I highly recommend this compilation to you, so if you see it, then don't think twice but just buy it if you are at least only a little bit into let us call it Roots Rock music, traditional Rock & Roll and very early Rockabilly stuff. First class stuff!!! (9 of 10 points)

Sonntag, 8. Juli 2012

OVERKILL - "6 SONGS" (U.S. East Coast mad thrashing Metal back in 2012 on "NUCLEAR BLAST RECORDS" and via "ROCK HARD MAGAZINE")

("Nuclear Blast Records" + "Rock Hard Magazine"; CD):
This is a free promo CD that came as a free garnish of one of the last issues of the greman Heavy Metal magazine of the name of "ROCK HARD" and it is an appetizer for the new OVERKILL album "THE ELECTRIC AGE" that was released recently this year via "NUCLEAR BLAST RECORDS" (and it seems like today all well reputated Metal bands are part of this label anyhow). Their new album I currently still don't have but at least this one here and so I now do the review of it anyhow anyway. After it's already pretty late and I am fucking tired I will keep this pretty short, just that you know about it and don't wonder about it anyway anyhow, not at least because OVERKILL always were one of the few Metal bands I more or less listened and still listen to pretty regulary for now twenty years or so on and they never became unattractive to me, surely a great band, period. Two new songs of the "THE ELECTRIC AGE" album we find here delivered to us for free, namely "ELECTRIC RATTLESNAKE" and "WISH YOU WERE DEAD". Two damn fast and angry, brutal and heavy, yet also damn multi-layered and also outstanding grooving and high skilled evil and pissed off Thrash Metal killer songs in that typical OVERKILL style dominated by bonedry and sheer aggressive and pure brutal diverse and well-versed guitar work showcasing that unique and characteristic thrashing as well as rocking guitar riffing approach that is so typical for OVERKILL, that totally love/hate outstanding great lead vocals, a massive wall of bass and drum(s), and clever arranged and skilled grapping songwriting, carried out by really truly damn high skilled musicians; short and precise: Great!!! Then are coming four old or older but now live re-recorded songs, namely "GIVE A LITTLE", "BRING ME THE NIGHT", "DEATH RIDER" and "THE BEAST WITHIN", and that's just great shit that also brings a lot of good memories of OVERKILL live on stage infront of me back to my mind. Lyrics are good and that typical OVERKILL stuff, the artwork is really shining and the production as well as the recording sound is a pure bomb. Mission accomplished, this promo really makes curious about "THE ELECTRIC AGE". Great!!! (9 of 10 points)

