Freitag, 20. Juli 2012

"PUNKROCK! FANZINE" Issue No. 15 - Summer 2012, Price: 4,-- Euro

Fanzine, Issue No. # 15
(Price: 4,00 Euro)
Okay, already quite a while ago since I've read ''my'' last issue of the "PUNKROCK!" fanzine and quite a lot used to change since then, and so today it's sold at the commercial magazine selling stores at stations and where ever else. They really did it and made this step. Okay, beside this and the fact that now with this today the zine comes completly colored they pretty much stayed true to what they used to do before. A mix out of music, subcultural scene lifestyle and leftwinged strongly PC and AFA politics and that typical "We are the good, we are in the right and if you're not on our side you're a fucking fascist right wing bastard and btw it's us and solely us who know about truth and good and if you are not with us you are against us!!!" attitude, offered with a lot of reviews on albums, fanzines, books, concerts, etc. pp. as a cultivation of it all. This mentioned attitude and this bullshit PC and AFA approach is ticking me also today pretty much off, but anyhow, still better than the counterparted side and the rest of the content of the zine is pretty strong and interesting, and that's what matters most in the end. The zine starts with some introducing editorial words and some good vayring columns, offers all in all more or less good to vey good interviews with acts like EMPOWERMENT (good antisocial Hardcore from Germany), SLIME (why... who needs this still today... and why are they featured in nearly every zine these days... again, who needs this... WTF is going on?!?), TOXOPLASMA (yeahr, great, okay, maybe not that good like the interview in the current "PLASTIC BOMB FANZINE" issue but still really good stuff and for sure a damn great and also legendary band), the drastically and in every way and sense overrated ANTI-FLAG (bah...), the PESTPOCKEN (bullshit band, this interview proofs this also pretty much... but maybe also just not my cup of tea... who knows... I mean...), the "HARDCORE HELP FOUNDATION" (amazing and just great), BENT CROSS (good dirty noisy rocking Punk and a great interview), the legendary communist Hardcore-Punks of MAN LIFTING BANNER (great interview), the boring THE DETECTORS (pfff...), the COBRA SKULLS (bullshit band, bullshit attitude, bullshit mentality, bullshit interview/introduction, bullshit leftwing fascism, period), BLANK WHEN ZERO (interesting stuff, band as well as the interview), ARTFICIAL EYES (crappy AFA Skinhead band from Germany, expressing opinions that had also twenty to thrity years ago been overaged and get cheered up highly for this... what a stupid dumb bullshit band, forget about them, point and fact), the "WAS BIN ICH?" (/"WHAT AM I") special interview, and also an interview with the PC Hardcore Punks of INFILTRATION (all in all a pretty sympathic and interesting band and interview, and cool that local D.I.Y. bands are featured here in this very zine). So you see, that's already a lot stuff to read through. Then the mentioned reviews make it all even more round, and a lot of columns and political as well as historical and other kind of articles close this issue and make it to a truly and really very well done affair that I can only highly recommend to you in every way here and now. Hopefully the financial risk that the "PUNKROCK!" guys are taking here pays off in the end because they've done their homeworks and settled a from start to finish really good and interesting issue together and so it's all more than ''just'' justified. Well done guys, very well done, thumbs up!!! Buy it, support them!!!

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