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("Golden Core Records" & "ZYX Music"; CD):
First impression: What a crappy bullshit cheap cover artwork. Next impression: What the hell is going on, since when needed a music based scene to be created for all the retarded german parochial boors out there who want to act the part of the betrayed and exploited underdog? At least me, myself and I surely wouldn't have needed it. Next impression: How strange is this - I mean, I've never heard of a label named "GOLDEN CORE RECORDS" and fuck it, it sounds more like a Porn Production Company than like a music label, anyhway, but wasn't "ZYX MUSIC" not that label that became ''famous'' for releasing huge loads of this total bullshit Euro Dance ''music'' through out the 1990's (like this terrible stuff here for example) - and I don't have to ask, because I know that it was this very label.  So, okay, maybe this tells already something about this compilation... The rest is told by the msuic itself... First of all, I miss all the typical suspects when German Rock is on topic, so where are bands like FREI.WILD, UNANTASTBAR, KÄRBHOLZ, STÖRTEPRIESTER, BETONTOD, BRDIGUNG, and all the other bands of this style on "K.B. RECO)RDS" and "ROOKIES & KINGS", "SUNNY BASTARDS" as well as "BANDWORM RECORDS" and "ASPHALT RECORDS"?!? And where are the ENKELZ and the KNEIPENTERRORISTEN, not to forget about the ENGEL IN ZIVIL?!? Then I also miss DER W on this comp after MATT GONZO ROEHR and PE SCHOROWSKY are also part of this album. Okay, I don't really miss DER W, just that you know about it. Then I ask myself what TOXPACK and the GUMBLES make on this comp, why are they a part of it? Putting the GUMBLES on it makes no sense already if you just take the music, while choosing TOXPACK for a German Rock comp musically makes a lot of sense today but haven't they not distanced themselves from this whole German Rock scenery crap for example with the interview in the latest "Oi! THE PRINT" issue? But I think it's pretty easy these days cashing in some money in and with this German Rock crap, right?!? And then this comp is not making that much sense because with the slogan and title of "NEW GERMAN ROCK" it's pretty clear that some sort of a scene and a unity feeling shall be created, and while at least lyrically it all fits somehow together with this cliché underdog lyrics, musically we get a weird and not really to each other fitting cocktail of bands that more or less ''cover'' or copy the BÖHSE ONKELZ, or the DIE TOTEN HOSEN, or RAMMSTEIN, or if not anything of this named bands then IN EXTREMO and in between this whole stuff you find TOXPACK and the GUMBLES, like above already mentioned. The CD kicks off with MATT GONZO ROEHR and his song "HIMMELSSTÜRMER" and a far as I was pretty curious about it it's a complete dissapointment, nothing else than totally boring metallic German Rock like the BÖHSE ONKELZ with totally displaced a little bit Blues inspired guitar leads and solo and singing is something he surely isn't able to do. then TOXPACK are coming and even the song isn't bad at all I can't beat the feeling that they totally fit on this comp and that's pretty sad, if you know what I want to say with this words. Even this all in all more weak song of TOXPACK nearly shines on this album through out the rest... And I think this is telling really a lot. Then comes a band of the name of BENZIN... terrible German Indie/Emo Pop ''Rock'' music, utter garbage, period. After this WTF ever the next former evil uncle comes, PE SCHOROWSKY, and also singing is something also he can't do and so he shouldn't do it again also musically this is crappy late BÖHSE ONKELZ styled poppy Rock music with stupid german sung "LUCKY 13" way done lyrics. Bitter!!! After this totally stump thrashing German Metal/Rock like the groovy songs of SODOM of their "BETTER OF DEAD" phase but with far more Rock is coming, delivered by 9MM or ROCK ROTTEN'S 9MM ASI ROCK & ROLL. Funny song, stump is trump in this case, haha;-). An okay song, even neither musically nor lyrically you shouldn't expect something pretty smart though... Then with MEGAHERZ (really strong lead vocals, but that's it), MAERZFELD, STAHLMANN, EISBRECHER (the strong focus on the electronical side isn't that bad after all but also this saves nothing) four RAMMSTEIN clones come in a row, terrible stuff, followed by the DIE TOTEN HOSEN wanna be's in UNHERZ (crap) and again shitty BÖHSE ONKELZ clones with ESCHENBACH. Bullshit stuff!!! After this suprisingly some sort of a little highlight comes, HASSLIEBE with their catchy hymnal "SCHWARZER ENGEL" named song, surely influenced by the BÖHSE ONKELZ as well as the DIE TOTEN HOSEN but with an unannoying and pretty own identity, thumbs up!!! Then the BÖHSE ONKELZ styled DIE VERLORENEN SÖHNE are coming, mid 1990's BÖHSE ONKELZ, this style they (still!!!) play and they do it pretty good even they sound pretty much like a ''cover band'' but it's still okay for sure. After one good and one okay song another pathetic bullshit farce is coming in, delivered by VIVA LA TIA (oh my god...), nothing else than the female fronted BÖHSE ONKELZ like music, that's it, and not even anyhow good. After this the cool GUMBLES rocking through, good song, totally displaced on this comp, that's it. Next ones are EISENHERZ (oh my god, again such a terrible name like also MEGAHERZ, STAHLMANN (!!!), UNHERZ and MAERZFELD) with their song "MANIPULATOR". Some good lyrics and pretty strong music, heavily influenced by some Metal stuff and IN EXTREMO, but really a good song and nice suprise. Then again a RAMMSTEIN clone band, and again terrible bullshit crap, with SCHLAGWERK, bah, forget about it. Then the well established German Rock/Metal band BERSERKER from Berlin plays on, they know how to play and their song "DIE WÜRDE DER MENSCHHEIT" is nice but that' it, not really my cup of tea anyhow, but an okay song. Then with HERZPARASIT another IN EXTREMO influenced band is on the roster, but they fail to convince, so better press skip to the next one, and that's "HEXE" by REVERIE and this is again a band that wants to be RAMMSTEIN so let us push press and forget about this crap. So, that's it, lyrically expect not too much but you should know the deal when I say that all the bands try also to sing about similar stuff like their choen role models. The artwork is a terrible farce and the production sound is good over all. ALl in all e get around two good and five okay songs, from over all twenty songs in total, and I don't know why anyone should buy this comp even I have - sadly enough - a very clear picture of the guys who cheer- and thankfully pay this 10,00 Euros for this comp and that's not a pretty sight after all... The compilation album of the title of "NEW GERMAN ROCK" gets three out of tn points, that's it then... Utter garbage!!! (3 of 10 points)

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