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PATRIS - "SERVANTS OF HELLENISM" (Hellenic Nationalist Black Metal, D.I.Y. released via CD as well as MP3-Download in 2012)

Update, 15. of August in 2012: After some mails (by the band I guess) reached me that I've read today I will set now with this update some things straight that I wrote in the review based on wrong impressions that I got back then, no problem, so here we go: PATRIS are not a anyhow WP/NS band respectively aren't they linked to this scenery or want to be linked to it, no matter if in Greece or where-ever else. The impression was just based on the "promotion" (let us call it so) that to me clearly and openly WP/NS sites like "COMBAT HELLAS" used to do for this very band. But okay, after you can't really do anything as a band about it who does some "promotion" for your band or not that's it all... So this "judging by online alliances" (how I called it) lead me not into the right or correct direction. So, again: PATRIS are NOT (!!!) a WP/NS band and they also haven't any links to this scenery nor want they to have such links, period. You got it?!? Good!!! Just a nationalist band, that's it. You got it?!? Good!!! And a big "SORRY!!!" for/to the band for the late response, but I simply normally don't use the old e-mail account anymore for quite a while now already. Beside this update I will change the review here and there a little bit to avoid the case of "destroying a scene that exists and has all the rights to do so", and then that's it. Thanks for your interest and attention!!! Ah, btw, also a newly recorded version of this album exists and is out for downloading it, maybe waiting for you. And now that's it surely, point and fact. Here now comes the a little bit changed review of this album.
("D.I.Y."; CD & MP3-Download):
Another Black Metal release of 2012 and another one of the far right... self proclaimed so called Hellenic Nationalist Black Metal with a strong at least xenophob (or maybe just openly racist...) note to it that showcases itself at least with and in and through a song like for example "THE HOLOCAUST OF KEMAL'S RACE". I think this is a good showcase of the far right getting more active again in Greece in this fiscal crisis and its impact on Greece. I would bet, sadly enough, that we will see more of this coming through, no matter if in Greece or in several other european countries. Lessons not learned from the past, so the story goes. Okay, released as a CD as well as a MP3-Download with the complete artwork, all lyrics and such stuff by this one man band itself, and I only have it on MP3-dataformat. With absolutely no sympathy for the ideology and the pure stupidity behind it I have to say that the lyrics are crap to me but the musick is really and suprisingly good stuff, especially for a far right (which means in this very case of PATRIS just nationalist, read the update above) one man Black Metal "band", also really well-versed done and very nicely varying. Fast raging Black Metal with some deep grown scandinavian roots but a really big own identity and delivered by pretty complex song structures with interesting breaks, changes of the pace and the structures of the songs, a sinister tight atmosphere, evil ice storm like but also brutal guitar runs, fast and sharp and precise rhythm work, grim and gruff slightly guttural scream vokillz and all this stuff you want to get from your good Black Metal album. So, okay, great artwork and a pretty good clear yet heavy production sound on top of it. I won't say anything more, the rating it basically just gets for the pretty good music, the xenophob nationalistic lyrics are utter garbage (at least or especially to me), so that's it for here and now. No recommendations here, do what you ever want to do or think to do, but then stand for it. A (musically) solid to good album anyway that's musically worth checking out if you are into Black Metal, lyrically you have to decide for yourself... (7 of 10 points)

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