Donnerstag, 5. Juli 2012


("Golden Core Records" & "ZYX Music"; CD):
First impression: What a crappy bullshit cheap cover artwork. Next impression: What the hell is going on, since when needed a music based scene to be created for all the retarded german parochial boors out there who want to act the part of the betrayed and exploited underdog? At least me, myself and I surely wouldn't have needed it. Next impression: How strange is this - I mean, I've never heard of a label named "GOLDEN CORE RECORDS" and fuck it, it sounds more like a Porn Production Company than like a music label, anyhway, but wasn't "ZYX MUSIC" not that label that became ''famous'' for releasing huge loads of this total bullshit Euro Dance ''music'' through out the 1990's (like this terrible stuff here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iMBq7f4UjLg for example) - and I don't have to ask, because I know that it was this very label.  So, okay, maybe this tells already something about this compilation... The rest is told by the msuic itself... First of all, I miss all the typical suspects when German Rock is on topic, so where are bands like FREI.WILD, UNANTASTBAR, KÄRBHOLZ, STÖRTEPRIESTER, BETONTOD, BRDIGUNG, and all the other bands of this style on "K.B. RECO)RDS" and "ROOKIES & KINGS", "SUNNY BASTARDS" as well as "BANDWORM RECORDS" and "ASPHALT RECORDS"?!? And where are the ENKELZ and the KNEIPENTERRORISTEN, not to forget about the ENGEL IN ZIVIL?!? Then I also miss DER W on this comp after MATT GONZO ROEHR and PE SCHOROWSKY are also part of this album. Okay, I don't really miss DER W, just that you know about it. Then I ask myself what TOXPACK and the GUMBLES make on this comp, why are they a part of it? Putting the GUMBLES on it makes no sense already if you just take the music, while choosing TOXPACK for a German Rock comp musically makes a lot of sense today but haven't they not distanced themselves from this whole German Rock scenery crap for example with the interview in the latest "Oi! THE PRINT" issue? But I think it's pretty easy these days cashing in some money in and with this German Rock crap, right?!? And then this comp is not making that much sense because with the slogan and title of "NEW GERMAN ROCK" it's pretty clear that some sort of a scene and a unity feeling shall be created, and while at least lyrically it all fits somehow together with this cliché underdog lyrics, musically we get a weird and not really to each other fitting cocktail of bands that more or less ''cover'' or copy the BÖHSE ONKELZ, or the DIE TOTEN HOSEN, or RAMMSTEIN, or if not anything of this named bands then IN EXTREMO and in between this whole stuff you find TOXPACK and the GUMBLES, like above already mentioned. The CD kicks off with MATT GONZO ROEHR and his song "HIMMELSSTÜRMER" and a far as I was pretty curious about it it's a complete dissapointment, nothing else than totally boring metallic German Rock like the BÖHSE ONKELZ with totally displaced a little bit Blues inspired guitar leads and solo and singing is something he surely isn't able to do. then TOXPACK are coming and even the song isn't bad at all I can't beat the feeling that they totally fit on this comp and that's pretty sad, if you know what I want to say with this words. Even this all in all more weak song of TOXPACK nearly shines on this album through out the rest... And I think this is telling really a lot. Then comes a band of the name of BENZIN... terrible German Indie/Emo Pop ''Rock'' music, utter garbage, period. After this WTF ever the next former evil uncle comes, PE SCHOROWSKY, and also singing is something also he can't do and so he shouldn't do it again also musically this is crappy late BÖHSE ONKELZ styled poppy Rock music with stupid german sung "LUCKY 13" way done lyrics. Bitter!!! After this totally stump thrashing German Metal/Rock like the groovy songs of SODOM of their "BETTER OF DEAD" phase but with far more Rock is coming, delivered by 9MM or ROCK ROTTEN'S 9MM ASI ROCK & ROLL. Funny song, stump is trump in this case, haha;-). An okay song, even neither musically nor lyrically you shouldn't expect something pretty smart though... Then with MEGAHERZ (really strong lead vocals, but that's it), MAERZFELD, STAHLMANN, EISBRECHER (the strong focus on the electronical side isn't that bad after all but also this saves nothing) four RAMMSTEIN clones come in a row, terrible stuff, followed by the DIE TOTEN HOSEN wanna be's in UNHERZ (crap) and again shitty BÖHSE ONKELZ clones with ESCHENBACH. Bullshit stuff!!! After this suprisingly some sort of a little highlight comes, HASSLIEBE with their catchy hymnal "SCHWARZER ENGEL" named song, surely influenced by the BÖHSE ONKELZ as well as the DIE TOTEN HOSEN but with an unannoying and pretty own identity, thumbs up!!! Then the BÖHSE ONKELZ styled DIE VERLORENEN SÖHNE are coming, mid 1990's BÖHSE ONKELZ, this style they (still!!!) play and they do it pretty good even they sound pretty much like a ''cover band'' but it's still okay for sure. After one good and one okay song another pathetic bullshit farce is coming in, delivered by VIVA LA TIA (oh my god...), nothing else than the female fronted BÖHSE ONKELZ like music, that's it, and not even anyhow good. After this the cool GUMBLES rocking through, good song, totally displaced on this comp, that's it. Next ones are EISENHERZ (oh my god, again such a terrible name like also MEGAHERZ, STAHLMANN (!!!), UNHERZ and MAERZFELD) with their song "MANIPULATOR". Some good lyrics and pretty strong music, heavily influenced by some Metal stuff and IN EXTREMO, but really a good song and nice suprise. Then again a RAMMSTEIN clone band, and again terrible bullshit crap, with SCHLAGWERK, bah, forget about it. Then the well established German Rock/Metal band BERSERKER from Berlin plays on, they know how to play and their song "DIE WÜRDE DER MENSCHHEIT" is nice but that' it, not really my cup of tea anyhow, but an okay song. Then with HERZPARASIT another IN EXTREMO influenced band is on the roster, but they fail to convince, so better press skip to the next one, and that's "HEXE" by REVERIE and this is again a band that wants to be RAMMSTEIN so let us push press and forget about this crap. So, that's it, lyrically expect not too much but you should know the deal when I say that all the bands try also to sing about similar stuff like their choen role models. The artwork is a terrible farce and the production sound is good over all. ALl in all e get around two good and five okay songs, from over all twenty songs in total, and I don't know why anyone should buy this comp even I have - sadly enough - a very clear picture of the guys who cheer- and thankfully pay this 10,00 Euros for this comp and that's not a pretty sight after all... The compilation album of the title of "NEW GERMAN ROCK" gets three out of tn points, that's it then... Utter garbage!!! (3 of 10 points)

