Samstag, 28. Juli 2012

WARFUCK - "THE WEAK AND THE WICKED" (Extreme modern Grindcore the D.I.Y. way from Lyon, France in 2012 as a MP3-Download + Download Link)

("D.I.Y."; MP3-Download):
Whoa, that's great. Don't ask me how I stumbled upon this band, it was just me, google and playing with words and somehow I landed on the Bandcamp site of this before this happening to me totally unknown band of the name of WARFUCK grinding from Lyon in France as a violent powerful duo, like NASUM on their "INHALE/EXHALE" masterpiece for example. And like the today already damn legendary NASUM also WARFUCK play incredible strong great modern Grindcore of the very best kind. For all what I know WARFUCK released this their very first output only as a free and official MP3-Download and this recently this very year and at the end of this review you will find the Download link via which you can get this album of grinding supremacy easily from out of the dephts of the world wide web. We get eleven songs in something around 23 minutes or so, and the songs carry song titles like "STRAIGHT TO THE AIM", "MODERN DISEASE", "BLACKOUT CONSPIRACY", "TROUBLE" and "INNOCENT" and so you maybe get already a pretty good impression of what's going on here, of what WARFUCK have going on here. WARFUCK do play us here incredible fast raging and hard and heavy blasting modern savage Grindcore madness, sharp and harsh played guitar assaults, shredding through your ears right inside your head leaving only bloody remains of it, sick and twisted vocals from hysteric screams over guttural grunts and throaty dry shouts to pig voice screams, and a fantastic assaulting and attacking diverse rhythm section, all done by two surely really truly pretty skilled musicians and delivered via grapping high energy songwriting. The raging grinding inferno is enriched with some good doses of down slowed ultra heavy ''sludgy'' parts, morbid and intense grooves and mosh parts and some very few extreme necrotic Metal impressions, and this all is making the grinding madness even far more good and exciting. And the above mentioned NASUM and especially their mentioned "INHLAE/EXHALE" album can also be your personal starting point in discovering this great Grindcore band, WARFUCK from Lyon, France. To the lyrics I can't say all too much, but what I can say is that the cover artwork is awesome and that the production sound is a pure bomb and that I desperately hope for a follow up release by this band and maybe respectively hopefully this will then come out via a proper physical album release. For now, just only go and buy and get this great album. Pure Grindcore blitzkrieg inferno massacre, great!!! (9 of 10 points)
Update: Thanks to the band commenting this post/review and some great news they told with th fact that this album will be released as a proper physical album release this very year, so watch out for it to come up and out, I will do so!!!


  1. Thanks for this awesome review!
    just one thing to precise, the weak and the wicked will be released on 12" vinyls and CDs soon.

    Mak & Warfuck

  2. Hey Mak, great news!!! Can't wait for it!!! :D And no thanking me for the review, it's a damn great album and so I guess that instead rather I have to say thanks for it to you!! :D

  3. Hey andy, just to tell you that our CD and LP are almost available. You can pre-order it with free shipping at this adresse: