Dienstag, 17. Juli 2012

SABATON - "METALUS HAMERUS REX" ("Nuclear Blast Records" + "Metal Hammer Magazine")

("Nuclear Blast Records" + "Metal Hammer Magazine"; CD):
This CD came as a free garnish with one of the very last issues of the german edition of the "METAL HAMMER MAGAZINE", sponsored by "NUCLEAR BLAST RECORDS" to promote the new 2012 album of the swedish Heavy/Power Metal band SABATON entitled "CAROLUS REX" that should be released recently and that is announced to be the final album of SABATON. SABATON, a band that was totally unknown to me before this very CD here and so a band that I discovered pretty late, so it seems at least to be right now. But also a band, that's celebratd heavily in the today's world of Heavy/Power Metal. And you know what? Judging by this CD it's truly justified. Don't ask me about the royalistic/monarchistic/aristorcratic concept or idea spiced with a militaristic attitude behind this band with all their song titles, a lot of the lyrics and the above mentioned album title of this kind, I don't know about the deal behind it, sorry. SABATON play nothing anyhow new, instead of it they play a very traditional and also teutonic style of classic Heavy/Power Metal, enriching it with a lot of monumental symphonic choral and orchestral bombast parts and nice hard stomping militaristic rhythms and march convoys like heavy pace of the songs, and they do it very fresh and without ripping anyone or anything off and also without becoming some boring Retro Metal crap band, keeping it fresh, grapping and authentic and with this all also pretty sympathic and really, really good, and also the clear 1980's reminisceneces come off strong. Playing it for fans of RUNNING WILD as well as GAMMA RAY and STRATOVARIUS, keeping it all also refreshing with sometimes even QUEEN like symphonic orchestral and choral bombast parts,nicely theatrical,  all cultivated with a somehow pretty proggy edge to it and a very own and fresh identity. Clever songwriting, strong musicians, great diverse guitar parts, glarying great lead vocals, incredible impressive symphonic choral orchestra parts, a brilliant rhythm section, shining melody lines, good arrangements, so you see, if you are only somehow into Heavy/Power Metal give SABATON a fair try and a good round, you won't regret it anyway anyhow. Nice artwork, very good production sound, cool lyrics, thumbs up. For all what I see are all songs already released before, aside "HARLEY FROM HELL", a awesome heavy stomping and even harder rockin' Heavy Metal anthem with a clear 1970's Rock edge and a cool Biker theme to it (Hammond organs rule okay) and an irresistible drive and organic groove. I need more SABATON in my record collection, period. (9 of 10 points)

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