Mittwoch, 18. Juli 2012

"OX FANZINE" Issue No. # 102

"OX FANZINE" - Issue No. # 102
(Price: 4,90)
(Plus a free promtion compilation album on CD.)
Damn it, nearly twelve issues passed me by, two years, I also think pretty much exactly up to this day two years that passed me by without reading a new issue of the "OX FANZINE", even I always pretty much liked this very zine. Okay, don't how this happened but anyhow, finally a new issue came across my way. Two covers to this issue, one displaying SLIME and the other one JOEY RAMONE. Clear, that I choosed the one with the almighty JOEY RAMONE, not with the today drastically overhyped SLIME, obviously, clear. As usual the zine is packed up completly full. Beside all in all more or less strong and good done columns (this time dealing mostly with the tattoo topic) we get great vegetarian and vegan recipes, a special report about Sport and Punkrock, the usual "PETER PANK & HARDCORE" story, truckloads of great reviews on recors, zines, comics, movies, books, concerts and stuff like this, a truly well-done special report about Punkrock respectively subcultural music in general and Tattoos, the so called diary of a winner, some thoughts on politics and scene affairs, tons of news, a free promo comp CD and a giant dose of interviews, far too many to name them all, so just some of my personal favorites to name here are the interview with MICKEY LEIGH about his brother JOEY RAMONE, HOT WATER MUSIC, OFF!, SAINT VITUS, DONOTS, KREATOR, BLOOD TSUNAMI, PENNYWISE, BONE IDLES, TROY MOWAT (the drummer of the mighty 7 SECONDS), BLOOD COMMAND, MONTREAL, GOTTKAISER, and beside this you find also far more, all worth a read through for sure. The political stand point is an open minded leftwing one, still pretty PC and also pretty AFA, but who cares, it's all not annoying anyhow and still far better and far more intelligent than the ideological counterpart. All done in a very professionl black/white as well as partly colored lay out, written in german and in great tonguing. What shall I say more, I only can recommend this to you, point and fact. Good stuff!!! Btw, it's ridiculous that the "OX FANZINE" gets offended by dumb nutjobs like "OiRE SZENE" and other dickheads of the political correct AFA for reviewing a book about DEATH IN JUNE and so promoting fascism, nah, this shows how dumb this crappys are, good that the "OX FANZINE" just gives a damn about it. Get this issue!!!

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