Mittwoch, 4. Juli 2012

Okay, nearly six months later and even no one really cares for it anymore and even especially no one asked for it anymore here it finally (...***no-comment***...) is coming crashing in: Manslaughter's Retrospection of 2011...

*** MANSLAUGHTERS's 2011 Retrospection ***

Hey folks, like the headline and the posting title announces it, with a delay of six full months and a few days here it finally is, the retrospection of the year of 2011. I first wanted to finish my not worked through record reviews of the year of 2011, like I've announced it at the very beginning of this very year of 2012... and so I did it... but without knowing when writing this first it would take me until now to do so... a fucking lazy bastard I am. But okay, anyhow, this year wasn't that lazy up here, yehp, so okay, let us take it like it is and this is that now comes the rerospection of the year of 2011, despise the fact if anyone wants or even needs this or not anymore, fuck if you've asked for it or not, haha;-). It's just to close 2011 finally also up here in a proper way.
Okay, about the blog 2011 latest from the middle of it on it went pretty much down the drain with maybe getting up a little bit again with late autumn, like myself as well as my private life in 2011, but again that's another story. But thanks to my new-but-also-not-so-new-anymore beloved girlfriend - she really made and makes the difference at the end of tha days - it and I finally came back on track again.
With great posts especially in the categories of ''Sports'' and the ''American Oi! History Series'' the year of 2011 back then started strong for the blog and the amount of viewers reached new high heights. Okay, the story went on and down and so just at the beginning of 2012 after I moved and got an own new internet access at home again slowly the blog became new life breathed in and so now it's going pretty strong again and finally also new ''Sports'' and also ''American Oi! History Series'' posts will finally see the light of the day pretty soon. Also a big bunch of new reviews on albums, zines, movies will come and some new stuff like self-experiments including me and supplements substances and other stuff, watch out for it;-). The blog is back at life respctively alive again, like myself, and so it shall stay.
We will see if and when new ''Gig Reports'' will come up here. Also over the last year I was at several great concerts (THE CRUSHING CASPERS, the JUNGLE TIGERS, STALKER, MALEVOLENT CREATION, the MARKUS MIX TAPE MILITIA, A TRAITOR LIKE JUDAS, etc. pp.) and alo this year great concert evenings with the DROPKICK MURPHYS, HERE I VANISH, the SKATOONS, PLATZVERWEIS, ILLDISPOSED, LIGHT YOUR ANCHOR, etc. pp. took place but somehow I totally missed out on writing some ''Gig Reports'' about them. MAybe the AGNOSTIC FRONT gig this month would be a good starting point with doing some ''Gig Reports'' again, we will see. But honestly I have to say that currently I don't really find the motivation to do some or just one of them, but we will see if and how and when this changes again but for your own best make sure to go and see the mentioned bands live on stage when you have the chance to do so.
2011 a lot of strong albums by old and new bands saw the light of the day as well as a big bunch of good to great (sometimes just for me) new bands popped up and a lot of bands like UNRECKONED, SNAKEDRIVER, ACTIVATOR, NOISE, HOST, NONE OF THE LIVING REMAIN, OUT CROWD, THORNZ, WORLD OF PAIN, xTRUTHx, xTRUTH INSIDEx, xIRON CURTAINx, and even many more you should really check out if you missed out on them so far, and beside my personal top ten albums you should make sure to also check out a lot of other 2011 album releases like for example the current ones of acts like CONDEMNED 84, 45 ADAPTERS, AS I LAY DYING (the review is still to come, btw), NICKELBACK, STOMPER 98, PUNISHABLE ACT, the first output of and on "A DYING BREED RECORDS", and some if not a lot of other good to great album releases of 2011.
And with this final words I will now just give you a quick and short overview over my top ten albums of 2011 and then that's it again. Like back then with the retrospection on/of 2010 I will keep this short, after all albums had been already more or less detailed reviewed by me for you up here. Okay, here we go again, Manslaughter's top ten of 2011...

("Century Media Records"; CD)
(The legends celebrated 2011 their 25th birthday with this album packed up full with awesome re-recordings of some of their by far best classics to date. You need to have this soon to be a classic album of them full of already old but great new recorded classicks of them. An almighty album by an almighty band. Even if you now may think that this would just be a lame money cash in release you should check it out - best by buying it - because if you think so then this is a total wrong impression that you get of it by now. This is a pure platinum album and for sure one hell of an awesome Hardcore album. And with scoring last year on the second rank and this year taking the crown things are pretty good for the legends from NY city on the MANSLAUGHTER side of things.)

("Nuclear Blast Records"; CD)
(Finally AGNOSTIC FRONT, the roughnecked warhorse veterans of NYHC - or other roughnecked warhorse veterans of the NYHC scenery with the above mentioned SICK OF IT ALL - came back in 2011 after - at least for me - too many years between their "WARRIORS" masterpiece and this one, their amazing MY LIFE, MY WAY" soon to be a classic album from/of 2011, an album that you desperately really need to have and call your own, a brilliant and also a soon to be a classic album and a real and true masterpiece. Make sure to check it out and make even more sure to call it finally your own if you still don't have it. Hm, but how cold ya and what is this telling us about you?)

("Cooking Vinyl" / "Born & Bred Records"; CD)
(The grandmasters and legends from Boston and of Irish Folk inspired Streetpunk rooted Punkrock music were back on track again in 2011 to showcase to the world that they still know how to do it!!! This more or less concept album - based on a somehow realistic, somehow fictional concept story, for all what I got - is by far more Rock than Punk or PunkROCK than PUNKrock, inspired by Irish and American Folk music as well as BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN - and no one else than the immortally great ''THE BOSS'' is a guest on this record - and this is just damn fucking great and it displays on and through a musical level that the DROPKICK MURPHYS are still a through and through Rock & Roll band as well as a through and through Working Class band, knowing their roots as well as knowing about the real deal, point and fact.)

("United Riot Records"; 7'')
(Way too short lived damn great American Oi! band from NYC that's sadly enough today already for quite a long while defunct again and this is a release of old and so far non-released songs and recordings of them. This band played OXBLOOD inspired and Old School New York Hardcore influenced hard hitting, brutal stomping and gladiatorial militant battle scarred American Brickwall NYC Oi! Oi! Oi! musick by grim and pissed off streetfight approved Skinheads from out of the gutters of the city that never ever sleeps. Patriotic and militant gladiatorial lyrics and heavy beating and hard stomping, harsh hitting and sharp cutting American Oi! Oi! Oi! music with this typical brutal and aggressve East Coast New York City edge to it that really is nothing else than a pure gold hit at its best. So make sure to get this album as soon as possible and as long as you can still do so because I think that this is pretty much limited so better hurry up if you still don't call it your fucking own.)

("Impact Records"; CD)
(Here's the current release and the 2011 full length album of this mighty Steeltown City Skinhead Veterans, and they are still perhaps pretty much the only ones that if you take the style, the sound, the mentality and the attitude  who can at least somehow partially fill the giant lack that the almighty THE ANTI-HEROS used to leave when they decided to go seperate ways. Sharp guitars, charismatic brutal sung vocals not dumb gruff shouting and growling stuff lik the cookie monsteron bad speed, a massive wall of tight bass and drums, fresh ideas, own identity and lyrics that carry weight and are outspoken on several different subjects and topics, having a laugh and having a say, that's what you get here and that's how it should be if we talk about Oi! Oi! Oi! music. Nothing left to say, just get this record and I really hope the new singer will last and that they will carry on for a long, long while to come. Cheers & Oi!)

("Century Media Records"; CD)
If you would have told me before I listened to this album that I would ever be a fan of a certain IN FLAMES album and that this album would make it also even way up high in my top ten list of albums of a year I would have started laughing and declared you to a weird nutjob or something else like this. But in 2011 it truly happened with this amazing multi-layered and diverse album that in so many ways damn fucking truly convinced me in a nearly phenomenal way, something that  I would never have expected to come respectively happen so, but so is and goes life and if you ask me that's more than just good. Enough words, discover this album by yourself, it's fucking great!!!)

("DGC Records"; CD)
A band that I never really had on my radar, just listened to an older record years ago respectively before this one here and even this old album pretty much convinced me they flew again out of my radar very soon. In 2011 this finally seemed to have been a giant mistake and an epic fail of me, because this very album here is modern Punkrock from the U.S.A. in perfection and surely nothing less, point and fact. And everyone who is now maybe thinking something like that this would be non sense should keep his or her mouth shut, and ears and mind open and should take some good listens to this great album, period.

("D.I.Y."; CD)
(A through and through (at least still currently) one hundred percent do it yourself band from my hometown hood Goslar or how we do call it Goslar Rock City, haha. ;-) This is really outstanding and damn fucking bloody great Rock & Roll music somewhere between ENTOMBED and JOHNNY CASH with a female singer that sounds like AMY WHINEHOUSE on Punkrock (and not on bad drugs and deadly doses of alcohol), full of attitude and a giant huge own identity, not your ordinary run of the mill bullshit Rock & Roll or Punk & Roll cliché circus crap of today, and also for sure no wanna be MOTÖRHEAD clone band, and that's just damn amazing and great. So check this band out and discover them and support them, they are more than worth it.)

("People Like You Records"; CD)
(After the totally and incredible highly overrated precursor album I had not many and especially not high expectations on this very album here, but what the guys did here was and still is surely just great and multi-layered, diverse, well-versed and high skilled as fuck and a truly through and through pure gold album, a stand-alone mixture out of THE CLASH, BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN, Folk music, SKA, Punkrock, Rock & Roll and anthemic good healthy Pop music in a very positive way. Everyone who's not a total nutjob should and would not expect a Oi! Punk return and comeback by this band and if you listen to this very album here you would also never ever ask for this to happen, period.)

("Century Media Records"; CD)
Oh, looking at the record label that released this album it seems like it was a pretty good year for this record label - at least up here on this very blog - with scoring in putting all in all three records in the top ten list of 2011 of your good old boy Manslaughter-Andy. Congratulations go out to "CENTURY MEDIA RECORDS". This album surely is a damn great album by a still today fucking legendary and pretty important band, these militant metallic Vegan Straight xxx Edge Hardcore warhorses still totally fucking rule and that/this they have prooven once again and one more time with this giant monster of an album that's blasting through and tearing down every fucking resistance. So make sure that you check out this album promptly.)

That's it, my top ten of 2011. Now you know the deal, haha;-). And also 2012 already started very good with great new or newly discovered bands like SHADE OF MANKIND and SUFFER THE PAIN (check out the interviews with both bands up here, make sure you do so) and also awesome and amazing new albums like the new releases of WOLFBRIGADE, NEW HATE RISING, BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN, BIOHAZARD, RUNNING WILD, STRONG ISLAND BOOTBOYS, the HARRINGTON SAINTS, the new release of "A DYING BREED RECORDS", and the great "A BETTER TOMORROW" four way split 7'' release (already reviewed up here recently). So you see there's a lot more new stuff to come, so watch out. More soon again, and some fresh stuff and no very late retrospection;-). But anyhow thanks for your interest in reading through this long, long overdue article, you're the best:-). Cheers & Oi! Oi! Oi!

Dienstag, 3. Juli 2012

PATRIS - "SERVANTS OF HELLENISM" (Hellenic Nationalist Black Metal, D.I.Y. released via CD as well as MP3-Download in 2012)

Update, 15. of August in 2012: After some mails (by the band I guess) reached me that I've read today I will set now with this update some things straight that I wrote in the review based on wrong impressions that I got back then, no problem, so here we go: PATRIS are not a anyhow WP/NS band respectively aren't they linked to this scenery or want to be linked to it, no matter if in Greece or where-ever else. The impression was just based on the "promotion" (let us call it so) that to me clearly and openly WP/NS sites like "COMBAT HELLAS" used to do for this very band. But okay, after you can't really do anything as a band about it who does some "promotion" for your band or not that's it all... So this "judging by online alliances" (how I called it) lead me not into the right or correct direction. So, again: PATRIS are NOT (!!!) a WP/NS band and they also haven't any links to this scenery nor want they to have such links, period. You got it?!? Good!!! Just a nationalist band, that's it. You got it?!? Good!!! And a big "SORRY!!!" for/to the band for the late response, but I simply normally don't use the old e-mail account anymore for quite a while now already. Beside this update I will change the review here and there a little bit to avoid the case of "destroying a scene that exists and has all the rights to do so", and then that's it. Thanks for your interest and attention!!! Ah, btw, also a newly recorded version of this album exists and is out for downloading it, maybe waiting for you. And now that's it surely, point and fact. Here now comes the a little bit changed review of this album.
("D.I.Y."; CD & MP3-Download):
Another Black Metal release of 2012 and another one of the far right... self proclaimed so called Hellenic Nationalist Black Metal with a strong at least xenophob (or maybe just openly racist...) note to it that showcases itself at least with and in and through a song like for example "THE HOLOCAUST OF KEMAL'S RACE". I think this is a good showcase of the far right getting more active again in Greece in this fiscal crisis and its impact on Greece. I would bet, sadly enough, that we will see more of this coming through, no matter if in Greece or in several other european countries. Lessons not learned from the past, so the story goes. Okay, released as a CD as well as a MP3-Download with the complete artwork, all lyrics and such stuff by this one man band itself, and I only have it on MP3-dataformat. With absolutely no sympathy for the ideology and the pure stupidity behind it I have to say that the lyrics are crap to me but the musick is really and suprisingly good stuff, especially for a far right (which means in this very case of PATRIS just nationalist, read the update above) one man Black Metal "band", also really well-versed done and very nicely varying. Fast raging Black Metal with some deep grown scandinavian roots but a really big own identity and delivered by pretty complex song structures with interesting breaks, changes of the pace and the structures of the songs, a sinister tight atmosphere, evil ice storm like but also brutal guitar runs, fast and sharp and precise rhythm work, grim and gruff slightly guttural scream vokillz and all this stuff you want to get from your good Black Metal album. So, okay, great artwork and a pretty good clear yet heavy production sound on top of it. I won't say anything more, the rating it basically just gets for the pretty good music, the xenophob nationalistic lyrics are utter garbage (at least or especially to me), so that's it for here and now. No recommendations here, do what you ever want to do or think to do, but then stand for it. A (musically) solid to good album anyway that's musically worth checking out if you are into Black Metal, lyrically you have to decide for yourself... (7 of 10 points)

Montag, 2. Juli 2012


Okay folks, just a short video clip today/tonight for you. Roaring D-Beat Crustcore Rock & Roll by the mighty GENOCIDE SS (are they still active?!?) playing the JOY DIVISION classick "THEY WALKED IN LINE". Great cover tune, check it out, more soon again!!! Cheers!!!